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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Dessert With the Neighbors

group moodcouple 2017-12-23

While Jan never said anything to Mike about their conversation, he did remark that she and Carol were getting to be pretty good friends. Walking over to the neighbors, Jan debated with herself if she had seduced Mike to satiate herself so she wouldn't want to have sex with Carol's husband that night - or so she wouldn't feel as guilty about it if she did fuck Stan. Looked at the two women, he said, "I think I got back just in time." Jan was pleased to see that Stan's eyes were glued to her naked tits. Jan looked up and saw that Mike's eyes were focused on Carol's mouth engulfing Stan's dick.


Explaining What Happened

group brooke 2017-12-23

When I gave the book to John to write down his friends number, Martin, the bartender, grabbed it and wrote down his "autograph" too - his hand brushed mine and I felt the heat. He and his partner bartender Gareth (a South African who will soon be leaving Paris to run his own bar back home) were cute as hell and a lot of fun. Gareth moved his mouth from mine and, sure enough, Martin pushed the cube between my lips. Pumping on Martin's cock as best I could I took Gareth's into my mouth and sucked on it. I pumped at Gareth and sucked Martin, scraping my nails at the big guy's muscular butt cheeks.

Fun With The Whole Fam In The Hot Tub 2

group imornery81 2017-12-23

It was a moment of bliss that I just cannot begin to describe.  I had cum so much the night before that I was amazed I was able to get this hard.  But because they had so thoroughly drained me, I knew I would last forever before cumming!  Jenny finally slowed and dropped her ass on my belly, deeply taking my thickness into her.  My hands went around and squeezed her tits.  “Look at how little Janey is playing with her tits dear!” I whispered in her ear.  “They are not nearly as big and juicy as yours, but don’t they look delicious?  And look at how those fingers are working all around her shaved pussy, pulling on her lips.” 

We Were Blindfolded, He Wasn't. PROLOGUE

group thuperdupe 2017-12-23

I mean, I don't hook up all the time, but with all the apps and websites nowadays, it's just so easy to log on if you're feeling horny. Only this time I was really, really horny and really wanting to hook up. Tonight's specimen was a hot, beefy, muscular jock who wanted to be a total cum slut for me. I'm more of a muscle-twink now I guess--I've finally started casting a wider net, which is perfect because I'd like to say I'm pretty versatile. Twinks generally weren't ever my thing, but as I started to get more muscle I started to feel like the big guy for a change and they turned me on in a weird self-gratifying way.

My Lucky Night

group zimabean 2017-12-23

I watched for a minute or two till my cock was hurting and then went back to our woman. She finally let loose with a massive orgasim, I thought her pussy was going to rip my cock off. I looked down at her hairy old well fucked pussy and said that we could swing it. Mike and I pushed the woman onto the couch and he pushed his cock into her mouth and I went into her pussy. Her pussy was not as nice as the first woman's, very sloppy from all the cum, but I was going to get a nut inside her all the same. The chubby woman said that the husbands would be showing up later today but we were welcome to stay and fuck till then.

Co-Worker Makes Her Move Ch. 05

group ChaseBloodworth 2017-12-23

"I think he is going to be just fine," Kris reported to Lisa. Lisa offered a sticky finger to Kris, who sucked it clean and said, "mmm. Lisa and Kris continued tasting my cum and I just stood there dumbstruck, watching them. With Kris's mouth on her clit and her own two fingers deep inside herself, Lisa bucked and shimmied and moaned. "I am going to give Flaherty a quick call," said Lisa. Kris, I assume that Flaherty is going to want to take you with him to London. This particular trip notwithstanding, I have been a little bit bored lately and it feels like the right time to do something different."

Brian, Brenda, & Katie

group WildWill 2017-12-23

Brenda's face widened into a huge grin and she said, "I would be happy to let you lick me, but only if I can return the favor." With that, she leaned over and lightly kissed Katie on the lips. When Brenda began simply by licking and kissing just Katie's outer lips, she knew this was going to be a totally wonderful experience. Brenda fixed that when she said, "Katie, you taste exquisite, but please eat me now!" Brian watched and finally could not wait any longer. After a minute Brian was into a good rhythm and Katie returned to Brenda's pussy. Brenda never missed a beat and kept her tongue working on Katie's clit until she finally exploded in another mind shattering orgasm.

Stacy and a teacher

group hotstuffxxx 2017-12-23

Ohhhhhh" she said she started to kiss my neck and work her way down. I pushed 2 fingers in her tight pussy and started to finger her as I sucked her clit. She looked out the little window and said " fuck it's mr. Stop playing mr teacher and come fuck me too" Stacy said in a little girl voice." I can't do that" he said. "to bad." Stacy said and she pushed him in the room and locked the door. "this is so wrong" mr garza said as he was taking off his clothes and started jacking off. I turned to mr Garza and said "what now?" "how about we fuck each other since we are both clearly rock hard still." he replied.

Los Cinco Hermanos Ch. 05

group eidetic 2017-12-23

Dave, Paul, Ron, Ginger, Molly and I chatted for awhile about the amazing shoot and our favorite parts and whether our asses were going to look too big on-screen – well, that one was mostly mine – and how lucky we were that Linda had fallen and cracked her head. "Okay, guys, I'll see some of you in the morning," I told them as I climbed out, grabbed my cell and my coffee mug and headed for my room. I licked, nibbled, sucked and kissed my way down his arms to his hands, down his chest to his marvelous abs, making sure to take a long time at his nipples, his sides, his hips, his thighs, shins and feet.


A Farewell to a Friend

group TriHockeyGuy3 2017-12-23

Alex asked Amanda if it were ok for them to get comfortable and she said, "whatever you need to do." With a smile and a nod, Alex removed his robe and stood completely naked at the side of the bed, his cock standing erect and already seeping the clear, sweet pre-cum. With Alex leaning back against the head board, he watched as Courtney hammered her friends pussy and ass and looked down at Amanda devouring his cock. Alex told Courtney to clean it up at which time Courtney, like a mother cat cleaning a kitten, licked the cum off Amanda's face and then shared a long, tongue locked kiss with Amanda.


Ball in the Rough

group Madame Manga 2017-12-23

You’re going to embarrass me." Larry rolled his eyes and started the golf cart. "Yep, they sure are." I grabbed my golf bag to prevent it from falling out of the cart as Larry took another swerve down a path marked "To the Tee". I looked around as we got out of the golf cart and walked up to a table set up near the teeing green, with a sign reading ‘Partner Assignments, L-Z’ hanging from it. "I guess your parents had a sense of humor, Harry," said the old man after a long stare at Larry. As Larry hacked and slashed at another sand trap, sending little puffs of dust into the air, Mike leaned on his nine-iron and looked at me.


The Toast

group Satin-N-Silk-Tigress 2017-12-23

I realize, that I am being talked to in a somewhat lower than normal speaking voice from my dinner companion (although this is not necessary as no one has been seated that close to our table yet).... I look over at Lace and observe the same scenario, all the while, the hand on my thigh is slowly traveling upward. Another toast is proposed from my dinner companion, just to me, "to us"...we both sip, he places his glass on the table, reaches for mine and does the same...and with that movement he takes the opportunity to lean a little closer and softly kisses my cheek. At that moment, our waiter arrives with our salads, another bottle of wine and leaves....Lace and I pick up our wineglasses and offer a toast "to lovers"...

Birthday Cabin, Day 03

group rpuresteel 2017-12-23

Her tongue flicks across her lips as her gaze drifts down Vincent's body to the large bulge in the sheets, the young man's incredibly thick cock having stretched her wide open numerous times over the last two days, but she had yet to have it in her mouth. As his fingers tighten in her dark red hair she starts to suck a bit harder, his grip tugging her forward more and more until half his length is buried inside her mouth, her lips stretched tightly around the shaft. Her lips stretch widely around the thick shaft as her mouth is quickly filled, her eyes shutting tightly and her body trembling with pleasure as another orgasm floods through her from Vincent's cock hammering into her nonstop.

Biker Gang Bang in Byron Bay

group AnaLeePleasured 2017-12-23

To cut a long story short, both men played pretty well but Wolf won the game, then walked up to Roxy and pulled down the top of her dress again to expose her tits. Gareth then got the show moving by telling Wolf how much of a slut Roxy was and that next she would want a few hands up her dress. "I love watching men pull their cocks for me." Roxy said as Gareth slightly released the pressure of his hands around her neck. Roxy needed to be pushed no further as she reached for Wolf's huge cock and began to work it with hands, mouth and tongue all at once.

Closing a Deal

group Da_Vida 2017-12-23

I took the glass from his hand and unfolded my legs and as I stared up into his eyes I whispered, "You win first prize." I then spread my legs and slid down further into the chair and said, "you can sniff the beaver if you like, but no hands!" Carl dropped to his knees between my stocking clad legs and put his head between my thighs. After a few lustful thrusts , Hugh lunged forward forcing his cock deep into my throat while holding my face tightly between his hands. I was in such a state of excitement and ecstasy that I would not have felt Hugh climax except that I had reached back and cupped his balls in my right hand and instinctively knew that I had captured his copious seed inside me.

Things can Only Get Wetter Pt. 02

group Lady_smut 2017-12-23

Andy nodded as Toni slid her arm around his neck, before planting a kiss on his cheek. As we kissed I felt Andy's hand pulling at the straps of my swimsuit. I felt the rush of the cold water on my breasts as they were exposed, and then Andy's hot tongue as he licked and sucked my nipples. Andy then turned to me and started to remove my swimsuit whilst Toni kissed my neck. With my eyes closed, all I could feel was my face being covered with kisses, my breasts being brushed and squeezed. As Toni kissed Andy, I ducked under the water, trying to catch a glimpse of him.

Jenny Takes A Ride

group jack_straw 2017-12-23

Robbie slid his long, fat prick right up her pussy, filling her deeper than she’d ever been filled before and fucked her for the better part of an hour, bringing her to another succession of climaxes that left her exhausted, before he finally came deep in her womb. He said he’d pick her up about 7 p.m., and told her to, “dress sexy.” Jenny was thrilled that her new boyfriend wanted to show her off like that; certainly Vince had never put her on display in that way, and the fact that sexy Robbie did gave her a real rush. As soon as they were off, Jay and Leo began running their hands over Jenny’s sweater-clad tits as they took turns getting deep-tongue kisses.


The Long Weekend Ch. 39

group beachsf1 2017-12-23

Kathy thought The BLT club was an acronym for the lunch time ladies. "The cooler, the bag with the handles and the blanket are in the car." Do you want to get them while I walk down to find a spot?" Kathy asked nicely as she began to head down to the lake. As Danny backed away to get out his condom, Kathy turned around, slipped off her skirt and bent forward over the canoe. Kathy heard Danny step up behind her and felt his hand slid down the furrow of her smooth hairless butt, before slipping down to stroke he juices dripping on her upper thighs before lightly fingering her now juicy vagina.


Three Become One Ch. 08

group bustyalix 2017-12-23

When I finally turned off the light in the bathroom and opened the door to step into my bedroom I half expected the twins to be awake what with the noise and light and movement and what not...but they weren't. They were sound asleep, and as I approached the edge of the bed and looked down at them with moonlight pouring over their soft faces and eighteen year old bodies I couldn't help but feel aroused. I squeezed her tits with my fingers as I slid my cock up the slope of her mountainous breast one final time and cum start to explode out of me. "Mmm...Daddy..." her twin sister moaned in her sleep from the other side of the bed.


Don't Know What To Do...

group plann 2017-12-23

But this was more than a snog, I was in the back of the cab with Sarah my girlfriend of two years and Hannah, our acquaintance of a little over an hour and they were both half naked and I didn't know what the hell to do. I came over all pretend self righteous and told her that if she was going to be kissing other girls then I wanted to watch. I was in the back of the cab with Sarah my girlfriend of two years and Hannah, our acquaintance of a little over an hour and they were both half naked and I didn't know what the hell to do...

The Confessional Ch. 05

group fukensploogin 2017-12-23

"C'mon, let's put you in the shower, that'll help you sober up a bit and then you can get a good night's sleep, okay?" Andrea didn't notice that the door had opened again, and Julie's boytoy, Mikey, had come in. "Mmm, damn, she does this pretty fucking good," Mikey said with a groan, his grip on Andrea's hair getting a little tighter, the water rushing down over their bodies. "Yeah," Julie said, "that's right, fuck that slut like she deserves, that's just how she likes it, good and hard!" Julie smacked Mikey's ass, spurring him on, and his cock plowed into Andrea over and over and over again, powerfully deep, stretching her more than she'd already been stretched out that night.

A Spa To Remember

group SteveRay 2017-12-23

"You can feel her tits you know Steve," my awesome wife Jean said, and with that type of permission I put my hands around her to squeeze and play with her lovely breasts. While Emma and Jean looked pretty happy, I alone knew that with my cock deep in Stacey and having had a good few minutes start, she was the short priced favourite in this sweet race. Whilst this was happening my wife started moving herself crazily on top of me yelling at Emma to suck her clit harder as she reached her orgasm. My orgasm came with an absolute animal grunt as I drove my cock deep and hard into Stacey's pussy giving her all of my cum in 3 massive jolts.

Toll Plaza Fun

group extraone 2017-12-23

I didn’t miss anything with the camera … I took pic after pic as Joe pumped your cunt again and you gave his pal another great suck … it was obvious that you were a slut enjoying herself … 3 different strangers’ cocks in less than half an hour … your cunt was oozing with cum and was being filled again and you were now enthusiastically giving another great suck to this total stranger! This time it took a little longer … both men had already used your cunt at least once … and they were making the most of this opportunity … Joe was pumping away and feeling your tits whist Dan was fucking your mouth … with expert help from you.

The Mother-In-Law Ch. 05

group luvjuice43 2017-12-23

I moved between Ronnie's legs, lifted her hips on to my thighs, and rested my cock on top of her pubic mound; Marie smiled at me as I took my cock in hand and slid the head through the wet furrow between the puffy lips of Ronnie's vulva. Ronnie no longer paid attention to my mother-in-law's beautiful ass and cunt; her hands smacked Marie's firm ass as her arms frayed about, her head shook from side to side, her moans and sighs became primal grunts and screams. Her hands and fingers had already touched the delicate pink membranes of Ronnie's cunt; she inhaled the heady aroma of her aroused friend, and tasted her creamy nectar that glistened moments before on my cock.