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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Wife Fucks My Best Friend! (True Story)

group hubbymelissa 2017-12-25

Shortly, my wife opened Hakan's pants, removing his cock and slowly started stroking it while they kissed. With a cock in her mouth and a tongue on her pussy, I knew she couldn't last long and I wasn't surprised when she began moaning around his dick and her hips shuddered hard around his head, thrusting up and down on his tongue. A twinkle in her eye, she smiled and moved instead to the side of the bed where he followed her and then bent her over, giving me a side view of his cock sliding into her from behind while she closed her eyes and gave a low moan, loving the feeling of being deeply fucked by my best friend.

Lori Pt. 02: Lori in the Woods

group WoodsLord_3540 2017-12-25

I stood in the center and looked around: many trees, a couple the right distance apart; a thick layer of pinestraw; lots of bushes for sight and sound control. Their reaction was to be just as surprised as the first two; great big smiles took over their faces as they saw Lori between the trees and David moving against her belly. So many hands, so much touching: Lori had to be in sensory overload what with all of the attention she was getting and in the midst of it all that she had a cock moving in her sloppy wet cunt and she knew there were more waiting their turn.


Roommates in a Shower

group josienicole 2017-12-25

One hand slid down her back side pulling her groin into closer contact with his and he ground his hips into hers for a moment, dry (or wet sort of) humping while his mouth still explored her nipples, his eyes fascinated by her still self-pleasuring hand on the opposite breath. She felt Lissa move against Mark's hand, both of them pressing against her and Lissa's mouth moved over her nipple while she groaned out her orgasm. Mark kept licking the inside of her mouth, kissing her deeply and with so much passion and Lissa was working on the nipple she'd formerly been using her own fingers on.


group kandie 2017-12-25

John and Deana continued having threesomes with Dwayne. She looked at him with half closed eyes and purred, "Well I think he's handsome and sexy as hell, in fact the mere sound of his voice makes both ends of me drool. After the three of them went to bed John and Deana would treat Dwayne to many sexual delights. That night, John spoke to Dwayne and said, "Hey Deana don't want you to go home tomorrow morning. As for John he was getting hard at the thought of watching his woman seduce Dwayne. John wanted this night to be perfect; to see his wife Deana having pleasure with another man she loved and was secure with. After several minutes of this wonderful three-way foreplay, John moved to tantalize her tits and Dwayne got between her legs.

The Tease Ch. 02

group sexykitten69 2017-12-25

Blake then placed her second leg over his other shoulder and began to rub his hard dick up and down her inner thighs and across her wet cunt. He started to suck on her tits as he grabbed her ass, pulling her to him while pumping his dick hard and fast inside of her. He pushed long tongue inside her cunt and Trisha went crazy and wrapped her legs around his head again. Kelly did what he said and Destiny licked her clit while she sucked on Blake’s balls. While Kelly sucked Blake’s balls and Destiny fingered Trisha, Trisha shoved the vibrator up Kelly’s ass. After they were done, Blake went home while Kelly, Trisha and Destiny all lay in bed sore, after having wild sex all night.

Lisa's night

group Mitchell75xx 2017-12-25

We continued to watch the film while me and Gary slowly felt Lisa's naked body. We sat there enjoying the film touching each other for about 15 minutes when Lisa said I think it's time the 3 of us pleasured ourselves while we watch these gorgeous naked men and their gorgeous cocks. Sitting there seeing Lisa watching Gary wanking and seeing Gary looking at her naked body and my cock was almost too much to handle. I started the film again and said if you're both up for it I'd like to see Gary put his cock in you very slowly. Gary said to me I want to watch you wank and make yourself cum over Lisa's tits.

The Neighbor Ch. 03

group LadyBlueMoon 2017-12-25

Instead, hubby pulled the tube of lubricant from the drawer of the nightstand and began to apply it to Steve's erection. Watching my husband's hand move up and down Steve's slick shaft was exciting me in a new and different way. Instead, my husband grabbed the washcloth and cleaned off his hand, then took up the camera. Steve began to slowly move, buried deep within me. Now, be very careful, hubby instructed, as he slowly began to push his hips up and down, fucking my red hot steaming cunt. I think, but could not swear, that I felt first Steve's hot cum, and then my husband's, spurting deep inside each of my holes. At last, Steve pulled out, pausing to wipe his softening cock on my rump.


One for the Road Ch. 02

group jeffee27 2017-12-25

"Oh, I hadn't thought of that," she said as she touched my arm, "but you should see the stuff that's written in the truckers' shower room. "Hey, Johnny," she called out and the trucker in the first shower turned around, "I'll do this guy first, OK? Johnny was standing close enough for her to rub the tip of his cock against her bra. I looked across and the three guys in the showers were all rubbing their hard dicks. She pushed her tongue deep into him then reached around and started masturbating his fat cock. He stood there for a minute of two then slowly withdrew his cock from her soaking pussy.

Rose's Two Helpers

group Mr_Neb 2017-12-25

With the light turned on, Roger resumed his normal posture and his shorts covered him from Rose's view but Frank had caught her looking at his friend. Just as Frank's wet tongue touched Rose's navel, she reached up and slid her hands along Roger's legs. Just as her mouth had opened from Frank's welcome intrusion, Roger moved his cock along the slick path between her tits and slid its tip between her parted lips. Her body was still shuddering in climax when she felt Roger's cock swell deep inside her mouth. Frank kept thrusting his wonderful cock in and out of Rose's dripping pussy while Roger continued to come in her mouth. When Frank's cock was spent, Rose breathed deeply with her eyes closed.


School Teacher Tryst Ch. 01

group sexybumblebee 2017-12-25

Janice began to squirm and her pussy got wet as she thought of her sexy boss. Jeff sat on the floor under Janice's pussy and began to gently lick it. Seeing this, Janice grabbed Scott's dick and immediately began sucking the monster. Janice began sucking Scott's dick again, and soon she was sucking each one for about thirty seconds before going to the other. Scott, thinking she was doing too much talking, shoved his dick into Janice's mouth so hard she gagged. Jeff had moved to the side of the chair, so Janice could suck his dick while he watched her ride Scott's dick. After Janice had successfully cleaned Jeff's dick of sperm and pussy juice, she began to ride Scott out of control.

Share, Dare or Bare

group Horowitz 2017-12-25

Lauren was shocked at how turned on she was but smiled to herself when her eyes went from the flushed and confused look on Meg's face to the visible bulges in both the guys crotches. Mike stared at Meg's well filled baby blue push-up bra, the ever expanding bulge in his pants a telling witness to his feelings in anticipation of knowing Lauren was going to follow suit. "Well Mike if the two of you are in agreement then you are both going to have to pay a forfeit because we the majority don't accept it." Meg then lit another joint took a drag and passed it on to Lauren who was glowing with excitement knowing the tables were now turned on the guys.


wife fucked by my friends

group harvin007 2017-12-25

Rittu now were giving a good fuck to both my friends and I kept looking on while I was also stroking my cock.Now rittu told raminder that she would take both their cocks togther in her pussy and then making raminder and happy lie opposite each other and their cock together she inserted both the cocks in her chut and my wat a scence of a professional whore it was she pumped both the cocks together and then both happy and raminderr came together loading their sperms in my wife chut.

Locker Room Lucky

group KissMeLikeYouMeanIt 2017-12-25

The twins, Sam and Paul, had stepped to the sides and I stroked them each as I tongued and sucked at Neil. I couldn't take the twin as deeply as I could Neil but I fucked him in and out of my mouth, flicking and licking on every stroke. The force from the thrusts in my cunt pushed me forward to take in more and I fucked him with my mouth in time to his brother, pulling back when he stroked out and throating on the thrust. It took minutes to force his body into me, all the while the twin kissing and biting at my lips and tongue, but finally his hips pressed into mine and twin released my mouth.


Princess Ch. 04

group SteveWallace 2017-12-25

By that time, I think several of the other people waiting for tables had figured out that Marjorie - now a TV personality, and Carrie - the royal princess, accompanied me. "Jerry, we have a problem and need your help." "We're on Madisonville Road heading north and about eight cars are following us; we ate out and had a crowd situation in the restaurant so we beat it out the back door, but someone saw us. Carrie said, "Well, I have this new job, and I'll be out doing interviews of people when I'm not in the office doing research or working up a script for a TV special."


The Seminar Ch. 2

group Badger 2017-12-25

Jane thought this unusual but David was obviously and obliviously in heaven as the wet pussy pushed down on to his mouth and his cock was slowly devoured by the apparently eager Margaret. The room was not yet paid for but Jane said to David that she'd booked it in his name so she was sure he could settle up as soon as the hotel staff had released him....they laughed as they left, and Margaret said he could have the panties as a souvenir although the handcuffs would probably have to be cut off by the fire brigade.

Wife's Second Gang Bang

group b22 2017-12-25

We enjoyed a superb sunset, then, as it was dropping dark, Emily suddenly dropped to her knees in front of me, took my cock out, and started sucking it! All the novel excitement, and the wine, had an unfortunate effect and I fired my load into Emily too soon. That idea went west shortly after when my companion (called Matt I soon learned) led me forward, shining his torch on Emily's rear. "Give it the full Fellini this time Dave!" Mat said, then turning to me, "We call it that ... When she was deep into a fantastic orgasm, like nothing I had ever seen, Dave grunted and obviously fired his load home! As they left Matt said, "Bring that little slut along any time!

David, Amy & I Ch. 02

group silverace1 2017-12-25

As I ran my tongue along the outer lips of that delectable pussy – and you begged me to get my tongue inside you fast – you pulled David beside you and, taking his semi-erect cock in your mouth, you started to suck him to a fully erect state. As I slid my cock inch by inch - ever so slowly – inside that velvety, warm pouch that was your pussy, David lowered his head to your breast and, cupping its weight in his hand, ran his tongue across your hard long nipple. The feeling of his hot dry tongue as it dragged across each nipple – first on one breast and then the other – coupled with the feel of my cock sliding deeper in your tight pussy, started to elicit moans and mews of pleasure from deep within your recently cum-coated throat.

Play As I Say

group mobyCock 2017-12-25

"I'm going to fuck this ass of yours and your going to come for me out of that little penis." Lauren is watching and seems to be enjoying my humiliation - she likes me too much to behave so harshly to me herself, but to see her friend do so, and me submit, clearly does something for her. Reading my eyes, Sara slaps my penis hard and says, "It is rude to stare, but if you ask nicely I'll take off my bra for you." My penis got slightly flaccid from the slap and surprise. Sara, still vigorously fucking, grabs my penis and balls in one hand unaffectionately and begins flicking my testicles in a peculiar way.

A Belated Birthday Present

group dreamr66 2017-12-25

I watch with a jealous satisfaction as your hands come up to hold her ass cheeks, pulling her closer to you, hearing her moans as your tongue works it's magic on her, just as you've done with me so many times. One of your hands pulls my head in close for a hot passionate kiss, tongues wrestling, breaths coming in pants- your other hand on Lisa's hip, pulling her down hard on your cock, your hips pressing up, slamming into her. Lisa's frustration is mounting as my teasing continues, her hands pulling at my hair, I give in to her needs and push my mouth directly on her hardened clit, softly I suck and lap at it, as I begin to suck her, I feel you enter me- torturously slow.

CD Party

group 2017-12-25

I looked over and Julia and Barbie were kissing deeply and Paula got down on her knees and started working Jim’s cock. I took Jim’s cock out of my mouth and rubbed Mickey’s head, gently pulling it off me. Barbie pulled out of her mouth and jerked her cock to cum all over Paula’s face and onto Mickey’s ass. As the other folks were pulling out of each other, wiping their faces and licking each other’s fingers, Julia shouted, “I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum!” I pulled myself off of her, turned around, dropped to my knees and took as much of Julia’s cock as I could into my mouth.

Summer (School) of Love Ch. 02

group Molly Dodd 2017-12-25

Molly grabbed his cock with both hands to finish Jim off, all the while using her pussy muscles to squeeze every bit of her prize out of Aaron. Aaron brought its head around and then thrust his cock into her mouth, and Molly began making little sucking noises, exploring its unique length with her tongue. He slid between her legs to expose her oozing pussy, and then he bent his head down to lick the inside of her flushed thighs, wet with Aaron's sweat and cum. She gave Aaron's cock a quick tug, and then kneeled down to facing Molly and Jim. Letting the robe drop over her shoulders and down to the blanket, Gina showed off all her gentle curves and olive-hued beauty.


My Body was Collateral

group Itascan 2017-12-25

Although he was at least 30 years older than my parents and had a peg leg, his knowledge, rent, and ability to help out a little, caused my mother to urge Dad to accept him. After graduation, I didn't want to impose upon my grandparents any more while I attended grad school, so I got another live-in job with a wealthy Catholic family in a suburb. It was my custom, after a long day at school inveigling boisterous teenagers with raging hormones, to appreciate literary classics, to shed my school clothes, free my straining breasts from their tight bra, and don a short, thin robe in the warm weather. Tom grabbed the tie on my robe and pulled it open, revealing my legs all the way up to my bikini panties and my naked breasts!


Sex or Suicide Ch. 02

group SecondCircle 2017-12-25

Nicole's eyes were still locked with mine as she dropped down to cup Cory's balls in her hand and roll her tongue along them as well. Cory stared back at her breathing heavily, the alcohol bottle still in his trembling hand and his glistening erect cock nodding between his thighs. My resolve broke, and I opened my eyes to look down at Cory as his mouth opened again and his head plunged slowly down my limp cock. Seeing Nicole rubbing herself and feeling Cory working my limp rod in his mouth sent blood pumping into my dick. I couldn't deny the pleasure I felt, and as to confirm it, my cock pumped harder against Cory's rolling tongue and began to fill his mouth.


Entertaining Friends...

group d4david 2017-12-25

He's never been on a college campus nor fuck some good tight ass/pussy...' Stunned I looked at Jareal as he walked to the far side of the room, Phillius walked to me extending his hand and said '...glad to meet you, I'm horny as hell and can';t wait to bust that nice ass of yours. Jareal rolled over to the other side of me and Phillius came and nestled up behind me and nestled my head in his right arm as he slowly stroke my penis with his other hand whispering in my ear as he licked and kissed it ''re one good fuck, Jareal was right, best ass fucking you can get...'