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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Handsome Ch. 23

group Paris Waterman 2017-12-27

"Aubrey," Coach Gifford said, "with an arm like yours; I'd be willing to spend extra time with you, starting tomorrow for that matter, to bring you along. Hayley glanced upward at the camera we had just installed at the corner of my room nearest to us, and slowly nodded as she swallowed what was in her mouth and licked her lips in a wantonly satisfied way. When Hayley finished with the cameras and placed them back in their original positions, she lay down on my bed and asked Janet if she would video her while I went down on her. I was fascinated by what Hayley's hands were doing, and realized that Janet had picked up the camera and started filming her.


The Same Taste

group Tiger110 2017-12-27

Inside going up in the lift Jeff put his hands under my dress and removed my soaking knickers before kneeling in front of me and putting one leg over his shoulder, he licked my pussy all around but avoided the clit so as not to make me come, finally outside the door of Gill's room I was make to kneel down and give his cock a blow job, anybody could have come out into the corridor and caught us; perhaps that's what made it so exciting.

There's A First Time for Everything

group Lillyflower72 2017-12-27

Robert laid down on his back and said "Come here Katrina and Mandy I want you two to give me some head." They both went down to his dick and began to lick it slowly. She liked the thought of getting her clit rubbed by someone who was rubbing another woman's clit at the same time and began to fuck his dick with her mouth hard and more eager than before. "That was nice" he said "but now it is my turn to have some fun too." He laid down on the bed and Katrina came over and started to suck his dick. Both Robert and Katrina fucked Mandy like there was no tomorrow and she came several times after that grabbing Katrina's ass every time to bring the fake dick deeper inside her.

Making Friends at Lake Como Ch. 09

group flashgordon562006 2017-12-27

Richard said being a nudist isn't for everyone but if she wanted to try it out, he and Jennifer would help. Once they got everything squared away, Richard asked Dina if she wanted to meet their best friends, John and Lisa. Richard said to her," Dina, Jennifer and I and John and Lisa and several other of our close friends belong to a swinger's club here at the resort." Jennifer tried to explain to Dina that at the group meetings, anyone can have sex with her, men and women and in front of everyone, even Richard. This time, Linda told everyone, she was going to pick the people who would be having sex with Dina, then later on, everyone could have her.

Sweet Dreams Ch. 1

group King_Leo 2017-12-27

As I started the bike and pulled out of the parking lot, Dreamer reached around and grabbed my hard cock and held on the entire ride home. Aries slid down my chest stopping just long enough to kiss one of my hard nipples then continuing to gave me little kisses as she dropped down to my belly and started to caress the back of Dreamers head as she bobbed up and down on my cock, sucking it deep into her mouth. Mistress pulled Dreamers head back with a forceful tug on her hair and passionately kissed her hard while she slid her tongue deep inside her wet mouth. While looking deep in my eyes, Aries slowly slid her two fingers in Dreamers soaking wet pussy.

Kelsey's World Ch. 12

group riverboy 2017-12-27

"I don't know how much you want to hear," Barbara said. "You fell for a crazy little porn star," Barbara said, smiling wider as she thought about Kelsey fucking her with the huge double-ended strap-on. "Pretty impressive, taking care of two experienced women," Barbara said, smirking a little as she sipped her coffee. "Yeah, okay, but maybe not all in one day," Austin said, sounding a bit overwhelmed. Just like his mother had done the night before, he thought back to when he and Tyler were little boys sitting at the kitchen table eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Brian was heading for the kitchen to get a cup of coffee, bare-chested, wearing sweatpants that were a little too small on him.


Saving Michelle

group Geert2371 2017-12-27

Eva moest echt niet onder doen voor haar dochter, even slank, hemels mooi, lieve glimlach, god wat zou Geert graag eens rollebollen met die twee stoeipoezen. Even haalde Geert zijn hand weg uit de poes van Eva om haar hand te nemen en deze op zijn kloppend lid te leggen als wou hij een hint geven wat ze konden doen om hem te bedanken. Het moet trouwens zijn beloning zijn en ik zou er even veel plezier aan beleven!" kreunde Eva en liet direct daarna een kreet van voldoening horen terwijl zij woest Geert's vingers in haar kut samen kneep. Eva ging een beetje anders zitten en zette zichzelf zoals Michelle zat, op haar knieen op het bed, benen gespreid, met Geert's hand vlak onder haar tunnel zodat deze volledig open en toegankelijk was.


Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 12

group SteveWallace 2017-12-27

As we passed by Gale and Nancy, they gave me particularly warm welcomes, and then in the family room we found Sean and Rita, and Rita blatantly announced she wanted my cock deep inside her warm pussy for at least an hour that evening. Bill Hicks, the man fucking Betty Whitmore on the love seat, said to Sean and Jane, "Hey, want to switch?" We coupled and took our time making love as we talked about tonight's experience, how Jane would feel, and the right words to talk Jane down from her gangbang high, and up from the following low once she realized what a huge slut she'd been.


Fantasies Cum True Ch. 02

group sex4u4647 2017-12-27

"I know Fran has wanted this for a long time, ever since we watched a video with one girl getting gang banged by a bunch of naked men, right honey?" Mike was in his office and greeted them, as he listened to the idea they had about getting Fran fucked by his guys he was looking at the girls who still wore only their tiny bikini suits. Jan and Sue were there too, still naked and told the team that they could only cum on or in Fran. Sue and Jan were jerking off two men and aimed their spurts of cum toward Fran's tits then licked them clean. A couple men wanted more so Sue and Jan happily used their hard cocks to fill their pussies.

Sandra's Gangbang

group 0131aj 2017-12-27

Doing as she was told, feeling her way gingerly now that someone had wrapped a scarf around her eyes, she knelt on all fours using her hands to support her upper body as she heard the men gathering behind her, her humiliation that her pussy and even her arsehole were so exposed arousing her as it always did. As the woman lowered her hairy cunt on to her captive's mouth the men all cheered as Sandra stuck out her tongue and, almost instantly she could feel her face was soaked with pussy juice. The older woman pushed down her pussy hard against Sandra's face at the same time as she lifted the younger woman's head with her hands and rubbed her herself vigorously against her lapping tongue.


A Fucking Investment Ch. 04

group Contrasting 2017-12-27

I took loose the arm straps and removed the whole thing, leaving Liza sagging against the bar with her breasts exposed to the cool air framed in the open V of the white blouse. When she bent over to pick it up, someone thought it was a cab and hopped in." Liza continued to laugh but finally stopped and wiped her eyes leaving her breasts free of the blouse. Surprisingly, Val stood up, completely naked and walked over to where Liza was a standing by the bar and put her hands on Liza's breasts and pinched the nipples. For a solid minute, the two women stared at each other then abruptly, Valerie squeezed harder and when Liza winced and closed her eyes, Val said softly, "You watched him fuck me?



group BigHotMama 2017-12-27

I begin tracing kisses down your back between your shoulder blades and lightly run my nails down the sides of your body, the undersides of your breast, across your nipples, the flat of your stomach and in soft circles around your ass as my mouth goes lower down your spine. There is so much honey flowing out of you in anticipation that it is covering your bud and I slowly run a finger around it as my mouth meets the inner thigh crease of your other leg. You remember me telling you how I wanted to feel a big dick in my ass as someone sucked on my pussy.


Dogging Surprise

group fasterfaster02 2017-12-27

After a couple minute I thought I'd return the favour and took my dick out of his mouth and bent over and started to suck him off in return, his dick was hard in my mouth and he seemed to be enjoying it as he was pushing deeper down my throat. At this point his girlfriend leant over to start licking his dick, I didn't think it could get much better than this, seeing this hot blonde sucking the cock of the guy sucking mine. as good as he was her technique was unbelievable as when she took all of my dick in her mouth her tongue would lick the underside, it got even better though when the pair of then started to lick, kiss and suck my dick together, I couldn't believe what was happening.

Hottest 3way Part 2

group niagaraguy72 2017-12-27

As she did this hubby stripped off his under wear and then moved behind her and helped her take off her bra and panties as she thumb fucked my ass. I turned over, and hubby spread my legs and started rubbing his massive cock on my asshole, balls and cock. Hubby grabbed a leg in each hand and positioned his cock right in front of my asshole. As he fucked me, his wife jerked my cock slowly with a hand full of lube. A few moments more and he pulled his big dick out of my ass and pounded his cock until he blasted a massive load of hot cum all over my cock, belly, chest and face.

Mrs.A is the glory hole.

group TheRealMrsA 2017-12-27

"Perfect now hold the phone to that sluts ear." As I held the phone to her head she moaned "I'm ready let's get started." With a huge smile on her face she told me "he hung up." I put the phone on top of my clothes and waited next to her. "I love feeling these guys tighten up before the shoot their loads in my little cum hole baby." She LICKED her lips and looked at my hard dick. I undid her strap and she said " give me a few minutes I don't think I will be able to stand up for a bit." I got dressed and waited for her to be ready when the door behind me swung open.

The Good Old Days

group grgor 2017-12-27

Both Suzy and Debs noticed, I think. Suzy kissed me hard on the lips, then straddled my face and planted her cunt on my mouth. With her hand Suzy rubbed my dick head on Deb's leaky cuntlips. I kept licking and sucking on Suzy's cunt. Her cunt muscles kneaded my dick wonderfully, wet and hard. Suzy and Debs swiched places, with Suzy's warm, wet, familiar cunt kneading my still hard teenaged dick while I lapped up the juices from Debs' freshly fucked cunt. Debs had long meaty cunt lips. Suzy and Debs were flicking each other's clits again. I came deep in Suzy's cunt. Then I fell asleep, with Suzy still licking cunt juice off my now limp dick.

The Stripper and the Chef.... Ch. 02

group sexynursechef 2017-12-27

I started moaning and loved the feel of her soft tongue with the stud sending erotic vibrations through my breast. I started stroking her hot little box that was getting so nice and warm and wet for me. I got up and said to Brittni, "Girl, let's dance"....the men followed us to the dance floor in a daze. "Soooo," Eric said, "Now what?" His cock was twitching in his pants and I could see a little wet spot. He was licking me soooo good, exploring my sweetness and telling me I tasted fucking amazing, like the finest wine he's ever had. Brittni immediately got between my legs and started lapping it up.

The Sweet Smell of Cherry

group Rufus2121 2017-12-27

Mike then moved his hand down more, making his to Sofia's tight and extremely wet clit. Mike was now fingering her hole slowly; making Sofia moan intensely. He then pushed his hard cock into Sofia's tight ass, and began to fuck her slow and hard; while fingering her hole simultaneously. Sliding it in out and making Sofia lose her breath with extreme pleasure, Mike knew this was definitely one the best nights of his life, after the night he fucked a girl for the first time. While Sofia slowly went up and down on his cock, Mike ate Dora's pussy. After going in and out of her tight, wet, virgin pussy, Sofia came, letting out a muffled yet intense scream.

On Your Knees, Boys

group Thwiq1 2017-12-27

Dave's hand went first, grabbing Jack's cock and pulling on it. Jack went next, grabbing Dave's big dick and pulling on it slowly. As Jack got into position, Cassie reached up to the straps of her dress and pulled them off her shoulder, letting the dress fall to the floor. Dave gave a gasp as at the same time Jack began sucking his cock. Jack finally pulled off, but Cassie couldn't help but notice Dave's cock was still hard. Dave wasn't sure about going down on Jack, but as he kept staring at Cassie's incredible nude body, he started sliding to his knees. Cassie couldn't believe how turned on she was herself as she saw his dick, with some effort, slide deep into Dave's ass.

The House Ch. 13

group phsssst 2017-12-27

John was also a gentleman and didn't like turning a ladies request down so he temporized fully expecting his cock to be surrounded by Phoebe in the next few minutes, or seconds if he could help it, and said, "I'm busy this morning, but I should be free by lunch, could I offer you a sandwich while you are here?" He questioned. It was going to be a titillating morning and by the time she left for the house her pussy would be red, wet, and ready, her clit swollen with need. "Oh you poor baby," Phoebe purred, "Would you like to borrow my man's?" Not waiting for a reply she turned to John and said, "Take off your pants John, maybe Cindy won't like your big fat cock." John slid his pants to the floor.


Ass Auction

group joesal 2017-12-27

"Nice cock" said the same man "thanks" answered the stud "lets see that ass" said the second man and the young man turned around "yeaaaaaaaaaah" the three of them moaned. "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck" moaned the man behind him as he finally slid in "yeah...fuck him" cheered the other and with that the first man began throusting in and out of the young studs ass. "Sweet fuck honey" said the old man into the young studs ear as he kissed him on the neck and rolled off. No sooner had the first man rolled off that the second one took his place and with the fist mans come stil oozing out of the young stud's ass he slid straight in and began banging the young stud like crazy.

Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 20

group Susie_O 2017-12-27

Startled but satisfied that Sarah had told the truth about its size, Jennifer quickly removed her hand from Jerry's cock. The third round also resulted in the first girl on girl match and after Jennifer had removed Sally's shoe she gave her a firm kiss on the lips. Six rounds later, Eva won a match with Marlene and removed her final item of clothes, the G-string she had kept on after the night at the club. Deciding Jerry was fine with it, Ramon began playing with Marlene's breasts and as the game went on had his finger embedded almost constantly in her moist womanhood. Jerry was thinking about suggesting they just have high card remove the next item of Sally's clothes so they could get on with the sex.


Out Friday Back Monday Ch. 02

group yvesmondog 2017-12-27

As she turns her head back and just as Jim insistently takes her hand to maintain the waning rhythm on his cock Annie sees Chris. After scanning both their naked bodies Chris' eyes come to rest on Jim's erect cock poking out lewdly with Annie's hand returned to it's rhythmic stimulation. Annie sits above Jim now, pulls his cock while looking directly at Chris as he rests his head on one arm, smiles and raises his eyebrows. Annie, with her hand still on Chris' cock kneels to Jim's ear. Jim enthralled watches as a droplet of his cum trickles slowly out of Annie's cunt to fall on Chris' cockhead.


Monster Mash

group sirhugs 2017-12-27

She grabbed the toy and giggled, “Hey, this looks like a…” just then, a tall slender Wicked Witch snatched it from her hand. Several girls doubled as fluffers for the fresh cocks and kept the contestants’ chests clean by licking the cum deposits off their tits. Her hand began stroking my cock through the monster suit as we watched the apple bobbing. In the shallow end, I saw guys who wore the remnants of Prince Charming and Godmother outfits taking turns licking the pussy of the Walsh’s 50 year old neighbour, Mrs. Wurst. While Harvey waited, the Swiss Miss rushed up, perhaps not realizing in her booze and hormone altered state that it wasn’t a guy dressed in a pizza delivery costume.