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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Boat Ho Ch. 08

group rckplsky 2017-12-20

Harris worked his way to her breasts and began to suck on the left nipple. She stood up and bent over the bed as one of the Marines poured some lube on his finger and slowly worked it in her ass. The Marine who was fucking her in the ass lay down on the bed and she put his dick in her pussy. The final Marine then jammed his penis in her mouth and began to face fuck her hard. This continued for nearly ten minutes before Harris pulled out and swapped out with the Marine who was fucking her face. The other Marines left and Harris got in the bed with her.

Remembrance of Twilight

group Waynegod69 2017-12-20

And then he was standing there, naked, his dick standing hard before him, curved upward a bit, looking down as Cherise squeezed Terri's tight ass cheeks, pulling them apart. She slapped Terri's ass, hard, making the girl moan and grind against the bed, wanting to be touched, needing to be fucked. She just couldn't wait to have your big dick inside her," she chimed, pushing his cock into Terri's opening, "We laid here fucking each other with our tongues all day. There wasn't a moment of hesitation as Cherise lay back, looking at Jake, and pulled Terri's face into her swollen pussy lips. And with that, he pulled his cock from her, spraying them with his hot juice, covering Cherise's tits and Terri's ass.

Dual Dilemma

group Amourbkqueen 2017-12-19

"And we could help you with your little problem too Vi. Think about it," said Chris as his hand settled on my thigh very close to my pussy. He deserves a show don't you think?" said Chris as he spread my legs making my short skirt ride up higher, exposing the big wet spot on my white panties. In the front seat, Chad was watching me fuck Chris's finger and he was palming his own dick through his jeans. "It's time for you to finally lose your virginity to us after teasing us all these years," said Chad as he spanked my ass so hard, I shrieked. Chris moved closer to me and pushed my hair over my sweaty forehead and said,"Violet, we are going to take this very slowly.


A New Friend

group chicouple60608 2017-12-19

I vividly remember he had worked his way slowly down her body, the warmth of his tongue was exploring the softness of her pussy. working over the head with her tongue, he moaned his hands slid up his body and begin fondling his nipples. I did not hesitate and slammed my cock into her depths, she gasp for breath, I felt a gush of warm liquid rush out of her and drip from my balls. she moved back to his cock we embraced in a kiss with his cock sliding between our two mouths we continued this for a few minutes before collapsing next to each other on the bed, our bodies breathing heavy and glistening in sweat.

A New Discovery

group Brina 2017-12-19

My husband didn’t come with, because he really doesn’t like to dance and would just sit there and watch us anyways. I was swirling my tongue over the head of his cock, in the way I know he likes so much. I kept stroking his cock to milk it dry as me and Anita kept kissing each other, licking at his come that had washed over our faces. Even drunk I could tell, just by how intensely his cock was pulsating in my hand. I wanted my husbands cock deep inside me while I tasted her. He moved over to Anita as I recovered and began licking and sucking at her pussy.


group 64 Arts 2017-12-19

I love and trust my man with all my heart and I know he wouldn't stray but at the same time I don't need anyone trying to lead him astray. My man grabs me, kissing me passionately, and the touch of his tongue against mine makes me incredibly aware of her watching. She's got a delicious little ass, and by the look in my man's eyes, I can tell he can't wait to get his hands on it. Bringing her mouth down on me, she parts my lips with her tongue, and wows me with her unmistakable skill. Eagerly, she grabs my head, pulling me in, her tongue poking through lips and teeth, searching...

Sex On Wheels

group Sweetcheekss 2017-12-19

Gary and Matt finished getting the car loaded and came inside the motorhome. Renee pulled her lips from mine and kissed each breasts, taking each nipple in her mouth and sucking on it. Renee had me under control, her fingers playing with my pussy, her lips sucking on my hard nipples. I looked down between my breasts as Renee slipped her middle finger between the lips of my pussy, penetrating me. Matt sat back down, watching Renee working her fingers inside me. Renee was pushing my legs apart as Matt approached the sleeper sofa. Renee took her hand from me as Matt leaned down and kissed my pussy. Matt continued fucking me slowly till Renee climbed off my face.


A Christmas to be Remembered

group PositiveThinker 2017-12-19

"Merry Christmas, Susan," said John stepping out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, while toweling off his naked body, after taking a hot shower. I remember her returning my humps and taking my cock in deeper, while your sister watched me fucking her mother. He reacted in a drunken rage to all the mean and nasty things Diane had said and forced her sister to blow him, before forcing himself on her big mouth, interfering bitch of a mother. In his twisted mind, having her sister blow him and her mother fuck him was his convoluted way of getting back at his wife for what she did to him by cheating on him with her boss.


Sex In the City Chapter 8

group cethpada 2017-12-19

Catherine slowly undressed Charles and stroking his cock through his boxer, Alice was already sucking on Robert's cock and looking across at his wife Michelle he watched as Michael slowly unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. As Lucy licked Catherine looked over at the others, “Michael, get off Michelle and fuck this whore and Richard once she had finished cleaning me up I want to see your cock in her mouth, really fuck her mouth, she loves it and can’t get enough. Lucy groaned with pleasure, “Yes Mistress.” She moved her upper torso off Catherine, moved her hands to the legs of Richard and started to suck on his rock hard cock.

I Can't Believe You Have A Wife!

group thick_caramel_delite 2017-12-19

A woman's tongue felt so foreign on a clit that's used to the hard and forceful licks a man offers; this was a totally different sensation, softer, gentler, and it made me cum hard in her mouth. You really picked the right girl." She said, to which he replied, "I'm glad you like her pussy so much baby, I knew you would." Looking directly at me he told me, "Toni, taste Janette's pussy, its sweet like yours and if you do it well she's got a surprise for you." I want you to make me cum!" Janette said before Javon stuck his dick in her mouth.


group amazon2204 2017-12-19

I like to fantasise a little about having my own army of slave women, available at my beck and call to rub my neck, or my breasts, scrub my feet to smooth perfection, massage lovely expensive lotions into my hair and face. I always wondered about Mr. Richmond's sexuality, we had shared a women a few times before, I forget where, and once a girl had slipped well lubricated finger up his bottom while I was sucking his cock. Etienne gently took Mr. Richmond's head and tugged him to his feet, where the two men softly joined lips and tongues in a passionate kiss. Mr. Richmond looked apprehensive, but allowed Etienne to place one foot at a time on his shoulder then reach down to reassure his twitching cock.


The Weekend Guest Ch. 01

group dconrad 2017-12-19

"I think I need to do something like that," I pointed to Cindy who was sucking the man's cock while his wife devoured her pussy. Paula and John were older than me and I didn't want to feel like an over-eager child, but I don't think I did a very good job. I was wondering if we were going to talk about anything sexual, so, feeling emboldened by the wine, I asked, "Paula, so have you had any adventures since we last met?" Paula flashed John a look that said 'so here we go', then smirked and said, "only a couple of little ones."


Why I'm Such A Bad Girl Ch. 02

group Happily Tied Up 2017-12-19

Danny brought his lips back to my nipples, then lower over my rib cage stopping for a moment to fuck my belly button with his tongue, till he continued further down, moved Sam's hand out of the way, and dipped his tongue into my cunt. Danny got on his knees in the sand and was tonguing my clit and fucking me with his fingers when Sam touched my asshole with his fingertip. Danny nibbled and sucked my clit between his lips, his fingers working in and out of my cunt like a piston as Sam grabbed my hips and slammed himself into me, yelling like a madman and forcing his cock deep into my bowels.

Moons, Stars & Cars Ch. 2

group shanster69 2017-12-19

Mike starts to rub his hard dick on my clit, teasing me with his large head. I feel Bob rubbing my hard swollen clit, gently moving his fingers inside of me. I grab Mike's hard dick and start licking just the head, feeding it into my mouth like a vacuum hose. I lift my other tit up and start licking it with my own tongue, while I am pumping his dick so fast and hard, and it is attached to my hard nipples, it feels so fucking good, I want to cum right now!! I grab Bob's big juicy hard dick and start rubbing it on my clit, while Mike is fucking me in my ass.

The Story Of My Tattoo

group Mysecretsoul 2017-12-19

I was always painfully shy and every time Matthew came to the cube to talk with Jessica I could not even bear to look at him, but he frequently and openly stared at me. He came right on time and picked me up, looked at me with a smile and said come on. Matthew came into the room with three large metal jars; they said ‘Flour’ ‘Sugar’ ‘Coffee’, and started to take out plastic bags. I threw my top down next to the platform and started dancing, turning myself so the outline of my bare breasts reflected on the screen, and then facing Matthew. “You want a blow job Bill?” He was nodding his head and I took the money in my hand and lay it on the table.


Wife Gets a New Job...

group Roggering 2017-12-19

By the time I got back to the office I had the itch again, not only that, I had that warm wet feeling between my legs, I wished that I'd worn something a bit more revealing, and started to imagine that the guys in the factory would rub their cocks looking at me. Not only that, when I went into the factory I would walk and swing my hips, all the guys would stop work and watch as I sashayed to pick up the proofs, I was loving this, having 8 old men lusting after me was making my fanny wet most days, by the time I got home in the evenings I would rip my dress off and Skype Andy, we'd have a mutual masturbation session whilst I told him how I'd teased these guys!

The Skills Assessment Ch. 01

group Irish Moss 2017-12-19

When Beth's recorded voice indicated that it was time to start, I immediately felt a hand on the base of my cock, followed by a warm, wet mouth engulfing it all the way down to my pubes. I was briefly disappointed as the lips left my shaft, but when I felt a soft tongue on my balls as my cock was still being pumped, I was certain that no one would be able to top this blowjob. From behind me, I heard Rob grunt as he finally filled Tara's mouth, followed by some murmurings which I assumed were an invitation to one of the remaining girls to get her pussy eaten.


Sexy Seniors Ch. 04

group sex4u4647 2017-12-19

With many thanks to that little blue pill called Viagra I was able to keep Kathy and Sue happily climaxing with my cock. Your wife and Alice will take care of Ted. Sally and Ed are busy somewhere fucking and Grace is being loved by Jack and Mike over there in the corner." The three were naked now and she was handling both of their cocks while her tits were sucked by Mike and Jack was finger fucking her bare pussy. Over across the way Jack was fucking Grace while mike was handling her naked tits. "Let the games begin." She and Alice stripped away their bikinis, reached for Ted and pulled his trunks off releasing a long hard cock. Jack started fucking Sue, I started eating Grace's bald pussy.

The Gentlemen's Club

group david62 2017-12-19

Now if you'd allow me to advise, I know what will suit you and what the club likes it's girls to wear, sexy, pretty, but not vulgar, or cheap." Julie nodded, Each time Julie returned to the table, one or both men, would discreetly, explore her legs and ass. As they stood up, Julie put her hands on his shoulders and kissed him, with a light touch on the mouth, then did the same to Jim. "Gentlemen this is Julie, a new, beautiful bird of paradise in our little aviary," Alina finished, smiling. Julie lay across both their laps and pulled Rupert down to a passionate kiss, as Jim, ran his hands over her thighs, then up under her pants.


Turning His World Upside Down

group SouthernScribbler 2017-12-19

Sara walked out on the deck and leaned over the back of Tony's head, grabbing the cold bottle of Michelob light from his hand. Tony began grabbing each of Sara's firm ass cheeks in each hand, then knead them momentarily before he spread them apart, exposing her pinkish rosebud. Sara began moaning loudly now, and Tony and Liza knew that she was a mere few seconds away from an imminent climax. Tony grabbed the base of the toy from Liza, which allowed her to concentrate all of her attention on Sara's swollen erect clit. Tony felt Sara's thighs tense and then he took a long firm lick from her ass crack all the way up the center of her hot butt, making sure to press against her sexy anus.


A Hickerman Party Ch. 01

group saber6 2017-12-19

Today was no exception, for just as they enter the door, Bill handing his invitation to a bare breasted 18 to 20 year old blond in a chorus line outfit, Angel lowers her hand giving his rigidness a good long squeeze. Reaching for a chip, with his hand still on Angel’s arm, Bill asks, “Shall we go play the slots?” But, before Angel can answer, their bare breasted hostess interrupts, “Bill and Angel, I would like to introduce you to your table mates and fellow initiates, Jeff and Tonya.” Tonya and Angel also join hands softly exchanging courtesies, when Bill heard Tonya say, “Well girl – you sure came dressed to party.” Tonya was almost as tall as Jeff, with dark blond hair pulled straight back into a pony tail that hung down to the middle of her back.


The Evolution

group Lozo44 2017-12-19

I could tell the big, Black Cock was getting ready to explode and used my mouth and tongue at warp speed eagerly awaiting a mouth full of hot, creamy man juice. My tongue had been replaced with a big, white Cock that was all oiled up looking ready to Fuck my ass as I continued sucking the juicy Cock in my mouth while Fucking my pussy with my rubber lover. With my butt plug still working my ass I slid that big, brown Cock in my dripping pussy and Fucked it so hard I thought I was going to knock the booth's wall down! Two new big, white Cocks popped through the holes as I looked at the timer and it said I had a full hour left.

Experience Takes Time Ch. 2

group ivanother 2017-12-19

Apparently we had to have partners, Arthur partnered Gladys, Tom partnered my mum, Mike partnered Annie and I partnered Liz. I lost next and my question was, 'Did I wank?', I felt myself go red in the face, I didn't look at mum and to shouts of "Randy young sod" I said that I did. Liz my partner lost, said "Fuck the truth or dare, what's the forfeit?" It was to remove her skirt, pull her knickers to one side and let her partner finger her pussy. Liz pulled me to my feet and led me upstairs, Looking back Tom was still tonguing my mum, Mike was lying on his back, trousers around his ankles and Annie Gleason was sucking his prick.

Joyce, Across the Street Ch. 03

group Chaingun 2017-12-19

I thought to myself, "Let's see: There's the cumstain on the edge of the couch, the destroyed thong, the violation of Joyce's tiny asshole with my cock, the death of her son's fish from when Joyce's son's aquarium was once in the way of our enthusiastic fuck session, and the only other thing that I could think of was something that Joyce had told me about and we'd gotten a good laugh about. I looked up from Joyce's nipples and saw Sheila standing with an empty wine glass in one hand and her other hand absent-mindedly stroking herself under her skirt. The lewdness of having my cock, still wet with Joyce's cunt, buried in Sheila's pretty face was a turn on.