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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Night Out With The Lads

group Unihorn 2017-12-21

I saw in my mirror Jim's hand gently brush across Teresa's left breast, she raised her arms to her chest in defence at the same time I noticed Pete reposition his hand a little further up Teresa's leg; her skirt flap had now fallen to one side. I was first out, Teresa appeared after a couple of minutes, she looked different but I couldn't quite put my finger on why, she smiled gave me a peck on the lips held my hand, gave it a tight squeeze and we walked out the Bar. It was a warm night and quite a walk back to the car.

How I Met My Husband and Fucked Him

group HereKumsKatie 2017-12-21

We were hand-in-hand and not really going anywhere when he asked me if I ever did it with more than one guy I said I had, more than once, and then he wanted to know all about it and I told him about how it was fun but I hated when the guys got all squeamish about things that were happening. "If you were my girlfriend, I would still let you have sex with Mark," Jason said and that was the first time I can remember really thinking this guy was someone special. While I was kissing Jason and rubbing the front of his pants, Mark leaned against me and put his hand around me and started rubbing my chest and I knew we were in good shape.


Suck Sisters of Seaton

group Global Carol 2017-12-21

Watching what I could of the million-dollar-smile girl sipping from the cup o' semen turned me on, but it was Angie's story, the not-so-little imp (Is it possible to be a tall imp?), that was a true stunner. Barbara briefly spoke some consoling words, but quickly followed with a suggestion of getting back "out there." It made me feel good when she told me that she was envious of my tall, graceful look of a supermodel. "With your beautiful, long legs and rock-hard butt," Barbara replied, "I think any guy would come if you simply offered to model a bikini -- much less swallow his sperm."



group 2017-12-21

To the outside of her dark chocolate nipples contrasted with mocca latte extra cream skin tone then I finnally kissed her long and deep face glistining with her juices..she sucked the juice out of my beard..I nibbled her jaw line the out side of her ears while I was doing all that..I was rubbing my dick head against her pussy as you can imagine her pussy lips were dark against the rest of her skin tone:)an had labia that looked like a cobra with the hood spread ..I was rubbing her and she began to swell again and I put my dick inside her .and had her kegel muscles snapping over my ridges I asked zu if she felt them she said yes!!!!!I asked her if she s ever been with a man that had ridges like mine she said no but she told me she liked how they felt againt her tounge and the way I reacted to it...the whole time I was strokin her slowly but deep my dick he'd found her cervix and I pushed on it.

Fucking Roomates

group melaine 2017-12-21

I could feel my balls getting ready, and I shot my load whilst imagining my tongue buried deep inside her lovely pussy. I could hear Pepper cumming hard now, with Michelle's fingers working her clit and that dildo she was using to fuck herself. Pepper was about to make me cum, but I wanted more than a little head, so offered my rock hard cock to Michelle, who immediately repositioned herself, head buried in Pepper's lovely wet snatch and waving her ass in the air. She pushed herself against me, and went rigid, I knew she was cumming hard, as Pepper continued to finger herself while her roommate was getting the ass fucking of her life.

Double Sessions

group giveandreceive8 2017-12-21

Mitch looked down at her ragged face, smiled, and continued to kiss her gently even as he reverted to the hip wiggling that regularly rubbed his cock against her clit. Both were entranced by the sight of Mitch's black body obliterating the white one, his cock as thick as a baseball bat disappearing between Sandy's upturned legs, the shrill sound of her cries as she came again and again. Sandy folded her legs to arch her hips and offer her pussy to Tanya's, just as the athlete cocked hers forward until they joined. For Mitch had taken her head in his powerful hands and was fucking her face, deliberately, slowly enough to let Tanya exhale between each stroke.

A Shared Lover

group BgMma 2017-12-21

Do it....fuck me!” Rhyley and Amanda screamed for him together, desiring him as their joint lover, Amanda’s juices running over Rhyley’s chin. “Oh honey,” Amanda says, “That was wonderful.” She looks to Rhyley, smiling. God, suck it, my slut....suck me hard......” Jack holds her hair in his fist and pumps his hips into mouth, fucking her face. I want to feel it all.” Amanda takes her place, laying by Rhyley’s head, kissing her tenderly, deeply.. “Oh, oh lover, I need you.....” Rhyley’s tongue plays with Amanda’s as he takes full entry, pulling her legs over his shoulders to lean into her. Amanda smiles at Jack, making sure he is watching as she mounts the writhing woman’s face.

Fire in the Embers Ch. 06

group WifeWatchman 2017-12-21

Easley took burns to the body as well as the lungs." said Chief Quinlin. She then looked Cindy in the eye and quietly asked "How's Jenna?" recovering." said Cindy, who'd spent the night at Jenna's side in the Hospital. "Good." Jenna said, then got serious as she looked into Cindy's eyes. "Stop right there." Cindy said, putting her finger on Jenna's lips. "The owners came down on us pretty hard, said we already looked bad trying to follow the Police on the way to rescue an A.D.A. being held hostage. "So," I said, picking up little Jim and sitting next to Cindy and Carole, "you phoned that you wanted to talk to me."


Just Another Day at the Office?

group tj4110 2017-12-21

I quickly dropped my hand back to my side, and it was lucky I did - Three people were waiting as the door opened, including Christina's boss. My hand cupped her ass beneath her underwear, causing a louder moan from Christina. Christina pulled her head off my dick with a pop as she turned around. Christina kept going, moaning into my dick the entire time. I smiled to myself knowing that it had probably been a long time since Christina had a dick as big as mine inside her pussy. Shortly thereafter, Bill started moaning and pulled Christina's hips into him as he came into her ass. Christina pulled her mouth off my dick again, and looked back at her husband.

Anna and her slutty Cousin Amanda.

group JaxsonCurry 2017-12-21

She knew Brook was seeing her stroke John's big cock and was rubbing her pussy. I saw the look on your face that day at the pool." While Amanda was talking to Anna, Brook never stopped sucking that big cock. When he opened his eye's, he saw his little girl Anna working his cock. Amanda said "Suprize!" Anna and Brook, not realising John was awake both jumped and pulled away. He said "since you started this, let me eat that fat little pussy of yours." As Amanda got into possition sitting on his face, Brook went back to sucking and cleaning up John's cum covered cock. Amanda kept eating her out and John could feel Brooks cunt muscles working his cock as she climaxed.

Josie Goes To Work

group sure_will987 2017-12-21

Debbie grinned as her husband did just that he pushed his cock into Josie's wet pussy, at first it felt no different to her boyfriends but then it went deeper and deeper oh god yes she moaned gripping on to her bosses arms as he pushed the whole 10 inches into her. Mark wanted a piece of the action and he stood up and rubbed his cock and he looked at his boss who said "fuck my wife as she licks my cum from your slut of a girlfriend." Mark smiled and quick as a flash he pushed his cock into his bosses wife wet pussy.

A Fantasy Fulfilled

group Buff_Husband 2017-12-21

The owner of the hand on my g-spot slithered between my thighs and my husband pulled his cock away from my mouth and got off the bed. I couldn't see anything, but with a tongue quickly bringing me towards orgasm, and an enormous cock in my mouth, I next felt someone else approach me from the other side of the bed, take my hand and put it around another rock-hard penis. I felt someone come up behind me, and then moments later, the cock in my pussy was joined by one sliding gently into my now well lubricated ass.


Sex at Work Ch. 01

group Lustyspouse 2017-12-21

Then Rohana mounted her face, lowering her pussy for Mas to eat, forming a pyramid with Taufiq as husband and wife now used her totally. Rohana lowered her face to Mas' crotch and took her husband's cream covered cock into her mouth to clean his shaft with her tongue. But before Mas could get an answer, piss flowed out of her, high pressure hot frizzy light yellow piss, gushing down Rohana's throat, filling her mouth; she moved off and Taufiq took over, both of them trying to waste as little piss from the older woman as possible.


The Awakening Ch. 07

group deadeye_76 2017-12-21

Jen found that she really liked seeing the pleasure she was giving Suzy, and she loved the attention Jo was giving her pussy and ass. Suzy started moaning and Jen picked up the rhythm of the finger fucking. Suzy smiled and looked up at Jen, that tight supple body lowering itself onto her fake dick. Suzy laughed, but Jo immediately starting sucking the strap on dildo and licking all of Jen's juices off it. "Well, me and Jo, who you know, and Suzy, who you saw at the mall the other day, were just fucking and sucking each other and wanted some dick. Matt looked down and watched as Jen got his shoes out of the way and started dragging his pants down.



group Maximillian_Excaliber 2017-12-21

Hoping that her surprise was going to be at least as promising as what she was walking away from, Kayla promised Chloe to be on time, ended the call; and then, jacket in hand, exited the club. Realizing that last remark was obviously not directed at her, Kayla began to wonder whether Chloe had told her the truth about what was really happening at the other end of the phone line. What Kayla didn't know was that, without so much as a word, Eugene had turned off the egg vibrator and pulled it from Chloe's wet pussy. After laughing into Chloe's right breast, Eugene turned his head to the phone and said, "Yeah, she's seen Shaft!


Easy Come, Easy Go

group mixoscopist 2017-12-21

On the screen, the black man was now fucking the Indian woman from behind, taking her hard, slapping his thighs loudly at her buttocks, gripping her hips and rocking her body back and forth under his. She groaned deep in her throat, feeling the huge cock distend her face and mouth and began sucking it hungrily, working the cock-head avidly with her tongue. Ducking her head, she began licking and sucking his balls, caressing her face and lips and cheeks with his cock, running her sharp little teeth up and down the shaft, moaning in excitement. "I want to suck you again," she breathed and, without waiting for an answer, dropped to her knees on the jute bags on the floor of the truck and quickly took his cock in her mouth again.


Theater Sex

group 2017-12-21

I turned out that I didn't have to worry because as I watched the stranger slid his entire cock into my wife's pussy in one steady motion she seemed to also push back onto it with a****l like desire. The next guy to step up for his turn must have come to the theater prepared to jack off because he had a little bottle of lubricant that he started to spread around and finger into my wife's asshole. Why I nodded an OK to this stranger I don't know for sure, perhaps it was the trill of the moment, but I just stood there and watch as my wife struggled and pleaded not to have her ass fucked.

First Swingers Party

group haleyandjames 2017-12-21

James turned me to face Jan as he pulled out my tits for him to look at as Kim sucked his cock. James and I went back upstairs and found Kim still sucking Jan. She was still in her lingerie but looked incredibly sexy. Here I was, I had never kissed or touched a woman and I wanted to suck Kim's boobs. I pulled back and continued jerking James off as both Kim and Jan had their way with my boobs. I wanted to suck James with my naked ass and pussy in the air as men and women took in the sight from behind. I still have flashes of kissing Michelle and Kim and having Kevin and Jan touch and lick my boobs.

Lisa's Awakening

group angelgothgirl 2017-12-21

A work colleague, called Jack, came stumbling by happily, and shouted to her, "Hey, Lisa. "Hey, who's that cute little red-head dancing with Marc?" Chris, another worker, had just arrived a the party, and it was around 11pm. "That cute little red-head is apparently a drunk version of Lisa Merrick." A couple of hours later, she was sitting in a small room with five of her male co-workers, none of whom were so drunk that they didn't realise how unlike herself Lisa was. She was kissing Chris passionately as Jack got to work, and she could feel her orgasm slowly building up inside her. After what could have been hours later to Lisa, she was now in a permanent state of orgasm, as each man drove into her over and over.

California Trippin'

group patdown 2017-12-21

My mind raced as I wanted to tell him he should really think about what he was asking, hitting on lesbians isn't productive, he and Teddy were hot guys if you like guys so they could score easily if they looked around but they weren't going to turn me around and I thought about pointing out the obvious size differential. About that time Adam rubbed one big butt cheek and said, "OK Nancy the man loving is coming, you're going hetero." Then he poked the head of his big dick in my pussy. Sure he enjoyed sticking it in that red hot bush he had in front of him, along with watching me play with his buddy but I could just feel how he was getting off on banging against my fat ass as hard as he could knowing he was pleasing me at the same time.


The Netball Girls' Last Day

group Flynn77 2017-12-21

I saw Morven and Tina, and a statuesque blonde girl, Christina, who'd run off the first time they had surprised us at play. Slim Tina was stood there quiet as a mouse, her yellow bikini bottoms and long legs drawing my eye beneath the oversize pink T-shirt she wore like a short dress. But Kerry posed the question on my lips – did Mikey and Christina know that Morven and Tina had been unable to keep their own clothes on or fingers still? We still got a great view of Morven's bare pussy, then an even better one on the downward leg – Tina slipped, fell into the sandy slope, Christina tripped over her, then Morven, trailing, jumped the two of them, lost her balance and tumbled ass-over-tit right down.


Cruise Capers Ch. 02

group CalWriter 2017-12-21

I went to bed early that first night, tired out from the traveling and the sex bout with my maid and steward, Ramon and Dea. I had a light dinner and after my customary cognac and cigar, I retired with a good book and some classical music on the stereo. Callie maneuvered around and got her sister into a hot 69, offering her own womanhood to Beth, who dove for it quickly. Dea went straight for Ramon's thick prong, already erect from watching the two young girls. I loved the feel of Ramon's cock rubbing mine inside Beth, and I was sure she wouldn't be able to sit down for a week after taking his pole up the ass.

Study Abroad Bisexual Threesome

group faneuilwrites 2017-12-21

"I guess most people have been curious at some point in their lives," Jack said. Jessica smiled and said, "I had a threesome last summer with two girls." I think she got a kick out of knowing she could turn guys on without wearing a short skirt or showing cleavage. "No, no," she said as the guy in the video started going down on the girl. I looked down and her other hand was on Jack's thigh as she started gently rubbing our legs. "I want you to try it," she said motioning towards Jack's cock. "Looks like you were more than just curious," Jessica said, smiling. Jessica had me panting and moaning in no time and before I knew it I started to cum.

The Roadtrip

group mildhot 2017-12-21

Sandra didn't care as she came up taking Linda in her arms kissing her and soon the ladies were exploring each other's mouths. They lip locked exploring each other's mouths while Sandra slowly finger fucked Linda. I could see Sandra's wet cunt from the back as Linda moved down kissing her breasts taking each of Sandra's nipples into her mouth sucking them deeply. Linda took control pulling Sandra back onto the bed while still sucking on her nipples. I could see Linda's hand move towards Sandra's cunt and I remember how small it looked. I smiled happily as I saw Sandra's hands coming up to massage Linda's back while they were kissing. I could see Sandra spreading Linda's cunt lips and sucking her clit into her mouth.