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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

1st, 2nd and 3rd Person

group milkandhoney27 2017-12-19

He begins to stroke the nozzle with his cloth like it's a little cock and grins at me, then tilts his head towards the dude. Because I look down and the guy Joe has stopped blowing Benji and he's grabbed my hands and taken them from my clit. And I'd be like, we're fucking and it's feeling real good so I don't care where he sticks his finger. But having Joe's tongue worming and pushing deep up my ass makes me feel nasty and dirty and sexy and out of control and I love every fucking minute of this. You're pumping your big, old cock as you watch babygirl croon some kind of song as she shudders all bent over the counter like a little hussy.


The Best of Friends...

group 2017-12-19

The wetness around his tip mirrored my own and I reached my other hand down between my legs, dipping my fingers into my own cunt to feel the juices building, moving to my clit with growing excitement as I half watched the girls strapping on dildos, and the rest of my attention focussed on Lee as I carried on moving my hand up and down his shaft, down to his balls and up, sweeping my palm over his glans and then forming my fingers into an 'O' to tightly squeeze down again.

The Prick Pt. 03

group Paris Waterman 2017-12-19

Anyway, we were in the Mirage, wandering past the many swanky shops when Fellah saw this "Fuck Me" type dress in a window and gushed over it, I took her hand and pulled her into the store, and insisted that she try it on. The old woman would undoubtedly be going to the mall police, and we didn't want to disrupt our lovely honeymoon, so I pulled Fellah to her feet and returned to our suite at the Mirage where I let her finish the blowjob while I looked out the window at the fantastic lights along the Strip. I glanced in the mirror, Fellah was like a woman possessed; her hips thrust upward as if being fucked by an invisible force, her fingers were slick and shiny with her juices; and all the while her eyes never left Cleo and me.

Sully Ch. 02

group Paris Waterman 2017-12-19

Sully laughed and slapped me on the back, "I told you, I know, right?" He paused and gave me a serious look. "Oh, come on Shelly, I wasn't boorish," Sully said defensively, but he was loosening up and took a swig of his beer. It seemed like forever, but Shelly finally broke our kiss; her finger playfully toyed with the head of my cock as she captured a drop of precum and brought it to my lips. "So do you want her to suck your dick or what?" Sully said as he prepared to enter Shelly from behind even though he was only semi-erect. Shelly's hand grasped the base of my dick and brought it to her greedy mouth, paused and said, "I didn't like giving head before I met Jack.


The House of Dionysus

group Stonehammer69 2017-12-19

We all continued joking back and forth on the way back to our room and I decided that even in the likely case of nothing happening we at least got to hang out with two pretty cool and funny girls. For about ten minutes it seemed like maybe we were going to actually just watch the movie, but then I felt Holly's hands rubbing up and down my thigh, inching closer and closer to my dick. I looked over to see Riley, still clothed in her tank top and short skirt, sinking down onto Nick's hard cock. From my peripheral I noticed Riley was mimicking Holly's movements, and the combined force of the two girls bouncing on our cocks put an audible strain on the bed.


Getting Off A Ticket Ch. 4

group Gunther 2017-12-19

You can now feel our hardening cocks against both of your thighs as I begin to caress your ass and Officer Kelly places his hand under your blouse. I reach down and spread your ass and lips apart, and Officer Kelly begins to slowly rub his cock head up and down your slit. As he begins to very slowly pump his rigid member in and out of your wide-open pussy, you feel him hit areas deep inside you that both alarm and delight you. Your spasms send Officer Kelly off into orgasmic bliss, and as you pussy continues to bask in pleasure you feel him shoot thick ropes of hot cum deep inside you.

The Sleepwalking Detective

group regularguy13 2017-12-19

I was lecturing at Maymont Park on industrialization during the Gilded Age a few months back and I met Betty Lou. She complimented me on my presentation and said she had a few questions so we had a coffee. Betty Lou and Patsy went into Lawrence's hospital room. Betty Lou went to her unconscious husband and said,"Come on, Larry. Malcolm and Winnifred met Betty Lou and her daughter, Patsy, in the waiting area. When Betty Lou released the young woman, Winnie said, "What When Winnie and Malcolm came down for dinner there were two new people in the room. Betty Lou pointed to the man seated at the table and said, I thought you said your name was Nancy Drew?" A confused Betty Lou asked.


Wife as Young Woman Ch. 02

group luckyhusband5 2017-12-19

A few of the guys turned to me and I heard various comments like; "look at those tits, nice lips, I cant wait to get under that skirt." I smiled at the attention. The guy fucking me said "MMM, I am going to cum." He moved around to my face and told Gregg to move. I felt some hands on my tits and heard the guys chanting "Fuck her hard." I thought I was going to pass out, but I hung in there. The one guy getting ready to fuck me stuck a couple fingers up my pussy and said "this bitch is still ready for a good fuck." Gregg said "Get on your knees on the floor bitch we are all going to cum on your face again."

MMF Massage with Girlfriend 01

group FunkyR 2017-12-19

I asked Michelle if she wanted a back massage, she was a little apprehensive but said she did so I went behind her and started to rub her shoulders. After a short time I gave her arse a little kiss and asked Joel if he wanted to swap ends. After a while I asked her if she would play with Joels cock and she said she would so he took his trousers off and moved himself beside her and she started wanking him in the same way as me. A short time later she moved her right hand that she was wanking me with down to her pussy and said that she wanted us both to come over her tits.

Crossdresser teacher violates 18yo sissy schoolgir

group shysissyfitbum 2017-12-19

By now I have you sat bum on the edge of the sofa you lying back legs spread and your cock throbbing through white panties visible through the black but see through tights. I take you to my bedroom and lay you on the bed on your back hands tied to the bedstead pillow under your bum and then enters my big and dumb slave, dark skin massive cock and only wearing tight white shiny pants. I am now standing with leg on the bed over you toy buzzing inside me as you suck my cock he starts pulsing inside you as he moans and you feel his hot spunk inside you and makes you cum by his hand and I get so excited I cum in your mouth or all over your face.

My Best Flight Day 02

group Tetris07828 2017-12-19

During the lunch break at work I called Sara and Carries home number and left a message saying that I would be by after work for dinner. Sara who has been busy in the kitchen stops her work and refills her glass and asks, "How was your day baby?" While Sara was busy preparing dinner Carrie made me another wonderful drink. Sara said, "David, after dinner we normally take a dip in the hot tub, I hope you don't think that's too presumptuous of us?" Sara takes the lead and like a train I follow with Carrie as the caboose. Sara looked deep into Carries eyes, "I understand you and feel the same way.


Getting a Haircut

group Westless99 2017-12-19

I always got my hair cut by a barber, Kerry, or his wife, Miranda, who together ran a unisex hair salon. As he continued to cut my hair, he spoke softly in my ear that his wife, Miranda, might be able to take care of some of my needs. As she finished up, she pulled my head close to her breasts and spoke softly that she had always wanted to help me "relax." As she pushed them against my face, she added that Kerry has always wanted to try a threesome, and I would be the perfect person, since he is comfortable with me and finds me attractive. As I began to lick her pussy lips, I felt the bed move and Kerry had joined us.

His Prize

group QueenofDesire 2017-12-19

I couldn't help but seductively stare at Jake as I put Warren's hardened cock into my mouth. I slowed to tease him a bit, but Jake forced his cock deeper, clutching the back of my head. I yelped with a mixture of pain and pleasure as he forced my hanging breast against the bed, Jake continuing his hard thrusting. "How much of a prize am I going to get?" Jake asked, slapping my ass, suddenly stopping his hard thrusting and pulling his hands away from my breasts. Jake removed his dripping fingers from my pussy and slowly slid his cock out of my ass. "So you want to come over next week for another game of strip poker?" Jake asked, smirking that terribly arrogant grin again.

Britnee’s Trailer Park Adventures

group gfunk45 2017-12-19

She was in her mid 30's taller than her daughter, had bigger hips and her tits sagged a bit, but, for a woman who had spent most of her life fucked up on booze, pills and any drugs she could get her hands on, not to mention the years she spent on her knees sucking cock for rent money, she was a seriously gorgeous woman. Merle wanted more than anything to dip his sleazy cock in Britnee's tight young 18-year-old pussy and did everything he could think of to entice the young girl into moving. Leaning closer, Britnee slid one hand under the sofa and found what she was looking for as she felt the heat from Merle's massive cock on her face.


At the beach

group wanker5269 2017-12-19

What a nice hard cock and he started to fuck my mouth. She was watching me suck this guys cock. I told by blow job guy to fuck me. He started fucking my ass and I aske the woman to come over so I could eat her pussy. THen she told me she wanted to suck the cream from my ass and my ass fucking buddy could eat the cum from her pussy. He did and as the other 2 watched and masturbated, I had this guy cum in my mouth. I love the beach and clothing optional means fucking ass and pussy. I stopped to jerk off watching this young girl getting fucked you this guy that was hung like a horse.

Eva Ch. 01

group neathy 2017-12-19

I looked at Eva and, although she still had Lita's tit in her mouth sucking on it, her eyes glued to our hands on the underwear as I forced her hand and fingers to explore another woman's pussy for the first time. I had Eva's nose in my asshole, her tongue on my balls and Lita's mouth on my cock while she fucked Eva's hot slit with her clit and pulled on Eva's nipples at the same time. After awhile in this position, I thought I felt an orgasm start to come on so I jerked Lita's head off my hard, swollen cock and told her to change places with me.

Black Mailed...

group d4david 2017-12-19

I closed the door and looked at the picture it was another photo of me with a very stiff black penis lodged deep in my mouth. Daniel tossed the clothes I had worn first into the far corner and said " see I told you the bitch would follow our instructions and be laying right here in bed waiting for some hard dick.' All three of them burst out in maniacal laughter. Bruce knell on the mattress and stroked my thigh and said 'come on over here baby and suck this dick like a good bitch.' Charlie said 'wait, lets make the scene complete.' Charlie reached into the closet and pulled out a bag, he dumped it on the mattress beside me.

Adventures in Oz

group XXXNoBounds 2017-12-19

At this point in the story, you might be wondering how Dorothy would be able to continue her stroll down the yellow brick road, which was now what she was doing with the scarecrow and tin man on either side. Unlike the scarecrow and tin man, Dorothy did not have to remove his cock, for the lion was naked, save for his fur. Soon, she had the scarecrow's cock in her mouth, her tongue sliding over his tip, while she felt the tin man deep inside her pussy. She studied the faces of the three men and instantly, it dawned on her why the scarecrow, tin man, and lion and all looked so familiar.

Boating Adventure

group kenkx 2017-12-19

Sam was telling me about a deal he was working on, but I noticed that his eyes were focused on my wife's long legs and Sam kept leaning forward when Lynn reached for her glass. I watched my wife's eyes as they moved right past me and focused on Sam. He was standing with his feet apart and his hands on his hips, brazenly displaying his nude body to the women I became even more rigid when Kate moved to Lynn's side and slowly began to pull my wife's suit down her slender legs. Kate worked rapidly and in moments released Sam. She slid between my legs and swallowed my bouncing cock until I felt the head hit the back of her throat.


CvsN 09: Threepeat

group Tx Tall Tales 2017-12-19

We sent the tykes off to their room with a video before bed, and after Debbie chased everyone out of the kitchen; it was Karen and I on the couch, with Beth sitting quietly on the lounge chair. That led to some crying little girls at the top of the stairs, and Karen and Debbie settled them back down, this time for the night, while Beth and I cleaned up the glass. "Do one of you two want to explain what the relationship and living deal is that you three have concocted?" Karen asked, looking at Beth and Debbie.


A Different Plan Ch. 02

group such_good_friends 2017-12-19

A friend who --unbeknownst to us is a Literotica visitor-- read and mentioned "our" story, so our anonymity may be relative and even fleeting. Once again, we hope that our story might somehow lead you and your partner to talk about what's meaningful in your lives, to take a chance on growing together, to trust each other and your love for each other. Gina spends her days trying to help families through their relative's catastrophic illness, and Susan spends her nights in the ED saving lives of gang-bangers and old folks with pneumonia." Part French bistro, part pizza place, it felt like the "comfy neighborhoods spot" near their home in Clayton, except this one had a wonderful view of the marina and lots of pedestrian traffic going by their patio table.


Raging Storms

group prrrrfctlilkitty 2017-12-19

Teresa felt Paul s body stiffen and he came inside of her ass. "Mmm, yes!" Teresa moaned as she moved her hands down to her pussy, sliding a finger inside of herself. Paul pulled her to her feet and laid down in a 69 with her, licking her clit while she sucked his cock deep inside of her mouth. She heard a surprised yelp from John and then a soft moan as Paul's tongue brushed against his cock as it slid in and out of her pussy. He climbed off of her and came around to let her suck the mixture of their juices from his cock as Paul began lapping up the mixture of her juices and his cum that were now oozing from her pussy.

Pool Boy Ch. 23

group BigZeke13 2017-12-19

I was in a goofy mood so as they sat across the room staring at my big fatty, I cocked my hips like they did and turned and headed for the kitchen in my rendition of Alexis' model-walk. She was looking out the window and she threw one leg over the arm of the chair and started dragging her open hand up the length of her pussy and then straight up over her stomach to each of her tits and then pushed her fingers, one at a time past her closed lips. I need you now." Emma released my balls and then moved her hand up the back of my thighs and gently caressed them again as I pushed my steel hard cock into Alexis' pussy from behind.


Sunita: Neighbour's Erotic Wife Ch. 02

group sajit 2017-12-19

Sunita began milking his prick from root to tip, squeezing on the pulling stroke, lightly pushing the skin back toward his balls on the return until she was rewarded with a clear drop of cum oozing from the prick-hole, "I really like it when a cock starts leaking!" Sunita murmured with a lascivious lick of her red lips over Sania's cheeks who was very near to the cock and Sunita, leaning over the two while lying on the huge double bed. Ratheesh was waiting for this and wanted no invitation, his hand covered one, squeezing and touching the soft flesh, finger rubbing the erect nipple while her quick hand now pumped his prick with increasing pressure squeezing and pulling juice from the cock hole.