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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Neighborhood fun part 1 (Introduction)

group big_country_1 2017-12-25

She was about the same height as Hayleigh, and had small perky tits like her mom, and her little ass looked so inviting. As she leaned into Jessica, Hayleigh's shapely little ass stuck out toward me and for a second I thought about giving it a squeeze and at that moment I got rock hard. As I watched the girls in their tight short shorts and wet shirts that were showing off all of their perfect young perky form tits, and watching their tight little asses jiggle as they ran around, I thought to myself "damn mike, it can't get much better than this, 3 hot moms, and 4 sexy teenagers!

Helen Gets Gangbanged

group vitesse 2017-12-25

We went up to the master bedroom and I felt Gerald tugging at my skirt Dave started kissing me and I think it was Dans hands squeezing my tits roughly before I knew it my skirt was on the floor and my blouse and bra were taken off me, I was left in just my heels stockings no bra and my lace knickers. My cunt was aching like never before for some attention and I soon felt Gerald pulling my knickers to one side and pushing a finger up inside me oh that felt good Dave had already fingered me downstairs and brought me off very quickly this time Gerald was rougher and pushed two more inside me telling the other two how wet I was .I was still sucking Dave when Gerald removed his fingers and told Dave he wanted to fuck me first,

Tom & Sandy & Me

group atlantaerotica 2017-12-25

Sandy wrapped one of her little fists around my shaft, barely getting her thumb to stretch around it (she had to squeeze it pretty hard) and slid it down till every millimeter of my dick was throbbing above her hand, the purple and swollen head shiny with Tom's hot saliva. The wet warmth of her labia wrapped around my balls as I started to fuck her like a dog, in and out over and over, pumping her little pussy while Tom sat there and watched, occasionally reaching down to feel my dripping wet dick while it was still buried in her cunt.

Black Cock Owned Again

group swallowurload203 2017-12-25

I hit up some local bars and settle into a nice dance club catering to the gay community. I spy an extremely large black man across the dance floor wearing a very snug tshirt that accentuates his absurdy great body and i cant help but check him out. I flush red with embarassment and shuffle off the dance floor to the bar to hide in a glass. He asks me quite a few questions about barry before taking my hand and placing on his crotch. He leans into me and asks if barry has anything like that and then shoves his tongue back in my mouth. Devon emerges from the bathroom in nothing but a cock ring, at this point barry no longer exists.

The Neighbor

group blondehoney5670 2017-12-25

Steve then slowly slid his dick into my waiting cunt, filling me with his massive shaft as I took Berts big cock into my mouth, licking and sucking and teasing his balls with my tongue. I felt the cock in my mouth begin to swell and it started exploding its hot sticky cum into my mouth as I kept trying to swallow every last drop. I was so cock hungry that this sent me into another orgasm and as my pussy started spasming around Steve's huge cock, his cock exploded a huge load of white thick cum deep into me. It wasn't long before I felt the warm flow of Berts cock erupt into my mouth and Steves cock shot another load of cum down my throat as I savored every last drop.

Friday Night Cruising

group Justtoold 2017-12-25

She shocked me by giving me a big kiss and told me, "I guess you are right, other people like the way I look." She then said, "You better not be mad at me, because it was your idea that has gotten me to do this!" I just smiled at him and told him, "I know a spot a little ways ahead where we can stop and enjoy Sue." I drove on, and soon was on the highway out of town and heading to our favourite parking spot. I don't know how we got into position in that back seat, but when we did Carl slowly inserted his cock and I could feel him inside Sue. She was gasping and breathing hard as he entered her, and when he finally got all the way in she told us, "Wait a minute!


Backdoor Cheating Wives

group libidinal 2017-12-25

Ken turned his torso so that he now faced away from the two wives as Wendy looked over at Lynn and took a deep breath. "Okay, here I am," Wendy said as Ken turned around to see Wendy standing there, her hands on her hips, dressed in a little bra that cut in just above the nipples of her awesome breasts, and a pair of panties which were barely more than a G-string. As Lynn gently squeezed Wendy's lusciously soft, immense breasts, running her fingers over the stiffened nipples, Wendy reached down to take hold of Ken's zipper, pulling it down and working her hand into his fly, taking out his thick, rigid penis.


Next Door to the Barbershop

group peterswiftt 2017-12-25

Her finger was now back, but just rimming my ass and she wrapped her tongue around my shaft and as I tried to work it a little deeper in her mouth, I reached down under her arms and fondled and squeezed her beautiful breasts and tweaked her long firm nipples. I put my right index, middle and third finger between the base of Megyn's thighs at the start of those beautiful hips and worked the smooth, black, silky crotch of those expensive looking panties up against her and into the firm slit of her pussy.


Room Mate Fantasy

group mercuryskies 2017-12-25

Tina lowers her head back to my pussy and starts to suck and nibble my swollen clit, this tips me over the edge and I begin to squirm and coo as my orgasm takes over. I am moaning hard as she lowers her head and starts to lick and suck my swollen clit - this tips me over the edge a third time and I cum hard, my juices spilling over the rubber cock and running down her hands. Tina is fucking my pussy so hard now, telling me to choke on Ben's cock like the filthy cum-slut that I am.

Threesome with Rajesh & Anu

group sinistersam88 2017-12-25

My friend Rajesh and his very good looking wife Anu live a kilometer away from my apartment. I must tell you that Anu is quite a sex bomb, having at least 36 size boobs, and a broad swaying hips. Immediately, Rajesh entered and fucked Anu, his cock mingling with the cream that I had just deposited. Soon, my hands were stroking her boobs and fingering her nipples. Once, about a month ago, when a man found no resistance, started fondling and squeezing her boobs by putting his hand under the pallu of Anu's sari. As Anu went to him and bent down to take his prick into her mouth, her bums were projecting towards me invitingly.

Settling In Ch. 02

group upforalmostanything2 2017-12-25

Marlene pushed me onto my back and took up where Candy had left off with me, by sucking me into her mouth. The camera snapped off the picture right as Candy exploded in orgasmed all over Tim's face. Candy snapped off close ups of Marlene sucking on Tim's pole, then got some of the whole scene. Candy then told Tim to take the camera as she pushed me away and began to lick Marlene's face clean. We Candy took me in her mouth while Tim slid into her wetness. I worked my finger in and out faster and faster as Marlene slid her hand underneath her body and began to rub her clit.

Girls' Night Out

group slopoke1012000 2017-12-25

After Kathy had fixed me a bite to eat she would take off for the evening, I would turn in around 11:00 and what ever time she came in, she would stop at the bathroom and strip and crawl in bed and start going down on me as a way to wake me up. I came home and ate a little dinner and went to bed, Kathy said that she was going out with Karen for the evening; I gave her a kiss and told her I would see her when she got in.

First Threesome

group Jason X 2017-12-25

As James slowly removes your panties I place the tip of my cock in your mouth. James moves his head down on your pussy, you can't see as my balls are blocking your view but you feel his tongue move inside you. I am ready to explode - the sight of James licking your pussy and my cock disappearing into your mouth over and over is too much for me. I massage your nipples as James continues working on your clit as you cum in his mouth. You crawl onto the bed and sit on James face pushing yourself in his mouth. This is too much for your body to handle and you start to shudder swinging your head back as James grabs your nipples.

Be My Valentine Ch. 01

group Hershey3971 2017-12-25

I looked at him a little dumbfounded and said, "I'm not sure I understand where you're going with this, Jim. Spell it out for me in plain English, please." When it came time to leave, we said our good byes and Jim quietly told me he'd be calling me to give me all the necessary details for the following Saturday. Jim turned Erica around on her knees, facing away from me, and knelt down behind her and started licking her pussy from behind. She pulled off of Jim's cock for a moment, looked back at me with lust in her eyes and said, "Put your finger in my ass." Jim said he was going to come too, so she took my cock out of her mouth and shoved his in its place.


group love24x 2017-12-25

She spreads the delicate lips of your beautiful cunt wide apart and runs her tongue up and down your open cleft, lapping at your wetness like a cat, her warm tongue running up from your creamy hole to your clit and back down again while your own tongue runs around the head of my throbbing cock and your hands cup my swollen balls. She starts to alternate between licking your clit and lips with running her tongue up and down the sweet cleft of your cunt to probe deeply into your creamy hole letting large drops of my sperm to slip out of you and into her waiting mouth.

onward with Sam.......

group minty69 2017-12-25

D....y was led to Sams mattress and after a short sniff and intro he knew what was expected.....and he was keen!...the head was huge, maybe 2 times the thickness, but Sam was sure she could take it.....and she was the rest of the length she hadn't realised would be a problem.......he just ploughed up her...all of his cock was balls deep....and so fast, in and out like a piston!.....Sam took it like a pro!

Hattie's Birthday Present

group blackdarth 2017-12-25

Hattie's best friend, Lucy Springer, a widow, did not share her feelings about men. In fact, Hattie never knew that Lucy had a private life when she picked up strange men in the bars of a nearby city and enjoyed a lot of sex. When the big day arrived, Lucy drove to Hattie's home and together the two women set off on what was supposed to have been a quiet dinner in a plush restaurant in the city. Lucy excused herself and followed the woman into the house, so Hattie sat down on one of the easy chairs to wait. Suddenly Hattie began forgot her fear. Hattie's entire body began shaking, her face broke out in a flush and her nipples got hard and erect.

First Gang Bang

group Galadrye23 2017-12-25

While I am still bent over the table, pretending to look for a good angle for the shot, I feel John pushing the back of my skirt up. I feel his hand slide between my legs, and soon he is pulling the crotch of my panties aside. Impatiently I stay in place bent over the table, pretending to take a shot until I feel my panty crotch pulled to the side again. I try to pull away, and the stranger grabs my hips, keeping me in place as he continues to slowly push his thick prick into my pussy. I'm still cumming on my second strange cock, when one of the men watching cums, spewing onto my face and tits.

Delightful Del Pt. 04

group thestalwart 2017-12-25

She rested one hand on my shoulder and the other on my upper thigh as I slid a finger along Amy's pussy lips, one side then the other feeling the softness and smoothness of her skin. As I continued kissing Cari, I felt Amy's hand on top of my own that was stroking my cock. I broke my kiss off with Cari and looked down to see that Amy had come forward on her hands and knees and was guiding my cock into her open mouth. Cari was clearly enjoying Amy's efforts; one hand was resting behind her head whilst she ran her fingers through Amy's hair with the other, gently pushing her further into her pussy.


The Security Guard's Memoir's #1

group Crazy Story Teller 2017-12-25

I smiled, and Stefanie spoke first, "Sir, what do you mean?" She looked at me, as did Denise, with a confused expression on her face. "Stefanie," I replied, "I told you to suck my cock, not give me a hand job!" I made sure my voice had an edge to it. As I sucked Stefanie's clit back into my mouth, Denise pulled my cock from her mouth, and with one smooth stroke, she impaled herself on my rock hard shaft. I pulled back slightly, and let out a hoarse command, "Denise, Stefanie, I want you both to cum, NOW!" With that, I dived back in, and bit Stefanie's clit, at the same time, I lifted my ass off the floor, thrust hard up into Denise.

Suzie Gets More Than She Expected

group Zuz1818 2017-12-25

"So you let guys feel you up if they pass on a homework assignment?" He looked horrified as soon as he said that and whipped his hand away, looking sheepish and like he was going to kick himself. .I kept shoving it in deep, going faster as I felt him getting closer, and then holding him in my mouth as he came. He paused for a few seconds and looked down at me breathing, which his cock still in my mouth, then drove it in as deep as he could holding me pressed up against his body and then started pumping again.

86% oral

Anya Ch. 17

group Simplton 2017-12-25

It was difficult to get my cock anywhere near Anya’s ass hole, as Sarah was fucking my girl friend’s pussy with a strap on. After pushing the butt plug in, and making sure it was going to stay in there, I got up and walked over to Anya, pulling her off Chloe’s face. Whilst we were waiting for Anya to come back, I entertained myself by telling Chloe to suck my balls, whilst I sat on a stool, kissing Sarah and fondling her boobs. I thought it was my tit-licking that induced an orgasm from this red haired native, but as Anya was using my balls to share her wine with Chloe, she was also pumping the butt plug in out of Sarah’s ass.



group sage_vixen 2017-12-25

Kayla, Tanya and Mandy slid through the water like sirens coming to rest near David. David drew his eyes away from the action long enough to tilt Tanya's head to the side and brush her red hair out of the way. Kayla's hand crept to Tanya's large breasts, gently pinching her nipples. Kayla's moans became breathy and she sunk her hands into Tanya's hair pushing her face harder to her breast. David withdrew his fingers and placed his hands on the insides of her thighs forcing her legs open. David watched as she pinched and flicked her own clit and let out a small sound when she slid a finger inside herself.

The Threesome Cum-Breeding Process

group NineIvy 2017-12-25

I went to the man now, asking him to flip over and giving him a similar service, hands all down his front, culminating in them wrapped around the base of a cock that had been hard since I was touching his wife. His wife started moaning as the bead I left inside her began to vibrate softly. I returned to the wife now and pulled the bead from her sex, leaning in and kissing where it had been, licking and eating her, pushing her husband's cum inside her as I did. My mouth was near full again and I returned to the wife, my tongue playing inside her and my lips devouring the lips between her legs as my fingers gave into the temptation to touch myself between the legs.