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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Monday Night Football

group MaleThonger 2017-12-23

Wade had shucked his pants already, and she pulled the material of my thong aside and sat between us, a cock in each hand, stroking contently. "God I have wanted this for so long." She said, looking me in the eyes as her hands moved up and down my erection, her husband kneeling behind her. I could feel her body tense up as she came, and Wade began to make appreciative noises down below. Occasionally, I would feel Wades tongue slip off her clit and travel a short bit up or down my cock before she got back in line, and the extra sensations were enough to send me to the edge.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 03

group SteveWallace 2017-12-23

I don't know enough about her to predict whether you can fix your situation, but if you want to try, you'd better start groveling with apologies, promises you plan to keep, and anything else you can think of. From the look of disgust and loathing I got from the receptionist, I figured that Elsa had warned them that I would likely show up and want to see her." After that, I left for my own offices. Sheila shrugged and said in obvious sarcasm, "Only if you want Elsa back." On that note, she rose and walked out of the room.


Learning Curve Ch. 06

group Paris Waterman 2017-12-23

A good-looking guy (who turned out to be Gary) met Alena at the door to the motel and after glancing around for her 'friend,' ushered her inside and whispered, "I was afraid you were gonna stand us up," and then quickly performed introductions. Lars slowed down, but added a second finger as Alena took Tim's member into her mouth and gave him a heady blowjob. Alena reached for him and stroked him several times before taking him in her mouth, making sure she licked along the underside with her tongue before swirling it over his pre-cum covered head. Matt fucked her with a vengeance, plowing deep with each stroke, and within a minute, Alena was moving to meet his hard thrusts, wondering how long he could keep it up.


A Brush with the Law

group Taverner 2017-12-23

I looked over to my right, and I saw Monique Nguyen, the pretty little Vietnamese legal aid lawyer, sitting at a table, along with another equally pretty girl on her left. I met Miss Nguyen at work a few weeks back." After I said that, it occurred to me that she might have thought I was one of Monique's clients, but as I pondered whether to clarify, Eva said, "Yes, she told me about you when we saw you coming in." "Well," Monique said, "To tell you the truth, we're both leaving the legal aid office fairly soon." I met her gaze, and she added, "So, Mr Jerritt will have a new lawyer by the time his case gets heard, anyway."


The Chair Ch. 40

group Rickd_1960 2017-12-23

He noticed that her knees were about shoulder's width apart, and with her dress being as short as it was, he thought it looked like he could clearly see the outline of her pussy lips, indicating that she was sans panties. She hadn't even noticed that as he was speaking to her, the redhead had placed her hand on Samantha's right thigh and was even now running it further up her leg. He and the redhead both removed their hands from her legs and he refilled all of their glasses while Samantha thought about what he had said. The redhead stepped up beside her and placed her warm hand over Samantha's pussy, cupping her fingers between her legs. While still experiencing one long continuous orgasm, Samantha discovered that the redhead was no longer near her or The Chair.


A Classroom Encounter

group brendabarrett 2017-12-23

She said this as Lars entered her slowly from behind, she felt the shower falling in sheets onto her hard nipples as Lars entered her. She began to experience the most intense orgasm of her life bent over her desk and Lars was violently pumping away from behind. This time Jennifer felt the same way she hiked up her own skirt and threw him down on the work table. Lars looked surprised at this show of force, but Jennifer wanted more. Marie began to lick Lars; still hard cock. As Marie sucked away Jennifer began to feel her coworkers large breasts through her uniform. As an angry Lars stormed out of the school Jennifer looked up at Marie and blushed.

Game Night Ch. 02

group greggmis 2017-12-23

Before long (much to quickly for Joe and I both) the show ended with Susan letting go of her breasts placing a hand on each of Joe's thighs and sitting lower for a second to get her balance she reached out and licked the tip of his cock as she stood up leaning into him for a quick little teasing kiss and embrace before returning to her seat. As I leaned in to take my first taste of Susan I felt a hand on my leg and then my cock and looked to see Joe had reached over to continue playing with me as he licked my cum out of Cindy.

s****r Fucks her Four b*****rs, Part 6

group royby 2017-12-23

She decided to help Pete to an orgasm and pulled out her fingers and said to her, “Get ready to take this, slut.” Cathy knew what she was going to do but could not protest with Wayne still face fucking her. Pete let out a loud groan and said, “Fuck Judy, you’re forcing me out.” As she twisted and pumped her fist into her hot cunt she pushed against Pete’s cock with her other hand. As Cathy’s body trembled Wayne felt his cock was hard and wanted to fuck his s****r in the ass when she was finished. She got on her hands and knees beside him and said with a smile on her face, “I want it like this Mal so come and fuck my little ass.”

The Eye of the Hurricane Ch. 04

group LeMondial 2017-12-23

I watched his cock savage her pussy over and over and delighted in the joy on her face and the rosy glow of her skin as her body rushed toward climax. As I held Holly and felt warm, smooth skin touch mine in the satisfaction of wonderful sex, I watched Tom coming to his own point of no return. Maggie reached behind to hold his waist and said in a rushed, breathy voice, "I need to feel your cum inside me, Tom. Cum baby. She told me that every time she looked at her neck in the mirror and saw the passion marks Tom had left, or brushed some of his cum from her pussy she felt an intense tingle or memory.

Oh What a Night...

group d4david 2017-12-23

Jeff reached for my my hand, I pulled back, Jeff grabbed me and slung me through the bushes 'don't you know it ain't polite to refuse an invitation.' Billy looked over his shoulder and asked 'Jeff are you having a problem,' Jeff answered 'naw, just a stubborn bitch wanting to play.' Billy cleared his throat and led the way through the undergrowth. Jeff poured more oil into my crack and said 'see if you can put your fist in that pussy.' Billy made a fist and rammed his fist deep into my rectum, I cried out and Jeff clamped his nasty hand over my mouth.

Long Lunch Ch. 4

group Ms_Messalina 2017-12-23

I think you'll like the way she smells and tastes." With this he raised his fingers to my mouth as I inhaled ravenously and swathed my tongue around his magic hands. "Do you want to come out and play?" he asked as his lips brushed my forehead which I had kept bent towards the floor, eyes down. She raised her far leg and rolled toward him (and me) and I saw again the rich dark triangle as he slipped the knotted ties around her wrists, placing her hands in a prayer position above her head. Do you like being offered?" She nodded yes again and from her breathing and hard nipples I could tell she was getting off to the sound of his voice.

Wife's "boring" Saturday

group storyrattler 2017-12-23

As Rodney sat down on the couch, Chris asked, "What will you be wearing for your massage Mrs. Beck?" I suppose they both thought I was completely asleep because, all of a sudden, I heard Chris tell Rodney, "You missed out today, huh? As Rodney rubbed my legs, I could feel HIS junk grazing against my feet each time he moved his hands up my thighs. At that moment, I released Rodney from my mouth and asked, "So how far did my husband tell you two you could go?" Chris, pulling his face from my soaking wet crotch answered, "If we're going to 10, we haven't even made it to 7 yet." For goodness sakes, if THIS is a 7, what could possibly be a 10?!


What If...? Ch. 2

group ASKMEMAYB 2017-12-23

You feel me throb and hear me moan louder, you just smile and keep slobbering all over my cock, you know that you don't like the taste but you're to caught up. The sight of your girlfriend fingering herself and the throbbing feeling hitting the back of your throat is just to much. As you and your girlfriend finish tonguing each others mouths you notice that we are already at the beach. You feel my arousal hoping I would take you right then and there but I just hold you and tease you, caressing you as your head leans back revealing your longing. After a few drinks you begin to feel a light buzz and we decide to continue our drinking at home.

Late Afternoon Flight

group 1subneeded 2017-12-23

That's such a nice thing to say, said Ashley as she put her left hand under my blanket and on my right knee. Then I felt Laurens hand come up my thigh a bit and I flinch a little. Lauren's pussy lips were getting quiet swollen and very wet as she was about ready to come because I could feel her squeezing her legs against my hand as I pushed it in farther. I felt Lauren slowly using my hand again to masturbate herself and Ashley put her soft lips around my hard cock and began to bob slowly up and down my shaft as she gripped the bottom of it so I wouldn't blow my lode.


Coach Carter and His Catcher Ch. 02

group capricorn5 2017-12-23

"So he's the one," said the black girl, smiling at Jana as she knelt toward Keith, big breasts hanging down toward the mattress as she crawled on hands and knees toward the end of the bed. Keith nodded, looking at Jana, whose arms were wrapped around Dexter's waist from behind, smiling and winking at her former coach as she reached for his penis. Just as he started to feel a twang of jealousy from watching Jana with another man, Keith's breath was taken away by the sensation of incredibly soft skin all around his erect cock. Hearing a cry, Keith looked over to see Dexter's body wedged over Jana's, his crotch between her legs and starting to insert his massive girth into her little white body.


Friends and Neighbors

group kenkx 2017-12-23

My eyes opened wide as I saw Diane sprawled on my neighbor's sofa with her head in Walt's lap. We stood unseen at the door for a few more minutes while Walt hiked up Diane's dress and pulled her panties to one side, surveying her light brown bush and slowly fingering her. A week or so later, I came home to find my wife, Diane, and our neighbor, Linda, in quiet conversation in our den. "Linda came over to invite us to a party this next Saturday evening," Diane stated. When I heard Diane say that she accepted Linda's invitation, a vision of my next-door neighbor's wife nude in front of me flashed across my brain like a bolt of lightning.


Video Store Adventure

group Strato0cpa 2017-12-23

As I bent over and was sucking purple-heads cock, I felt a hand slide between my thighs and it began to play with my pussy. Biker dude had a hold of my hips and he pulled my backside over towards his window as I continued to suck on the black guy's dick. My feet were through the windows and both Purple Head and Biker Dude flipped off my sandals and, as if on cue, they began to suck on my toes hungrily. He began to ease his cock into my tiny opening as Purple Head continued to eat my pussy. The Black Guy began thrusting in and out of my ass, when Purple Head said, "Let's both fuck her."

The Gentlemen's Club Ch. 02

group david62 2017-12-23

Julie tried to turn off the film, think of something else and finally fell into a troubled sleep. Actually being treated like a whore, even though it's what I am, yes I am, we all are." Julie held her hand up to stop Katie's protests. Julie was grateful she couldn't detect any nerves, as the doorman opened the doors and she greeted the three other girls working that evening. Off you go and enjoy yourself, I'll pop up and keep a check on you, but all I expect to hear, are your moans." Katie finished and Julie went back over to Martin. He did climb off, enough to let her legs down and she grabbed his sweaty head with both hands, pulling him down to a deep kiss, despite still struggling to breathe.


Our Desires Ch. 08

group alovelyheather 2017-12-23

My fingers pleasure Kitty's virgin hole faster and harder as she thrusts her ass back to meet them. I can feel your hard on tapping at my head, as my fingers slide deep inside Kitty, so soft and warm. Chris' legs are spread wide and Kitty is rubbing just under his balls, down to his exposed ass hole. Kitty fingers Chris faster and sucks him harder, and he bucks to her mouth savagely, moaning and grunting continually. Chris lovingly explores her virgin hole with one finger as he thrusts deep inside her. He grabs her hips and pulls her onto him and she moans and growls continually into my pussy; clamping onto my clit and fucking me hard.


Wild Fantasy

group tgo79 2017-12-23

Her husband walked back to the bed and sat next to his wife, telling his wife that she should tell the shy guy that she's interested and to ask for a picture of his cock. Her husband got even more turned on watching and thinking about his sexy wife getting fucked hard by her new stud. I squeezed my wife's tits, and played with her nipples, my wife took a hold of my cock, and started sucking my cock, she held on to my cock like a vise grip, the stud was starting to moan really loud and was getting very close to his orgasm, a couple more deep thrusts and he emptied out inside of my wife, my wife was going crazy on my cock and it didn't take long to erupt deep in my wife's throat.

Veronica the Stewardess

group v3r0n1ca 2017-12-23

I must have swayed a little in my feet because one of the men, a dark swarthy muscled indian man with lovely calloused hands said to me in his delightful sing-song accent, "miss are you okay? "Don't you think it's a bit warm in here?", Tarique said as he stepped in front of me raised his right hand to my chest, his fingers tracing light circles over my nipple, teasing it, testing its erectness. I was soon twisting and kicking about as the crowd roughly began to put their huge hands on my bare, helpless body, stroking me, petting my thighs and hips as they groped mercilessly at my wriggling body before them.


Unforgettable Day With My Daddy... (Continued)

group Daddys_BabyGirl 2017-12-23

My Daddy is now fingering me faster, I'm still wet enjoying every minute, and Daddy's friend is having me suck his cock. While I'm on my knees cumming to Daddy's fingers in my wet pussy, I didn't realize that I squirted all over the floor. Daddy asked his friend if he'd like to try some of this pussy he had here. Daddy's friend surprised me in making me cum pretty fast. When Daddy's friend was ready to cum, he asked me where would like it. Right before that first squirt, Daddy grabbed my head and shoved my mouth on his friend's dick to catch all of his cum in my mouth.

Taking Cara Business

group nicoloco 2017-12-23

I like to smoke a little dope and have a drink or two with my crowd and I probably play a bit too much poker and a lot too much Madden and Halo. One rainy day I decided to bend the rule by offering her a ride home, partly to be nice - she was a bus rider too, not so much by choice - but also to check out where she lived. Cara knelt to fondle my cock and balls, lifting and inspecting, tugging and stroking as if she'd never seen the likes of them, which from her earlier revelation was probably way not the case. Things were going well at work, I got some killer bud from a friend in Colorado, and my bar trivia team took ninth in a national contest.


Webmeets Diary Ch. 06

group starbelliedboy 2017-12-23

I approached slowly, taking the opportunity to admire their bodies: both were pretty fit looking, Patrick's muscles well defined without being particularly large; Ai Ling's body was also fairly toned beneath her slightly tanned skin, not stick thin like many Chinese women, and her breasts were also a little larger than I'd generally noticed despite only being maybe C cups. They continued to tease me for a couple of minutes, taking it in turns to kiss and lick the shaft or the skin below but ignoring the engorged head completely, until Ai Ling took pity and extending her tongue, giving the tip a lick.