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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Rachel's Cocktail Party

group Jaxxermin 2017-12-24

The leather felt soft, supporting Rachel's thighs, her legs moved slightly open. The position of her hands constrained her to stand upright with her breasts thrust outwards, she felt strangely vulnerable, but secure with Edward there to support her. Edward pushed the stools supporting her knees apart so that the thin strip of silk covering her intimate area was fully on view and stretched tight. Rachel felt the hotness of his erect knob probing her outer vagina, forcing its way, and with a swift thrust he had penetrated her, she groaned slightly with surprise. Andrew pulled his cock out of her gaping vagina and masturbated to ejaculate huge great fountains of stringy come over her buttocks and over her red dress.

Ashton's Spring Break

group spaldan 2017-12-24

"I want to ride that hard cock so bad, you've got me so hot already." She lifted her ass off the seat a bit and my finger lost contact, "Hold on babe," she instructed. She bit her lip a little as my insistent finger flicked against her hard bud, and then she let out a long, high moan as the tension inside her evaporated. Any thoughts of the awkward positioning were quickly lost as I felt Ashton's warm, wet mouth close around my cock head. "Like I said, you can totally say no, but he already talked to Mary about it and she agreed." Ashton paused for a moment, looking away from me before she continued.


Mike Brings Some Friends Over

group Cherlynn Starr 2017-12-24

Mike was just watching so I asked him to get down on the floor and lick my pussy to get it ready for me to take my new cocks. Mike sucked my clit hard and stuffed that thick fat tongue deep inside me. I said “I need a cock in my mouth and Mike stuffed his delicious dick in. I said “stick your finger up my ass and get me ready for some more cock, I want every hole stuffed with dick. Mike came in face and I tried to get every drop as those fingers started probing my tight ass. Those cocks kept fucking me as I watched Mike stroke his dick.

Pool Boy Ch. 11

group BigZeke13 2017-12-24

Maddy's lips moved from my lips to my ear as she whispered, "I want that fatty before mid-night or I'll turn back into a superior acting snob again." She pulled her face back and grinned at me before she stood up and moved back into the crowd of naked bodies. Rachel maneuvered her hips over my face and I started tongue-fucking her pussy as I lightly fingered her clit and gently pushed a finger into her anus. Alexis had finally succeeded in getting Chase's cock back up and they joined the daisy chain as Alexis slid under Dean's mouth as she eagerly pulled his face down into her pussy.


My unexpectedly good threesome.

group Pornseeker 2017-12-24

In the mean time, I happened to look over at the husband, who had now taken out his cock, and was jerking himself off while his wife was giving me head. Her husband looked over at me and said "She likes getting fucked from behind while she's sucking my dick." I took that as a cue to get up behind her and fulfill her wish. She turned her head around to take a look at me, and once again with that smile of hers, gave me the ok to slip my cock into that tight wet pussy that she had told me so much about.


group AskMeFirst 2017-12-24

Mary looks at me and smiles and tells me that Sara has told them I had an amazing cock. She continues and I vaguely hear Mary telling Sara she looks like a great cock sucker but bets she can do better. I can still feel Mary's hand on my cock as the tip spreads Sara's tight lips. I look down and Mary lets my cock go and slides her hand up slightly and begins to rub Sara's swollen clit as she slowly moves up and down on my cock, taking more in her every time she lowers herself. I lean up and slide my free hand down and rub Kathy's clit as I fuck her with my cock head.

My First Threesome

group bigbeautiful 2017-12-24

Trey slowly slides the ice chilled vib in my hot, wet pussy working it in and out really slowly as he gently rubs my clit with his fingers. Chris is grabbing my ass and slamming me as hard as he can driving his cock so deep I think I will lose my mind this time. He does so right away, pounding my ass shoving my vib deeper and harder pushing Chris's fingers out of my pussy so he can only rub my clit. I start pushing against Trey's pulsing cock slamming that vib as far as it can go feeling it hit deep and hard making me insane.

Couples Connect

group CafeExtreme 2017-12-24

As I laid back in rapture, I glimpsed that Stephen had managed to hike Angela's dress up to the top of her slightly parted thighs and was busy with a hand in her crotch. I whispered to Jonathan how sexy his girlfriend's ass was, how much Stephen liked anal sex, and how I wanted his cock in my ass before the night was out. It took a little while, but Stephen got in tune with Angela's rhythm and thrust upward as her young pussy slid down his cock. The look on Stephen's face was the intense look of a man building to orgasm and his cock strokes started to lose their rhythm before his head slumped forward as he filled Angela's birth canal with sports of his semen.


Caught in the Crossfire Ch. 09

group dresbach 2017-12-24

In his own dwarf way, Munch was trying to fuck with Jack's head by pulling Brittany in at the last minute to reshoot a scene. Brittany continued, "It's called, 'How to Fellate Your Mate.'" Seeing Jack roll his eyes, she added, "Yeah, I know, it's still porn, but it was very sensual. Not taking the hint that Jack doesn't want to talk, Cord continued, "I got to tell you those t-shirts are a little bit much. Jack sees Cord's face turning red with anger that Brittany would divulge a trade secret to an outsider, and continues, "When she first told me, I took it to mean you were new to this, like her, and had the jitters.


First Time For Two Ch. 02

group T@nman 2017-12-24

About a week after I had helped Bob change out his old hot tub for a new spa he called and asked me to meet him for a beer. After the pitcher was delivered and our glasses filled Bob said, “I was just telling Jan about how we took out the old hot tub and put in the new spa.” Jan pulled his cock out of her mouth, “I’d like to lie down.” Bob got a second lounge pad and laid it beside the first one. It was an awkward position for Jan. She lay back, “I need a man inside me now!” Bob looked up from his place in front of her pussy. Jan watched as I licked and sucked Bob’s cock clean of her pussy juices.

An Erotic Summer Family Vacation

group dave110256 2017-12-24

My wife, Nancy and I, planned this summer vacation as a high school graduation gift to our children, Marcy and Mark, who turned eighteen last month. Mark and Marcy zipped outside, checking out the beach while Nancy and I finished touring the house. As I softened, she released my cock from her mouth, looking into my eyes as she licked her lips, her hands smearing cum over her neck and chest. I had other thoughts, dropping to my knees, stretching my lips around his fat cock, reaching with my free hand to stroke the other man's eager erection. Marcy, Julie and I slowly walked toward the beach house, giving our parents time to settle in, knowing an interesting scenario probably awaited us.


My First Trip with Becky and Andre

group discoflutterby 2017-12-24

Becky and I sat down on Andre's bed and made conversation until he came back to the room with a towel around his waist. Becky found Andre's cock with one hand, moving the towel out of the way the best she could with the other. I watched as both of her hands explored his entire groin area, running her fingers through his pubic hair and lightly playing with his balls, gently touching his cock while it jumped around and touching his thighs, inside and out. I was still in that same dream-like state, still only really hearing Andre's breathing, feeling the skin of his chest under my fingertips, and watching with interest at what Becky was doing.


Blindfolded Wife.

group LLLover 2017-12-24

she she stopped and took out his cock from her mouth and said yes definitiely one day.i motion to him to go fuck her and he went on the bed and held her legs wide open and slid his thick cock in his daughter ( my wife) she let out a load gasp and said (damn baby you got bigger, this must really turn you on) i didnt respond because i was in the moment i wanted to see how she would handle is lager cock.

My wifes surprise pt2

group slyfucker 2017-12-24

Oh yes she said as her saliva slow started 2 cover my cock and replace all my wifes cum. The sound of her muffled moans as she kept eating pussy where amazing, it wasn't long b4 she started 2 come hard all over my cock, her moans sent my wife over the edge and had her screaming with pleasure. Hey slut I said, b a good slave and ask ur new Mistress 2 lick the come from ur legs. She didn't get a chance 2 ask b4 my wife was under us both licking every drop of my come off her legs, working her way up 2 my balls and our sluts cleanly shaven pussy.

Alka and her Bhabhi Rekha - Chapter 01

group themaskeditor 2017-12-24

Alka asked Rekha, "Bhabhi tomorrow I am bringing a few of my friends here for a practice session." Rekha called Alka and asked her to take the tray as she came in she asked her, "Alka are you sure that your Bhaiya will like the idea of you bringing the two guys here?" Anyway I won't let these guys take advantage of me, unless I want them to." Alka winked at Rekha. "Actually we danced like this," Alka said holding Chintu very tightly. Alka came and asked Rekha almost whispering, "Should I tell him to slow down if you want? "Tell us when you are bored Bhabhi," Alka told Rekha. "Isn't he a cutie Bhabhi?" Alka whispered to Rekha as she rubbed her boobs on his chest.

Twenty Mile High Club

group mhb 2017-12-24

I notice that the guys are not pouring the drinks very evenly Miyako seems to be getting double what they are even though she's half the size and the tequila is having the usual affect of getting her incredibly horny. I'm thinking this is weird when it dawns on me that Miyako hasn't come back yet, so I slip out the other side and make my way forward to the curtained off toilet area. The guy presently fucking her is number 19 and isn't enjoying the position so he pulls out and lifts her off the bench and tells her to face the toilet and bend over, to which she complies.

American Erotica Episode 1

group ShadowDaemon 2017-12-24

Josh came up to the bar and kissed Lynn, "The way you two are together all the time, maybe I should be worried." I knelt behind Kerry on the couch and put my own arms around both of them, playfully nipping at Kerry’s neck while I let my fingers come around Niccia's ass to play with both her tight holes. The thought crossed my mind for a second that Josh wouldn’t like me watching his girl getting herself off. Her skin was flawless, and she had that perfect ass so many obsess on J.Lo. She wasn’t as curvy as Gina, or well endowed as Kerry, but my god she looked like a handful or two!


book store heaven

group riverrat_jim 2017-12-24

I had 1 leg on the bench, and one on the floor, Jose positioned himself exactly like me and proceeded to rub the head of his cock up and down my ass, stopping at my ass hole to press so slightly. Jose was at a steady pace fucking my ass when I looked to the other booth to see just in time the top guy pull his dick out and give it a couple strokes and spray his cum all over the bottom guy’s cock and the face of the third guy that was sucking his cock. As I was standing there coming down from my orgasm, Jose and the other 2 guys started licking my cock and feeling me up, playing with my balls and licking my ass.

Bromfield's Temptations Ch. 02

group sealawyer 2017-12-24

"Here they are," Louise had said triumphantly, as she returned to the living room, a sheaf of Polaroid prints in her hand. Louise stood while Sandra studied the picture, and quietly left the room. I had seen Louise test people with that photo a dozen times, and I knew from experience that if they stayed after seeing that picture there was a good chance they would be willing to go further. Louise and her friend began to look for survivors, and now you know the rest of the story," I concluded in my best Paul Harvey voice. I turned my head, and saw Jeff sitting on the couch, Louise curled in his arms. Then, while Louise and Jeff embraced and exchanged a warm kiss, Sandra whispered to me, "I had a wonderful time.

Menage of Coincidence

group surchin51 2017-12-24

And, in a way, it released me from the self-induced pressure I'd been feeling to hook up with Lori and I actually began to enjoy myself a little. But when I went to kiss Lori's neck, my cheekbone bumped into the back of Julie's head. I could feel Julie moving from Lori's mouth to her delicious breasts. Despite Julie's greedy hands, I moved slightly for a better angle and set my cockhead against Lori's wetness. But Julie seemed willing to use me for her own sexual gratification as long as she was in some way making her own love to Lori, the real object of her affection.


Hartstein Ch. 06

group Grouchojim 2017-12-24

"So she told me that I was looking at about two months plus of being screwed by her husband, Phil as she needed some time following the birthing to recover enough for sexual activity. Moria had thought things out and so we didn't rush off and fuck our brains out, but got to know one another by spending the afternoon at a festival with the usual rides, games and in general family fun. And I wanna be, like, you know, pretty good at stuff...." I paused and grinned inanely at Moria, letting the word 'stuff' hang in the air for a long moment.


The French Couple from the Spa

group nigeltallguy 2017-12-24

Over the next month we regularly met at the Spa and again I was invited over as this time they had gotten out some promotional videos they had of naturist beaches and clubs which they thought I might like to see. She said that she better not show it, but I asked if she could leave it on as I had come round to see videos of naturist beaches. I watched as his wife got onto the bed and started to play with herself, pushing a finger or two into her pussy and rubbing her clit. She started to suck on it, and I then noticed that on the settee she was gently stroking his hard cock as they watched the video.

The Masquerade Ball

group Steve1613 2017-12-24

And who is your friend?" At that moment he walked up and said "I am Scaramouch." He too bowed before her, but as he did so, he took her hand and kissed it. His tongue was long and rather pointed as it moved from her nipple up her neck until he finally placed his mouth over hers and kissed her. As she continued to kiss Zorro, she felt her pussy being licked from behind. His incredibly long tongue was so far inside her pussy, it felt like a cock. All the while, Scaramouch was kissing her and his hands were playing with her breasts. Slurping down the cum in her mouth, she felt the cock in her pussy withdrawing.

The Meeting

group livvylaine 2017-12-24

Now let me take a good look at you." Monica placed Sonia in front of the others, her white satin and lace bra holding in her wonderfully rounded tits, her nipples were beginning to get hard at the prospect of what was going to happen. "Open your mouth, you want it...come on, you'll love Joe's cock, take it now." Sonia still wouldn't move so Emma reached down and pinched one of Sonia's nipples. "Now you can suck my clit and fuck my pussy with your tongue." Emma started grinding her pussy against Sonia's mouth. Monica and Emma continued to lick the cum off of Sonia's tits as Sonia cleaned up Brad and Joe by licking the last bits of cum off their cocks.