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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Fourth of July Surprise!

group Creamyirish 2017-12-24

Marco was starting to feel guilty as he never had thought of Laura quite this way, but then again, it was a hot threesome sex dream. Yet Marco could not keep his mind off the hot sex with Alyssa in the morning and the anticipation of Laura's arrival. Rob was gone and Alyssa did something so unexpected - she walked over to Laura and moved in close and began to kiss her. Marco watched the surreal as Alyssa began slowly kissing Laura again, gently drifting her hand onto Laura's breast, slowly caressing the outside of the bikini, then moving her hand inward. Marco grabbed more beer and Alyssa prepared more margaritas while Laura slipped out and back into the pool.

Cars, s****rs and b*****rs, great fucking

group 2017-12-23

She certainly was different, a very dominent alpha girl, and a lot of juicy exploits in her surgery, she confessed to me later in bed, yes I slept with her that night and she watched her boyfriend pleasure himself inside me as we kissed, but I am sure you will want to hear more about her and I, not to mention my girlfriends sex that night, so readers keep in touch with Mariel and I will spill the beans on how we can be more aluring and dirtier then men and do the most outrageous things for sex.

After the Maasage

group Nevadanc1975 2017-12-23

Slowly Rachel crawled up my body, her lips moving to mine, and I kissed her hungrily, tasting myself in her mouth, wrapping my legs around her waist. As I held Rachel close to me, continuing to kiss her, our tongues exchanging tastes, I heard the bedroom door open. Steve withdrew his cock again, resting it on my face, offering me his balls which I took into my mouth, first one then the other, coating the smooth skin in my saliva. I lay there, gasping, my makeup running, and Rachel climbed up and rested on my body again, kissing me warmly, her tongue pushing into my mouth, collecting Steve's lingering tastes.

Aleck Brings in an Expert

group dionysis 2017-12-23

As her fingers explored the face so passionately kissing her, she was continuously aware of Aleck's hot breath on her neck as she was slowly squeezed between two muscled bodies. She snuggled back against Aleck loving the feel of his rock hard cock pressing urgently against her firm but cheeks, and moved her exploration from face to chest feeling the slight twitch of the mans muscle beneath skin as smooth as marble. Finally just when she thought she couldn't take any more the last inch of his cock slid home, his weight pushing her back against Aleck, who held her tight, a hand slowly inching across her waist toward her pussy.

The Picture of Elegance

group WindUpSpace 2017-12-23

I sucked and swallowed and licked the hard nipple as milk poured out and mom began to push out her hips, rhythmically grinding against the air for a short time before shuddering as a sudden stiff spasm ran through her entire body, leaving her shaking and bringing out a deep red blush across her chest and neck as well as her pale sweat-glazed face, "Oh baby, that felt so good," she said, turning her chest as she continued to lean back on the counter.


Roommates and the Erotic Massage

group Mistress Kalpana 2017-12-23

His hand got to her ass, and he squeezed as I watched him he grabbed my head and pushed my face deeper into the dampness and rubbed it in, causing more friction, more squeals of pleasure from her throat. I wanted more, so I spun around and grabbled her and crushed her mouth to mine, our tongues darting against each other, our bodies pressed tightly against each other, we both felt his hands cup our asses, encouraging us in our discovery of each other. His tongue darting into me, his fingers running over my backside, pinching me, running a finger along the crevice of my ass and entered me as I squealed in delight and pressed my thighs hard against the sides of his face.

The Night After

group 2017-12-23

Laura pulled me in closer and kissed me again, but this time her finger pressed in between my pussy lips and started rubbing over my clit, I was surprised to find I got wet pretty quickly as her finger was sliding around inside my pussy like a slip & slide with in less than 30 seconds. I said, “Laura is really out of control isn’t she?” James looked at me, “Don’t judge her too harshly, she has had a rough life.” “She honestly doesn’t feel like she has much to offer anyone, which is why she is so self-destructive.” “Deep down, I think she is just looking to be loved baby.” James then asked if I wanted him to clear her out, but I said “No, let her sl**p, I’ll be fine.” Then James left for the airport and I went back to bed, Laura was still laying there sprawled out on the bed completely naked.

Marcia, Nastiest Slut Ever Ch. 06

group danzinman 2017-12-23

You then began to slowly remove the cock that had been deep inside your ass and once his dick head popped out, and while stilling holding on to it, spun around saying, "Let me clean you off big boy, I want to taste your cum and my ass." You immediately went over and sat up on a bar stool, raised up your legs revealing your juiced up shaved pussy and your asshole that was still partially open from being freshly fucked with cum dripping out of it saying, "OK guys, I want these holes filled, I want to be fucked hard and I want to suck your balls and ass.


4 Pregnant Pauses

group sithlord6969 2017-12-23

I’ll make you feel good while Peter breaks you in.” “God mamma your hand feels so good rubbing my clit, I think I’m about to cum!” “Oh wow she feels so good Auntie, do I really get to cum in her?” Tonight baby gets the whole package, a popped cherry and a fertile belly full of sperm. “Mamma I’m so full of him, I never knew anything could feel this good! “Then Peter, I want you to fuck a baby into me...” Panting after her own release she turns to you, her smile giving way to a look of shock and then a scream! You shove your thick cock inside her again and begin to fuck her even harder this time.

An Orgy From My Girlfriend

group extasybliss 2017-12-23

I had to pick the girls I thought had the nicest face, pussy, ass, and tits. So far I have picked the best face, pussy and now ass. You will know what is yours as they are labeled 'Ass,' 'Pussy,' 'Tits,' and 'Face.' Go now." My girl sounded demanding and in charge. The girl with the nicest tits had a very sexy red bra to put on. Then move to my boyfriends face, state "Open up and eat your meal off my tits, you cum slut." These are your directions.' The girl with the nicest ass already heard part of her directions, she remembered them well. The last girl with the nicest pussy had already read her directions and was putting on her outfit.

Dinner With New Friends

group manifestman 2017-12-23

Sighing and gasping with pleasure and ecstasy, she ejected my hand from her pussy, her whole body trembled and shivered, I watched her cum squirt out of from her pussy and land beyond the end of the bed, I placed my hand back over her pulsating cunt and leaned down to kiss her nipple, slowly her body calmed and I lifted her off the bed and carried her to the shower. Claire watched expectantly as Debbie positioned herself between her long legs and worked the dildo between the lips of her pussy, she bent her knees more and lifted her legs off the bed as Debbie pushed further into her. I awoke to feel a hand running up and down my erect cock, I opened my eyes to see Claire lying on her side looking at me, her elbow rested on the bed supporting her head.


Memories Ch. 03

group i_would 2017-12-23

This was unexpected, as there certainly had been more people at the party - at least five males based on the medical results, and many more based on Ms Locatelli's recollection and what we learned from the car park's CCTV footage. "A car park is not the most likely venue for a party, but still better than Hotel Aralla." "No way all those people left the car park building for an outside party," he said. "Do you think it is real, that it did happen to you like you remember?" I don't recall having sex with another woman, only men." Ms Locatelli faintly smiled again as she recalled the memory.


The Apartment Ch. 03

group krmcm 2017-12-23

Pantelis started moving his hand over her asshole, spreading the lube. He started to finger her ass and dripped some more lube there, as Alex cried out with pain. The movement was a little awkward with Pantelis' cock stuffed into her ass, but she managed to lift a bit and with my help slid the tip of my cock up into her very wet, tight pussy, which certainly did not need any extra lube. Alex took a deep breath and then suddenly sat on my dick and buried it completely in her cunt. Alex leaned over a bit and I pulled her down to suck on her breasts as Pantelis and I fucked her. Finally Pantelis raised himself slowly and Alex shuddered as he slipped out of her ass.

The Dark and The Blond

group hartnsoul 2017-12-23

Caressing his buttocks generously, opening up the small crack between cheeks to pour in more of the oil, the man's body lurched suddenly and my hands stopped. "Does that please you?" I asked Blondie, as my eyes continued to stare at the dark gentleman who squirmed slightly understanding that the question, although directed at him, was not his to answer. Then I took the boys hands from behind his head and led him over to the dark skinned man whose eyes hasn't been able to see what I had done to the while I had been behind the standing youth. The blonds' standing body put his penis in direct eye line of the strong silent man sitting in the chair in front of him.


A Naked Reunion Ch. 01

group beermenow 2017-12-23

We played another round and this time when the lights came on Karen was pressed against Steve, who probably thought it was his wife rubbing against him as he seemed a bit startled when he realized it was Karen. As much as I wanted to see the other wives naked I didn't want to risk any of them dropping out before the game really got going, so I made sure that I lost the next round for the guys, so we lost our shoes as well. This time around a woman, who turned out to be Nicole, stroked me through my underwear in the dark before reaching in and caressing the base of my shaft.

The Broussard Sisters Ch. 10

group JimBob44 2017-12-23

"Paul wants you; he's down by the pond," Cindy had said. Then he made Cindy, Pam, Celine, and Candy managers of their own apartment buildings. "Cindy, as much as I love Pam, and Candy, and Celine, and I do love them so very much," Paul began. Pam's heart stopped beating as Cindy told her that Paul was asking Candy to marry him. "Yeah, he asked Candy, and she said yes," Bob sobbed some more. "Wow," Paul said when he came in from the barn and saw Candy's swollen eye for the first time. "I am so happy that Paul is going to marry Candy," Celine enthused.


The Awakening Ch. 05 His View

group InsatiableDesire 2017-12-23

Sadie had her ass in the air and her legs spread, I know what a great view of her pussy that affords and it only took John a moment to move in for the view! John was talking to Sadie about sucking my cock and asking if she enjoyed and she replied she did. I told John he could play with her pussy if he wanted to and Sadie moved back down to my cock. I reached around and grabbed her ass and spread her open a little further (I so know how nice that looks, she has such a sweet ass and pussy), and I knew it would be a nice view of her riding my cock from head to base!

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 36

group SteveWallace 2017-12-23

I wondered what would happen when we got to our floor, but Pam took care of that right away by taking my arm and leading me to their door. Pam said in a nervous way, "I've never done anything with another woman, but part of a DVD we watched this afternoon showed two women making love – having lots of sex. It was hot, and Sean said he wanted to watch me do something like that with you. Pam said to Sean, "Oh, I want to now. I wondered briefly if I enjoyed the taste of pussy more or less than a man did; I was sure enjoying Pam. She was turned on, because she was gushing girl juice.


Camp Happy Landings Ch. 03

group mrpuk2u 2017-12-23

Every time they could, when nobody was looking, they would goose me, or squeeze my ass, or lean close and make suggestive comments like "How is that big beautiful cock of yours, is it nice and hard yet?" The object apparently was to make me develop an erection, which would of course be very obvious in the Speedo. Then she reached down and pulled my shirt over my head, kissed me again while rubbing her tits across my chest and whispered, "Next!" She stepped back and Suzie was in my arms, a warm naked girl rubbing her firm breasts against my chest, her fingers running along my spine and down into my cutoffs to squeeze my ass.


A Night Out With Emma

group ova9bbc 2017-12-23

He looks at the rest of guys waiting their turn and says, "What a filthy mouth on this whore." And while he is commenting you spread his cheeks apart and have your tongue lapping at his dirty black asshole. You have black dicks in your mouth while swallowing their cum and being fucked in the ass a half dozen times. "So you like being a filthy little cunt and whore for black cocks?" I smack your ass. "Fuckin' whore, C'mon and CUM!!! bitch!!" And I shove my fist deep in your soaking wet cunt until you feel me probing way up inside your body and pushing into your womb.

Spring Breakers with Selena Gomez & Vanessa Hu

group jerojerome 2017-12-23

Just when i was about to touch her boobs, i felt Ashley's fingers grabbing the waistband of my boxers and at one go she took of my her surprise my 6 ½ inch cock hit her forehead what made her, Selena & Vanessa laugh. 'Mmmm such a nice hard cock...perfect size to fuck and it looks like that you aren't an asian stereotype...', Selena said while she started to stroke my cock. After Selena pushed me on the bed next to Ashley she slowly took her bikini panty off by swaying her hips seductively (what makes her perfect tits bounce a little bit too). Without losing some time Selena started to suck on Ashley's tits and Vanessa rubbed her clit while i fucked her as hard and fast i could.

Two's Company; Five's Orgy!

group nakedindian 2017-12-23

Kavita and Mili are both 25, 34-28-36, and have mouths that were made for one purpose and one purpose alone – to suck cocks! Kavita's hands pushed her head deeper into the recess of her love nest, extracting every bit from Raji. She held that cucumber in her mouth and fucked Mili's smooth, hairless cunt. As we double-fucked her, Kavita had Raji face down on her lap and was slapping her naked behind. Raji's eyes were shut as waves after waves of pleasure hit her till a tsunami overcame her so much that her sphincter relaxed and she peed, the jet hitting Kavita's clit, consequently sending her into an orgasmic rapture.

Island Fever 3: Matrimony Ch. 01

group Jeremydcp 2017-12-23

The baby monitor will let us know if Piper wakes up and starts crying." Pamela kissed me and coyly added, "Kristanna is waiting for us there." Not only do you have Kaden and Piper as children now, but Amy is five weeks pregnant and Lindsay wants you to get her pregnant too." Pamela paused, then shook her head emphatically. Why don't we give you a nap right now?" She proceeded to lay Kaden down into his portable baby bed and, after making certain he was tucked in and comfortable, Kristanna returned to her seat here in the theater and rested the side of her face upon Pamela's shoulder.


Elevator Daydream

group naughtylane 2017-12-23

"C'mon, Simon, join in...she's completely hot for us," Edward said as he turned Kathleen onto her back and spreading her legs, moved in toward her dripping pussy. Edward slowed his thrusts, his cock soaking with Kathleen's juices, and pulled out, moving aside for the other man. Edward was jacking off furiously now, the wet sound of his hand moving over his cock was overshadowed only by Kathleen's small sounds of building pleasure. She watched Edward's hand as if it were her own hand, and moved her own to flick at her clitoris, rubbing it between her thumb and forefinger as Simon continued to push deeper inside her burning cunt.