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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Emily's New Job

group Leon22 2017-12-21

"After you finish with those you can go home for the day." She walked back towards her office but stopped at the doorway and looked back at her secretary, "Emily, I just wanted to say thanks for all of your hard work these past couple of weeks. Sarah Stevens, the school's sexy gym teacher, was naked, except for a pair of sneakers, and sweating on her hands and knees as one of the school's new senior basketball players gripped her hips tightly and fucked her tight bald cunt with pleasure. Emily's nipples became hard and her pussy became moist as she watched the busty gym teacher get royally fucked by the two hung teenagers.


Hot Oil Orgy

group buck_maelstrom 2017-12-21

She decided to let Salomon make the call on removing her toe ring or not, and though it wasn't strictly necessary for reflexology, Anne unhooked the Some Like It Hot flirty demi-bra with pink threaded ribbon that matched her boots and let it brush slowly across her nipples before it dropped to the floor. As the time arrived to begin the warm essential oil body wrap part of her massage, Anne felt the tension build. Anne had felt almost sleepy as Salomon gently massaged her back, but his hands on her hips began to cause other sensations. Time seemed to stand still, and then Anne felt Salomon's hands teasing her upper thighs. Anne watched as Alain's right hand moved toward the top of Ingrid's gray flannel thong. But rational thought departed as Salomon's relentless massaging of Anne's thighs began again.

A Few Wild Months 05

group gandj130 2017-12-21

"I'm sure it will work out Jim. Jayne loves to get fucked by two men at a time." Kim answered as she held my husbands hand leading him over to a two seater settee. "Stuart wants you to watch one of our DVD's," Kim said as her husband went over to the TV and slipped a disc into the DVD player. After a few minutes I pulled back from our kiss and looked Jim in the eyes and reached down and wrapped my hand around his cock and began stroking it slowly. "Fuck, you are hot and wet Jayne, I love your tight pussy," Jim moaned as he thrust deep inside.


Girl friend trys threesome with Me & BF

group KINDBUD4U 2017-12-21

One night, I was chill’n with my best friend, smoking a few puddles in my apartment; playing Playstation watching Porn when she came over on her lunch break from work (Resort hotel front desk clerk) with a nose full of coke complaining how her best friend and Co-worker, had been teasing her, making her pussy all wet and getting her all hot and horny during their shift. Cove chimed in and replied “Not really, I think your shirt is lose enough you could really see much.” She got a little smirk on her face and giggled; turning around to notice a hot chick being fucked doggie style on the TV.

Voyeurs Dream Come True

group sandlicker 2017-12-21

I asked her if she was going to be busy for a while, and she told me that the guy was in from Pleiku, and probably hadn't had any pussy in five or six months, so she expected he would want to fuck her somewhere between three and possibly seven times. She asked him if he liked to watch his cock go inside of her pussy, he answered, "YES!!!" She turned around to a reverse cowgirl, and began working on him where he could see every detail of her fucking him. Linda asked him if it would turn him on enough if he watched ME fucking her.

My wife tells everyone that I'm a cuckold

group Ass_worship 2017-12-21

Suddenly Liz got up and turned on some music, Sue got excited and jumped up and started dancing next to her, they danced for a couple of minutes then walked over to me and whispered in my ear while still somewhat dancing and moving her hips They brought the breakfast outside and we ate by the pool, we talked about regular stuff and it seemed like Sue backed down until Jason got uncomfortable with the way Liz was dressed Sue got on the bed between Jason's legs on her hands and knees and started sucking his cock again. I got in the bed with them laid down on my stomach between Sues legs and started to eat her pussy, I looked up and I can see Liz and Sue making out and touching each other...

Spin-The-Bottle Ch. 01

group Thizbee 2017-12-21

When Kevin walked out of the bathroom with this new look, Jade standing in the doorway with her hands up in plastic gloves, Tyler's whole body reacted. Moving closer to Ty, Kevin took Jade's hand from the couch along side his lover's leg and put it on his knee and sort of nudged her forward with his knowing look. Then in that same ultra slow motion her mouth moved away from Kevin's and they both turned to look at Tyler. Kevin had a look in his eye like he was sharing his most prized possession with a trusted friend for the first time, as he took hold of the base of Tyler's erection.

Golf Pro Delights Ch. 03

group Rocket1010 2017-12-21

He thought of the day a few weeks earlier when he, Lydia, and Sandie played golf and made love under the shelter during a similar rainstorm. When it was time to hand out the team awards, Rick felt a bit awkward as he watched the two women approach him after he had called out their team for winning second place. Now as he watched the raindrops hit the puddles on the rain soaked tee box, his thoughts turned to Sandie's large breasts swaying in front of him and kissing Lydia's pointy nipples, wishing he could hold and kiss their soft flesh again. As she talked to the pro shop, telling him of their desire to play with Rick, she watched Lydia and Sandie begin removing their clothing.



group 2017-12-21

Jane moved her hands from the bar and one went towards my crotch, the other one to Kim's. Kim and I were soon presenting our arms of which Jane took nicely care with hands and mouth. Jane got up and slowly unbuttoned Kim's blouse, slowly stroking her laced bra until her nipples let themselves shwown present pressing her lips through the textile, then realising the tits from the garment and taking them full heartedly. Jane looked and bent her head and took Kim's dick in her mouth. I got up on y knw\ees and so did Kim. Because she felt we needed one of our favorite parts: rubbing our dicks together in one hand.

Let's Do the Time Warp Again

group pabloback 2017-12-21

Sensing their nervousness, Katrina pulled both cocks out and started to wank them both off as the men then got back to pleasuring her pussy, Danny again inserting three long slim fingers while Pablo circled the rosebud of her arse hole, this made her wriggle and started off another round of mini orgasms. Both men collapsed onto the sofa exhausted by their exertions as Katrina wiped the sticky jism from between her legs and licked it off her hand, then kneeling in front of first Pablo then Danny she licked their now quickly softening cocks clean before reaching up and kissing both of them and thanking them for the lift home.

Looking For The Higher High Ch. 04

group nighttimestories 2017-12-21

Ann smiled at him real big and batted her eyes, "Do you think some of the guys could load our things on the boat for us?" Ann grabbed my head and said, "God yes eat my pussy and make me cum." She leaned up to grab me and rolled me onto my back then climbed on top of me and slid my slick pre-cum covered dick into her tight little pussy. I thrust my cock into her wet pussy and then pulled it all the way out except the head and held it there. As I fired up the boat and pulled out of the cove Ann was waving at the guys and her big tits were swaying back and forth as she waved.


Sex With Beggar & Worker In ATrain

group saswatjain2 2017-12-21

The problem was that they people were all worker class and some of them were beggars and were lying on the seats and refused to give even inch of space. I was surprised by his quick movement and tried to wake up and stop him but his rough hands were touching my boobs and i felt like a heaven to me. Next instant the worker and beggar both were on me and searching my tenderness and feeling the softness of my boobs and vagina with their hands. While I was licking beggar's ass, the worker was playing with my boobs and inserted his penis inside my vagina. On the seat itself beggar started giving blowjob while worker inserted his penis inside my vagina.

Halftime Show

group kimbelina 2017-12-21

So this is how the afternoon began, with me and the guys in the living room, getting a quick start on the beers in front of Steve's big-screen TV, and the girlfriends blabbering in the kitchen and occasionally bringing out a new platter of food. Jim climbed onto the pool table and knelt in front of me as I took him into my mouth, spreading my legs so that Rob could slowly press into me from behind. Once he was buried inside of my ass, he gradually pulled me into a standing position and I lifted my foot up to the edge of the pool table, changing the angle and sensations in my ass, and giving Jim better access to enter my pussy.

Sex Buddies Ch. 02

group tekong53 2017-12-21

"Hey sweetie," Liz said to Megan. "So who's your new boy toy baby?" Megan said, stroking Liz's long sexy legs. Liz let go of her hand and let her friend play with her wet pussy. "I met him yesterday at the party that you got drunk at you bitch," Liz said playfully. "Well I'm sorry and thank you," Megan said pulling back from the kiss. "You know he's good at eating pussy," Liz said. All I remembered was that my balls were tightening and my member was throbbing and swelling inside Liz. I moaned into Megan's mound and then shouted as I released my first load of the day. Fuck he's cumming inside me." Megan had her eyes closed and was leaning against her lover.


Kat's Sex Diary: The Threesome

group justboycrazy 2017-12-21

I had packed my suitcase, my new bridesmaid dress and shoes I bought from the Wedded Bliss Bridal Boutique in San Diego, my gift basket for Bianca and Simon, and my purse all into my Altima, locked up my house, and drove to Las Vegas. "Darling, you look just as gorgeous as the first time I met you." Simon said as he kissed Bianca's hand. Bianca then got up and sat beside Simon, she even stroked him on top of his pajama bottoms while he kissed my lips and neck. Simon and I laid beside each other while Bianca orally pleasured his cock; he softly kissed on my neck and lips while his fingers rubbed my warm, wet slit.

Party Fun

group walkstar 2017-12-21

She moved her one hand down to his trousers and rubbed it over the bulge that was his cock, feeling how hard and big it was and wanting it in her. Then Buzz started to thrust in and out, slow deep movements that pushed his cock far into her body. Emma gasped and squealed softly as she felt her body reacting to his invading cock. It was enough with a sharp gasp he thrust right into her and shuddered as Emma felt his hot cum pump inside her. Emma felt her body building towards another orgasm, but this one she fought not wanting him to have the pleasure of her cumming on him.

Sunday Afternoon Ch. 02

group Pichoncitos 2017-12-21

Things like this happened two or three times, till it was obvious that Sarah was playing with Mia. "I swear officer, I'm not hiding drugs, you can pat me down to make sure." Sarah moved to the nearby wall dragging Mia after her, put her hands on it above her head and opened her legs a little bit. "Sit Mia on your lap and kiss her neck till we play the next hand." Sarah told me. Sarah didn't stop her, she turned around and moved her ass closer to Mia. In the meantime, Mia was also grinding into me, I was hard already and she had my cock between her cheeks, her costume had ridden up a little so she was almost bare against me.


Pushing Boundaries

group BreakTheBar 2017-12-21

While Alanna, Ricki and Josh disappeared up to their rooms or the kitchen to grab alcohol, Malena and I helped Beth start setting out the food she had made up. We had to reiterate the rules for ourselves a couple of times during the first hand and no one folded, so when Ricki turned over three of a kind she raked in twelve snacks, making her the rich bitch of the game. Little Beth, her eyes darting from the pot to the hand of cards in front of her, played her tongue over her lip ring a few times before setting both of her remaining snacks into the pot. Ricki just shook her head and laughed, tossing her cards to Josh face down - she hadn't beaten Beth.


Our Night At The Swing Club Ch. 02

group nighttown 2017-12-21

My wife didn't want to go up with me, so I went up and sat on a girl's lap. It was difficult to gauge her reaction, so leaving the girls to their own devices, I went back to our table and necked with my wife for a minute. They were all filled with people and my wife did not want to go in when several other couples were already in there having sex. Now remember, the last time we were there, my wife closed the door and wouldn't let anyone in while we were fucking. She got on her hands and knees and I entered her from behind, giving us both a good view of the two couples who were fucking on the bed right in front of us.

A Friend in Need

group cahagan 2017-12-21

"My guess," Carol began in a playful voice, "when you're on your back with your legs open and his cock buried in your twat and he's got them big fat tits in his hands, he's not gonna be disappointed." "Hey Scott, did you wanna give me a hand with the beer?" Carol asked, when she got back. I wasn't even aware my legs were open until I felt his fingers pressing my bathing suit against my labia. It felt nice the way he was gently caressing my breast and it only got better a moment later when he pinched down on my areola, "damn, I'll take tits like yours any day!"


Spank me please

group 2017-12-21

I don't want him to stop, but his hands have moved on. I feel cool, rough cement lick my stomach and then a massive hand thwacks my behind. His hand finds the back of my head and rams me forward in time with the sucking. A hand finds my cunt and finger-fucks me. "Jack!" I squeal a strangled orgasm past the cock in my mouth. Big hands are all over my body, feeling my breasts, twisting my nipples, raking my skin. "A good little girl keeps her mouth shut," a voice sings in my ear. Huge hands grip my back and buttocks, bringing me down on a cock, impaling me over and over. "What's that?" he asks, looking at the white cloth in my hand.

The Buyers

group Jake68 2017-12-21

Taking a long, hard look at the picture, Beth could imagine the man's thick cock sliding into her wet pussy. "Do you want to feel his cock inside you, Beth?" Jane asked, her hands tenderly caressing her back. Jane screamed as Beth's tongue drug into her wet cunt, her hips bucking against her lover's mouth. Geoff responded by fucking her even harder, pounding his thick cock deep into Beth's quivering cunt. Jane took it into her mouth, tasting the mix of Beth's juices and Geoff's cum. Geoff and Jane continued caressing Beth's wet body, kissing her face and holding her tightly. Beth kissed Jane deeply, tasting her juices and Geoff's cum on her lips.

Marie and a Bunch of Guys

group MarieProvost 2017-12-21

"Told you," my pseudo boyfriend said to everybody but me, and one guy growls and grunts a little. Actually, like I have always maintained, you don't do anything drunk that you don't REALLY want to do, so I started sucking this guy's cock too. Technically it was four guys cumming once and my boyfriend twice, and now I realize that they're coming around for seconds. Boyfriend helps me find my way to the door and I almost fall down the stairs when I start running after hearing one of these guys ask, "Ain't we gonna fuck her?" I got to show off my titties and I sucked a few dicks of guys that I thankfully would never see again, including my alleged boyfriend.

Sinful Staff Member

group ESQUIRED 2017-12-21

As soon as I did that, she took one tit in her mouth and proceeded to suck and bite her nipple, almost immediately dripping her heavy juice into my lap. We continued sucking and fucking for the rest of the night, MJ licked the poor girl's clit until it was bright red and raw. The day that MJ came into my office, I was forced to run to Court as soon as she sucked me off the first time. Tammy soon got my attention by flipping that long skirt inside out and displaying her shaved pussy; she got up on my desk and, balanced on her knees, worked her middle finger into her cunt while pulling on her clit with her thumb and index finger.