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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Our First Time Sharing in Cabo Ch. 08

group wifewatchingdreams 2017-12-26

I really wanted to fuck both Kathy and Cheryl one more time as we kissed good bye, but we really had to get to the airport and Marti still had to clean herself up. Marti gave me a wild fucking when she got home and told me that was from Cheryl. Marti thought about seeing Greg while she was in Fort Worth, but decided that between her parents and Chuck and Cheryl she was plenty busy. We haven't made it to see our daughter and her husband in Phoenix yet, but I think we'll try to get down there for Memorial Day. I'm looking forward to seeing Jackie again and I know Marti wants to see Brian too.

The Cleaner's

group therealbk 2017-12-26

You look pretty strong and flexible." said Lacey. See if she is still looking for someone." said Lacey. Is this Mrs. Baines apartment?" I said.She smiled. I walked behind Jessica Baines big ass. I started to clean her big floor to ceiling windows around her bedroom. My bedroom looks brand new sweetie." she said. A minute later the door to Ms. Baines apartment opened. She told me to have you wear this, while you vacuumed the entire apartment.” Said Lacey. I smiled as Lacey put the small nude color thong in my right hand. A second later I felt Ms. Baines push her huge breast around my cock. I saw Ms. Baines was trying to inch her middle finger in Lacey tight pussy.

Cuck's Revenge

group magas911 2017-12-26

Three days later we got an email from Kent saying that cars came to my house and had been parked two and three at a time for three days. Bruce said, "We have video of sixteen men and twelve women having sex in your house. When we were down to five days left Kent wrote Bruce again and said the cars had almost all stopped. Then Helen said, "When this started I did it just to get me enough sex to hold me until Nick got back. "I certainly like being able to come here and find a willing mate any day I have time." The man said as he reached for the strawberry blond. When the police took Manuel away Kathleen said, "I wonder how long til Tom shows up to act stupid?"

Massage Studio

group cumquick 2017-12-26

The hostess laughed and said "you likee?" Both Marge and I reached over and fondled her tits. The hostess bid us to lie down on the mattress and said "you havee good time" and with a big smile left the room closing the door behind her. Marge said, "Wow, she has lovely breasts!" as she continued to fondle one of the tits. Marge let out a soft "Ohhh" as her girl moved her hand between her legs and massaged her asshole. The third girl got on her knees above us and began to play with her cunt as she let out soft moans of joy. Then she began to suck them and at the same time was finger fucking Marge's very wet cunt.

A First Taste (Second Lick)

group Mermaid 2017-12-26

I am moaning somewhere in post-orgasmic bliss, blocking out everything around me- all the other lovers in the room, the sounds of the couple next to us, even the open window to my left; everything, but the aftershocks going through my body, and Rita's and Shawn's tongues penetrating my respective sets of lips. Leaning over Rita, just so, Ric takes his hand from Chelsea's hair and caresses her bare pussy. His cock is too big now to deep throat Rita's bright red face, but his head is fucking her lips just the same. Chelsea comes down by Rita's face and laps up all Ric's cum off of the sweet red head.

Invited Home

group WayneGibbous 2017-12-26

They were now moving back to me, each of them with their arms around me as I felt hands everywhere, Roy now in front, kissing me, his cock pressing against me, Carol behind, kissing and licking on my back, her hands roaming between my breasts and across my pussy. Carol raised up and kissed me on the lips, tonguing me lovingly, then went down and gently opened my labia with her fingers and began licking around inside me, all around the entrance of my vagina. I lifted my lips from Carol's breast and began kissing her down her front, tonguing her navel, then slowly moving downward as Roy moved with me, keeping his cock inside me.


The Hollywood Hills

group SoCalsexwriter 2017-12-26

My truck looked way out of place but Linda just got out when I opened her door like she was exiting a royal carriage. We went to the bar and ordered some drinks and a man, our host, spoke up and said the festivities would begin shortly as these two big doors opened into what was called the "party" room. I looked around the room and some people were dirty dancing, some clothes had started coming off, couples were on the couches making out, groping and I even saw one lady go down on a guy. 2 guys had started licking and sucking Linda's breasts while hands roamed over her undulating body with my cock still buried in her.

A Night to Remember

group jamieblack 2017-12-26

Watching her ass slowly sway back and forth with each movement until just before she reached my Mistress she turns back and locking her eyes with mine licks her lips like a cat ready to devour its favorite treat. "How much do you want to taste this sweet pussy," holding the fingers in front of my face then slowly tracing them around her lips leaving a shinny trail of Danielle's juices. As she rises to her knees Mistress pushes her onto her back climbing on top of her with a quick glance and a smile at me she leans in and begins to kiss her lips softly, seductively, just a quick brush together a little lick with her tongue, teasing her driving her wild.

The Organizer

group Sarishepard 2017-12-26

"Let's go, friend," chimed Tonya, grasping Ian's hand. Tonya showed Ian down a wide hallway to large, well-appointed room in the rear of the house, where more than two dozen people milled about, chatting with hors d'oeuvres and drinks to soft piano music. Much like Tonya, they struck Ian as everyday, ordinary folks, joking and laughing at a Saturday night get-together. "Is this where the graduates from Mingling Singles go?" asked Ian as he sat to her left. With Tonya nestled against his side, Ian watched Liz offer her wiles to one man after another, most often two at a time. "Ian," she chimed, "the women at Mingling Singles are looking for love...someone to nest with and help raise their kids.


Tipping the Delivery Boy

group Azuldrgon 2017-12-26

"That must be some bread stick to make you moan like that, baby," I asked. It was wide and dark skinned as the Italian delivery boy was sitting on my couch, his dick buried to the hilt in my girlfriends soaking wet pussy. There we stood, my nympho girlfriend and the delivery boy engaging in a group fuck. The delivery boy's hands found her head and began to slowly slide every inch into her mouth until she started gagging on about half of it. When I asked what she meant, she told me how she wanted to fuck him again and how she wanted me to watch and enjoy her being the slut she felt like.

Busted Ch. 05

group StallionKinge 2017-12-26

Fred and Alicia were two of her nudist pals, Frank was a musician she knew from being one of his groupies, and his woman Charlet was a cute, round-faced girl, with big eyes and pouting lips. I saw Allie pressing herself up against Frank, Alicia was trying out Alex, Fred was behind Eve, squeezing her tits, and Charlet was looking up at me with those big eyes as her hands did things to my cock. One of the girls got across me on her hands and knees and one of the guys plunged into her, making her dangling tits slam back and forth across my chest as they fucked.

Speaker's Fees

group hamiltonroad 2017-12-26

Joan wore a glittering, floor-length, silvery creation; Sheila a powder-blue, swirling three-quarter length dress with an almost bare cutaway back. 'So – thanks, Mike, that was a really great performance," said Joan as she handed me the envelope. Joan stepped over and unzipped Sheila's dress, gently slipping it of her. "Sheila likes being fucked up the arse", whispered Joan, massaging my stomach and chest as she spoke. "Joan gives the best blow jobs, and likes a finger up her backside as she comes", announced Sheila. Swiftly, Sheila licked Joan's cunt, bringing her to a huge, loud orgasm. Yes, I fucked Sheila in the arse; yes, I rubbed my fingers into Joanie's anus, and a lot more besides. "Mike – this was a great event, beginning to end!" simpered Joan.

The Seduction of Alexa Ch. 02

group AlexaRaynes 2017-12-26

Vicky didn't know I was wearing my new thigh high's instead of the pantyhose so my naked ass was completely exposed to her and to my surprise she lightly ran her hands over my flesh for a short moment then spanked me with a single swift stroke that sent a shocking jolt straight through my sexual center. Steven stood up and walked over to me sitting there on the desk, my pussy dripping and he got down on his knees in front of me taking the back of my legs in his strong hands and spreading them apart so that my pussy was completely exposed; the platform stiletto's on my feet made me feel so dirty and I was still wearing my new dress.


Roommates Ch. 04

group ladyhawk100 2017-12-26

Sally was so fucking hot from sucking Tommy and Greg's cocks that she thought she would explode. Sally lifted her hand and stuck one long finger deep inside Renee's tight pussy. Sally bounced on Greg's cock, his hungry mouth bit and sucked on her nipples, she finger fucked Renee and sucked on her clit as Tommy fucked her ass. The fullness of Greg inside her, her pussy lips stretched around him, his teeth pulling on her nipples and...OH, his hands grabbing her ass as he slid one finger along her asshole. "Fuck me Tommy." Renee moaned, one hand holding Sally's head against her while the other pulled on her own nipple. With Tommy still buried in her ass, Greg rubbing her clit and fucking her pussy, Sally felt the tightening.

85% oral

First Annual Battle of the Sexes Ch. 02

group Paniolo Boy 2017-12-26

We talked about what her gals and my guys generally liked to do and we kind of agreed to set up a social calendar between our two houses including dinners and social get-togethers. Like if a couple of guys in your house are good at a particular subject and some of our girls need help? I'd like to think that making love to you lets you know how important to me that you have become in such a short time. I don't know what was more satisfying; making love with Sandy, or just lying side by side with her, holding her in my arms and kissing her. Sandy and I both presented the calendar and the ideas to our respective houses and the guys and gals liked it.


Mike, Carla and Me

group CraverScarlett 2017-12-26

My cock was longer than Mike's and a little thicker, and I knew she would be able to feel the difference, just as the wife of a friend of ours had years ago when I fucked her. I felt Mike's cock twitch in my mouth when she said that, and knew he was enjoying this little scene as much as Carla and I. "Oh fuck!" Mike gasped, kneeling next to us, his cock right over Carla's face and mine. Fuck her ass while I lick you both," I said, and when he pushed against her asshole it opened up for his cock like a tight young pussy.

At the Villa Ch. 18

group uvlas45 2017-12-26

Sam turned around a couple of times on the same spot, lost in thought and in dreams; thinking about that set up which was reproduced in reality from what he had described to Alexia on the telephone. Sam could not get himself an answer as to what had happened to Alexia since the moment his lips touched hers; unless maybe she was still sexually inexperienced. But I think my friends would love to meet you; especially Alex.' Alexia became more comfortable talking to Sam, although he was wondering what she had in mind. Alexia pushed her ass backwards and pressed it against Sam's hard cock which felt like really something huge.


The Big Swing

group wiintermute 2017-12-26

Marlissa’s never shown any indications of bisexual curiosity before, and any time we’ve discussed it, or seen it on a porn video, she’s merely shrugged it off with some off hand comment like, “not going there, big fella”, or “Yeah, keep dreaming that fantasy, pal”. “Well, folks,” Jody said as she sat down in the chair next to Kyle, “what do you want to do now? “Exactly,” Jody said, “but make no mistake, Marlissa, when you’re engaging in intimate contact with another person’s skin, in front of all the other people, it’s electric. Marlissa looked at Jody and held her gaze for what seemed like a very long moment.


Bonfire Fairytales Ch. 01

group GreyGoose 2017-12-26

Steve dove into the pool along with me, and the two of us swam while Julie, Lily and Sara set up their chaises. Watching Lily and Julie strip down to their tiny bikinis had started to get made a little hot, so I decided to slip back into the pool to disguise any bulges. So much of Julie's cleavage was exposed in that little bikini, and Sara began to rub whatever she could get her hands on. "I think that's what the boys were after!" Lily giggled, watching Sara's hand groping inside Julie's top. Julie's mouth gasped open with surprise as she felt Sara liberate her breasts and continue to rub them before our eyes.


Wedding Gift Gangbang

group Riflections 2017-12-26

"Oh yes Richard." I sucked his dick while moaning his name for probably 15 minutes before we was disturbed by a knock on the bedroom door. "He's busy, he told me to keep you company." Steven's friend sat on the bed beside me, "come on," he pulled the blanket down and saw that I was completely naked. I put my hand on Stevens pants and felt his hard cock while his friend was fingering me and eating my pussy at the same time. Steven put on a condom and starting fucking me, and spanking my fat booty while I was sucking his friends dick. Stevens friend layed on the bed and he told me to sit on his dick.

Penny's Freaky Friends Ch. 3

group AngelzDevil 2017-12-26

Susan was quick to acknowledge that she did like to play the dominant role (although it took her years to admit it to herself, she said), and Julie was equally comfortable being the submissive one. Ronnie admitted that in those early days, just after Penny moved next door, he frequently masturbating at the thought of fucking Penny, and Flo, recognizing he wasn't about to stop his fantasies, started encouraging his sexual imaginings eagerly. "Ronnie always gave me a rock hard fuck after he fucked a cute ass, so I made damn sure the old cunt got his fun first, lol." she said. Penny's parties (Tony had sold her the new, secluded, house two years ago, hence their participation), were a novelty to them, they admitted, but they loved going.

Joanne makes the softball team

group man4all4 2017-12-26

She gave me a look and said, "Maybe- we'll see." Now you have to understand that Joanne has wanted to ball me for many years, not because I am movie-star hot, but just because I am married to her s****r. After the game I went over to her and said, "Hey good-looking, do you want to come to the team's end-of-season party?" She gave me a big smile and said, "Oh, yeah!" She called her husband, Rob, and told him she was going to the party and might be late. After a few minutes, she smiled at the guys in the door and said, "What are you waiting for?" At that, everybody began getting naked.

White and Black for Wife

group atmosphere861234 2017-12-26

"Do you want to dance?" The man's voice was a shout due to the music. So sexy, in fact, that I began thinking about his dick and what it looked like. As I went outside to call Alister I thought to myself, "I need to get home and get that dick inside me soon." Alister had already began by slow long licks and full mouth kisses. As Alister slid a slicked up thumb just inside my ass as I took the head of JD's cock in my mouth. "I want you to lick my ass while I come." Were the words that came out of my mouth. My husband always said that he wanted to continue to explore new sexual realms with his true love.

Her Last Bow Ch. 02

group WifeWatchman 2017-12-26

"You okay?" I asked as I sheathed the Crowbar Katana and went over to Laura. As we all got out, Melina pointed and said "There's our plane." She began going towards it. "You didn't think I'd just stay behind and let you die here, did you Doctor?" Teresa asked Laura. We have some things to talk about." Melina got up and went with Laura into the other compartment of the plane. Then, after a long moment, Laura realized that the old woman's eyes were no longer seeing. Laura closed the old woman's eyes as nurses came into the room in response to the flatline tone of the heart monitor.