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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Crazy Love

group D4ddysG1rl 2018-11-05

Danny, G, Ray, Chris and Mike were all something like a good friend in college we shared a lot of great memories and it excited me to see them. Mike and I walked upstairs to an office he led me to the bathroom I did me and came out Mike was sitting on the desk he pulled inbetween his legs wrapping his arms around my waist his hands moved up my back to my face my body shivered at his touch like so many times before I felt his tongue part my lips and come into my mouth kissing him was like riding a bike you never forget how with ease we shared moist kisses 

My New Family - Honey and Anne

group eatu55 2018-11-04

Knowing I had just brought my widowed bride and her 18-year-old daughter from another state, I had a feeling I could guess the backstory, but what she related I never imagined from the most exclusive, private girls' school in the area. As her right hand got up near my face, I could smell the female scent from the cheerleader and my cock pulsed once and Honey felt it touch her wet pussy and she gave a little squeal. As I handed Honey her bra and blouse, she sobbed and sniffed and looked up at me, "I'm sorry Daddy, I guess I understand. "Honey told me to tell you 'Thanks for the homework help, tonight.' I don't know whether to be proud or disappointed that she needs help in Sex Ed," Anne said.

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

group aldenbradley 2018-11-04

Cheryl and Drew had been indolent, opting for brunch rather than breakfast so they could make love, shower, and fuck before they left the room. Drew confessed to being a web designer and Cheryl said she and Melissa shared their interest in educating young children. “You want Drew to lick my pussy?” Melissa moaned. Melissa delicately stepped out of the small pile of clothing, turned back to face Drew and Cheryl and planted one hand on her hip. Melissa stood up and watched as Cheryl continued to suck and lick on Micah’s cock, drawing out all of the remnants of his load. Melissa looked straight into the faces of Drew and Cheryl as he approached and finally penetrated her.

Our fun with Steve and Nancy

group chriskayaks 2018-11-04

I watched as he went directly over to the hot tub and gave his wife a kiss and said hello to Kim. I’m not even sure if he noticed what they were wearing. “I know that he is your husband and all, but I sure would like to wrap my lips around that huge cock of his.” Kim said, with a sparkle in her sexy green eyes. I could see that it turned Nancy on to see another man suck her husbands cock, so at Kim’s direction, I got on my hands and knees and took Steve’s straining pole into my mouth and sucked on it like I had been a shipyard whore in a previous life.

A Fantasy Cum True

group Spankalena 2018-11-04

As I felt soft full breasts brush against my face my mouth instantly opened, and began to suckle on the nipples in front of me, that I couldn't see only feel. I was trying to figure out how many people were there, but between the blindfold, the hands on my body, the pussy riding my face the hard fat cock in my hand, and the tongue lapping at my pussy I couldn't keep up. It all felt so good, I almost did not hear the buzzing sound from somewhere near me, just then a small vibrating bullet was slipped inside my upturned ass, just before that cock slammed deeply into my dripping pulsing pussy again!

Bank holiday camp pt8

group BiUKSwinger 2018-11-04

I must admit it did feel really good and the tingling sensations that ran right through my body soon had me relax and fully enjoying the fucking I was getting from her. Mandy was now shafting me quicker as she gripped my hips, and with each thrust, I let out groans of pleasure. I felt so strange to not only have a man fuck me but to cum inside me too! Mandy recovered from her orgasm and climbed to the bottom of the bed taking over from where Dave had been, and then she opened my ass cheeks. I really enjoyed it, besides I could have said no and stopped it,” I smiled at Mandy and kissed her while giving her hand a little squeeze in a reassuring way.

A Weekend With Gina and Her Friend ~ Part 2

group ATexGent 2018-11-04

Gina continued sucking my cock and I ordered Becky to get on the bed on all four’s and finger her pussy. Becky’s ass was touching the back of her feet and Gina reached between my legs to grab my cock and guided it to the bottom of Becky’s feet rubbing the head of hard cock up and down before moving it to the entry of her wet pussy. When Gina was done, I pulled back from Gina’s face and she grabbed my hard cock guiding it back to Becky’s love hole. I knew Gina was getting close to her climax and moved my lips to her clit and sucked lightly as she raised her spread legs up in to the air.

Whatever! I Can Do What I Want

group Green_Man 2018-11-04

It was a busy night in the bar, and I was tossing bottles and making weird ass drinks for a crowd of college assholes. Jeff and two other bouncers were now standing by at the sides of the stage, just in case it got a little rowdy. The guys in the audience and the girls on stage were trading comments like that. The loud and gutsy little blond from earlier began taking off her tee-shirt completely. In fact, every girl up on the stage had their own hand, and some fingers, in their pussy now. As she humped her cunt into his face other men, and a couple of women, also moved forward, as the other girls gestured them in.

Big Girls Need Anal Love Too

group Samuelx 2018-11-04

Henry sat naked on the couch and Valerie knelt before him, taking his hard cock into her mouth. Henry looked at this big, black woman who was on all fours, offering him her ass. Valerie gasped as Henry's hard cock went into her ass. Mercedes howled at the sheer sweet pain and pleasure of having a big black cock in her ass. Oh, yeah, there was nothing like fucking a sweet woman in the ass and looking into her eyes while doing it. They went from painful to relaxed and finally, happy as he finally shoved his cock as far as it could go into the big woman's tight asshole and finally came, filling her with his cum.

Fantasy In The Office Part 3

group RoseBarbie94 2018-11-04

“You really know what you’re doing Laura, even if you’ve never been with a girl before.” Ashleigh said softly as she leant forward and lightly kissed me just underneath my earlobe. I looked at her pussy for a second admiring her wet, shaven heaven before stroked my fingers over her lips getting some of her juice. “Oh baby, you eat my pussy so good.” She let out a deep moan and bucked into my face as I sucked her clit again. “Don’t you fucking dare put that thing inside… oh my god.” She didn’t have time to protest, Jason was unloading his cum onto her pussy. “Fuck that pussy baby, fucking make me cum all over your face and hand.”

A Christmas Gift From the Guys

group Gabrielsbabygirl 2018-11-04

Bob picks me up and carries me to the bed while I have my legs wrapped around him, I can feel the head of his cock barely rubbing my slit as he walks, he was hard as a rock already. I push him back saying, “Baby, let me suck you into my throat“ he moves back and sits, I move between his legs, lowering my head slowly, a little going in each time, I bob up and down, onto his cock, slowly stroking him as he slides down my throat, I start to gag but regain myself as he slips a little deeper inside.

My Cabin of Solace-Part2

group gubica 2018-11-04

Miss Right's head was buried between her legs and I could hear slurping sounds mixed with the moaning by both girls. Pushing my fingers back in, I quickly changed to the other girl and again buried my tongue deep. Her legs clamped down on my head taking the air away from me, but I held on, burying my face deep. I had full control of her pussy and Red had full control of her head. Maple reached up to grab Red's breasts and when she found then, she squeezed...hard. I could see Red move her pussy back and forth over Maple's face and I knew her tongue must be pretty busy.

Haitian Bitches Love Anal Too

group Samuelx 2018-11-04

Steve is a big and tall black man who attends Bay State College and majors in Criminal Justice. I'm sucking Jason's long and thick cock while Steve plunges his stiff rod deep into my asshole. Man, I love the feel of a big black cock in my asshole. Jason groaned as Steve sucked him off and caressed the big black guy's head. The skinny black dude spread the big black man's ass cheeks and pushed his cock inside of him. Steve screamed as Jason fucked his ass. I sucked his dick and licked his big black balls like oral sex was going out of style. This time, Jason shoved his cock into my asshole while Steve thrust his dick into my pussy.


Venus School of Sex Ch. 18

group Goldeniangel 2018-11-04

The jostling of Mr. Flood's cock in Jessica's ass created all sorts of interesting sensations deep inside of her, and her pussy got even wetter for them. Jessica pulled on her arms around Mr. Flood's neck, his hands were running up and down her body now that he didn't have to hold her up. It wasn't until she was moaning, feeling like she might pass out, and her orgasms began to subside that she realized Mr. Flood's hands were holding her arms in place, keeping them securely behind her head so that her body was kept open and vulnerable for Mr. Fire.

Taken By Two

group MindFucker2 2018-11-04

I let go as the sensations center on my pussy, throbbing and coming, feeling my juice pumping out as Tony continues to lick and suck my juices from my slit, as he moans and sucks harder. “Now turn over and spread your cheeks so I can fuck your arse," Dom Mike says, as Tony gets up onto the bed spreading his legs; he is holding his swollen cock and wanking himself slowly. Tony stiffens and moans very loudly as his fuck juices squirt and fill my pussy; pussy and arse continues to throb and clench around them as we slowly come down.

BBW Wants to Lick You!

group bigbubblygurlnc 2018-11-04

Cherry's mind kept drifting to thoughts of Megan's pussy and tits, making her squirm in her seat. Cherry licked her lips and moved forward hungry to feel Megan's hard nipples in her mouth. There was a quick intake of breath from Megan's lips as Cherry's tongue found her hard clit. Megan's large body began to shake uncontrollably and pussy pulsing around her fingers. Megan's fingers found Cherry's wet hard clit and began to rub it slowly. Cherry began to grind her soaking slit against Megan's leg and moaning with each draw on her sensitive nipples. Cherry moaned low as Megan began to fuck Cherry's pussy with her tongue. "Glad that you allowed me to watch." Will said as his well spent cock popped out of Megan's cum filled pussy.

The First Time - Part 1

group goodchemistry 2018-11-04

Dan and Marcy stood at the edge of the pool on the other side facing us.  Were we breaking a rule?  I thought we were going to get a lecture.  In the shallow water, my erect cock and Marcy's hard nipples were very apparent.  Dan was a good looking guy.  He had an athletic body and a cock that was very big and partially erect.  Instead of a lecture, he said, "I just finished shaving Marcy's pussy, would you like to see?" Without waiting for an answer, Marcy smiled and sat down on the edge of the pool and spread her legs for us to have a good look of her beautiful shaved pussy.  My already hard cock was now throbbing!  My mouth was running with saliva.  Marcy looked at my cock and the hungry look on my face and smiled and said, "I think he likes it!"

Coupling for Good

group lesliejones 2018-11-04

Karen and Emily whispered to each other for merely a moment before responding in unison, "Your offers are happily suggested." Then each offered a hand to their intended to help him stand and opened their arms for a hug and deep kiss, both of which followed. Emily, Rod, Karen, and Bill then burst into applause and each came by to kiss Deb and Marge. Deb smiled and realized that she needed to help restore the party atmosphere so she turned to Marge, still kneeling bare-assed on the couch and told her to pull up her panties and rejoin the group, which the larger woman did, wiping her face where she had shed a few tears while being struck with the rod.

Meeting an old friend

group Anitaslut44 2018-11-04

I moaned and started to suck hard on his cock, moving my mouth quickly on his hard shaft. I was getting hot again as he fucked my mouth, and I couldn’t wait until we left the party and I could finally feel that massive cock deep inside my tight wet cunt. I cried out as I was fucking his cock on an angle so he wasn’t all the way inside me, but his cock kept hitting my g-spot on every thrust, making me cum hard and screaming on that huge hard dick inside my cunt. He kept on playing with my tits rough, working my soft flesh hard in his rough hands, as Johnny kept on fucking my cunt with long, deep, strong thrusts that made my body shake.

My Introduction and Pathway to Group Sex - Part 13

group LuvitAll 2018-11-04

  I knelt on the bed to keep sucking and the other hands soon started unzipping my jeans and pulling them down over my arse.   We locked eyes again and she suddenly started sucking the guy very quickly, sliding her mouth up and down and rubbing his balls. She settled back on the bean bag after the guy pulled his cock from her mouth and took a gulp of her drink.   Towards the end I saw her back on the bean bag, undressed, being fucked by a guy while another knelt next to her head with his hard cock in her hand. The soft guy she had been sucking was sitting in the arm chair, also watching and rubbing his cock.

Late Night Adult Store

group Daddysass 2018-11-04

Katie found a crop and started slapping my ass. We could see Alex was uncomfortable as his cock was getting larger and trapped in his jeans. Both Katie and I dropped to our knees and started taking turns sucking his cock. He grabbed Katie and placed her on the counter and started eating her pussy. I got up off of my knees as he came up for air and moved between him and Katie taking his place eating her sweet pussy. I felt his hands on my hips and the head of his cock push against my swollen pussy lips. He was now deep inside me, filling me with his thick cock and driving my tongue into Katie's pussy with each thrust. Katie braced herself against the counter so she could push back on Alex 's cock.

A Middle Earth Odyssey- Chapter 1

group JessLuvzSara 2018-11-04

Astriel and Kirien return; Yanina and Starial head to the bathroom. When Starial and I break our kiss, Kirien is sucking hard on Astriel's nipple. As Kirien's tongue is about to touch Astriel's pussy, Starial claps her hands; signaling Kirien to stop. Starial pulls my hand from Kirien's right breast and sucks her nipple hard. When Starial snaps her fingers, Astriel gets between Kirien's legs and licks up all of the sweet nectar from her leaking hole. Astriel, standing there in just her sexy leather boots, grins and says, "Yes, this hobbit girl knows how to fuck." That brings a roar and applause from us all. Starial comes out of the moment and claps her hands four times: a cue for Kirien and Astriel.

My Birthday

group troytempest 2018-11-04

Robbie the guy on my left starts to kiss me pushing his tongue into my mouth, his hand squeezing my tits, my nipples start to harden under his touch, Chris the guy on my right eases my legs apart and slides his hand up to my already moistening pussy, pushing aside my panties to rub my pussy lips. They stay still until the emotions in my pussy calm down, then start to thrust into me again, this time Dave puts his cock into my ass, I panic as I have never had a cock in my ass and pussy together, it will tear me apart, The guys are in me and rest until the discomfort passes, they start to move inside me again, all my holes filled, I am rewarded with a mouthful of spunk, I swallow it down, Chris slides out of my mouth and is replaced by Jaime he has a huge cock, very thick and long, I lick it all along its length, covering it with my saliva and Chris’s cum.


group komrad1156 2018-11-04

"Not to brag but Willow told Grace, 'Thanks, but speaking of cute, that husband of yours is...yummy!' Both of them started laughing and I couldn't really make out what they were saying but it was the kind of stuff girls say about guys they think are cute." Over the last few years, Mark had mentioned several times they needed to try new things and they had because deep down, she knew he was right. Come on, it can't be that bad, can it?" Derek had absolutely no idea what Willow was talking about but he did know his wife. Grace pulled her legs up on the couch and said, "She was talking about how things are...I don't know...stale or something with the bedroom."