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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Weekend get away p1- night by the pool

group will_the_thrill 2017-12-20

You pick up the bottle and start to drip oil on the hard body next to you. You lower yourself until the tip is in guiding it with your hand once the tip is in you place your hands on the arms of the chair and slowly slide yourself down his shaft spreading you and filling you with its warmth. You start to pick up the pace, you get a little carried away and your hands slip off the arms of the chair from the oil. Without warning is slides the tip of his hard throbbing excitement in to your bottom his size and the size of the member between your legs makes you want to scream but you can with the gag in your mouth.

London Swinging Weekend

group gandj130 2017-12-20

"Looks like he had a good time," the man said smiling down at Jayne. "Looks like Steve and Jayne are getting on." Lynn said. I heard movement from the other two and looked down at the foot of the bed to see Jayne, now naked except for her black stockings on the bed on all fours with Steve right behind her running a hand over her bum and sliding his other hand between her legs. "I like doing it side by side, you get a good view of both of them," Steve said as he slipped his cock back into my wife making Jayne groan quietly. "God look at that rain, it's fucking pouring," the man said making Jayne smile.


Soirée at Lady T's

group pandsal 2017-12-20

Casey brought him to me because she was staying on in London, which she loved, and was preparing to adorn the walls of her mews cottage by way of a going-away present from Daddy. "Like that is good for me." Steadying herself on hand, she reached back with the other to cup my balls, squeezing gently as the end of each deep stroke brought them swinging through. One, twice, three times she would descend with ravenous ferocity; then she would hold herself with my cock buried in her to the hilt while she squirmed and flexed her muscles around the base of my shaft; satisfied that I could cope, she withdrew until she was able to perform the same rotations around the head; suddenly then, she forced herself down, fucked herself on my rigid member.


Honey Bea's Orgy

group DocStuffing 2017-12-20

Given that all but "anti-Dan" had arrived, I decided it was time to start the first pizza. Bea tied a black bandanna around her head, and she had her wine at her hand while anti-Dan entered the room. Without removing her hands from the back for my thighs she worked her mouth back and forth, sometimes removing her mouth altogether, leaving me to bounce in the breeze a bit as she ran her tongue up and down the shaft, taking in one of my testicles and then returning to suck on the length of me. I felt her attention slipping away, and, never having been in this situation before, I actually found it a bit stressful, so I pulled out of her and said, "OK, well, it looks like you have some new suitor here for you, and you're in good hands, I'll leave you to them."


Parisian birthday...

group pervert77 2017-12-20

I recognized Colette immediately, her long legs and peach shaped ass unmistakable, and from her laugh it was clear that Marie, a raven haired girl, lay to her right. My first reaction was to laugh, thinking that Colette had convinced her friends to play a cruel birthday joke - teasing me with their bodies, only to get up and walk away. Marie smiled and nodded her head in approval as I instinctively began to thrust my cock into Colette, balls slapping lightly against her ass. The other girl, whose name I later learned was Juliet, watched impassively, but reached out her hand to touch mine while I continued to fuck Colette from behind.

Vacation Adventures Ch. 01

group NoontimeGhost 2017-12-20

He worked in Tel Aviv on a start-up, and though Laura never really got to know him well when he was in Taiwan, Emily fell for him enough that she took up his offer to move to Israel with him. It was getting late though, so they dropped Laura's stuff off quickly at the hostel, barely even giving her enough time to check in before Emily dragged her down to the beach where a group of about 20 people, including Emily's boyfriend, were standing around a fire chatting and drinking. It had been clear for the past hour that Michael was taking Laura to bed, but they weren't exactly sure how they'd do that, both staying in a room with five other people.

Birthday Bash

group mistress_demetra 2017-12-20

"It's Shannon's birthday!" Rachel and Katie said in unison. Rob smiled at Shannon and grabbed her hand and pulled her to the middle of the dance floor. That way you at least have a private room to please each." The group piled into the truck and they headed back to the house the girls shared rob and Shannon didn't make it passed the living room before they were at it again. Rob knew all three girls were drunk, hell so was he, but he couldn't pass up an opportunity like this. Rachel pushed rob away and sucked Shannon's hard clitoris as Katie got behind Shannon and finger fucked her pussy and licked out her ass.

A Very Steamy Sauna

group dmwriter 2017-12-20

Sitting up supported by my hands behind me, I could see Marsha kneeling between my wife's legs with her own ass pointing up in the air but away from my view, her hair draped down around Sue's upper thighs and head moving in conjunction with Sue's involuntary pelvic thrusts. The hand and mouth that seconds before had been bringing me close to climaxing had suddenly pulled away...Sue was obviously becoming lost in her own world of pleasure, feeling the intimate touches and explorations of another woman for the first time in her life. Marsha had noticed an exercise mat near the center of the room and had moved to it and was sprawled on her back waiting for us, leaning on her left elbow with her head supported by her hand, right leg bent at the knee and thighs parted.


Anything, You Said Pt. 01

group PrincePaul 2017-12-20

The sight of that wet pussy and a your little write up about wanting to meet 'strangers for dirty times' sang a song to me. One of my frequent internal thoughts of amusement is how many women I meet who tell me they like to serve or that they like their partners to do anything they want.. Needless to say, the young middle class English girl was more then a little taken aback when I told her to give me more tongue in her kisses. She was even more taken aback when I decided to slide myself inside her in the middle of the night whilst sleeping, roughly squeezing her hard little tits before I emptied a load inside her.

A Happy And Horny Halloween

group beermenow 2017-12-20

Emily tried again to pull away but soon gave up as Karen's tongue darted between her legs. Emily hesitated a bit more but after a few more thrusts from her husband she opened her mouth and started sucking on Brian's dick. I watched Karen's breasts heave as she rode Ed's cock and it wasn't long before my dick started waking up again. When Steve came, Mary was surprised to find that it was Emily whose face she was now riding. After I came Mary, Emily and I sat on the couch to rest and watch the scene. Then Emily and Mary took turns sucking on my dick to revive me. Karen was on all fours again, getting fucked from behind by Steve while she sucked on Brian's dick.

Hollywood Gigolo Ch. 2

group Hollywood Gigolo 2017-12-20

Angelina's hand moved to her right breasts where she began to pinch and rub Hilary's hardening nipple as her tongue continued to dart in and out of her mouth as a low moan escaped Hilary's lips. Shaun now with his pants unzipped as he began to stroke his rock hard cock as he watched the two go at it until it came to a quick stop as the limo stopped moving and the sound of the drivers door opening and closing got there attention. Shaun flicked it with his tongue as he slid his hand down into the waistband of her panties and quickly found her clit and began to rub it between his fingers as Hilary furiously fucked her hole with her tongue..

Bad Neighbors, Good Fuckers

group Andy Limelight 2017-12-20

We don’t even wait for her dorm room door to open before my hands are around her waist and opening up her pants, stroking her through the cloth of her panties and then stealing inside and feeling the curls of her pubes around my fingers like soft Velcro. Pointed ignoring her complaints, I return to Debbie, who hadn’t quite recovered and pull her head to my sloppy cock, which she proceed to lap me at like a bitch. She complies, gyrating those breasts slowing she awaits for my dick to reach her mouth and then sucks on the end, I grip her head and hold it down, then as I pull it back, she finds the time to talk dirty.


Los Cinco Hermanos Ch. 12

group eidetic 2017-12-20

We had a great "wrap party" and although the construction guys wouldn't drink alcohol because they were on the job, as soon as they realized Jerry was still paying for their time, they shared some pop and munchies with us while we sat around and shot the shit, then they went and struck the set while the rest of us ordered in dinner. Jerry told me to take the Ferrari and Molly asked if I needed a lunch packed or a thermos of coffee and I opted for the latter. anyway, they're pretty much the only women he has any kind of regular relationship with and I get worried sometimes that he's just burning out on work and not letting himself actually live life, and so when you and Sandy and Pam showed up on the scene, it just seemed like a really good thing..."


Perfect Vacation

group NthDegree 2017-12-20

Just as her mouth was adjusting to the new toy, she felt the pussy-stretching cock inside her filling her with hot cum, causing her body to ignite. Each spurt had only a quick opportunity to coat the inside of Kim's mouth, before she ardently sucked it into the back of her throat and sent on its way to her cum-hungry belly. The cock stretching her pussy squirmed inside of Kim, and just as she was adjusting to the new cock in her mouth, he let loose his cum-cannon, filling her pussy. Kim began to suck wildly on the cock that filled her mouth, as she was jamming her hips backwards to meet every thrust, causing sperm-laden balls to slap obscenely against her fully exposed clit.

Fucked s*s her friends watched

group goodguysam 2017-12-20

He said my dad was very hard worker. One day mom was away she said she will be home by evening. Niki said do you know the winner have to kiss the looser. Niki went to Bilo and kissed her on the cheek. Other girls said deal is deal you have to kiss. As she came close to me Niki gave me signal to hold Darshi tight for kiss. As she started to kiss bilo came up and pushed Darshi to me and kept push her. Other girls started to clap and saying go all the way gogi. She said no b*****r I dont want to stop. I fucked her for 10 minutes then she said she want to ride my cock.

Cumming Together

group little_miss_naughty345 2017-12-20

Only one way to know for sure if you're turned on or not." She locked eyes with me as she achingly slowly moved her hand down from my breast, across my tummy and over my panties. Lily slipped her hand back in my panties, I was so turned on that in a few strokes she had me back to where I was a few seconds ago, close to cumming. "I'm cumming!" I moaned, feeling an amazing orgasm spread though my entire body, my pussy clenching tightly on Lily's thrusting fingers. As I watched Liam slip his fingers into Lily's pussy lips my clit began to throb hard. Liam's eyes closed and he groaned slightly as Lily took his cock into her mouth and began pumping up and down whilst I squirmed underneath them.


Suzanna and the Elders

group joetgm 2017-12-20

Jon didn't hold back and slammed his whole weight into Suzanna's tiny frame that was now clinging to Sam's legs as she felt her pussy hit with wave after wave of lustful sensation, she could feel every ridge of his bare dick as it slipped from shallow to full penetration. Sam finally took control and grasped her tight ass with each hand, pulling her forwards and making his swollen cock slip over her g spot repeatedly -- she felt it deep inside, the orgasm building at a stunning rate. Her tiny body was fully impaled on Sam's big dick as Jon pushed her down using a hand to push his own cock to climax.

جلنار جردلي Jilnar Jardaly's Lesbian Lovefest

group 2017-12-20

I squirted stream after stream into Chrissie's hungry mouth who moaned her approval, just as Suzie unloaded, filling my mouth with her sweet young love juice. "She eats pussy good Chris & she learns fast," said Suzie breathlessly (obviously satisfied with me), "You have to try her. The taste of Chrissie's pussy, my finger in her tight ass & the incredible feeling of Suzie's & my hairless pussies grinding against each other was too much for us all... A squealing Chrissie was soon squirting thick jets of her cunt juice into my hungry mouth & Suzie & I were squirting hot streams of lady-cum all over each others pussies & writhing bodies.

Guestintimate Ch. 01

group arbenitre 2017-12-20

Brian was apparently in for the treat of his life if Celine was anything more like Anna than a look alike. "You know that you're drinking the wine Brian was supposed to be using to try to divest this incredible creature from her modesty?" I nodded toward Celine and sat on a stool before my state of growing anticipation became even more obvious than it must already be. She squeezed over next to me immediately upon getting in the car and took the opportunity on the way to whisper "Celine's going to think you don't like her if you don't start looking at her." Brian and I exchanged a couple glances, but there wasn't time for any private exchange before we were seated in the car on our way home.


In Control

group Acal 2017-12-20

Kane grinned and pushed Derek against Melanie before spreading him and sliding his hot, hard thickness deep inside him. He gasped for breath at each pull of Kane's mouth on his straining cock and with each caress and twinge of Mel's fingers on his hard throbbing nipples. Kane cried out again as a surge of pleasure flooded through him, he gasped when Mel wrapped both her lithe hands around his straining hardness and began to stroke and rub her fingers over the sensitive head. Kane grasped Melanie's back as the pressure continued to build in his groin and balls, he gasped and panted as bursts of pleasure rapidly spiked through him as Mel and Derek took turns ramming into him.


Being a good bitch a FURRY Story

group Wuffbell 2017-12-20

“Yeah, I'd love to play with a cock that big.” Bunny says licking his lips at the sight of pre-cum dripping from the tip of hir cock. shi moans out feeling his throat milking pre-cum from hir cock helping hir face fuck him harder. Samantha looks down at him with a frown “That's mistress.” shi tells him “And if you do a good enough job making me cum I might fuck your ass and jerk you off as a reward for being such a good boy.” Samantha tells him as he starts licking hir pussy. After a few grinds shi pulls Bunny away from hir pussy and looks down at him “Sorry mistress, sorry.” Bunny says moving his hand away from hir ass and cupping hir big heavy balls and starts massaging them.

Wifes night out

group pickohio 2017-12-20

The one guy said they were having a small gathering at their house and asked if she and her friend wanted to go and they did. Then after she was DP'ed she said one of the guys that was really big got on top of her and really drilled her while all the other guys held her down...she said that turned her on the most, the guys holding her legs apart and the others holding her arms down while she had a big cock in her, but then he pulled out and put it in her ass....she said she wasnt ready for that, but he just buried it in htere and fucked her til he came, but she said he didnt cum in her, he pulled out and covered her stomach and chest.

One More Drink

group DreamerKitty 2017-12-20

One leg draped comfortably over the side of the couch, her hand lay motionless across her pussy in such a way that she was excited but you could not see any details beyond what a bathing suit would reveal. Not wanting to disrupt the fun with your hand between her legs, she stayed in an upright position and held it, fantasizing over the feel that would be if it were in her mouth. You held the head against your cock until you could feel a chin on your balls and grabbed tight on the breast in your right hand. Any detail they spoke of, from the kissing to the tit sucking to the hand massaging they'd apply to a pussy or two -- all details made your smile grow as fast as your cock did.

Just a Fantasy Ch. 01

group bbwsadieml 2017-12-20

Will began teasing me about it mercilessly until late one night, as he stroked my clit to send me over the edge into ecstasy, he whispered into my ear, "Would you fuck Jason for me?" "There is something about a woman with a full figure that just makes me want to sink into her until we both can't cum any more." He then pulled me to him, his hands cupping my face, and kissed me deeply, his tongue stroking across mine. "Your tits covered in cum are something I want to see again before this day is finished." He kissed me again before gently easing me down his body.