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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Arrangement

group English Bob 2017-12-21

Even though it was very useful to me business-wise to have a stunningly beautiful woman as my wife who would accompany me to functions, my part of our bargain was still mainly sexual - I could get an instant erection just by looking at Stella in her designer underwear. Stella's tongue had done wonders in lubricating Donna's ass and, as my throbbing cock head pressed against the entrance to her tight back door, the hole opened under the pressure and let a few inches of my erection inside. In a flash Donna had raised herself completely from my twitching tool and had pulled my wife over, pushing her back down on the sofa so that I was looking down at the familiar face and pert breasts that had before seemed so cold to me in the past.

My birthday sex party

group funbeth 2017-12-21

I felt the present placed on me and the finger slide up my body and the tug on the chain the present move and to my astonishment I felt a female hand sliding inside my thong and down to my pussy I arched my and nearly climaxed with the excitement, I heard one of the blokes say well are we right, to which Jo replied oh yes it does feel fantastic sliding a finger between my lips and I love this pretty thong with the bows on the side, to which Dave said I bet the undo really easy though for easy access, she needed no more encouragement to undo the one side then the other and I felt the material fall away and her fingers were sliding up and down my lips and I suppose the boys were getting a great view of a woman feeling there mates wife’s pussy……………….

Take My Wife

group tamol 2017-12-21

I sat there looking at the e-mail and getting a little horny myself at the thought of him using my wife so I replied asking him if he really wanted to fuck her. "Hold on, if you think I'm going to sleep in the same bed as you two, you've got another think coming," said Julie quite annoyed that I had even suggested it. Ted climbed between her legs, I watched as his cock slipped easily into her willing cunt, as he began fucking her I could see his cock almost come out each time, before he pumped it back in.

Welcome to the Resort Ch. 08

group Argonaut_1975 2017-12-21

A bell rang, and the dark haired girl turned to see Amelia, the older woman whose club the two regularly fought at, call time on the tenth round. "They may not feel like sex tonight," Amelia observed as she returned to Isabella and Felecia. When Felecia broke the kiss Isabella groaned her reluctance, but the blonde pushed her across the room and onto the bed. The big shaft slid easily into Isabella's glistening cunt and the breath left her lips in a luxurious groan. Felecia turned Isabella's head, kissing her, that long tongue sliding deep. "Based on circumstantial evidence it would appear so." John caressed her hair as he spoke, and she pressed her head against his hand with a smile.


A Mother’s Secret 3 – Secret No More

group Sugardaddy6969 2017-12-21

So do you play with your pussy often?" Jean asked her daughter who looked at her mom and shook her head yes. I want to be a good mom to you so from now on I promise to tell you anything you want to know when it comes to sex." Jean said as she smiled at her daughter who was rapidly becoming a woman. That toy helps me to take a cock in my ass." Jean said as she watched Cindy's face change from shock to curiosity. “Can I touch it?” Cindy asked but before Justin answered Jean took Cindy’s hand and placed it on the cock. Justin groaned as Cindy slowly stroked the cock while his mom leaned over and kissed his ear and sucked on his earlobe.

Walt's Gift Ch. 04

group Scorpio44a 2017-12-20

Linda came out of apartment six with Krystn and Maria. Krystn and Maria gave him a hard time and got him off his butt and into action helping with clean up. Nick, Pat, Two, Helen, Maria, Krystn and Inga makes seven people. Inga asked what day she would arrive and what she'd like for dinner that night. Pat didn't know but said they would talk the next day and she'd let us all know at dinner. I set the table and helped clean up with Maria and Two. Jack and Linda were out of town that weekend. Inga, I want to take Maria and Linda out for breakfast in the morning. After about five strokes Linda said, "I think he likes what we're doing."


The Workmen Ch. 03

group CherylOh 2017-12-20

My left leg still resting on the back of the seat, I pulled my right foot forward onto Jim's lap, bending my knee, forcing my legs to spread wider, my foot buried between his legs, pressing against his hardened cock hiding inside his pants, my thong bottom now stretched tight across my upper thigh. Not wanting Matt to orgasm, at least not now, I reluctantly removed my hand from around his thick, long cock and brought my arm back around to the front of my body and slid down, putting my head in Matt's lap, my naked ass sliding forward, across Jonell's crotch and resting between Jonell's and Jim's legs, with one foot still behind Jim's neck, resting on the back of the seat, my naked thigh and ass now pressed tight against Jim's side.


Gangin' the Girls Ch. 02

group voluptuary_manque 2017-12-20

And that brings up a question, Gina held a pool party, Maria's taking us dancing, you said that Heather will be strapped into a bondage frame (and that I've got to see!) . When Carlos came home with the rum and mixers Maria did not have to take out the meat cleaver to keep him away but it was a near thing. In response to Carlos silent urging, Ernie ran his hands up from her hips and undid the button between her breasts letting the bra fall away. As she turned around to give Ernie the benefit of her butt Maria grabbed his hands and pulled them over her bouncing globes. Naked, Maria held Ernie's hands to her ass and pulled him across the room to the day bed.

Miami Night Ch. 01

group kinki 2017-12-20

Elliot reached around with both hands and began playing with my tits as I masturbated against his cock. Elliot leaned back and grabbed my ass, spreading my cheeks open. One of the men was grabbing at my ass and another was standing up against me, facing me rubbing my pussy. Elliot began rubbing my back and ass; he spread my cheeks apart and slid his hand down to my asshole. The third guy was stroking away at his cock with one hand and fingering my cunt with the other, when he started to explode. I kissed him on the cheek I slid my dress up above my knees and moved his hand down under the table and between my legs.


Christmas Gang Bang

group Cram213 2017-12-20

She then placed one of her little hands tightly around the base of my shaft and took the rest of my cock into her mouth each time her head went forward. I just relaxed in the Family room and watched the tube as Linda worked her way through all three of my brothers, all of them coming downstairs after their personalized sessions with a glazed over look of satisfaction in their eyes. After the next minutes of working all of bulging cocks for a few moments at a time, she began taking Matt's massive piece almost all the way into her throat, and then bobbed her head beautifully back and forth on his shaft as she feverishly jerked on John and Paul's rods.


Sharon's Surprise Ch. 02

group SharonMWF 2017-12-20

After what must have been fifteen minutes of Bob's cock teasing and pleasuring me I felt my orgasm building deep within my cunt. After my first or second spasm of pleasure Bob pushed himself deeply into my cunt and I felt his thick cock throb and felt a jet of sperm shoot deep in me. A few minutes later we were downstairs, as I entered the kitchen I saw that Marijean, Tony and my husband were all dressed. Once we were dressed I found my husband and we said good-bye to Marijean, Tony, and Bob. "I'll admit it, he is a pretty good fuck, and that un-circumcised cock felt so different than the other guys I have had," I said.

Three in a Tent Made for Two

group Dr_Hotspur 2017-12-20

'You've not got like this playing badminton,' I said, my tongue running over the upper lip of my open mouth. Alex said they were 'gym bunnies' and I could believe it as their hard torsos pressed close, their dusting of chest hair tickling my flanks as they got down to nibbling my neck. I cast the crop-top off my head and uttered a heartfelt, 'Yeah', looking past the spit-soaked aureoles around the turrets of my nipples to Greg's shorts twisted around his ankles, Alex's rope-tight around his quivering thighs, both their cocks grossly distending their tiny cotton briefs. 'Tim would have been perfect,' I said, only time for a fleeting regret as Alex slid a couple of inches of hot rod between my full wet lips.

Summer Skin Ch. 04

group riverboy 2017-12-20

A horny middle-aged woman wanders around the TV screen in her negligé while a man with a resonant voice tells us we need to "be ready when she is." He goes on and on, and then says, "when you're ready to fuck her with your brand-new super-hard boner, talk to your doctor first and ask if you're healthy enough to have sex," or something like that. The sound of the falling water, the heat and steamy humidity, the warm flesh in my hands, the sound of Barb's scream as she came, the feel of my cock gushing cum—all of it overloaded my brain and I fucked as if in a dream, not thinking anymore, just fucking, and loving it.

the purrfect babysitter for my sexy neighbors

group 2017-12-20

Jake's hands tightened in my hair, but I kept his prick deep in my mouth, eagerly awaiting the hot, jetting spurts of cum I could feel building up in his testicles. I took my hand out of my pussy and held onto Jake's prick for dear life, gasping for air through my nostrils as the final spurts of jism filled my throat as I gulped them down. I was immediately rewarded with a gasp of pleasure from her as she lifted her hips and pushed Jake's hands out of the way so she could bury my face in her own beautiful pussy. I agreed that I could come suck Jake's Cock anytime but would have to set time aside for playing with Codie's cunt in return.

Later Friday

group BratTonia 2017-12-20

A couple more glasses of wine a little pool… Kathryn played well and I got a couple of lucky shots to go in and we won our first round. "Steve and I will play Henry and Sue," Hamilton pointed like we didn't know who they were. "When I hammer you," Steve shook his finger in her face, "you'll know that you've been fucked by the best! "Look at her pointed nipples," Kathryn released Steve's cock and pulled open my red blazer. "I didn't know that you were such a slut!" Steve's other hand moved up and his fingers teased my other nipple. Kathryn moved behind Steve and smiled, "I'm going to finger fuck your butt!"

My biggest fantasy, sharing my sub gf at the nude

group bibeeongc 2017-12-20

Straight up the man behind stood up pressing against her ass and without ease shoved his cock up inside my sluts dripping wet pussy hearing a sexy cry and moan, like a mutt on heat he pumps fast while holding her hips slapping against the naked skin and with the rest of her body covered with hands my kinky little pet was in for one hell of a afternoon and its nothing compared to tonight. He just keeps my pet there like that and with right hand reaches up grabbing the blinded face and starts talking real dirty telling her how much of a dirty slut she is and he's going to use her like cheap whore, he doesn't stop and with a bounce he lifts her up then drops her making that used pussy pound down hard taking him deep.

My Wicked Ways Ch. 04

group SEVERUSMAX 2017-12-20

Next, I want to suck Mommy's tits, too, just like when I was little," Nydia confessed as they made out in front of us, a serious tongue action that made my cock stand up and salute. Hell, if he wanted to fuck a guy, I'd probably sit, watch, and jill off before trying to join in," Ninve spoke up as she grabbed her slice of pizza and gave me a French kiss that promised so much more than that. It was only a matter of time with Ninve's fingers caressing my prostate before I had to start fucking something, and my cock soon passed between Ana's folds to enter her cunt from behind.

New York Adukt sex club with my wife Wow!!!

group Peepingatyou 2017-12-20

Before we left the room I had to approve of Amy's clothing, little black dress, tiny thong and no bra, The husband grabbed Amy's nipples pull, suck twist, getting larger and she is moaning and thriving to the action. My wife Amy was suddenly very interested and started stroking. Second guy on my wife finger I her ass and slit. I was watching while getting mt prostate fingered and it happened, The guy slammed his Cok in my wife Amy. I'm getting so unexpectingly turned on, I start encouraging the guy.. I know hard to believe, the chick Beth who fingered my but went down on my wife and slurped everything

Surprise! Ch. 02

group passion_fruit 2017-12-20

I didn't contribute anything, I agreed entirely with his account and anyway I was concentrating on trying to ignore my increasing arousal as he recounted how he had ripped off my dress to allow Julie access to my body before fucking me hard as she licked and sucked my breasts. He gasped as I opened my mouth wide and slid his cock in as far as it would go, "Oh God, that feels good." Mark's moans and gasps could also be heard now as Julie had taken his cock into her mouth and was sucking and licking with enthusiasm. Lying behind me he pulled me tightly against him and I could feel his cock pushing against my back as he fondled my breasts before sliding one hand down and stroking my pussy.

The Trials of Zara (Chapter 1) The start of my �

group zarabush 2017-12-20

After about ten minutes the lights dim and the owner comes on stage to introduce the first film. He says that he heard several people mention a name during the performance and yes he can confirm the it was a film of Miss Zara Bush, better know as "Miss Bush" from the local school and having seen the amount of hair on my pussy we all know where the name originates. For the first time I see the stage is set like a school class room with a blackboard and teachers desk. The owner tells me to walk to the front of the stage and wobble my tits at the crowd.

Revel in the Abandon Ch. 03

group Stardog Champion 2017-12-20

Even though the other three boys who knew Nell had shared the drive over from the park with her knowing the implication of what was about to happen, even seen with their own eyes Steven Ocello go down on her minutes earlier, they still didn't truly grasp the gravitas of the situation until they saw Anthony nakedly grinding on top of the married woman's willing but overmatched mouth. Savoring the way the muscles of her rectum clenched and constricted from her violent orgasmic tremors, Matt kept the finger buried in place until Nell was a hot, sticky and whimpering mess on top of his long time pal, even raising one of the beers he'd brought back from the fridge, in salute, when he made eye contact with Steven.


Wannabe Crime Fighter Ch. 02

group BMB 2017-12-20

"Fine I'll make it easy on you." Sarah removed her coat and took of her holsters and ammo belts then handed them to Gary. As Gary did this he pushed his crotch against her ass and Sarah couldn't help but notice the impressive size of his tool, though it seemed unlikely that it was as thick or as long as Luke's. Luke looped the belt around her hands and the pipe clasping it shut in a way that Sarah couldn't undo it. Let's see what this slut can do." The third man, Jason, reached forward and undid the belt that was holding Sarah to the water pipe.

Jack's Birthday Surprise

group knottyknots 2017-12-20

I ran into Tess on the way here and she wasn't up to anything and Bri was really bored so I invited them both." Jack was highly conscious of the aching bulge in his shorts, and now was frustrated, it was supposed to be just him and Liz, they were going to have sex! Before Jack could even take in Bri's gorgeous round tits that he so longed to see, she moved Liz from under his hips to the other end of the bed opposite Tess and kneeled above his dick. Tess got up onto the bed as well and sat onto Jack's face at the same time that Bri slipped his dick back into her.

I Join A Couple In Their Hot Tub

group metacarpal 2017-12-20

She got our attention when she came out to the deck ready for hot tubbing, carrying a tray of drinks, now wearing only panties. I soon had almost my entire hand carefully eased into her pussy while John filled her ass with his fingers as we took turns humming her clit with the vibrator. I finally heard her tell John, "Let's make him cum on me." It was mere seconds later that I had a massive climax, ejaculating the biggest load of semen I had ever produced all over her. She and I took turns between his cock and his ass, bringing him to the edge, then relaxing to let pressure build in his balls.