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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Naughty Night Out with My Sis

group kat4funn 2017-12-23

Looking into Angie's eyes I asked, "Do you want to start tonight." Her eyes instantly turned to excitement and smiling she nodded yes. I expected them to be shocked, but instead Josh put his hand under my skirt rubbed my pussy and whispered, "I thought you two were working girls when we first saw you. When you're done fucking all of these guys tonight, you'll no longer be a lady, but be one sweet worn out whore." He laughed afterwards, which made Angie stop walking until he dragged her ahead. He laughed and said, "Cutie guys like seeing a little clothing on a girl when they fuck them."


Ganged at the Barracks Ch. 01

group SmoochingSamantha 2017-12-23

Feeling naughty, Marnie lifted her tight black skirt up around her crotch and started to rub her aching pussy through her panties. Marnie, although she should have been scared witless, was so horny at this moment she couldn't wait for Steve or Roger to fuck her. "God damn Steve, stop the fucking car, I gunna fuck this bitch right now," said Roger. Lifting her skirt she exposed her dripping pussy and Roger didn't waste any time in kneeling down between her legs and licking her from ass to her clit. One of the larger men, Adam, picked her up and placed her on the wooden outdoor table, slid off her drenched cummy panties and threw them over to Roger knowing he would want them for his collection.


group lilywhite31 2017-12-22

Personally, I'm partial to Painslut," Professor C said laughing and the other 9 men in the room seemed amused by my discomfort as well. One of the gentlemen, a large, fat man with dark, grey hair and small dark eyes who looked to be Latino or middle eastern pulled Beth onto his lap and preceded to laughingly fondle her small tits. "We have an initiation tonight and I would like to suggest we get that over with before the rest of the night's events commence." When every man in the room nodded, showing agreement, he turned to us and gave us our instructions. For a few minutes I was able to watch, but then the other men in the room gathered around the fucking couple and began shedding clothing and joining in the fun.

A country Orgy

group Friskee_cpl 2017-12-22

Here was my wife riding the cock of another man whilst Helena knelt behind her licking at Paul's balls and Sharon's cunt lips and arse. Sharon lay still on the bed gently rubbing her clit and squeezing her left tit as Helena leant back and took to squatting over Paul so that all that came into contact was cock and cunt. Helena had other ideas and she quickly pulled off Paul's dick and grabbing Sharon's head shoved her wide-open juicy cunt into Sharon's face. Helena let go of Paul's cock and fell forward onto my wife's slippery cunt and started licking and sucking at her clit and slit.


A Bashful Whore

group English Bob 2017-12-22

Carl quickly knealt betwwen her legs and started to run his tongue over the folds of her bare pussy while his friend climbed up onto the desk and fed his throbbing erection into Lin's open mouth. He knew that he should be shocked; should be angry and jealous, but all he felt at present was a growing excitement at watching these young students fuck his wife's mouth and lick her smooth pussy. As he watched Jerry withdraw from her mouth with cum dripping from Lin's lips, he became suddenly aware of his own throbbing erection, and without thinking pulled his cock from the confines of his underwear and started masturbating. She knew that Carl was going to cum soon and opened her eyes to see Jerry rubbing his now erect cock over her small but hard nipples.

Some Fun with the Exchange Students

group football_stud 2017-12-22

Hey Seth I know this may seem a little forward but we don't really want to go home already and we were wondering if you could maybe show us a good time?" Ada asked me as they all looked at me with hopefulness on their faces. "Don't worry guys I don't think he is used to someone as sexually aggressive as we are and I am sure he will lighten up we just need to loosen him up a little so lets go," Emma told them as they all got out of the car and walked up to me.


The Shower

group spurlyng 2017-12-22

Brian looked down at his wife lying on her back under Annie, he could see her hair wet and dark on the floor and her belly and legs stretched out on the floor, he saw Linda's hands spanking Annie's ass. Annie opened Linda's pussy lips and slid a finger inside her, Annie sat up and put the finger in her mouth, watching Brian who was watching the women and pumping his cock with his hand. Brian knelt behind her and moved close to her, he pulled her ass slightly to him, and started to slide his cock in her wet ready pussy, when he stopped, leaned over and put his tongue on the tiny mouth of Annie's ass. Annie was bucking her ass on Brian's cock, fucking him hard and fast, she was moaning into Linda's pussy...

Soccer Mom Maria

group Erica_Gasca 2017-12-22

The photography session ended with Maria on her knees in front of the Coach like she was about to start sucking his cock. One cock was gagging Maria, one was fucking her pussy like a jack hammer, and two were in her tiny hands being jerked off. The man's strong hands pulled Maria's ass apart and with a strong hard push he shoved his cock into Maria's tiny hole. "Sorry girls for not calling, I was too busy getting fucked by all your friends' dads." Or how about, "Sorry, I didn't call because I had a cock in my mouth all night." As Maria looked for her clothes amongst the men, she heard noise coming from the living room.

My Adventures With Chantal

group BikerRob 2017-12-22

She has this smile that says, "I'm going to have fun, fuck you if you don't like it." The first time I met her, she came bouncing over to me in a downpour and gave me this hug that immediately hooked me. As we headed back down the highway, Chantal continued to rub my hips and legs, reaching in and running a hand across my cock from time to time. Her hands moved to the back of my head, and she pushed me deeper into her pussy, my tongue sliding past her cuntlips, lapping up her juices. I watched as Chantal and Roxy made out, their tongues intermingling in their mouths, their hands moving over each other's bodies.



group Range44 2017-12-22

Darlene moved beside her and kissed her again, and then again and then a third time, bringing her hands either side of her face and slipping her tongue into her mouth. As I continued to grind against her, Beth played with her breasts, tugging on her nipples with one hand while the other pulled her head into her sex. "Oh God yes" said Darlene "help yourself." Still on my knees, I closed the few feet between us and Beth grabbed me and placed my head against her opening. Then I turned and grabbed Darlene's hand, pulling her into a sitting position and kissed her long and hard, getting my first taste of Beth from her lips.

Our First Time at Their Place

group sexational_nz 2017-12-22

I see she is going for glory on you and you look at me and smile and watch me lick around his head and play with his balls...he likes the sensation of ice on his cock and then my warm mouth...after a while and with lots of praise from the guys I feel a tug on my bikini top and it comes undone and falls I stop and look down and there are small woman hands on my tits! You are kneeling in front of her ass, in front of my head as you watch my lick and suck her cunt and then I feel the head of your gorgeous cock starting to rub against my cheek - letting me know you are there and wanting some action too.

Miss Julie Ch. 8

group jack_straw 2017-12-22

"Looks like you've taken a lot of cock today, missy, gotten that fine pink pussy good and stretched and ready for Ol' Briscoe. He wanted to fill both of this white whore's holes with his hot cream, and pushing deep in Julie's ass one final time, his cock exploded with two huge cumshots. Julie lay on the bed writhing and moaning from her orgasms – all unprompted – as Briscoe slumped onto her body, his cock still embedded in Julie's cunt. Briscoe finally, reluctantly, pulled his still semi-hard cock out of Julie's cunt as Janet returned to the room, her face flushed, with pussy juice, and maybe someone's cum, coating the insides of her thighs.


Co-eds on Vacation Ch. 02

group bigcanuck 2017-12-22

"I got wet the second I started thinking about your cock," she said, taking her mouth off of him for a moment. "I think she needs a dick in her mouth," Aaron said to Cam. Cam got up out of his bed and knelt next to Marissa's head on their bed, feeding her his cock. She took his cock up her pussy and then Cam started to slowly fuck her ass. "I'm so fucking horny right now!" A moment later Aaron started to cum onto her face, followed seconds later by Cam. "That feels fucking good!" They finished cumming and then fell back onto the bed, looking at Marissa's cum-covered face.

She's Still Hot Ch. 03

group old_n_dirrty 2017-12-22

"You are extremely beautiful," said Sylvie, sliding Tammy's blouse off her shoulders, then unfastening her skirt. The thought had no more than entered her mind than Sylvie eased behind her and, pressing her body into Tammy's back and hips, deftly unfastened the hooks of her bra. Sylvie then knelt, and hooking the elastic of Tammy's tiny panties, eased them over her hips and down her legs, helping her step out of them. Greedily looking down Sylvie's body, Tammy was delighted to see that she wore a tiny g-string outside a lace garter belt, which held up her hose. Starting by plunging her tongue as deep into Tammy's sodden cunt as she could, Sylvie attacked the delectable pussy lips relentlessly.



group BellaBestia 2017-12-22

"You are so beautiful," I whisper in her ear, warm wet breath against her softly arched neck. You watch her carefully as I kiss down her throat and chest and pull a pert hard nipple into my warm mouth. She's so very warm and very wet that my fingers slide easily around her sensitive clit. Her legs are shaking, I'm trying to hold her up, but we make our way to the bed and fall onto it, sliding down as though slipping into an easy dream. I wrap my arms around her legs and pull her back closer, my tongue swirling up and around and in and out, licking and sucking every soft wet crevice.

A Whole New Experience Ch. 04

group budsrus 2017-12-22

Ami asked if liked her cock in my mouth and when I nodded, she started fucking my face like she was fixing to coat my throat with cum. Lezlie had removed her clothes and sitting on the bed with the double penetration vibrator working in and out of her holes and the other hand between her legs rubbing her clit. I got off the bed grabbing the anal beads and getting behind Ami. I played with her ass spreading her cheeks wide exposing her hole, then sliding my hand towards her cunt. As the beads continued up Ami's ass, Lezlie slid into the strap on and walked to Ami. She stuck the cock in front of her mouth touching her lips with head before making Ami take it in her mouth.


A Picnic in the Park

group carrie-on 2017-12-22

He smiled and whispered,"I don't know...I like seeing you like this...all wet and wiggly,hot for whatever I do to you!" He suddenly leaned forward and sucked my hard clit in between his lips,his tongue pressing hard on it. "Want a taste,Honey?" Jim leaned over and sucked my fingers in between his lips,much to the surprise of Steve. I mean...when I fooled around with those girls at college,they didn't pass out like that and I definately don't remember them cumming that hard!!" Steve's voice was husky as he asked Jim questions. "Bye Steve,nice to meet you!" I called out, as Jim began licking me again and after a minute or two,he told me to turn over on my hands and knees.

Unexpected MFM 3-Some

group beshakis 2017-12-22

Travis noticed a booth of 4 guys next to the entrance check out Holly and kind of nudge each other to take a look. At about 9:45, just before the band went on their 1st break, Sean, Dave and friends came back and stood near their table, not even noticing that Travis & Holly were sitting at the nearby table. Travis & Holly both just nodded and smiled like they heard everything Sean said. Sean and Holly got out there near the end of "Gimme Me 3 Steps." At the end of that song, the lead singer said, "Alright, we're gonna do 1 more before we take a break and then we'll be right back." And with that they broke in "Freebird," the infamous slow ballad.


Slutty Sue and Sis at the Concert

group raidernation25 2017-12-22

About ten years ago my sister Kim and I went to see a heavy metal rock band play the local arena. "We're gonna fuck the band," I said to Kim. After a few minutes the first roadie came in my mouth and I looked over and saw Kim with a cock in her cunt and one in her mouth. Kim licked my slit and sucked Daryl's cum out of my pussy as I held her head tightly against my cunt. I sat down in the shower as Daryl came inside my sister then he looked at me and commanded me to eat her cunt. Kim climaxed in less than two minutes and we both fell over and Daryl took close up photos of our tits, pussies and ass.

Any Cock Will Do Ch. 1

group Dakota Ryan 2017-12-22

I want you to fuck me like that!" she said pointing at the bull that had just pulled his giant cock out of the cow letting it sway as he stood next to her. Vickie knew what the cow felt like now and she mooed out loud as the young man slammed his cock hard inside her. Chuck stood up on weak legs grinning down at Vickie as she licked a drop of cum from his cock before standing up and pointing to Jim who was looking a little flustered after watching his lady get her eyes drilled out by the young stud. Vickie saw what was happening and decided to follow her lead, she sat squarely on Chucks face and tried to swallow his cock just like Kelly had Jim's.


Breaking in the New House

group Fishdude1 2017-12-22

My eyes were closed and I was thinking about the weekend to cum as the wall jets massaged my aching body, when I felt arms reach around from my back and Chris' magnificent cock pushing in my ass crack. Terri had Sandra up on the edge going at her like crazy.I kept working at Chris until I could again get most of his cock down my throat. She, like me, tried to pull away, but Chris held her head until he finished cumming in her mouth. Sandra didn't like it at first, but Terri worked her magic there, too, I didn't know that she was watching the first time she saw Chris and me fucking.


group eroticorgasm 2017-12-22

My boyfriend Marcus leaned forward and kissed on my nipples as I felt the hard length of his cock inside my body. Linda saw the wetness on my back from where the bottle had been and approached me from behind, her hands holding my waist as she moved my black hair over my shoulders and kissed my back. After feeling her breath heavy, I pulled my soaked finger from her and offered it to Marcus, who sucked on it like he did my clit -- seductively. Marcus moved over and returned to sucking on her clit with my fingers inside her, causing her eyes to roll. "Soooo good." I smiled, biting my lips as I felt Marcus' balls against my body.


My first time part 2

group ambu99977 2017-12-22

I was out with a friend having drinks the other day, of course this involves shopping for new clothes and heels, when she happened to mention that she had been to a sauna. He showed us through to a changing room and my friend was barely in the door when she started stripping off, throwing her clothes in a locker. There was a space next to the door and I sat down as my friend got down on her knees and started sucking this guy at random. I was then lifted up and I felt a hard cock against my ass, pushing itself inside me, the feeling was incredible as it hit my prostrate. As I was getting fucked three cocks were thrust in my direction and I took turns at sucking them.

The Apartment

group DreamCloud 2017-12-22

"Chuck, I want wild sex with someone I trust, but I don't want Mary's husband." Julie's expression was one of concern, wondering if she may have pushed me too hard. "Yes, Rick, I didn't want you to hurt your magnificent cock in my dry ass like you did the first time." She turned her head to mine and pleaded, "you will fuck my ass again, won't you?" Lucy wrapped her hand around my cock, whispered "magnificent," and plunged her mouth over the head and half way down the shaft. "Not bad bitch, but I think you could do better." I grabbed fists full of hair on the back of her head, and slowly pulled my cock deep into her mouth.