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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Megan Ch. 3

group Patrick 2017-12-20

As I eased my cock teasingly slowly into her steaming tight pussy, I grinned inwardly at her concept of long time, it had been just over a week since I'd fucked her in the pool, fucked her hot sexy ass, But I guess it was enough to make Jenny think that this was the first time, and that was ok with me, then I started to fuck her in earnest, spreading her legs wide and ramming my cock as deep as I could into her hot, clutching pussy, "Oh yes, Megan, I've wanted you too, watched you and wanted you" I said, and heard her slight chuckle as she realized I was referring to the night she'd fucked her husband in my back yard.


The reward

group unbel69 2017-12-20

“"I'’d love to see his excited face, his stiff cock, while he's watching you, your body, lying here”" you teased her, "“and I’'d open your pussy like this… for his pleasure”" “"Oh yes baby… he'’d love to stroke his hot cock looking at your pussy”" you incited, "“and I’m sure he’'d do anything we'’d ask him”..." You stared at me as my mouth reached your wife’s pussy, and as she screamed with pleasure, you started pounding your cock in her mouth, with strong, fast thrusts, never lifting your eyes from me, from my tongue that was running all over her pussy, sucking her clit, making her squirm.

Never Enough Ch. 08

group Sweetcheekss 2017-12-20

“I’ve got money in the bank I can loan you if you need it.” Amber offered. After lunch, Jackie returned to the studio to do more unpacking while I’d headed to J.R.’s to get ready for my meeting with Steven. “I asked my father to come along, hope you don’t mind?” Steven said. I walked back to the desk and took out a few wads of cotton, handing them to Steven and Frank. I didn’t really want Steven to leave but I knew he had to be at his office early in the morning. “So, what do you think of Frank?” Amber asked, coyly as we drove to the club. Steven came up to the office but Frank headed directly for the bar and Amber.


The Kissing Lime

group Eldro Rolod 2017-12-20

I was mumbling something about dreading work Monday morning and that we should all go out again soon because it was a lot of fun to get out and let loose when Jewels reached up, placed her hand at the base of my neck, and pulled my mouth to her. Slowly I lowered her to the carpet, first to her knees, where I finished removing her blouse as Becky moved to her side and slid her tongue into Jewels' mouth. Becky slid lower and took Jewels' left nipple into her mouth, sucking it softly, causing Jewels to moan. Apparently reaching a silent agreement, Jewels lowered her lips to Becky breast and took her nipple into her mouth while still holding my cock firmly in her hand.


Halloween Orgy

group analplayplease 2017-12-20

Tim walked in and threw a box of condoms on the table and said, "Geez, those were for later but they look needed now." Tim stripped his clothes off and as I watched him strip I began to cum into the girls mouth. I heard Tim groan and say, "lick my cum princess." She must have done just that because he then said, "very good." I was still sliding up and down on Cory. I took Tim and Cory and the knight to the bathroom where I ran the water and climbed in. I took the lube from Cory and used some to finger Tim's ass while I deep throated his cock.

Rae's Sexual Adventures Ch. 2

group SexKat 2017-12-20

Billy slid the other dress strap down Rae's shoulder, exposing her other breast. Greg started thrusting his hips, his cock inching closer and closer to her waiting mouth, before finally moving forward enough to thrust his dick inside of her warm, wet mouth. He slid all 8 inches inside of her and then paused for a moment, just enjoying the feeling of her warm, wet, dripping pussy wrapped around his hard cock. Rae screamed and thrust back, letting a fourth orgasm roar through her before collapsing to the bed, breathing hard. Greg had enjoyed watching them very much and could feel his excitement building again, but knew that he should let Rae rest for a little while.

Edna Diexler

group BigKahunaCat21 2017-12-20

Edna looked at Les and replied, "When Jack started licking and sucking my tits, I couldn't control my pussy from juice flow. Thinking back to that night, Edna's pussy started to flow again as she recalled the constant fucking she took after she finally gave in. "Hey honey Les said, getting Edna back to reality, how bout we head up to Oklahoma tomorrow in the Winnebago, and play a little at the WinStar." One might think it was from the diversity of our group 4 men 2 women or the age differences; but more than likely is was that Edna's white blouse had dried to an off yellow and still highlighted her tits and nipples. After twice fucking Jenny, and the boys doing their duty non stop with Edna, after several hours, the energy level and strength to continue tapered down.


From Sweetie to Slutty Ch. 04

group meddlesome 2017-12-20

I loved being the wild slut who pleased all of the guys on the way down from Boston and I certainly gave them all they wanted, but Bob was taking it to a new level. Bob pulled out three quarters of the way and I gulped the sperm that was still coming out of his incredible cock and then started to get some air before getting back to sucking every last drop of cum from my Master's gorgeous slab. She'd tell you right now, but she has a big cock in her mouth and another in her little pussy. He groaned and gave me the tip of his cock to drink from as I felt client #2 rubbing more lube into my pussy and ass.


Poor Angel Ch. 05

group GrassJelly 2017-12-20

Sherry sat with one of her legs hooked over Ryan's left knee, trying not to think about all the sex they'd been having at his house this past month. He was a good guy, and to be honest, Sherry didn't know why he liked stroking her, when the entire female population of Firwood High wanted to jump his bones. Sherry had to admit, that even though she and Ryan had been doing it three times a week, her sexual appetite had exploded after the James fiasco. James hung his head slightly, and very briefly, Sherry thought she saw a wateriness to his eyes. All he could see was Sherry Tandon, the girl whose face and body he had fantasized about for the entire school year, and that was how he liked it.


A First Time for Everything

group Trish Martin 2017-12-20

As my hand reached her pussy I could feel her heat, then I slid one finger inside her warmth and she said, "oh yeah that feels good just like that." She spread her legs to give me better access and I told her I wanted to taste her. I told her I felt really weird not wearing any underwear and she said, "Don't worry after awhile you'll be glad your not." When we were ready we left for the restaurant and found out we were actually going to a birthday party, when I walked in and saw all our co-workers. Taking his cock in her hand she put it to my lips and said, "Make him ready to enter you Trish." I took him in my mouth, felt him grow and harden as I sucked on him.

A Night of Tits and Lips Pt. 03

group Devotetas 2017-12-20

After the break, Angie said that she wanted to see Julie's famous labia. Now Angie began to suck the labia in earnest, pulling them out of Julie's cunt with her teeth and holding them out. Julie's juices were beginning to flood out and Angie enjoyed the sweet taste of another woman for the first time. I used the legs of the tights to manipulate her tits and rub the nipples, each time making the labia jerk upwards. Every now and then Angie fingered herself to get more of her own juice to lubricate Julie's exposed labia and to stimulate her clit. And if I knelt in from of Julie and sucked her protruding lips, Angie could feel the vibrations in her tits.

Big Tits his wife and daughter

group 2017-12-20

My daughter was holding his upper body had volts in his chest, lower body up slowly twitched, let the Lao Zhu dick into a vagina a.The Lao Zhu Shuangsi, released her, allowing her to hold up the body supporting the chest, one hand playing with her big milk in one hand and out into her pussy touched the clitoris to pull my daughter to the confused and shiver with open mouth could not moan, out of the vagina is no longer a virgin bl**d, all sexual secretion.Lao Zhu see my daughter to let him to the operation cool, said: "The baby, uncle kiss mouth c***d okay?"My daughter asked the Lao Zhu found own body is operating cause to reaction shy naked body again Pafu on his chest, his face buried in his shoulders, Jiaodia channel: "Do Well ......


group Sean Matthews 2017-12-20

You stand up slowly and tell me, "Master, you look like you could use another beer. As you walk to your room, you reach into a shoebox even your lover doesn't know about and get out a long, thick dildo and a pocket rocket vibrator. You look into my eyes and say, "Anything worth doing is worth doing ...nasty, Master." After getting the fake cock wet with your saliva, you let it run between your breasts and down to your bald pussy. You pulled it into your mouth passionately and sucked as if it was an all day sucker that you wanted to finish in a few minutes. I pull my cock from your ass and stroke it as I hold it before your open mouth.

Our New Neighbors

group BadBuzzard 2017-12-20

Yes, yes, yes.' As Hillary fucked her, Betty continued eating my pussy and she and I both began to cum hard. I was kissing her, fingering her cunt and ass, sucking her huge tits while Betty took off the strap-on and used it to fuck Hillary. As I looked Betty's fantastic body over, I could see out of the corner of my eye Sherry laying back on the couch with Phil's head between her legs. Phil had one hand busy fingering Sherry's pussy and asshole while the other was busy pulling on this gigantic cock hanging down between his legs. He got the head in and Betty took my cock out of my mouth and moaned, "Oh yes Phil put that big pole of yours up my ass!


Maggie's Revenge

group okayjack 2017-12-20

When Friday rolled around Maggie took her car to the chosen hotel near the Atlanta airport and I drove to the airport to pick up Marie. As Jason positioned his cock at Maggie's waiting and dripping labia, she looked over at me and smiled again. Jason continued his assault on Maggie's love box while I looked over at Marie. Chad continued his assault on her pussy while Jason alternated between breasts before moving his cock to Maggie's waiting and open mouth. After what seemed like an eternity, especially with my cock literally aching in its rock hard state, Chad rolled off of Maggie. The men spread our legs and I looked over at Marie and whispered, "Are you okay?" She smiled at me and winked.


Paid in Full Ch. 03

group twistedgraygoat 2017-12-20

From here on, the cocks were getting longer and thicker and while my mouth was still full most of the time, the guys were taking me in the ass or vagina as they chose. All the guys came in me at least once and while I did have several little orgasms, the main feeling I had was of a hard cock in me and that I was making the evening a little better for each of them while I was being loved to the fullest extent. Several of the guys stroked my hands and arms and a couple more were sucking on my breasts, but my entire focus was on the sensations I was feeling in my vagina.

Little Slut

group 2017-12-20

In fact as soon as Gary went to work at 6:30 each morning about 6:45 Garys dad would quietly come into the flat and crawl into bed beside Helen and grabbing her tit or a handful of her cunt meat give her a full open mouth kiss before he would roll over on top of his ...-in-law and shove his cock hard and deep into her cunt. About the eighth month Garys dad put a stop to the guys fucking her during the day as he wanted the little slut’s cunt all to himself so he could enjoy her full pregnant body.

Puffies by loyalsock

group loyalsock 2017-12-20

The teacher was sitting at her desk grading papers and didn't even look up when Tara moved over next to her desk, and while continuing to grade her papers, she asked in a stern voice, "Is my little one in great need today?" "Yes ma'am," came Tara's soft reply, "I need it badly!" Finally looking up, Miss Linder leaned back and said, "Expose yourself to me c***d, show me your lovely young body!" In this case, if Tara wanted her tits sucked, she would have to remove all of her clothing as Miss Linder loved seeing the young girl naked, and always spent some of her time sucking Tara's ripe vagina.

And Eat It Too

group sr71plt 2017-12-20

"Hello," Andy finally said, trying not to look at Albert like he could eat the man up, "Yes, we're the Clemons. I'll just get the Clemons settled in their suite and either they'll come down to the pool or they'll see you for wine and cheese on the back porch at five." Albert said the last with a slight tilt up to the inflection of a question as he turned and looked at Sandra and Andy. The four of them—Sandra, Andy, Margaret, and Hal—muttered a few transitional pleasantries before Albert guided the young couple to a door at the rear of the main house that led onto a porch and then what was probably a reading room set beside a large kitchen, and then into the center stair hallway.


Sharing my girlfriend with my roommate! when my mi

group Ass_worship 2017-12-20

After sue got Sams cock rock hard she stopped sucking and looked at us, she held his cock from the base and swung it right and left showing off his size. She soon got up and guided both Sam and Sue to my room, they walked in and she looked back and told me to stay there and that she didnt want me to join Nicky leaned forward and started sucking my dick, she occasionally stopped and looked at me and said stuff like "u did well, this is part or ur reward!

Jeb & Nancy Ch. 02

group karebeargirl 2017-12-20

Funny how I have never used that term to refer to my body I think to myself as I start the car and lets it warm up before pulling away from the curb to begin making my way home to Bob and the boys. Slowly I draw in several deep breaths through my mouth and then out through my nose, feeling the anxiety beginning to ebb from my body and I try desperately to calm down my mind, body and soul to prepare for the drive home and to face my husband who I am sure is more then alarmed by the lateness of her visit to Jeb Jackson's place.


Slechts Groot Ch. 02

group thexxxee 2017-12-20

The sexual tease that Jaimie played on Dave, after her first day of work, was based upon what she knew he wanted to hear. Jaimie told Dave that she had two steady fellows at work; that meant they came to fuck her almost every day that she was on duty. In the few days between being notified of his grad school acceptance, the application of their new plans, and then Dave leaving, Jaimie had told Kees that she was staying. On that third work day, Kees met Jaimie as she came out of one of the little fuck rooms at 9:45 PM. Everyone there got excited to see anyone new try these two guys; but some members had fantasized many times about Jaimie being the one up on stage.


Couples Massage Lesson

group itsmyfantasy 2017-12-20

The masseuse places a hand on each side of your ass and says, "There are a number of techniques we can use, I'll demonstrate and then you will follow." I watch as she spreads your cheeks and lowers her face to your ass. Your body is given over to the feelings as I penetrate your ass and she presses against your clit with the palm of one hand while entering your pussy with a finger on her other hand. Would you like to feel how hard it is?" She places my hands on your hips and guides the head of my cock to your ass.

Confessions of a Cum-Eating Coed

group StephanieSeymour 2017-12-20

Shannon grabbed a handful of hair and forced me to suck some more. Shannon even cleaned my gums and licked the cum off my chin. The margarita glass was filling with cum. Ray, who had a fire hose of a cock, scrunched up his face, threw back his head and unleashed an amazing stream of jizz into the glass. Rocco spread open my ass and licked my crack from pussy to spine. The guys at the margarita glass were jerking themselves with ferocious intensity. The cum started running to the small of my arched back while Rocco caught his breath. Dirk pulled back from the margarita glass and smiled mischievously at Rocco. Shannon cradled the glass with both hands.