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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Fucking Investment Ch. 12

group Contrasting 2017-12-22

After a week in bed, with Jennifer fussing over me—she proved to be an incredibly competent nurse, I paid her cash for her help, for allowing me to keep another strange person out of my house. He sat down and Jennifer came into the room, dressed as a sex object; her tits waving at us behind a diaphanous white blouse. The whole time John had been coming around, that last week, Jennifer had been doing the nurse thing. Yvette, for her part did not lean away but her arms, coated with long gloves that covered hands and arms up to just below the sleeves, clutched Jennifer by the shoulders.


My First Time At A Bath House

group panteeluvr 2017-12-22

A few of the other guys came over and again started groping me and I took turns sucking their cocks until the old guy came back with rubbers and lube. The guy I was sucking all the while wanted to go next and went behind me and I heard the old guy say "hang on a minute sport, throw this on first, he only plays safe." As I waited for him to put the rubber on another older guy sat on the bench in front of me and had me suck his cock. I got a hard on and felt someone under me start to suck me as the 9" guy started to fuck my tight ass.

Jazzmyne Ch. 02

group Gazzebo 2017-12-22

He squirted a fresh, warm load into my wet mouth, before pulling out his dick and splurging the rest of the semen onto my awaiting face, coating it with a fresh layer of cum. The guys took a break for a while- putting their pants back on and smoking some weed, while looking at my completely used, half-awake body lay on the wooden floor, completely coated in cum and spit, my hair in frays and wet from sweating, and my asshole and pussy expanded at least twice their normal size, sticky cum leaking from their edges. Madsen came over and finished jacking off right in front of me, before he pushed his dick into my swollen, used pussy and cummed inside of me one last time, groaning softly.

Her First Time

group curiouslylovable 2017-12-22

She twisted her upper body left and right, but she only succeeded in rubbing her chest against Roland's hands, and her arms against Marcus's chest. Crystal's focus was momentarily split between Marcus running his free hand down her now-bare arms and Roland's hands undoing the front closure of her bra. Her legs had moved straight out in front of her, or as straight as they could get with Roland between them, and Marcus thought that she was trying to close them with as much strength as she could muster at the moment. I think she'll be a good girl, won't she?" Roland sat back slowly, letting Crystal unwind her legs from him without forcing her.


Rebecca Becomes a Party Girl

group edisonCaroline 2017-12-22

Rebecca began to wonder, was Mike really going to tell the other men that she is a good cock sucker? But, yes, I just spent several minutes sucking Mike's cock, and yes, that is Mike's cum on my breast." Rebecca's head was swirling with ideas, thoughts, and emotions. Rebecca was enthralled by Karen's retelling of her entry into the party cock sucking club as she was now referring to it in her head. If you look over at that group by the table--Mike, Jim, James, Paul, and the rest--I think you'll notice they are looking at you slightly differently." Karen was now smiling broadly at Rebecca. However, Rebecca's inner voice was quickly alerted as Jim led her into the same room where she sucked Mike's cock.


Hot Summer Swing

group dave110256 2017-12-22

"Hey, look all you want darlin', it's hard not to," I said, my eyes following the lady, feeling a growing excitement between my legs. "You're both so attractive, no wonder you're comfortable," Carrie said, taking another peek at Chuck's big cock. "So are you, you're a very sexy couple," Chuck said, returning Carrie's stares with his own at her tits. "Hey Chuck, don't you think Carrie is just adorable?" Beth said, glancing over toward her, looking her up and down. They led the way, I followed closely as Beth slid closer to me, her hand moving up my thigh, grazing my growing erection. Chuck had Carrie's tits free, pulling them over the top of her neckline, sucking them as her hand stroked his cock on the outside of his trousers.


exploring my female persona all help welcom

group sara43cdcumwhore 2017-12-22

he put my leggs over his shoulders.i felt his cock against my tight hole, and with one push he was inside me and it felt amazing i started pushing back against his thrust it wasn't long before i knew he was close,then i could feel him tensing then i felt his cock pulsing in my ass i was taking his seed deep in my ass. after him i live a strait life for the next 15 yrs.i still would dess in female cloths when possible, but then ten yrs ago i started wanting to have cock to suck and fuck.i dream about taking time and doing the whole girly thing shaving my body hair lotion,painting my toes and finger nails,then make up,do my hair, putting on sexy lingerie, corset,garter stockings, then finally applying sweet perfume top top it off.

Ashley with the Boys

group bandito_slim 2017-12-22

Eric's hand started to make its way under her skirt, closer and closer to Ashley's wet pussy. Todd broke away from Ashley's mouth; she turned to Eric and started to kiss him. Todd stopped pouring and took a slam of it while Ashley took him into her mouth, moving her head up and down a couple times, then licking the rest clean. Eric moved up and grabbed her hair, he then brought her head to his cock "Open." Was all he said, all he needed to for her to open her mouth to let him in. Todd stopped licking her pussy and repositioned himself between her legs, he started rubbing his cock up and down her tender lips.

Ch. 06: A Friend in Need

group Wilson Spalding 2017-12-22

"Car...?" Cynthia looked at Rick, closed her mouth and glanced at the Prius. Cynthia glanced furtively across the table, first at Janie, then Rick. An instant later, the vision vanished as Janie's hand rested high on his thigh – and the napkin fell away from Cynthia's face. Janie started stroking Rick's bulge as she leaned toward Cynthia. Rick turned his head just in time to see Janie's lips brush over Cynthia's. Rick glanced down to see Janie's fingers intertwined with Cynthia's hand, guiding it to his bulge. A moment later, Cynthia's hand cupped him and Janie squeezed her fingers between Cynthia's, tracing the outline of Rick's cock. Cynthia and Janie were liplocked and traded off stroking Rick on the way home.


White Gurl Pimped in the Hood

group Stephisissycd 2017-12-22

Mike loved my ass and I was hooked on when he had me be his white silly slut and spread my cheeks wide open while he gaped my pussyass open and bred me with that big black cock. There was nothing hotter than spreading my gaping ass open in front of the mirror so he could watch his nutt drip out of my gaping hole while he face fucked me and had me deep throat his cock clean. I moaned as I felt the black guy I was with slide his big hand under my mini skirt and work his long finger into my ass while I walked.

A Rainy College Night

group Cpt.8Inches 2017-12-22

The smell of wet pussy was intoxicating to Jason, as he felt like his cock was going to explode if not released. Jason felt her mouth get tighter on his dick, as Kyra brought Jenni to a mind-numbing orgasm. Jason then felt Jenni’s vaginal muscles constrict and knew she was cumming at that moment, he could not hold himself any longer and began to shoot his man juice deep into her wet cunt. A few minutes later, Jason felt Kyra licking Jenni’s juices off his dick. Jason began to tongue fuck Jenni, all the while Kyra was bobbing up and down on his shaft. The mixture of sperm and vaginal juice that began dripping out of Kyra’s wet cunt was soon being lapped up by Jenni.

My Fantasy Dream

group Mrbigdick2014 2017-12-22

Her name is Rose, she too is married to a man who works constantly and has a cold heart she told me that she felt like it was a loveless marriage and that the last time they made love was nearly a year ago, she asked me if I was ready to go to the locker room and shower before going home, when I told her yes, I was already feeling aroused and desired to see her naked.

Dave Meets Vicki Ch. 06

group Rick_A 2017-12-22

Dave slid a hand from one of Vicki's tight ass cheeks and cupped the dark-haired woman's nude ass. Denise intentionally brushed the young man's bloated cock head over her step-daughter's wet vagina. Denise knew the young couple would soon be ready to fuck, and didn't want to destroy their plans for a date. The man who was sucking her snatch knelt and slipped his cock into her burning pussy. His mouth and tongue were nearly touching his big buddies bruising cock as it hammered into the sex-wild woman's cunt. She used her hands and legs to control her thrusting hips, as she continued to fuck herself on the two cocks beneath her.

The Boys Next Door Ch. 06

group SilverMuse 2017-12-22

Right there in the car, her legs were opening to Ian's touch, her shoulders were arching back towards Brendan's hand, and she just wanted the two of them to unbutton her jacket and strip everything off — Two pairs of hazel eyes traveled over the dark hair brushing her bare shoulders, the low-cut neckline that outlined her creamy swells and deep cleavage, the pop of the bright red dress against her pale skin, the clinging fabric that showed off her rounded hips and ass and stopped well above her knees to expose smooth skin that hadn't seen the light of day or night in years.


Sex For Six

group happilymarriedguy 2017-12-22

It looked like the disappointment over Kurt and Julie was going to spoil the mood as Naomi kept shaking her head at other couples I pointed out. As she collapsed beneath him, Kurt made some aside to Don which I missed then he fell fully on Naomi and began shafting his cock into her as hard as he could so she let out a winded, involuntary cry at every inward thrust. "Well maybe it'd turn me on to watch you fucking Maureen," she whispered, her hot breath in my ear making me shudder, and she reached out and caught her friend's hand, drawing her to us.


Getting Used Like a Whore

group moctezumajohnson 2017-12-22

She takes her boyfriend's friend's hand and pushes it between her legs. "i am having fun." Alex's friend, a tall guy with big bushy personality, also joins her at the bar. "I want to have fun." She puts her arms around his best friend Maynard. I'm going home." Maynard follows her, Alex sees Maynard watch her ass. Alex's girlfriend's asshole opens up like a flower and takes Maynard's big meat in until it disappears. "i know you want it, you asian whore." Her face cringes as cock slams her asshole. "You love it, open wide!" he says and pushes his cock to her mouth. She puts her head into the bed and reaches back to spread her ass cheeks wide with both hands.

Hands like shovels!

group unassumingmistress 2017-12-22

‘Sarge’ felt comfortable enough to stroke my stockinged legs, which were laid across his lap, as we talked and I continued to enjoy my vodka, lol. He traced the edge of my pussy lips as we continued kissing and used his fingers (on his very large hands) to gently ease my pussy lips apart so he could slide inside the warm flesh. I took in the whole cock gagging as I reached the base; sucking, licking and stroking his throbbing prick and enjoying every inch of it, pausing at intervals to kiss him before returning my attention back to it. Not that I’m complaining) He lower his head towards my dripping cunt and continued to use his hands, and now his mouth to make my body shudder and limbs quiver under the immense sensations that were pulsating through it.

Who Would've Thought?

group UncoolCass 2017-12-22

Feeling a pair of eyes on her back, Marie quickly turned around to see a man eying her body and smirking. A light bulb suddenly burned in Marie's brain, with an idea that would certainly get her a seat. Marie took off his tie and then moved onto unbuttoning his shirt as quickly as she could, revealing rock-solid abs. Evan's dick sprung straight up, and Marie gasped. Looking around, Marie saw that the carriage was empty but for a group of men in their twenties, staring at her and Evan's intercourse. The man with his cock in her asshole suddenly took it out, and began fingering her anus.

I Fought the Law

group arelys521 2017-12-22

My name's Lisa, what's yours?" I reached across James and gave the woman officer my hand. The police officer moved her hand from the side of my breast and instead covered the entire thing, using her middle finger to rub my nipple until it felt as hard as a small stone inside of my shirt. I looked up at her and saw that her entire top half was exposed, and only her hands massaging her brown nipples, which were pointed up, supported her huge breasts. At that sound, James began thrusting even harder, pulling his penis almost all the way out before burying it back inside even deeper than before. The woman officer got up, her breasts heaving, and reached outside the van to gather her clothing.

Three's Company

group BeachBunny1952 2017-12-22

As we talked Bob played with my tits making the nipple so hard and sensitive, he slid his hand down my stomach and felt my clit and squeezed it firmly, I was ready for a quickie and Bob said lets just play and fuck in a little while, We talked about Jim and I told Bob that I really didn't care for Jim all he wanted was a quick fuck, now Brian was a different story he took his time and you got a good fuck from him. Brian said I am getting ready to cum, shoot that hot cum in my cunt make it feel so good I said, oh yes, just like that as he rams his cock in hard.

Girls Only Party!

group OneWhoKnows 2017-12-22

I want to have a girls only party, with Betsy, Nan, and Viki. Susie had told her mom, that after the girls spent a fun evening out at the movies, she would be spending the night with Viki. Betsy asked, "What kind of movie is Paul going to have, that we'd like?" "The wildest thing I've ever done, was go nude at Susie's pool party, and let Paul touch me." I took Susie in the kitchen, and told her I wanted a birthday party, like that, with her and Paul. Susie went on, "Seeing me take Paul up my ass, really turned Stuart on. Susie went on, "It took a while, Paul just kept talking to me, and telling Stuart to go slow but to keep pushing.

Country Club Wives

group walterio 2017-12-22

Natalie was sure that it was meant for her but what she didn't know was that Kurt had fucked two of her playing partners Betty and Judy. Brian loved to fuck Natalie doggy style and look at her super fine ass. With a smirk on his face Kurt positioned his cock at the entrance of Natalie's pussy and pushed it in. It was another threesome and Natalie thought how she must look at the moment being fucked doggy style while gobbling a cock down her throat. Ken entered the room and stood nearby watching the scene stroking his manhood, not wanting to miss a second of the wonderful display of Natalie giving up her shapely body.


Strange Encounters

group darkbeast 2017-12-22

Rob nodded, "That and we'd like to interview you about your personal encounters inside the house." Rob waves his hand, "We can discuss that later, maybe after Paula does her thing you'll feel more comfortable talking." Rob is going to love this," Paula said as she was leaving the house. What happened next took Tim by complete surprise, because he was no longer pondering how sexy Paula was but how sexy Rob was. Tim fell to his knees and began sucking Rob's thick penis with Paula's help. In minutes Rob had his first orgasm, spurting his cum onto Tim and Paula. Rob used Paula's juices to lubricate his cock and then gently pushed it into Tim's rectum.

Private Party

group Nyissa 2017-12-22

She smiled at him, pushing Michael’s pants down lower, to show his hard cock in her hand. She watched him, moving her hand in time with his, spreading her legs wider as Michael left one breast and moved to the other, his fingers deep inside her. Gary could feel the tension building as Michael continued to pump his hard cock into her rigid arse. Gary pounded his own cock into Michael for a second time, shooting his hot cum into Michael’s arse. The three of them remained there, Sarah on all fours, Michael imbedded deep in her arse, still exploding cum into her, Gary stretching Michael’s butt, emptying himself into him.