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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

An Unexpected Consecration Ch. 02

group femadorer 2017-12-26

I had to hold my breath momentarily, before I groaned with this mouth-watering sight, at least eight inches of pure beauty, though the girth was even more impressing, in a sudden moment of solicitousness I thought by myself, 'Dear God, I can't take him, he will split me into pieces.' Sure, I had admired that impressive bulge it had created in John's jeans earlier, and I had felt him sooner, eagerly pressing and rubbing against my crotch, sending me over the edge then whilst John had flooded my entire front up to my boobs - but right now, openly hogging that royal beauty from just one yard's distance I felt my ass and hips wriggling all over the chair with overwhelming anticipation and pent-up need, whilst captured, fascinated watching John's tongue eagerly trying to wet his lips,


A Bi-sexual Awakening at the Beach

group walterio 2017-12-26

Cliff grabbed two beers and headed up the beach leaving Palmer and Lee on the blankets. You looked pretty hot getting your ass fucked Lee. I think that I'll have a crack at your hot ass now that Palmer is done with you," Cliff said. This time Lee jerked his cock off as Cliff fucked him and he shot another load on the beach blanket. Nervously Lee stripped off his clothes and walked into the shower when he saw the firm hard bodies of Cliff and Palmer he felt a surge in his loins. Cliff and Palmer knew that they always had Betsy's mouth and pussy or Lee's ass and mouth to use when needed.


What Am I Doing Here?

group ILienBagby 2017-12-26

And then Jeff suddenly reached out with his other hand and thrust it between my legs under the hem of my skirt all the way through to the other side. He pushed his hand upwards, his wrist lifting the skirt, baring the back of my legs to the room up to nearly the swell of my buttocks. "Come on, Mrs. Huffman, let's just sit down on the couch so we can talk," he said. Then Jeff continued, "Figure it out, Clay." He pointed his finger at me, "She knows what's going to happen. "I thought we were going to have a nice party, a real gang bang," said Jeff.


Emma's Initiation Ch. 03

group Harryandsally 2017-12-26

Rob called cut after 10 minutes of the oral scene and asked Carly to get ready for anal. "Lee, I want you to fuck Emma's arse again then pull out and come over her arse and back." He continued, "Emma, while he's doing that, keep sucking Dave and let him come in your mouth and on your face. "Right," Rob started, "I've got a few plans for what I want today but the end I'll just let you people get on with it and film what I need. Rob set one camera up in the spacious bathroom and told Emma and Kayleigh that they were going to start with Jean in there.


Fun in a Cinema

group AoDes216 2017-12-26

She had to stifle another moan as I began teasing her with small circles, but Cass thought ahead and planted her mouth over Jess's. Jess giggled, then went down to suck on my balls as Cass took my cock in her hand, not sure what to do with it. She collapsed on Cass, her head about even with Cass's lips, so she moved her tongue to lick Cass while my penis was pounding her, and the girl couldn't take much more before coming hard enough to squeeze my cock out. Jess noticed I was still hard, so she rolled over beside Cass, and said, "I've started the pill Tom, come inside me...

Finding out my girlfriend is a whore

group ryan2714 2017-12-26

When we first started dating she told me she had 10+ partners, has had some one night stands, and had done a few 3somes, and use to let the guys on the football team in highschool eat her out in the locker room before their games. I was telling him that I'm going to be proposing soon to my girlfriend too and he went on to say he was happy to hear I wasn't with my ex-gf anymore because she was a whore and that I got out of that relationship. Our relationship had been pretty good all these years but I can't stop thinking about her now extremely ugly and hidden past with god knows how many guys shes taken.

Mother and Daughter, Amber and Old John.

group 2017-12-26

Her face was inches from his and it looked as if she was about to place a kiss on his lips, Johns hands fell away from holding the cushion, expecting Amber to remove the item, and expose him to our eager eyes. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat as I watched them, Ambers hand stokes were more profound, as she worked along the long shaft, and as the cushion fell away to reveal his impressive size, I observed her hand could not even circumnavigate its girth, I was starting to feel the twinges of my own needs, when she broke lip contact to ask me to pull her knickers down.

Ringing the Bell

group amerks29hockey 2017-12-26

A little younger than Edward." I looked around to see, whom I recognized as Rob, Michael and Dom. Rob was in a loosely buttoned black shirt and tight jeans. "So this is quite an intimate little party you've got here Edward." I moved my thigh closer to John's hand and calmly placed my right hand upon Dom's knee. Michael fucked my mouth harder until he too came, long after Edward had exited and Dom's licks had slowed to a gentle taste here and there. With Rob's hands on my waist, he held me firmly while John slid his cock up into my flesh. I deep throated him, and with my hands I guided Michael and Dom over to me, stroking both of their cocks.

Bisexual Nights

group Dennis_Kiros 2017-12-26

I looked at Linda's pretty face, then at Jon's mouth around my cock. She pulled my cock out of Jon's mouth and started slapping his face with it. When Linda was finally done cumming I put her gently down and turned my full attention towards Jon. I pressed him against the wall and started kissing his handsome mouth. Linda grabbed my wet cock and put it against Jon's tight asshole. Jon spurted a thick and hot load of cum almost as soon as Linda's hand touched his cock. I held on to Linda's tight ass cheeks as I started tongue-fucking her pussy forcefully. When Jon stopped fucking and moving I finally exploded inside his hot girlfriend's mouth.

Sex in the Gym Showers

group emileholiday 2017-12-26

Anne's glazed eyes suddenly sprang wide open, but as Mark started to thrust in and out the glazed look came back and I noticed her pushing back onto him almost as hard as he was thrusting into her. I knew she would go straight into the next one, her capacity for multiple orgasms was immense, and so it was, Mark didn't let up for a second just driving her on again and again, until I saw his own face change expression and he must have blown the whole lot up her., this last bit taking her biggest screaming orgasm yet as his cock must have swelled up to its largest size before spurting his hot spunk up her.

A Biker Bitch

group English Bob 2017-12-26

Johnny looked a little pissed off as I pulled over to the side of the road in front of Maggie, but he knew that I had had my eye on her for sometime and I think, secretly, he would have liked to get to know her better as well. Like the dumb teenagers we were, John and I just sat and watched open mouthed as Maggie smiled and whipped her top up and over her head. His cock looked stiff and swollen as he pulled Maggie's hand towards it. As my hands slid over her short leather skirt and rested on the hot skin of her thighs, she opened her legs to allow my exploration easier access.

First Days as a Slut Ch. 01

group Imstillfun 2017-12-26

He said I dare you to scratch your upper thigh almost all the way to the band of your panties pulling your skirt up as you go. After a moment Bill, the sales guy I hadn't been showing off to, told me my skirt was tucked in my panties. Dave told me to pull the back of my skirt up so I was sitting on it again. When I caught Tom looking smile at him and say, "enjoying the view?" When he responded I was to say, "I suppose you would really like it if I were working without a skirt on." As Tom watched and I looked at him I swell we scratched my leg and pulled my skirt up like I did before.


Especially for you pidgebender xx

group marcusp1979 2017-12-26

Not wanting you to feel left out too much longer, i kneel between your legs and part your thighs just enough for me to be able to get at your pussy, on all fours i then begin to tease your clit with my mouth, licking it and sucking it in between my lips as you lay there helpless with your hands tied behind your back, all you could do was gasp as i tongue fucked you, your body trying in vain to push itself onto my mouth as your orgasm began to approach, lifting your feet up onto the edge of the couch to enable me to spread your legs further, it is at this point that andy positions himself behind me, having spat on his fingertips he started using them to lube my ass in preparation of him easing his cock into me.

The Transformation

group Glenn Beuhring 2017-12-26

Venessa was not aware of any time passing but at some point the man, who until now was holding her around her hips reached a hand to her back and urged the woman to bend even farther forward than she was, though, it seemed as though she might fall if she did. Quietly, she closed the door and in a daze of arousal and shock, walking back to her car and as quickly as she could, she drove away, not wanting to see the faces of the couple that she'd watched. Venessa, completely at ease, stood and watched, almost disappointed when the man, with his left hand, lightly urged the woman to stop.

Every Man's Dream Ch. 01

group firefly410 2017-12-26

She was standing about a foot from him, her feet by his head, as he ran his gaze over her wonderful figure, his eyes followed her thighs upwards and he thought, no he was almost certain her could see the lips of her pussy. He began playing with her clitoris again with one hand as the other lightly ran the length of her stretched pussy lips; this produced a low humming noise from her, as she rotated her hips in a circle around his erection. Her pussy released its vice like grip on his erection, and he continued pistoning his fifteen inches in and out of her pussy, long hard deep stokes, bottoming out each time, grinding her body into the sand.


Teased to the Max

group Artist101 2017-12-26

Harley's hand stroked the bulge while she continued to kiss Max. Lisha began to feel less self conscious about staring and began to realize she was getting excited watching this performance. Like a model on a game show Harley kept pointing out all the features of Lisha's body to Max who whimpered and groaned as he knelt on the table unable to move. Lisha looked on as Harley sat on the couch directly in front of Max and spread her legs wide and began to masturbate, rubbing her pussy lips and inserting two and even three fingers into her wet cunt. Lisha released Max from her hand and looked over at Harley who was scooping up the semen in her fingers and tasting it.

Mom Sandwiched By Two Uncle

group randmumbaiki 2017-12-26

Mom smiled and said sabra karo bhaiya pehle ekdum bada ho jaye fir khub chusungi and then mom put his cock in her mouth and started sucking like lollipop ane licking on it’s entire length other uncle was fingering moms pussy and making her too excited for approx 1minutes mom gave hot blowjob to uncle and then switched to elder uncle's cock and started sucking it while sucking her hands were busy shaking other cock and both were treating mom like perfect raand. Mom was moaning too loudly and enjoying till then younger uncle sucked her boobs and was trying to excite her as much as he can and suddenly mom came and moaned loudly and said to uncle to cum outside of her pussy elder.

The Reverend Staci Ch. 01

group jockostories 2017-12-26

I opened the third, fourth, fifth buttons on her blouse, slid my right hand quickly in and into her left bra cup, pinched her nipple hard, and then began to massage that fantastic tit. Being such a nice guy, I let her rest for about 10 minutes, and then ordered her to crawl over between my legs and get worshiping my balls, cock, and asshole. I just then slide my ass a few inches closer to the edge and put my heels up on the cushions with my knees spread wide and grabbed a handful of her hair in each hand and pulled her mouth tight into my asshole and yelled at her to get that tongue wet and out and curled in a "U" and use it to fuck my asshole.

Nice, France

group jim313 2017-12-26

You push me down on my back and cover my cock with your lips and tongue hungrily sucking my shaft and stopping periodically to squeeze up pre-cum which you deftly lick up on the tip of your tongue and bring to my mouth in a sexy soul kiss. We're still nude and I'm standing behind you with my soft cock pressed between the cheeks of your ass and my arms around you holding your full breasts in my hands and lightly pinching your nipples as we watch the topless sunbathers on the beach sitting on their air mattresses and beach chairs soaking up the hot sun.


Tabby & Lana at the River

group Tabby18lover 2017-12-26

With her breasts fully exposed Tabby lent back to let the blond lick at her hard nipples, flicking them with her tongue before closing her mouth over the little hard rock. Lana moaned as her friend's finger passed across her mound, finding her soft pussy lips. His cock was so hard; his balls ached as Tabby moved her body to get her pussy over Lana's head. Lana pulled the little white panties down Tabby's thighs, exposing a dark trimmed bush and already swollen pink pussy lips. Tabby pumped a second finger into her friend as she continued to fuck her with her hand, licking around her pussy, flicking her clit.

My First MFM Ch. 02

group CuriousDragon 2017-12-26

Tasting his cum made me so hard, at the same time Janet was reaching down and stroking my young cock. I didn't want to cum, but I reached up and my hand squeezed around Janet's throat as I pounded into her. Kevin pulled out, and Janet reached down and gripped my cock, not allowing me to cum. Her ass tightening around my cock was amazing, but I wasn't about to cum just yet, I wanted to, but I had seen the look in Janet's eyes before. Let me just say, having a pussy around my cock was amazing, but the added sensations of a tongue tasting Janet's juices of my balls was incredible.

Gulf Coast Welcome Ch. 04

group oldhippie1949 2017-12-26

Caren stood next to me and began to kiss me and rub my cock atop of Galena's hand. At first, I couldn't get in as Galena seemed to obstruct me but with Candace's help, my cock slowly slid into the very tight little snatch. Candace spread her legs and stood over Galena's face as she slowly dropped onto the waiting tongue. Both of us watched intently as Galena placed her hands on Candace's ass cheeks. Candace's legs folded up pushing her ass higher; her hands held Galena's head in place. I held her tight to prevent her from going anywhere and Galena needed no help because right at that moment, Candace began a growl and grunt, her ass bouncing on the chaise.


We Were Blindfolded, He Wasn't PART TWO

group thuperdupe 2017-12-26

I pulled off his ass completely and after a brief moment I finally started licking his little boy pussy. I could hear the feverish fapping noise of the hockey player next to me as I licked the twink's hole like an a****l. The hockey player had spanked the twinks ass cheek hard with my face buried right there in his crack. Without warning, I suddenly felt a strong hand grab a handful of my hair and yank me away from the twink's ass. I opened my mouth and felt him push the head in past my lips. The taste of the hockey player precum was still lingering in my mouth and now mixing with the taste of the twink's sweet ass again.

A short history of masturbating & the s****r i

group Tomas47 2017-12-26

She also liked me to watch her masturbate, seeing her fingers deep inside her swollen pussy, she loved licking her cunt juices off her fingers. Sometimes the wife would lend one of her s****rs outfits and pretend that she was her, she'd tell me how her s****r was always asking what my cock looked like, and how it felt in her pussy. The wife looked at her s****r and asked if she liked my cock, she nodded her head and said it looked so much bigger then her Xs husbands. Turn around, I said, she was on her knees in no time, I slipped my cock back into her cunt and fucked her like I knew she wanted, hard and deep.