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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Christmas Party Announcement

group TurboTits 2017-12-24

My tits developed early and pretty much from the very beginning, I had boys and men around me all the time feeling me up and sucking my nipples. I had her type her own contract and I might point out to all you men that we have it in writing and signed that she insists at all times to being bare titted, available to fuck anyone for as long and as many times as needed, and to be guaranteed cock to suck whenever she wants." I hope you plan to video tape these Corporate Cunt Training Sessions." Then she greedily resumed her cock sucking at which time the president grabbed her by her hair and pumped his full load down her throat.

I Love Watching

group 2017-12-24

Fuck, watching him spread her pussy open and start licking her almost made me cum! Ben told me to play with her pussy while he fucked her, so I reached down and started rubbing her clit and spreading her lips apart while Ben fucked her hard, all the way down to his balls, pumping in and out. Emme watched me suck him, spreading her pussy apart and telling us she wants his dick back inside her. Grabbing the lube I keep, he told me to drip lube on them as they fucked which I did, making her even wetter and me hornier, watching his now shiny lubed dick start fucking Emme hard again. I told him yes yes, I wanna watch you pump a load in her cunt open her pussy up and cum in her hard!

At the Bar

group Kirri78 2017-12-24

Merrie slowly slid her tongue over his cock and then sucked the tip into her mouth. "You're girl is a cock tease." Evan slid his finger in and out of Merrie's pussy as his thumb grazed her clit. Jimmy watched as Evan pounded his finger into Merrie's pussy, knowing how wet and hot she must feel, the velvety softness of her enveloping his finger. He could feel her body tighten with orgasm and when she started to cum he pulled her off Evan's cock and slammed his into her pussy, pulling his finger out of her ass. All three people orgasmed at the same time, Evan spraying Merrie's face with his cum and Jimmy pumping wildly into her pussy as he came.


Fun With My Son's Friends

group WayneGibbous 2017-12-24

We talked about it all the way home and soon were in bed, me up over John, sucking his cock with the tastes of two women all mingled together with his own as I pressed down my pussy all over his face with my juices and the cum of three men from the party. I knew Eric and Josh were headed this way so I took a nice swim in the pool then got in the hot tub to wait their arrival. I moved between Josh's legs and took hold of his nice, hard cock and began licking around the tip as I looked over at Eric.

Christmas Fuck Party

group ericrodman101 2017-12-24

I looked at the screens and I drank in the sight of this beautiful slut being double teamed, some guy she'd never met with his fat cock in her mouth and Troy pounding her ass, holding her tight and pulling himself into her in long thrusts. He put his hand on her back and gently leaned her down until she was nearly lying on top of the guy on the couch who was fucking her cunt, and then Mike pulled her legs aside, then splayed her cheeks, and guided his cock into her ass.

Good Friends Ch. 03

group Quazzi 2017-12-24

Giving her wicked smile Tina slowly pushed her pointer and middle fingers on her left hand knuckle deep into Shelly's hole. Steve eyes rolled back into his head as the assault began, Tina sucking his dick into her mouth as Shelly tongued his shaft and balls. Shelly took Steve back into her mouth as Tina headed upstairs to get towels. Tina knelt in front of them and snaked her tongue out, switching between Steve's cock and balls and Shelly's wet cunt and clit. Steve felt Tina's mouth wrap around it real quick sucking the last of Shelly's juices and his cum from it and the base where it had spilled.


First Swap

group playthings 2017-12-24

Paula and I started thinking of ways to break the ice for the upcoming meeting and decided drinks in the room and a friendly game of strip poker would be the way to progress the evening. Apparently they came with a desire to move things right along because as soon as we started playing for real I found myself sitting totally naked looking at Paula with nothing left on but her panties. With me naked that left me out of the game so I kept the drinks flowing which was a good plan as Jeff and Summer were starting to feel the effects of the booze and nudity around them. Paula was gonna have no trouble with Jeff's cock as it was a bit smaller than normal.

My s****r the bitch

group jnthn1 2017-12-24

You're right what you said to mom you do love to eat pussy. Oh fuck Mike I'm going to cum again Susie told me. Oh Mike that was great as Susie rubbed my cum from her pussy all over her legs and stomach. Mom took off her dress and showed Susie her freshly waxed pussy. Mom Mike just fucked me, that's his cum. I saw he was hard again watching mom eat his cum from my pussy. Mikes first load of cum was squirting out of my pussy as he kept fucked me. Mike moved in and put his dick in moms pussy. He then buried his face in moms ass and began to eat her out, licking his own cum from his mothers pussy.

Sunny Daze Threesome (MFF) - Part 2

group jm_xxx 2017-12-24

Racquel gives him a deep tongue kiss and slaps his face, then kneels on the cushions on the counter, with her dark, round ass, wagging in the air invitingly, as she looks behind to see Steven licking his lips to start eating her out from behind, as he stands with precum dribbling down the shaft of his dick.) Racquel takes the tip of her tongue to the head of Steven’s cock to lick up the precum, which she then feeds to Sunny, who swallows it eagerly off Racquel’s tongue, licking her lips.) Racquel looks down to Sunny and also guides the back of her head onto her man’s dick, like she is watching her man fuck her own mouth.)

Divine Neighbours

group TazDeVille 2017-12-24

Stefan introduced Anek and Petra and they both reached over and one at a time gave Jodie a peck on the cheek. Petra has only come over for the wedding and Anek has only been here a month!" Stefan said before talking to his brother and Petra in what Jodie assumed was Polish. Stefan moved to the floor between Jodie's legs and his hands moved up her black jeans and as he began to slowly undo the zips Anek's mouth moved to her bra making her nipples stand erect. Soon Petra was kissing Jodie whilst Stefan kept licking and fingering Jodie's pussy, Anek remained sucking at Jodie's nipples.

Winter Wonderland

group obscured 2017-12-24

Which was good news to snowmachiners like Frank and his wife Rita, her friend Debbie and his friend Dave. Frank and Rita grabbed the bedroom, while Dave and Debbie set out their separate sleeping bags on the floor of the main room. It felt perfect, to be fucking Dave hard and to feel Frank's finger in her ass, too. Debbie pressed a finger against Rita's clit, pushing it into Dave's pounding cock. Rita tumbled into a giant orgasm, wildly riding Dave's cock and humping against Debbie's manipulations. Dave's hand was stroking his cock almost as fast as Debbie's fingers were fucking Rita. Dave and Rita and Frank and Debbie fell over each other in a pile of sweaty, sticky, come-soaked bodies.

Happy 10th Anniversary

group skip.69 2017-12-24

The waiter arrived to take our order, and I noticed that Sue was sitting with her napkin positioned over her thighs in such a way that the actual length of the skirt was hidden from his view. But that did not stop him from ogling her visibly displayed breasts, and Sue actually looked up at him and smiled as if to encourage him as she leaned slightly back at the same time, causing her breasts to protrude more prominently and her nipples to appear to be trying to force their way through the material.

The Game

group tinder 2017-12-24

"Uh hi, you must be Liam," Kelly said and hoped her hand wasn't all sweaty. "This is Annie, Darrin and Sandi," Liam said, pointing to each of them. Kelly glanced at Annie and Darrin they hadn't lost yet. "Seems like a long way to come just to go to the ocean," Darrin said as he dealt the next hand. "Well if you ask me, there's nothing here either," Annie said, but she smiled to show she wasn't trying to make Kelly feel bad. "Drink up Annie," Darrin said, draining his own glass and putting it on the table. Liam put his hand over his cock again, but Kelly thought she could see him squeezing it slightly. Liam dealt the next hand and too her horror Kelly lost.


Blindfolded [G-50] Pt. 01

group charlessmythe 2017-12-24

I started sucking this new guy's cock and after only a minute or so he moaned, "Stop, I don't want to cum yet." This went on for about nine or ten minutes before the new guy, the one I have never even seen the face of, moaned, "Uuuuuuuuuuuuuugh," real loud and shoved his cock as far as he could down my throat and filled my mouth with cum. Lewis started fucking my mouth hard and within seconds was shoving his cock down my throat and cumming. but before I could start to suck it his cock pulsated hard on my lips and accompanied by an almost painful moan, a hot stream of cum squirted out and down my throat.


Brad's Road Trip Ch. 06

group SpotInTheSand 2017-12-24

Anyway, I know you told me your phone would be in the car while you went to the game, but I wanted to leave you a message anyway. "There's no way of knowing if I'm telling the truth or not, but this is the last grand slam you hit, in the bottom of the eighth inning," I said, and his eyes went wild. Kellen told his teammates what he wanted, and I watched in stunned silence as every single player on the team signed a baseball and threw it into an equipment bag with the Arizona Diamondbacks' logo on it. "But I told Brad I was in little league here, and he asked me how I would feel if I hit four home runs in a game, if I would want the last ball.


The Hotel: The Penthouse Suite Ch. 02

group BoxesAndBlades 2017-12-24

As it subsides, I grip Carly's dark red hair, pull her head up, straighten her glasses and push the dildo I've slid out of Maria's cunt into Carly's mouth. I don't need much encouragement at this point: Maria has her black stockinged legs spread by ropes, a vibrator held in her pussy by her right hand as she moans and her bonds go taut; above her, Carly's perfect, corseted figure is on all fours, her arms and legs tied to the bed, pinning her down onto her brunette colleague, her eyes are clamped shut behind her glasses and her dark red hair flails from her thrown-back head, crying out as my cock stokes the fire in her pussy.

Cross Dressing Cock Slut Party

group 2017-12-24

I indicated one more change was required and the sluts rearranged themselves before us with Chloe now taking Brian in his mouth, blonde Helena fellating Keith and the sexy brunette Amy settling over my cock. Slowly, they too began to jointly wank me off whilst I continued to do the same, all the time watching Helena's mouth go to work on Amy and Chloe's cocks. Not wanting anyone else to finish before I was in position, I moved round to the other side of the couch and positioned myself behind Helena, with Amy's white stockinged right leg on one side of me and Chloe's red clad left one on the other.


group starsinger 2017-12-24

Laughing at jokes that weren't funny, allowing a lecherous older man to run his hand up under my skirt at dinner, and I was shocked when several women gave me their numbers to give to Eli. Apparently, he wanted my approval before he took another lover. I looked at Anthony who gave me a deep kiss and cupped one of my breasts under the jacket. Anthony let go of me and pulled his cock out of his pants. Anthony reached under and played with my breasts as my mouth descended the length of his shaft. I soon felt hands on my buttocks as Steve played with my ass. Steve reached around and played with my boobs after pulling me away from Anthony slightly.

Dogging Day

group 2017-12-24

“She certainly has her uses,” Bob replied, and Ruth chuckled with the cock still deep in her mouth, “she just loves to suck cock and she will try almost anything, especially if more than one cock is involved.” As he said this a hand appeared through the hole where the black cock had been and it reached across and slid two fingers into Ruth’s open cunt. “Hell, that looks so hot,” Dave said as he eyed the hand fisting Ruth and then her mouth as she sucked on him, “I’m gonna cum now!” he yelled and he grabbed her head and pulled it tight onto his cock as he grunted and shot his cum into her throat.

Beijing Beauty

group Doug689 2017-12-24

Mei was looking up at me like I was a surprise, and she started chattering to Zhen about my size (I speak a little Chinese). I was really excited and realized my tongue was touching my first cock as it fucked Mei. Zhen was fucking her too fast for me to get any real action, so I concentrated on Mei. I reached down and was playing with her fabulous nipples as I kissed her pussy. Very strange; I've got this lovely nubile Chinese doll wanting me to fuck her and I am still thinking about that loser dick I couldn't get hard. I kissed those wonderful nipples for a minute, then started tongue fucking her mouth.

Birthday Surprise

group MsLinnet 2017-12-24

As Paul fucked me and I sucked Gavin’s cock, Caroline slid herself underneath me and began to lap at my cunt as Paul’s cock eased in and out of me. As I was enjoying this experience, I began to suck Gavin’s cock, as Paul started to run his tongue around the ridges of my cunt occasionally flicking the tip of my clit shocking my body with excitement the joint pleasure I received from their mouths soon had my head spinning then I felt Gavin’s balls twitch as the tangling of pleasure played with my body. One look down at his hard cock gave her the answer, and let her know he was ready to continue the celebrations and looking at Paul sat next to him smiling, both Caroline and I where in for far more sexual pleasures that night.

Totally Slutted Out Last Weekend!

group MelanieSkyy 2017-12-24

They took turns and I tasted my juices several times; the Italian was a little smaller than Rick so I could deepthroat him fairly easily which he loved! I had already popped about 4 times so I was a bit sated and wanted to taste cum so I sat them next to each other and started sucking and stroking them like to porn star I am! The Italian popped first and I got a mouthful then spit some back on him and cleaned him up over and over; Rick was next and I did the same thing to him which he loves. After the Italian popped Rick wanted to fuck me with all that cum in my hole and did me doggy until he popped and I did again as well.

Room Mate Fantasy Ch. 02

group mercuryskies 2017-12-24

I feel her pussy juice running down over my fingers and I start to lick it off my hand; it tastes so sweet and good. Tina comes over and gives me a kiss letting me taste Bens salty cum before she wanders out the room again and this time returns with a surprise for me – a huge black strap-on dildo. I feel Tina take an exploratory lick, her tongue feels so good and so wet on my hot pussy, then I feel the sensation of the dildo pressed against my slippery wet opening and as she presses in I feel it slide deep into me. I can feel Ben's balls slapping against my pussy as he starts to pound my throbbing ass, impaling my sweet little butt on his thick cock.

The Poker Game

group Peter Palmer 2017-12-24

The turning point came when, as Jack folded after four cards in seven-card stud, and asked for a refill, Lynne came with a fresh drink and, after placing the drink, slid into his lap, asking, "I'm not much on this game. Lynne pivoted expertly and stepped over Tom's legs to sit on the edge of the table, recently occupied, slightly open pussy in full view. Instead of perching herself almost lewdly, splay-legged, perched on the table edge across his lap, instead of stripping off his clothes and grabbing his cock, she slipped as demurely as a naked, five-times-fucked girl could into his lap and nestled into his chest with her arms wound his shoulders, hands caressing his neck and ears.