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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Best Ever Erotic Halloween Party

group Romantic1 2017-12-22

The next day, Dani saw the Halloween Party invitation that Jane Whitmore had sent sitting on the kitchen counter. Danielle and I called Jane Whitmore a few days later to introduce Dani and get more details about the party. Later, Dani told me her questions dealt with where people had sex besides the bedrooms, how people cleaned up after sex if they were drippy, whether it was OK to go bareback, whether girls could invite guys to have sex, whether costume nudity was acceptable, were there ‘safe words,’ could she bring some sex toys to share, and more. Two days before Halloween, Danielle came home from rehearsals for her play and found Pixie and me in bed fucking for the third time since she’d arrived about noon.


My first Threesome

group GRAND-SHENLONG69 2017-12-22

I start to plow Jasmine deep and hard inside her pussy constantly hitting her stomach as she screams in pleasure she arches her back and backs into me as i pull her hair i spread her ass cheeks so i can thrust deeper and spread her pussy wider. Once i get into position i give her the same treatment Jasmine got plowing her womb and hitting the pit of her stomach as i continue my assault on her pussy Tiffany bites her lip and starts arching her back into my cock, i instantly start thrusting harder and faster as we both get closer to cumming her pussy tightens and we cum together.

Lessons Ch. 05

group jjcole 2017-12-22

I was hoping to spend the week making love to Rose and maybe eating Laura's pussy. Marla wanted to change places with Rose and as we did I was very surprised to see that it was Laura who presented her pussy to me. Laura and Rose shared Marla's tits as she started to seriously fuck me. Laura lifted a knee and as my dick was parting her pussy lips Rose came downstairs and told us breakfast was ready. Marla and Rose had conspired in the position switches so that Laura would end up with my dick in her pussy. Rose shot me the finger and said "am not" as she gave Laura a nearly motherly kiss while squeezing a breast.

The Old Library

group chimerra 2017-12-22

I start to stroke your cock while standing on your left, and Jeanette rises from her chair to move to your right and also begins to stroke you. Our tongues swirl over, under, and around you, driving you mad with need, and you place your hands on both our heads, urging us on, as you groan in pleasure. I begin to suck on you gently, still sliding you in and out of my mouth, and you roll your head back at the feeling. Jeanette leaves to clean up, and I move you to a chair at the table, standing behind you to hold your head against my abdomen, rubbing it.

My Wicked Ways Ch. 02

group SEVERUSMAX 2017-12-22

When Josie began licking my balls and Nydia started rimming Sandra's tush, I felt the heat building in my loins as a new load of jizz was prepared, this time for Sandra's benefit. Taking a cue from Nydia, who was still rimming Sandra, she slipped her tongue between Shelby's buns, eating the lawyer's ass with flagrant delight. When, however, Cherry came from her daughter's oral services and Shelby from Josie's, followed by Ninve and Sandra each having their climaxes, it was too much. Nydia sucked and licked my balls with obvious enthusiasm, while Cherry ran her tongue along my chest and Ninve from my neck to nearly my tailbone. "Your pussy needs some cock, too, baby?" I teased Teresa before I pulled Ana up and kissed her fiercely on the mouth with a lot of tongue.


The Internship

group SierraSprite 2017-12-22

I found Alison, who was sniffling a bit over getting a third choice and told her internships were a year of ridiculous hazing regardless of where you went, and that she still had a great chance at a good residency afterwards. He gave me a hard look and said, "You've thought about this, haven't you?" I told him of my doubts about life direction and the need to find myself again. Thirty seconds after my mouth and my fingers went to work, Alison was screaming her head off with a giant orgasm, twisting and shaking and beating her hands on me. I pulled her back against my front, lifting her leg to make room for my erection, and said, "Sleep, woman, not sex." She sighed and we went quickly to dreamland.


Sauna Surprise

group katiesuger 2017-12-22

The two women didn't really pay much attention to me, but a couple guys said hello and I noticed a few others look my way occasionally. I think we forgot we weren't alone," Josh said as he gave Rich a look. Josh paused after I smiled back at him, and then he asked, "Are women as crude as men talking about sex?" After another brief pause without me responding, Josh added, "You don't have to answer that." He looked embarrassed. "I once had a girlfriend in high school and she tried to give me a blow job in a theater," Josh continued as he focused his attention back toward Rich.


Moving Day

group jengx4 2017-12-22

It didn't take long before I felt Steven's hand on my left breast and his lips on the other side of my neck, with his hand on my ass. We didn't want you to have to put this room together before you go to bed tonight." Steven said this while rubbing my hand that had a hold of his pants. My arms instantly wrapped around his neck and I pushed my body against his hard abs as his hands grabbed my hips pulling me towards his growing arousal. James started to slide his hand over his hard cock as I kissed him. Steven was kneeling between my legs, and took his time as he was running his hands over my naked body.


Steve, Sam, & Me

group Sasha Volette 2017-12-22

I sat on the couch and let Steve's tongue dance with mine, sighing into his mouth, while on the other side of me, I felt Sam's hand glide upward and cup my breast, his thumb rubbing briefly over the nipple. Steve dove his head down and then he was licking my pussy, driving his tongue deep inside and I jerked violently against his mouth, almost sitting upright if Sam hadn't been holding my breasts, a choked scream of surprise and pleasure ripped from my throat. A thousand years later, I came spinning back down onto the couch, feeling Sam's cock hard against my ass and Steve's mouth still licking, gently sucking, between my legs.

Dave's Disastrous Mardi Gras

group yowser 2017-12-22

"I'm Danni Raye," she said, looking me straight in the eye, a smile on her face, and shaking my hand. My balls had tightened way up, and I was enjoying not only the tickling, teasing sensations from the feather and Danni Raye's hand actions, but the delight her eyes had taken on while working over my cock. "Always like finding another use for the feathers," said Danni Raye, as if she needed to come up with a rationale for her actions. And then, double pleasure mixed with surprise, I was treated to Danni Raye's sweet mouth dropping down to my cockhead, which she gave a nice tonguing, while Jo Anne tickled my balls with the feather.


In Paradise With Ann

group JonTaric 2017-12-22

Ann wore sunglasses but every time my fingers brushed upward I saw her eyes close behind them; she was definitely enjoying the mixed sensations of my fingers and the bumpiness of sitting in the back of the van. She was getting turned on, I could see it in her body movements; the way her legs opened and closed ever so slightly, the way her hand brushed across her stomach. Ann loved them aroused like this and that sensation plus the feel of my kisses and breath on her neck caused her body to tremble lightly. I pulled back a bit, long enough to command her, "Baby, lick your nipples while you watch yourself cum." Then I dove back inside her ass, this time with absolute ease.


The Bet

group Penny_Tralia 2017-12-22

I was working the vibe in and out of my pussy, completely ignoring them when Carl told me to stop. I used one hand to work the dildo in and out of my ass while the other was busy fucking my pussy. My pussy and ass clenched at the vibe and dildo at the same time, pulling them deeper into me. I sat up and slipped the vibe into my mouth licking at it, tasting my own pussy on it. I reached up and grab each cock in turn giving them each a quick lick, then taking the head into my mouth, sucking on them just a little bit, my fingers playing with their balls.

One Saturday Night in 1959

group trigudis 2017-12-22

Marla Sue was Sandra Dee to Beth's Natalie Wood, or so people said. Beth said they were bored playing records, and Leave It To Beaver, a show we all watched, didn't come on for another half hour. I was about to come when Beth said, "Here, let me help." The next thing I knew, my briefs were off and my own sister was giving me a blow job. Marla Sue plopped on the sofa and watched what Beth did next—pushed the crotch of her panties aside, then squatted down on my throbbing, rock-hard cock. As I sat on the sofa, Marla Sue got on her knees, wedged herself between my legs and went to work with mouth and hand.


Two of Them and Me

group annacarrington1960 2017-12-22

"I thought I would come along for a drink and then let you lovebirds have dinner together while I push off," Arjen said when I wafted into the bar, wearing a tightly fitting, low cut, boob tube dress with a short skirt. I was beginning to resent Arjen being there as I wanted to touch Rapha and hold his hand as we moved towards having sex in his room. As my mouth was glued to either Arj's or Rapha's so the other's was kissing, licking and sucking my breasts and nipples while their hands were all over my stomach and between my legs with at times two hands on my pussy and clit.


Marian and Ryan Ch. 04

group Boxlicker101 2017-12-22

Intellectually, Marian was not at all sure she wanted another man joining her and Ryan, but her mouth and her pussy and her ass all voted in favor of expanding the arrangement. Holding the head between her lips, she kept licking it, while she very slowly enveloped Aaron's shaft, her tongue stroking the hard cylinder as it entered her mouth. Marian was slowly and patiently stroking Aaron's cock with her mouth, taking it all the way inside and down her throat every time. Her thighs clamped tightly on the young man's temples and her hands went to the back of his head to keep Ryan's face where she wanted it.


Dinner and Then Some Ch. 02

group jwwcarterjr2 2017-12-22

As she reached down to get Averys' plate Kaitlyn raised her hand, "Maria, do you have a few minutes?" "Yes ma'am," she replied, "Saffron and I are assigned to you for the remainder of your stay." She put the plate she had in her hand down on the table and stood up smiling at Kaitlyn. Avery pressed his upper lip against her clit and turned his head from side to side as he continued to drive his tongue inside of her. At this point Kaitlyn was lifting herself up and dropping down fast, feeling Averys' cock plow deep inside of her. Avery and Kaitlyn dressed themselves and returned to the table shortly before Saffron and Maria returned with desert.

Rock N Hard to Rock Hard

group fillmeup2 2017-12-22

The girls were gettig wasted through the concert and Tonya would often fall back into Mike. Mike knew he was going to get some of her hot wet pussy soon. Mike was still eating Tonya's pussy,when he felt his cock get a breeze from the cool ocean air. Mike lowered Tonya onto Lisa's back and licked her cunt one last time. He then pulled his cock from Lisa's hot mouth and drove it into Tonya's swollen pussy. Tonya was screaming out"Fuck my pussy with that bigass cock baby!" She was moving uncontrollably and he loved it. He put Lisa on Tonya's back and started eating out her pussy,while Tonya sucked his cock.

A Bet Part III

group Throwawayaccount68 2017-12-22

She started to moan harder around Kevin's cock. I felt her keep fucking my ass with the vibrator and I was scared that if she really started sucking me I'd cum too quickly. Kevin started fucking her harder and faster, and I couldn't focus on his balls at all, so I paid strict attention to her pussy. She screamed that she was cumming, took my cock in her mouth and sucked, while still fucking my ass. Between her moans and heavy breaths, she looked back at Kevin and said, "Cum on his face. Kevin gave several more hard thrusts into Sarah before he pulled out, she leaned forward, and he shot his big, thick load all over my face.

The Winners

group tamol 2017-12-22

This wasn't a place for a woman especially as I knew from previous experiences that Anne could be quite a slut when she wanted to be, but even I couldn't imagine her letting twenty guys fuck her silly. "Did I mention her cunt, did I, you okay if we do your ass now Ann?" said Daniel not waiting for a reply as he turned Anne over and with the same aplomb slipped his cock into her ass and once again started fucking her. "Well I think its disgusting, Anne I am shocked at you, you've got cum running out of you and making a bloody mess on my carpet and letting all these guys fuck you, its so wrong," said Sandy who suddenly appeared in the room.

Farewell, My Lyn, Farewell

group senwood 2017-12-22

It was pretty busy too but I kept calm, kept thinking about how nice this break was going to be and also my thoughts drifted back to that day several years ago when Dave, Kate, Rob and I did some filming in that sheltered hollow in the hills in France. After a couple of minutes Kate said: 'We'll take the kids' stuff upstairs soon: they've each got their own room.' She paused again and then blurted out: 'I hope this is all right but we haven't given you a room, we want you to sleep with Rob and me.' She added: 'Not just sleep.' And stopped and waited. 'You can't always seize the right dream first time, you know, Lyn,' Kate said, softly.


Living with April

group conanthe 2017-12-22

So by the time he got back with the ice chest I think I was perfectly displayed and he looked at me all over with no pretense and I liked that and I thought I wanted him to slowly and thoroughly eat me and he came right out and said he wanted to too and I was all hot popping in oil popcorn and melted butter again. So I went over toward the truck and April got up and met me before I could sit down next to her and Al. I asked her what she said to Al to make her cry and she snorted and said 'I told her come here and get a hug bitch not even you deserve that shit.' Then she said that Al had told her some awful stuff about Mr. Snooty and that she was never going to repeat it because she did not want people to think less of Al for being with him!


My Brother's Back Ch. 01

group FinalStand 2017-12-22

We will sneak in the back, Cowan will go down and rescue the boy and when he tells me we have the right kid, I will deal with the rest of the people in the house. Cowan slaps the ass of his 'date' and she was soon on all fours so that she was side by side with my girl, heads in opposite directions, he is grinning wildly at me, and he is fucking her brutally. "I'm fucking Shelia Miles and you are nailing Regina Blackburn." Shelia Miles was a terrible cock tease in high school, kind of a wild woman. Cowan gets silly and has a hard time performing with Regina while Shelia acts like ...


All Girl Fun!! Ch. 03

group puscat69 2017-12-22

"I want to feel you inside of my cunt," I whispered to professor Hickey "I want to fuck you too," he said to me has he pulls Lane of his throbbing cock. "Fuck her in the ass, Professor Hickey, and I will suck on her yummy pussy and clit, and fuck her with this dildo, and Lane I want you to suck my pussy and finger yourself" Lacey told Professor Hickey and Lane what to do. They listened and before I could say fuck me, Professor Hickey had his throbbing cock into my ass and I could feel Lacey's hand and mouth on my pussy. "Fuck yes, I am going to cum inside your tight ass what do you think about that?" Professor Hickey asked me.

Dogging Again

group bowser23 2017-12-22

“Oh, I thought maybe we could go out to that car park again; you know the one I mean.” The guy next to her was rubbing the front of his pants and was looking back and forth between her and the couple in the car. The guy next to her smiled and said, “Hello, darlin’!  Are we feeling a bit randy tonight?” He said, “Oh, that feels nice,” and then reached out and put his hand on her breast.  She said, “Wait,” dropped his cock, and pulled her arms out of the sleeves of her dress, letting the top fall to her waist. She said to the guy whose cock she had in her hand, “The other guy was pretty small, and he didn’t last long at all.”