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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

An Intriguing Invitation

group Capricorn1 2017-12-27

Seeing David's reaction, Lisa began to enjoy the erotic notion of a stranger's hand on her ass. As she and David started walking away, Steve removed his hand and took Lisa's arm and escorted her to their table. Over dinner, which was impeccably prepared and unbelievably delicious, Lisa and David began to feel much more comfortable with Steve and Andrea. "Of course we're staying," said Lisa, still remembering the feel of Steve's hand on her ass, and wondering just what else the night held in store. As Andrea returned with the bottle and slipped back into the spa, David reached over to put his hand between Lisa's legs. As David was enjoying the attention Andrea's hands were giving his cock, he looked over to see Lisa's head bobbing up and down on Steve.


Dancing fuck the wifes story

group suckerforit 2017-12-27

The barman put on a few records with slow dance music and Joe and Fred kept me company on the dance floor as hubby and John were still locked in conversation. Fred was now dancing right up against my front so I had no room to move away from Joe. Suddenly I didn’t know why but I felt comfortable and relaxed between these two men and just enjoyed dancing between them even with the constant “bumping” against me. The barman kept putting on slow records and we three just snuggled closer then I felt a draft on my back and realised that Joe had unzipped the back of my blouse and slipped it off my shoulders, then his hands found my tits again but this time with only a thin shelf bra to protect them.

Fishin' Night Out Ch. 1

group Lodi13 2017-12-27

I told her I wanted to lick her clit till she came before we left....that wouldn't be fucking so Len would be ok with The last words left my mouth I let my finger make contact with her moist lips and watched her squirm as she decided. I held my fingers under his nose in answer...He laughed saying at first he though I was alone when I pulled up...Angie giggled and told Len to look over the bar he did she lifted her skirt slightly to show him her hairless pussy....He cursed saying he wished he didn't offer to work tonight as her would be balls deep in that right now...

A New Beginning Ch. 02

group kandie 2017-12-27

He looked through the peephole then opened the door and said, “Hello John, you’re just in time, she was threatening to eat her slippers.” John hugged Deana close and said, “Thanks honey--and if you ever you need some fun--please call me.” He wrote his phone number and email address down on the back of their bill and handed it to her. Deana began to wash his back and when she came to his buttocks she chirped, “Ooooh your ass is sexy.” She slapped it softly saying, “I’m jealous, your ass is flatter then mine.” She continued washing him lingering on his cock and balls and said, “That’s a nice package you’ve got there darling, and just think, its all mine now….mmm!


The Sales People

group Sidemon 2017-12-27

As they talked and got dry, I noticed that Steve had his hand across the back of the sofa and was absent-mindedly stroking the back of Penny's neck. She started to stroke her body, running her hands all over the soft flesh of her breasts, down her stomach and over her inner thighs. When I opened my eyes, Steve was stood naked to the side, his cock hard and vertical. I looked at Steve and he was stood, legs slightly apart, one hand stroking his cock, the other rubbing his buttocks. As she rode me, I felt her start to tighten; I looked over her shoulder and saw that Steve was pushing himself into her pussy.

Caught in the Act Ch. 03

group WifeWatchman 2017-12-26

"Well..." said Wellman, then deciding to trust Tanya, "Commander Troy has been more than generous in preserving the University's reputation by not having pursued Coach Harlan. "Brian Harlan," she said, "you are under arrest for the murder of Derrick Belle. Celebrating with us was Laura, Martin Nash and Sandra Speer; Barry Oliver and Tanya Perlman, who had come together; Cindy Ross and ADA Jenna Stiles, not being overt but also not hiding that they were a lesbian couple; ADA Paulina Patterson and her husband; Claire Michaels and Hugh Hewitt, who came together; Todd and Jeanine Burke; Jeanine's partners Tina Felton and Virginia Madison; Lorena Rose, Teddy Parker, and Jack Muscone, all who came singly.


Two Girls and a Gentleman Ch. 02

group seductivequill 2017-12-26

Rhonda now wrapped her lips and fingers around the magnificent rod, as Lora began sucking on his balls and kissing his body. With Lora wrapped around his left arm, and Rhonda his right, Vince escorted them to his bedroom. Vince's left hand was focused on pleasuring Rhonda, and his right hand was supporting his upper body so he was still able to kiss her. Rhonda's hips thrust onto Vince's large rod while Lora thrust matched the workings of an out-stretched tongue. "Well, to make it simple," said Vince, "from now on, my left side belongs to Lora, and Rhonda has my right." The girls, who were already on their correct sides, gave Vince a kiss on the cheek.

Steve & Sally

group MontgomeryBoater 2017-12-26

And I know he feels the same about me fucking other men." Alison's eyes widened and a huge smile grew across her face when Sally said the word fucking. Alison must have felt my hard cock throb in her hand at the sight of my wife masturbating in front of both of us because she looked down at it, pulling her nipple away from my tongue. "Yes," she said, "come inside me." I watched her tits bounce as I shafted her hard, listening to the yelps of pleasure she made until, just as I started to come, I pulled out of her and wanked a messy spray of come across her smooth pussy, her legs and stomach, and the kitchen table.


Sic Transit Gloria

group WendallBlaise 2017-12-26

"These look like video booths" Tommy said, inspecting the TV. Carmen opened the curtain again, and Tommy reached out and kissed her on the lips, holding the back of her head. As Carmen adjusted to Tommy's fucking, she stared at the dick in front of her; what she had assumed was familiar had transformed into something new, foreign, and forbidden. "You're getting close," Tommy said, "do it, cum with his dick in your mouth!" Carmen reached for the cock to try and contain it, pulling it into her mouth, but she was hit in face with a long strand of cum as she tried. "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth," Carmen said, muffled by the dick in between her lips.

My wifes first big black cock part 3

group 2017-12-26

My wife's s****r Maureen looked over and saw me pumping my cock as hard as I could and took pity and reached over the arm of the chair and began to tug on my dick. When me and my wife did make love she never allowed me there but she began to wiggle her ass in excitement from the thought of being entered anally by Bobby's giant throbbing cock. ISN'T IT!?!" He said "unngghhhhh" my wife said in response to the anal assault she was receiving, he looked angry and shoved it in faster and harder "WHAT WAS THAT MY BLACK COCK SLUT?" "YESSSSSS" she screamed that time.

Girl's Night

group A_Jerotica6969 2017-12-26

I wasn't in a teasing mood, so I dove right in, taking her clit in my mouth, sucking hard as I thrust two fingers in her sopping pussy. So you had me move to the middle of the blanket, with one woman sitting on my face, you had two women position themselves so I could finger fuck them at the same time. You licked my face clean of pussy juice, and kissed me as you slid your rock hard cock inside of my pussy. Your balls were slapping my ass, your cock hitting my cervix, your hands were kneading my tits, teasing my nipples with you fingers as I felt you cum and shoot your final load of the night, deep in my well used pussy.

What Ever Lola Wants...

group Moon Glade 2017-12-26

One night after he was really a shit Deidre said to me “Mark I wish that I had met you first” just then Mike came back into the room. I walked into the room and there was Deidre on her back naked in the middle of my bed with Mike licking her sweet little pussy. Mike pulled away from her totally wet and open outer lips and Deidre looked at me standing there in my indecision and simply said, “Please”. Then I heard Mike saying, “Do you like it Deidre, do you like his big hard cock in your sweet little pussy?” As I felt her vaginal walls spasm in ecstasy and clamp down even harder on my penis Deidre practically screamed, “Yes, yes I like his big hard cock in my little pussy.


Servicing Their Needs

group biatlguy4u 2017-12-26

I savored each moment of her arousal until she came flooding my mouth with a wet orgasm. I opened wide and moved my tongue to the place where his cock entered her pussy. Her orgasm caused him to loose control and he plunged in hard, emptying his cum in her pussy. I open wide and sent my tongue into her depths lapping away. She contracted her pussy a couple times and lifted off my face and spread her ass checks enough for bruce to take a photo of the first glob of his cum dripping into my eager mouth. I continued licking and to my surprise she came again flooding my mouth with more of their cum.

My Fantasy

group aelphaba 2017-12-26

After just a few minutes of rubbing my fingers over my clit I knew I wouldn't be curling up with a book, but taking my favorite vibrator to bed with me. You nodded yes, and I started to move to the edge of the bed, but you wanted me to turn around and place my cunt over her mouth as I licked and sucked her. I felt you move onto the bed behind me, your hands on my ass, grabbing my hips, then felt your hard cock rub over my pussy, getting wet with the juice that had been steadily flowing from me. Cum for me now!" I came hard with her fingers against my clit and deep in my pussy, while your cock was shooting it's load into my ass.

Birthday Surprise

group _Jackal_ 2017-12-26

I felt her lips and tongue caress me, whilst Carly climbed over me and pushed me onto my back to kiss me. It wasn’t difficult to push myself into her and I started pounding her hard as Carly kissed her neck and breasts. Marie was gasping, screaming out in ecstasy in alternate breaths as she came to climax. Carly seized the opportunity and pulled Marie out of the way to straddle me. We fucked and I heard Carly groan in the darkness as Marie straddled my waist. She reached around Carly and I could feel her knuckles on my thighs as she pushed a cheeky finger up Carly’s arsehole. She screamed with delight as she came again, causing Carly to come hard too.

Come As You Are

group K-Kwik 2017-12-26

Mark held me tightly and, as he let his other hand rest on my ass, I heard him whisper in my ear "do you want us all?" I knew I should answer no, but somewhere between my brain and my mouth, all I could say was a whispered "yes!" I felt hands sliding around under my arms, grasping for my tits, hands sweeping my long hair back from my neck letting Mark pull away from my mouth to nibble my neck, hands running up my thighs and pressing at my cunt through my jeans.

Dear Jim Ch. 05

group Atrampboy 2017-12-26

She nudged him to open their room (the one next to ours) and reached to pull our door shut, again catching my eye, only this time she licked her lips as she stared openly at us and her hand moved to caress a breast. Lori moved behind her and slid her blouse off her shoulders and down her arms, she then took the girls ample tits in hand and weighed and kneaded them as she kissed Meagan's neck before reaching around in front and releasing the clasp. Lori slid down Meagan's body and began to eat her pussy as Meagan moved me astride her chest so I could tit fuck those magnificent globes, the head of my cock sliding into her mouth with each stroke.


Annie Rides the Train

group ShyMagpie 2017-12-26

The men moved with her to stay on her body as the cocks were pulled from her hands. Annie moved her hand away as he pushed just enough to seat himself in her dripping pussy. The guy on her left started moving so he was using her hand to stroke his cock. The five guys got into a practiced rhythm of three cocks moving at the same time and her breasts being squeezed and twisted to match. Annie felt something cool and wet between her breasts and the hands squeezed her one last time before moving away. "Man I wish it was her ass too but pussy is just as good." She couldn't tell how many of them were around the bed watching her get fucked.


Why I Liked School Ch. 2

group freedom666 2017-12-26

The teacher was talking at the front about ionic bonds, or something like that (I wasn't paying attention much, as I was admiring Debbie, and her legs) when I felt a hand on my thigh. She moaned with pain, (as she had only been ass fucked once before) but as I got a steady motion going, she began moaning in please. I began pushed my dick back and forth between her breasts, again and again, and then I came. We went on for the rest of the day as usual, and it was only when we got home that I realised that I still had Debbie's panties, as a pleasant reminder of our experience.

The Contest

group ruralgoddess 2017-12-26

He figured the old man already had someone picked, this weekend was probably just a way of getting his jollies one last time by everyone sucking up to him. One look at Diane and Cole could tell she was enjoying his discomfort immensely. But don't make him cum." She looked surprised, even affronted for a moment, but Cole knew she must have thought about being the one with the money, the one giving all the orders. Diane took him in her hand and began licking the head of his cock and rubbing her lips over it. Then she began really working his cock, pulling him into her mouth and then holding the suction as she drew him out, her hand up and down his hard length each time.


Anniversary Surprise

group patricia51 2017-12-26

MaryAnn would tease her about her butt being two inches bigger by the time she got home, but damn, Sally felt it wasn't a real football game without beer and hot wings and potato skins. "We were hoping, I mean, its sort of, we talked this over and thought, we've never done this before but," Sally stopped Jeannie's flood of words with another kiss. Jeannie, if you had flashed me I would have started on both of you under your table at the club." She ran her fingers down Luke's cock before she cupped his sac and gently squeezed. "Wow, that was fantastic Sally," said Jeannie as she kissed the other woman back. When the other woman had complied, Sally swung one leg over Jeannie, kneeling right over her face.


Moonlight Window Ch. 03

group PanesOfGlasss 2017-12-26

I moved up next to her and asked, "Was the pizza OK, Miss Lara?" I found a couple of spots of sauce that I missed, and took pains to lick them clean as the rain head of the shower warmed and soothed us. "She described you pretty well, but the key was that she said you would be holding hands and looking like newlyweds. Lara said, "I really mean this when I say that Deb is a heartbreakingly wonderful woman. "Honey," Lara said, "I'm still a little worried about what Deb's reaction was last night when the word 'incest' was mentioned. Lara asked me what it was about Deb that I liked.


Everybody Wins

group head_slut 2017-12-26

Holden's thrusts rocked me forward hard until I was deep-throating Dan. He hissed out a guttural, "Fuuuuck," as the head of his cock pushed into my throat and I fought to not choke on him. As I rode Dan, I could feel Holden press the head of his cock to my ass, pushing forward lightly, not penetrating, but making his intentions clear. Holden groaned and closed his eyes, pushing just the head of his cock into my ass. I want you to fuck me deep and hard and fill me with your thick cock while my pussy is full of Dan's." "Holy shit, oh God, fuck, I'm coming!" I screamed as my most intense orgasm slammed into me, my pussy contracting rapidly around Dan's semi-erect cock.


An Unexpected Catch

group LEATBT 2017-12-26

As Sally's hands started stroking our cocks through our trousers, gently outlining the profiles between her thumbs and fore fingers, Pete unclipped her bra and as it fell away, I swear that her lovely firm tits never dropped a fraction. "Look Steve, it's my wedding anniversary and I've got three lovely big stiff cocks, with big hairy balls full of cum waiting to fuck me silly, aren't I a lucky girl? With one hand behind her head, pulling her mouth over my cock and the other rubbing her lovely tits, I began to give her face a good fucking.