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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group asankisays 2017-12-25

As we get to the bed, my company begins to show some reluctance, but quickly adhere to her command, "Come now." My Princess takes Amanda's leash, and pulls her very close, and she begins to run her hands over Amanda's back, leaning in to softly kiss her beck. Seth and Amanda are standing up off the edge of the bed, and she faces him, and lifts her leg up to his shoulder and he crouches ever so slightly stuffing his cock into her. My Princess begins to moan louder as Seth caresses her tits, and kisses her neck until she explodes with passion causing her pussy to flood.

Cum moisturizer part 1 of 2

group Scorpio95 2017-12-25

After a few mins one of them had slid into me and it felt soo good I managed to get my first load of cum over my arm within a couple of mins and rubbed it all over my arm a few mins later I had the other arm covered in cum. I sucked a few guys off so that in a few mins of sucking and playing with their cock and balls I made them shoot all over my boobs and all over my face and rubbing all the cum in constantly as to not waste any getting on the bedding or floor.

Handcuffed in The Sex Shop, Powerless as they did

group 2017-12-25

He started to respond, I could feel he was on the verge of shooting, so I turned my bum into his facing cock and let him finish himself on me, and put my other free hand on the radiator, while feeling him beat against my bare cheeks, I was actually running down my thighs, and could feel my own urgency rise, 'Fuck I think if he slipped it inside me I might actually let him', though ran through my mind, so I pushed back onto him and closed my eyes in anticipation.

Endless Possibilities

group Xanaduvian 2017-12-24

Then, through half-closed eyes, Kat saw herself reach out for Jill, and pull her to them. She could not believe the sensations of being rimmed at the same time as having her nipples licked and sucked, as Jill was now doing. His mouth sucked, licked and gently bit Kat's right breast. Jill's huge breasts dangled in her face, and she opened her mouth and caught the offered nipple. Jill began to moan, and this made Kat suck harder. As she licked, sucked and bit Jill, she reached between the other woman's legs and found her opening. Like strong drink, the sexual tension relieved whatever inhibitions Kat had left, and she buried her face in Jill's quim.

A Hotwife's Tropical Vacation

group KenLukin 2017-12-24

Jack and I have long been avid travelers and we love to feel the warmth of the sun caress every inch of our naked bodies anytime there's a beach or pool that allows that kind of natural freedom. The two couples were a little older than us, maybe early forties, and the guys were smiling at each other and then at Jack and me while their ladies exhibited some excellent oral talent. My boobs were just the right height in the water to look like a couple of high-powered speed boats cutting their way through the warm, blue ripples. More than half the people at the pool were involved in sex with somebody, while a few of the guys and other ladies were obviously taking care of themselves and enjoying the surprise show.


Brad's Miracle Cream

group BKnucklehead 2017-12-24

Brad guided the big purple head of his cock to Linda's really wet pussy opening and began to gradually push. Brad could feel his climax drawing closer so he leaned forward and whispered, "I'm going to cum," to Linda as he continued to pump his cock in and out of her warm pussy. Brad was on the cusp of climax when Linda started screaming, the vibrations sent him over the edge as he withdrew his wet cock from her mouth shooting another big load onto Linda's perfect tits. Linda using all her fingers scooped up Brad's cum off her tits then licking them clean as she slowly pulled herself off Mark's softening cock.

The Initiation Ch. 2

group SEX4FUN 2017-12-24

As the couples were getting to leave, Chuck and Marie told the other two couples, Susan and Bob and Donna and Ray that they would be receiving further instructions on the initiation process to their swing club. Marie placed her tongue lightly on Susan's clit at the same time she once again began twisting and shoving the dildo in and out of my wife's cunt. She greedily accepted the cock and within one minute Susan was not only given a mouthful of cum, but she too came crying out, "Enough, enough, I can't take anymore, oh please stop!" Finally, Marie stopped her activity, sat back and smiled at her conquest.



group Insatiable_Little_Devil_2003 2017-12-24

I scooted as close to my husband as I could and leaned my head on his shoulder, then I let my hand run over his pants, just taking it nice and slow. I watched Reed's face as I pumped my hand up and down a few times, he worked hard to concentrate on driving but I could tell it was a bit of a struggle. My sexually frustrated husband pulled over since the distraction was just too much and let his head lean back while he closed his eyes and enjoyed the mouth fucking I was giving. We showered and dressed up, then went out to a nice quiet dinner where we sat and talked for a long time just enjoying each others company.

Are You Ready, Then?

group Robot_Genius 2017-12-24

He's still nibbling on my neck though while you bob on my cock and I look down as you pull your mouth away to see your fingers dip across your tongue, pulling a giant dollop of your saliva and my own precum from your mouth before reaching back and slathering it against my ass, working it down against my hole and massaging it as you slide me back into your mouth. He pulls me around again to kiss him as his chest presses against my back and I'm lost in it all as I feel the tip of his cock begin to dance over my ass cheeks, your fingers and his still buried there inside me, sliding in ever faster and harder.

Hairy University Ch. 03

group motleymorgan 2017-12-24

I found myself taken back to my youthful Junior High days when fluorescent "Madonna bracelets" were all the rage -- only in this instance it was the bobbed wigs and stylish bikinis of three girls that glowed with impossibly bright colors, responding no doubt to the black lights that were strewn across the room. The colors of Blue, Purple, and Green filled my vision as my cock began to throb in time with the bass of the music and Sandra's expert fondling. She then launched into a series of movements in which she divested herself of the top of her swim suit (revealing fluorescent purple pasties covering her nipples, of course), wrapped her bikini top around the pillar of my rock-hard erection, genuflected as if in worship to the altar of my cock, and bent forward to take holy communion by swallowing my plum-colored helmet and impishly swirling her tongue around my glans.

One After The Other

group bigcanuck 2017-12-24

Paul poked his head around the corner to say hi to the girls and let Kim know that he was home, then made his way down to his room in the basement. "I love your cock, Paul!" He started to spank her as he fucked her, slapping her ass a bit harder each time. I love this big cock!" Paul cupped her breasts one at a time, then bent down and began sucking on them as she pulled off her pants, leaving her in nothing but a pair of sexy black panties. Robyn bent over willingly, feeling Paul run the head of his cock over her pussy lips. Treat me like a fucking whore!" As she screamed for more, Paul rubbed her clit and pulled on her hair.


Ex's Summer Party

group Fistandantilus 2017-12-24

Lying on the ottoman, with her legs up, bent at the knees, and pressed tightly against the hips of the tall, muscular man who was fucking her, was my ex-girlfriend, Amy. Tom, as I believe Allison had called him, was apparently really starting to get into fucking Amy, and began to fuck her faster with guttural grunts escaping his mouth now and then. I began fucking Amy at a nice slow pace, so that I could relish the feel of all the other guys' come squishing around my cock and between her pubic area and mine. "Good thing Allison wasn't the Hostess for tonight; otherwise you wouldn't have gotten a chance to feel a cum-filled pussy like mine.

Copenhagen Couple

group TimothyM 2017-12-24

Michael was the one to spot you; he has quite an eye for attractive men." I had to force myself not to look over my shoulder, but I felt the gaze of her boyfriend on my body, and I recalled the feeling of his hands on my butt. When I looked at Daniella again, he was kissing her neck and caressing her breasts and buttocks, going on to explore the crevice between her legs with as much enthusiasm as I had shown. Somehow I knew that if Michael breached me simultaneously with Daniella taking my aching dick all the way into her mouth, as she had done a couple of times, I would erupt.


Candaules, King of Lydia Ch. 01

group am.mcstuff 2017-12-24

She turned to Isabella and said, "Thank God you're focused." Isabella in response reached out and placed her hand gently on Sera's breast. I realized that any shyness she may have felt with Isabella had evaporated when she said, "I'm going to lick my husband's come off your stomach." Isabella moaned and wriggled on the bed as Sera licked her stomach, lapping the last of my come out of her navel, and moved to kiss her squarely on the mouth. When I returned, here is the tableau which greeted me: Sera, my wife, on her back, legs raised above her head, moaning and thrashing and coming, while Isabella licked and fingered her glistening sex.

Home Schooled in Sex Ch. 03

group walterio 2017-12-24

"Pete and Buddy you may now remove my bra but I want you to slide it slowly down my arms and let the cups fall away from my breasts," Sheila said softly barely concealing her own excitement at this point. Buddy's cock was still hard and stiff even though he had just cum but Sheila now turned her attention to Pete purposely leaving her step-son Rudy until last. Rudy moved to the other side of her head and Sheila took turns sucking on Rudy's and Pete's cocks as Buddy fucked her. Then Sheila said it was Pete's turn to fuck her again while she sucked Buddy's cock clean of their combined juices.


A Blowjob Lesson

group 1mbibry 2017-12-24

One day she looked up at me as she took my cockhead out of her mouth and asked "Do you like it when I give you head?" "I've always thought it would be a thrill to have you let me cum in your mouth or on your face, you know - like in the movies - THAT would 'rock my world." She said she'd been thinking of inviting a friend from work over to have dinner and a soak in our hot tub, "Would Friday or Saturday be better for you?" She asked. "Oh god" she moaned "you look so HOT sucking on my cock like that!" She said between breaths. Still sucking and making my wife cry in passion, I gave my cock a few pulls and began to cum all over my hand.


The Road to a Gang Bang Ch. 03

group snowbunny1978 2017-12-24

Charles took a sip of wine and said, "Karen do you remember me writing that I can take you places that no white guy can here in the city?" I frowned and Charles looked at me with a smile and said, "Yep same set up but basket ball and racquet ball." We walked into the gym but now one was doing basketball and two guys were in shoes/socks on the racquet court with jock straps. Charles continued by saying, "To become a member a girl lets herself be screwed by ten guys. I knelt, and then wrapped my arms around Heather's legs that were dangling over the edge after the guy pulled out, used my fingers to open her lips more, smelled her nectar, and buried my face onto her playpen.


A First Time for Everything

group trymeout8 2017-12-24

While i was busy, Marco was getting acquainted with my wife kissing her and squeezing her tits with both of his hands. She commanded us, "give me your cum!" "Shoot your hot fucking load into my face!" Marco looked at me and I nodded knowingly back at him and he stoked him cock more fiercely and let out and long groan as his cock exploded in four quick bursts filling up my wife's mouth and drenching her chin in hot cum. I asked her if we should head home and let him sleep, but she said "I think before we leave we should say goodbye first and I know just how to do it." I smiled as she got on top of Marco and put his sleeping cock into her mouth.

The Stranger and The Fountain

group Halfrudeness 2017-12-24

I guess I really was fearful for my life, for the moment I saw the man I thought he donned the uniform of the invaders. The man couldn't resist the lure of my body language, and crawled his hand beneath the folds of my dress. The soldier moaned and drove his fingers through the man's dark head of hair. His hand and lips worked in unison to work the soldier's member, and when he stopped to breath he used his tongue to fiddle with the tip of the man. Eagerly I enveloped the man's penis and let the shaft slide across my tongue. I let my deadly gaze tell him that I held his life in my hands, and dripped the poison on my saliva onto the head of his penis.

The Girls at the Store Ch. 02

group wantsomefun1951 2017-12-24

With Julie rubbing her breasts against my back and grinding her mound into my ass, and Tanya giving me a good show of devouring Carla's tits, it didn't take me long to be ready to blow. You'll find sandwiches and iced tea in the fridge." As Tanya and I dried off, Julie looked at Carla and said, "You don't have a shower massage at home, do you? It's time for you to deep-throat Daddy!" I liked the sound of that, and looking at these two gorgeous pupils and their hot teacher all naked in front of me had me starting to stir.


Adeline's Mistake

group Bakers_dozen 2017-12-24

The manager spoke up and said "he has a good point, let him go now so we can take our time with the young lady" He was pulling on his cock through his pants while he made his point, this caused the other two men in the small office to laugh. "Relax" he said "stop fighting against it." The clerk had placed his hand on the top of her head pulling her head down on his cock. She took his shaved balls into her hands and began to massage them while she was making long strokes on his cock with her mouth. Adeline knew he would soon be ready to cum, she lifted her mouth from its work and moved her hands from his balls to keep stroking his shaft slowly.


Just a Little Tennis Match Ch. 03

group bluedragonauthor 2017-12-24

After the past hour and a half of Nicole wrapping me around her little finger, an enthusiastic romp with Michelle would feel really, really good. I found my attention drawn away from the screen, however, when Nicole began to shrug the thin straps of her dress off of her shoulders, along with the straps of her bra, slipping her arms completely out of them. Apparently, the love scene ended, and Nicole stopped the movie altogether, turning her head around once again to face me. Michelle maintained her tight grip about my head, holding me while I flailed off balance, my feet losing traction of the pool bottom and floating up as my shorts were yanked down my legs and off of me, displaying my birthday suit in all its glory.


Kelsey's World Ch. 29

group riverboy 2017-12-24

"If you catch a guy looking at me, let me know," Ashley said, smirking smugly as she buried her nose in her book again. "...but, we sorta did...on our the same room." She blushed and a breathy whimper escaped her when she realized what she'd said in front of Austin and Richie. Ashley was still working on the huge, slippery shaft, sucking Austin, and herself, down from their high, but she was listening to every word Kelsey said. "You should suck on Richie's cock," Kelsey said, recognizing the hungry look in Ashley's eyes. Ashley got so lost in Richie's gently writhing body and tender moans that she barely noticed when Kelsey and Charity and Brie took off their clothes.


Our Sexual Awakening Ch. 02

group nighttimestories 2017-12-24

Rod looked at his watch and said, "Why don't we go to the bar and see what is happening there?" "Rod, this is my friend Jane." She said pointing to my wife. Rod shook both of their hands and then said, "This is my friend Steve and these two lovely ladies are Jen and Cassie." Rod was sitting on the edge of the pool and Jen had her mouth wrapped tightly around his cock bobbing up and down on it. Rod's wife Brenda was laying on the pool deck with her legs thrown over Jim's shoulders and he was face first in her pussy. I looked at Rod who was still getting his cock sucked by the sexy redhead Jen. He was watching his wife orgasm under Jim's tongue.