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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Miami Night Ch. 02

group kinki 2017-12-26

"AARRGghhhh…uuuummm," I was groaning, with my mouth full of Elliot's big dick, it felt so fucking good having Bob's big dick up my ass. Bob started to fuck me, every time he rammed his tool deep in my ass it shoved Elliot's dick deeper down my throat. Elliot grabbed me by the hair and fucked my face as Bob's cock pounded me. I continued sucking Elliot's dick when Bob quickly pulled his cock from my ass. Elliot was grabbing my ass, pounding his cock deep into me as Bob fucked my pussy. They were rocking me, Bob with his hands on my shoulders shoving his massive dick into me as Elliot spread my ass open, burying his cock inside.

A Winter Storm

group jwdramaking 2017-12-26

Rachael blushed a deep purple this time before giving Ashley her dare, "I dare you to kiss any part of Ted's body that is not his face." Ted, truth or dare?" "Dare." "I dare you to lose the blanket and your shorts." "You want me to sit in the cold in only boxers and a t-shirt?" "Yes." I was left with no choice. I turned in time to see Rachael quickly turn away yelling back to Ashley, "He's doing it!" I pulled my pants back up and followed Rachael back to living room somewhat embarrassed (lessened when I saw her thong covered ass as she still hadn't put the jersey back on).


Asian Studies Ch. 02

group steve350 2017-12-26

Iko was going deep on my cock, driving her sweet mouth down on the shaft till she was nipping at my balls. Her mouth was so sweet on my prick, and she could take more of it than she could with Roger or Hal. While she shucked both their cocks in her fists her mouth drove down on my shaft damn near to the balls. Roger and Hal were still rubbing their cocks around on her face and taking turns to fuck her mouth. She looked like some gorgeous Asian doll, her big tits lolling in front of her as Hal almost lifted her up off the bed and turned her towards Roger, who lay there waiting, his monster cock jutting up through his fist.


Helen's Tale

group dipperyslick 2017-12-26

"Dinner with Dan and Gloria." said Joe. "Nope," I said, "Just letting my husband know I was going home with him tonight." At that we started giggling again. Finally, after the last of the food disappeared, the men helped Dan get his grill cleaned and put away and Wanda and I helped Gloria get the dishes into the kitchen and into her dishwasher. Dan asked, "Are we ready?" We all chorused our agreement and he clicked the remote to start the music. When the music stopped I was standing next to Joe. That meant Wanda was with Bill and Gloria with Dan. As I kissed him, hard, I started my rocking motion again, pushing my pussy against the head of his rod.


Mix and Match Ch. 03

group scenester 2017-12-26

As I stroked my way into her heaving, spasming vagina, Teresa fucked me in return, grasping the other edge of the table for leverage and wrapping her legs around my hips, so that her groin could meet every one of my thrusts. As I watched, Jessica and Tim's girlfriend, Wendy, were lying between Malcolm and Quentin, alternately kissing one then the other, while the boys' hands glided over their bellies and breasts. Meanwhile on the bed, I watched as Quentin pulled Wendy closer to himself, while Jessica put her arms around Malcolm's shoulder then pressed her body to his. On the bed, Jessica was on all fours, getting herself pounded by Malcolm's imperious cock, while Quentin had hooked Wendy's legs to his shoulders while he continued to shaft her.


Tom Billionaire Ch. 08

group bluedragonauthor 2017-12-26

Cassandra quickly turned around, shoving her face back into my girlfriend's crotch and extending her tongue out to lick up the trickle of cream oozing out between Vivienne's pink lips. And the very next morning, after Cassandra mounted me on a blanket in broad daylight and fucked herself to exhaustion *without* quite getting me to spooge inside her, all it took was a minor nudge from Taylor to get the young Idaho redhead to pounce on my cock and start sucking for all she was worth. The last night, Chrissy even got a taste of her first pussy, letting Taylor squat over her face with a full load of cum inside, shivering as the creamy goodness oozed out onto her tongue while Evania did the honors of eating Chrissy out at the same time.


Sexploits Ch. 05: Kaitlyn

group dpingjessie 2017-12-26

Not only did it accentuate the features I already admired, such as her red lips, big boobs and round ass, but it flipped those qualities I had previously overlooked: the garment hugged her frame flawlessly, drawing me to her hips and creamy thighs; her rosy cheeks glowed just right with the dress as well as with the makeup she wore; and her pale skin contrasted with the the clothing in the most lovely way. Using one hand, I located Katie's sweet spot and spread it open a bit before putting my tongue back on her body, this time pushing the tip into her pink pussy, which was already wet with anticipation.


Any Chance We Could Ch. 26

group Reindeer58 2017-12-26

As Emerson began lightly caressing Hazel's breasts, he said "Have I told you what a joy it is to wake up like this." With the thought of what he said about working for him after the sale she couldn't help but be distracted by mental images of sharing a bed with Scott and Veronica. Kim declined a shower after Veronica finished cleaning her out, saying that she loved the smell of sex and wanted to share it with Gwen when she got home. Still topless, she and Scott cuddled in the corner of the couch and Veronica said, "Handsome, I need to ask you something, something about your past."


Leaving the Navy Ch. 07

group Scorpio44 2017-12-26

As soon as they were out of the room Sandra showed Pat and Della the small bruise on her breast. After I read it I printed it and called Jim. I asked if he had told Krystn about leaving. I washed off my arms and hands in the sink on Sandra's back porch and followed Pat into Della's. I withdrew and saw that Della was holding Pat's ass in her hands. I slammed into Della and each stroke pushed her face into Pat's pussy. I stopped and pulled Della away from Pat. Pat, from first touch until Della cums you get two minutes."


From Fantasy to Reality

group vixen62 2017-12-26

With my hands on his thighs I stood up leaned over him and kissed him hard on the mouth. A moan escaped from his lips, he leant forward taking hold of my face and guided my mouth back over his cock. He ran his hands down my body, he started at my shoulders, over my tits, across my stomach and stopped at my wet pussy. I opened my eyes and looked across at her, she was still at his thighs, her hands running up and down his legs as her tongue licked up the inside of his thighs. I took his hard cock into my hand and continued my assault on his body with my mouth.

eating cum filled pussy

group driveherbinight 2017-12-25

Mike smiled and rubbed his cock up and down her cunt, leaving the drippings spread all over her pussy lips and pubic hair, and then rolled off of her and lay next to her. I took a deep breath and said “I really want to lick the cum out of your cunt, I want to clean up that mess for you.” “Oh, you nasty boy! I want you to lick all around the outside first, get that nice and clean, and then you can start sucking Mike's cum out of me.” She turned back to Mike and began kissing him again. I was watching Mike’s balls and I saw them tighten up as he dumped his second load into Anne, and she sobbed with pleasure feeling her pussy fill up again with another man's cum.

Beer Pong

group CollegeCreation 2017-12-25

Plus I love when you get all wiggly when your turned on." He kisses my neck one more time before lifting me out of the car and making his way to his frat's house. Mike, the president of the frat, Sigma Epsilon Chi, gets everyones attention, "Looks like its time to start the tournament. The guys here knew my reputation before Royce and I started dating, so a little tease wouldn't be damaging. "Good, and if you aren't squirming, I'll know your not showing off for me." He kisses me and sits me on the couch in front of the four guys not playing. Now I'm moaning uncontrollably and bucking my hips into Mike to keep him fucking me while I cum hard on his thick cock.

Strip Poker Gang-Bang

group sharonerotica 2017-12-25

Thinking that I was going to some smart places with Anne, who was very glamorous, I had dressed in a tight white mohair sweater, and a short Ted skirt with matching spike sandals, and had used my modelling sheen oil on my long bare legs. Arms went round me trapping my arms and pinning me hard against Ted. I heard Sam`s voice in my ear "How would you like to make some real money Emma?" "Right hold her open boys so I can get a good look up there." Sam stopped kissing me, Bill stopped stroking my breasts and they both bent forward around my lap. I looked round Ted to see Sam kneeling between my legs, his eyes closed in concentration as he lunged into me, and impaled me on his hard prick.


The Red Room Ch. 01

group Vigatorix 2017-12-25

Alex enters the room with two goblets and a bottle, then takes his place with Lily. Jon closes the door, locking it behind him and walks slowly toward Lily. He places his hands on her knees and slowly parts her legs just a little and pulls her closer to his torso. Clutching her hands above her head, he pulls her pants down her legs to reveal her white lace panties. Lily sees Alex enter and gasp at the sight of his innocent friend nude on the couch and the ambrosial smell of her enters his nose. Jon locks the door again and stands behind Alex, wrapping his hands around his waist. Alex looks back with surprise as Jon grabs his chin and pulls his face close for a kiss.

The Business Trip Ch. 03

group Irish Moss 2017-12-25

I raised my head and invited Krista to take over for me, slipping my finger free as I positioned myself to lick and suck Katy's nipples while caressing her firm, young tits. When Krista started moaning louder and pushing back against me, neglecting Katy's pussy as she got closer to cumming, I fucked her a bit harder since she seemed to be enjoying it. We alternated licking Krista's clit while sliding both of our fingers in and out until, at one point when Katy had her face between Krista's thighs, I looked over at Katy's perfect ass and realized that my cock was rock hard and had yet to slip into her pussy.


A Chance Meeting

group boredjoe2009 2017-12-25

I spot a table in the far side of the bar the furtherest from the door, because me and Erin have a thing for "people watching" when we are out and seemed like a prefect spot to do so because the two table to the left were empty and the table to the right was occupied by a slightly attractive woman, with brown hair and okay tits. Looking at the wife, she smiles at me and says "Did you have a good time dancing with Sara?" Responding I said "Yes. What do you and Anna want to drink?". Anna comes running in like she doesn't want to miss anything with her huge tits tied and already starting to turn color, to a pleasantly looking red.


Wife story nr.3

group zupa123 2017-12-25

Im continuing fucking other wifes, I like it & I like it do when husbands are near. Due to I'm living near the sea, one summer they decidet to travel around the country & visiting me. We meet each other in city center & decidet to go to beach for some fun & sun:) She was well build woman, big tits, they were not in SW or Cl theme, just swinger couple. they go to beach by car, i drive by motorcycle- whole way im thing about her cunt, & my cock was all time up. Wife & husband was dressed off & layig on beach. We fucked her one by one, whole time my or her husband cock was in her mouth.

The Heart Sisters

group Boomerpw 2017-12-25

Ann nodded more vigorously and Nancy finally pulled my shorts down, allowing my cock to spring free. I thought I detected a slight shiver from Ann. Once she unhooked the bra, Nancy pulled it away to reveal the cutest little tits I've ever seen. Then ever so gradually, take more and more of his dick in your mouth." Nancy put her lips all the way around the head of my cock, and slowly eased it all the way in before sliding it back out. Fuck my pussy with your tongue!" With each of Nancy's thrusts I could feel Ann's nails digging into my ass. When Ann lifted her tight little ass from my face, I could see Nancy's pussy engulfing my cock.

Double Trouble

group MasterHigh92 2017-12-25

Anna's hand rubbed up and down Joe's thighs, turning her head towards Jeff. As they sat, tongues going wild in each other's mouths, Anna's hand went up his shirt feeling his hairless muscles. Her nipples got hard with excitement while Joe's hand went into her pants and finally felt her cleaned, shaved pussy. Joe, who felt like it was a dream come true, filled his mouth completely with Anna's pussy. With her mouthwatering for his cock, Anna knelt down doggy style in front of Joe and started sucking his rock hard dick. Jeff slowly started fucking her, and drove it in faster and faster as he watched Joe's hands rub through her hair while she was deep throating him.

The Medieval Festival Ch. 01

group silverisgold 2017-12-25

Sensing their friend may be a bit too intoxicated, Kiana and Luke offered Melanie to stay for dinner—there were easily a dozen in their camp already eating around the fire, and they had tons of food, so one more was no big deal. As the bottle came around for the umpteenth time, Kiana began to snake her hands up Luke's kilt, surreptitiously toying with his cock, giving him an evil half smile as she glanced over. Luke attempted to pull away from her, as he started to flag and, Kiana knew from experience, get more sensitive, but Melanie reached up, pushed on his torso with surprising strength, and forced him down as she kept sucking as if her task was only half done.


We Finally Get Together

group doer19 2017-12-25

We chatted a minute and then Pam started fondling my cock and Dan said let me feel some of that too. Very shortly I shot like a cannon into Dan's mouth and when Pam saw that she grabbed my cock and got the next load. He happily moved between her legs and I switched my position to where my cock could be reached by Pam and I laid my head on her stomach. As Dan moved forward I took his cock and move it to my lips and after getting very wet I leaned down and kissed Pam's clit and pussy. Pam was playing with my cock and balls and had wetted her fingers with my pre-cum and was pushing them into my ass.

The Bridesmaid, Bride, & the Bang

group courtneyq 2017-12-25

I was forgetting who I was kissing as I began to open my mouth a little more as her hands massaged and squeezed my ass. His hands went around my body to grope my tits and slid down my stomach and around to my ass and pulled on my thong string to snap it. He then pushed in deep and held his cock there as his hands went up and grabbed my breasts then used them like handles to pull himself in deeper. "Hell yea," Conrad held the sides of my head and put his cock back in my mouth, pounding his hips into my face in time with Kris's thrusts into my pussy.


The awakening of an innocent wife 5

group happycuckknutsford 2017-12-25

We sat on the sofa opposite, I reached over and took rogers cock in my hand, stroking it, she looked shocked but said nothing " I told you, I'll ring your mum tomorrow and tell her to keep your daughter the weekend, she'll be upset that Josie going the same way as her but that will do her good hahaa " " she knows my tastes anyway, even though we've never discussed it, she knows I've watched her with you and my twat of a dads mate" Roger looked at me again, " I'm glad you did, we've had some fun ,and now we've got your lovely wife too" he went down and started sucking my cock

Teaching Her Friends

group peanutbutterjellytime 2017-12-25

As per Jill's instructions, Melissa grabbed onto my dick with both hands and started pumping like crazy, her large breasts hovering just above. especially when two of them went to work on my cheeks, alternating hard fast slaps and rough kneading, while a third pair of hands squeezed my balls and once-again hard cock as I moaned into the bed. Her gyrations on my face became even more rapid and desperate as she kept stroking my cock, my brain got lost in the overload of sensation but somehow I managed to keep licking her clit and then she was coming, gushing her sweet liquid all over my face, screaming and arching and then she collapsed and rolled to the side, her hands finally releasing me, panting and shuddering and laughing and grinning.