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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group fivendime 2017-12-19

When Holly comes through the door I know the last passenger is on board. With Holly's hands on my head holding my face to her cunt it was impossible to tell. I brought Holly over a couple more times as the hand changed to a mouth sucking on my cock and licking my balls. The mystery passenger grabbed my ass and started my pumping Holly at the pace she wanted me to go at. While I continued to fuck the woman of my dreams, the brunette was reaching between our legs playing with my cock, balls and Holly's pussy. As I stopped and collapsed onto Holly's back the brunette and the blonde left was alone.

Anna - Too Many 1

group cptfritz 2017-12-19

Her hand looked so small as it clutched and slid on Monster's huge cock, and I wondered to myself how indeed could Anna, despite her excitement and sexual preparation, actually take such a massive tool into that tight cunt of hers? Fuck me!" The excited woman was obviously very happy with the sensations Monster's cock was creating inside her, and she was more than eager to feel him cum. The other two men showered and dressed, and then stroked and fondled the still-naked Anna as she lay sprawled on the bed, her naked body showing only the slightest signs of the heavy sex and pleasures she'd just experienced over the past hour.

Meaghan Plays with the Neighbors Ch. 03

group Thadsgood 2017-12-19

I'd have to see Tom's smug face every time I saw him, knowing he abused my slut wife in the ways he had. You knew it, but allowed it to happen..." she said as it came out of her like a flood. "Times like with my ex, or last night...when Jared first cuffed me and I was helpless....all those thoughts flooded back to me about how I was used....then, when Tom came in and found me and I couldn't fight him was just like before." 4) I want, and need instruction on what to do from now on when it comes to Tom, Jared and those three boys. I know you said you wanted my thoughts but it is about you too.


It Started with a Camping Trip

group tail_gunner69 2017-12-19

As we entered into their tent, David was laying under the sleeping bad, touching himself, with a big shit eating grin, and said, "She is hard to say no to." She pulled off her t-shirt, revealing (I later found out) 38D breasts, slightly hanging from the weight, and flat stomach, and a small landing strip of hair above her pussy. She reach down as she was sucking me, and started playing with her nipples, urging David to fill her up too, and asking him if he liked sloppy seconds, to which he just picked up his pace, as I leaned back and watched them, with Linda sucking on my still hard cock.


Our Island Adventure

group quietdreamer3 2017-12-19

I had received a number of brochures about this resort, which was described as a "play land for adults, surrounded by white sand beaches, gorgeous blue water, private coves, palm trees, and beautiful native people, where discriminating adults can have the adventure of a lifetime." We read through the material and we talked excitedly about how we'd soak up the sun during the day, while enjoying margaritas on the beach, and spending the nights listening to music, walking along the romantic moonlit beaches, and getting into whatever "trouble" we could find. I bent down to take one of her perfect eraser tip like nipples into my mouth and sucked hard as I pushed my middle finger as far as I could into her very wet, tight pussy.


s****r in law

group watcher887 2017-12-19

The said dildo was wetly going in and out of her red pussy, the one I'd been so close to on holiday and was buzzing away like a hive of bees. Maz's eyes were closed and her tongue was wetly licking her lips as the rubber cock relentlessly fucked her hole. Maz sat in front of me and moved that lovely pussy into my face. I've always known your dirty little fantasy, looking down my dress and going through the wash basket when you were supposed to be at the loo. ''Mikes always been bi, which you didn't know so, while your sucking and licking my pussy out, Mikes going to fuck your arse.

My Own Party

group sophistikat 2017-12-19

Just then Salty came bounding out of the kitchen and began to bark at the figure on the other side of the glass. Jim, beer in hand, finally looked up at her and said, "I saw your light go on and figured maybe we woke you. Just as she got to her feet and began to pull her robe closed, Jim leaned down and kissed her. Jim began kissing her breasts and then worked his way down across her belly, next his tongue was inside her and she was in ecstasy. Jim came with sudden shudder and rolled off her, then there were hands pusher her over and she was on her knees with the stranger suddenly in her mouth and Alex beginning to enter her from behind.

Opposites Attract

group tk5555 2017-12-19

Vance knew there was no way standing in a field with a screaming naked woman he did not know could end well. Misty swore she could feel his gaze moving up and down her naked body, starting with her feet and ending with her breasts. "How about that one, she doesn't look like the earth mother type," Keith said, pointing to a dark haired woman. Even now he looked like a lumberjack; he was probably relishing the thought of making some endangered species homeless by chopping down the tree it lived in. "How about you?" she said to his friend, "How did you end up together?" Misty smiled when she saw Vance bristle at the implication they were a couple.


Barbi's Wild Ride

group rhinotoons 2017-12-19

Mr. Bunz looked at her a little mischievously as he said, "I for one think that a women becomes more sexy when she's pregnant." He quickly recovered, seemed to hesitate for a moment then said, "Barbi, I just wanted to let you know there is a party at the office next Friday night and I was going to invite Cary and you... 'She wouldn't stay long, just long enough to see everyone's reaction to a pregnant woman in a sexy dress.' Barbi bent over in front of the mirror to see if her breasts would fall out of the dress. She looked at the screen and saw a different woman getting pounded by a cock in her pussy and another in her ass.


Saying Stay Ch. 10

group LingerieRobot 2017-12-19

"I think I know about a little bit," said April. "It seems like the problems in this relationship have come from a lack of communication," said April. "I'm glad you messaged Nina," said Jen, sitting down alongside us. "I mean, it would seem to solve at least some of our problems," said Jen. She sounded weirdly analytical, like she was talking about a group of strangers. Nina got up and took Jen by the hands. The room was painted in warm pastels, and the pictures on the wall were mostly of Jen with friends and family (or at least other black people.) I was pretty sure that the well-worn baseball bat sitting underneath the window was Nina's, though.


First Two Women

group drscar 2017-12-19

She took me in her mouth for a little while, and then told me that she wanted me to come inside her pussy. I had told Jenn about Lisa long before that night where she asked me to take her virginity, and described some of Lisa's fantasies about watching and being with another woman. My cock was deep inside Jenn's pussy, and when Lisa answered the phone, I told her so. Lisa told her to put an ice cube in her mouth and soften the hard edges, which Jenn did. Jenn had since started shaving her pussy (because I told her I liked it), so I pressed my ice-cold tongue against her clit and pussy lips, taking the lips in my mouth along with the ice.


Krissy Shows Her Age

group c7racer 2017-12-19

Ryan's hand was stroking her side from behind, Jon watching and waiting for the full frontal show, Krissy still absent-mindedly fisting his hard on, but all the time Julia's teasing gaze never leaving Krissy. Staring at the woman's tongue hitting all the right places, its owner being banged hard from behind and moaning in time with the fucking of her life, all the time her own pussy being probed deeply by this new cock, was creating an incredibly nasty scene in her mind. Seconds later she was cumming in a screaming breathless fit, Julia's fingers reaming her arse, her tongue lapping up Ryan's cum as it was pumped from Krissy.

Second Honeymoon Ch. 01

group jt123 2017-12-19

If they hadn't been too excited in their fuck to notice they would have seen that Vanessa and Sam had finished their own fuck and were now watching Jon and Michelle with keen interest. Michelle drifted off about the same time as Vanessa and Sam fell asleep in the other bed after excitedly watching Jon and Michelle conclude their fuck. The rest of Vanessa's body was very tight and athletic and she didn't have nearly the sensual curves of Michelle, so perhaps that helped emphasize how hot her round soft tits looked. As Sam opened the front clasp of Vanessa's bra allowing her tits to spill out into their view in the soft light of the room Michelle's hands crept around Jon and began to rub the large bulge in the front of his pants.


Any Chance We Could Ch. 36

group Reindeer58 2017-12-19

Picking up Emerson's two page summary of his projections for Citigroup I nodded to her, "Pour one for yourself as well, and good morning." As I flipped to the second page I noticed that Cheryl was wearing a white blouse, camel colored knee length skirt with matching pumps and light taupe stockings. As Veronica was turning to sit in a wingback across from her Evie said, "I'm going to have Scott take the 'characteristics inventory' and then we can compare them." After a pause she smiled, "I enjoy looking at you, Veronica. At that moment Evie's cell rang, she retrieved it from her purse, looked at it and said, "Excuse me a moment." She stood and walked with one leg crossing the other causing her sexy hips to dance nicely as she moved into the foyer.


Desert Debauchery Ch. 02

group Boonter66 2017-12-19

When we got back inside the trailer, Karen and Allie were sitting on a bed together, looking out over the desert landscape, talking and laughing. Karen played with my dick while she was coming down, then said "Look over there", indicating Rick and Allie. Just about the time Rick was going off in Allie, I unloaded what seemed to be the largest cum of my life directly at the deep end of Karen's clenching pussy. Karen pulled off my softening dick, saying, "Watch this" while she moved across to where Rick and Allie were still joined like post coital dogs. Allie got up and gave Rick's dick a couple of jerks, then turned to me and said "Come here".


Oliver's Vacation Fantasy

group Fantasy0512 2017-12-19

The shots and drinks kept coming, and soon with lips loosened the guy that kept eyeballing Briley started telling her how beautiful she was looking. Briley was just very polite, saying ‘thank you’, or ‘my Oliver thinks so too’ … they were not too forward and it was always respectful, but after Briley got a little more d***k after the next comment he made she reached under the table and started to rub my cock through my jeans. Steve was sitting to Brileys right, she leaned over and reached between his legs, looking me in the eyes she said, ‘damn, he is getting hard’ Briley was starting to squirm in her chair and I could tell by the look on her face she was getting rreally turned on.

Ishani's Saga: Memorable First Trip

group ishanihousewife 2017-12-19

Sumon opened the door, while brushing his wavy hair and noticed Rekha hand for a fleeting second. Involuntarily, my left hand was on Sumon's hand on my thigh to stop him and when Rekha cupped my breast and gave it a small gentle squeeze, both my hands went up to resist her. Rekha and Sumon took each of my breasts in their mouth and start sucking. Whenever his large swollen pink head touched my clit, I stiffened a little and I am sure Rekha felt the fervour of my excitement on her pussy through my tongue. The thoughts of unprotected sex and consequences came to me for a fleeting moment was washed away with the throes of pleasure when his cock touched my pussy hole.

My Dark Dreams Ch. 02

group briansboobear 2017-12-19

I sucked and stroked faster, wanting to taste more of him and the prize that would reward my greedy mouth. I blindly cupped his face in my hands and pulled his mouth to mine. He stopped and cupped my face in his hands, kissing my lips softly. The man's hands gently pushed mine out of the way and he began to stroke my clit slowly. Drew's hands moved over my torso, teasing my sensitive skin. His fingers stroked my cheek and I opened my mouth to accept his cock. "We're going to move you," Drew said as he pulled himself free of my hungry mouth. Are you prepared to be our slave for as long as we want?" Drew asked.

The Pond

group Athalia 2017-12-19

long frizzy hair the color of honey, always smelling faintly of incense and pot, with a free and easy attitude toward the things that most of my other dorm-mates took far too seriously - things like studies, dating, sex, and careers. She left it to me to apply the oil to the rest of my body, so I took it to mean that she wasn't trying to seduce me. We played like that for a few minutes, and when she stopped flicking my nipple, I took over, playing with my breasts, oiling them, massaging them, and feeling the nipples against the flats of my hands. And then I felt a few drops of oil fall on my vulva, followed by Erin's fingers tracing the folds of my cunt lips.


Florida Swing

group mughalpunjabi 2017-12-19

She had been left speechless when Alec had come close to her in the elevator and whispered, "what a shame to hide those lovely legs." She was still fumbling for words while walking to the car park, when he said, "someone is looking down from your room, let's give him a surprise." With that he had gone to his knees, put his hands under her shirt, and undoing her clasps, removed the jeans in a single motion, while she had looked up at me. By the time dinner had ended, Aliya could not wait for Alec to undo the rest of her clothes and when he asked her to get up on the car hood, she put her legs up willingly so he could remove her panties.


Let's Go Swinging

group LorenzoAbajos 2017-12-19

She gave Wendy and Steve broad smiles, and Danny, looking on, felt his cock starting to grow a little harder in anticipation. As Danny heard Stacey start to squeal with her cumming squeal he began to pump his sperm down into Wendy's open mouth. This time he gently placed her on the sofa with her elbows on the sofa's arm, exposing her arse and pussy from behind, and giving him room on the sofa to move behind her with his fat cock, short but broad, ready to ream some Stacey cunt. Then Wendy, with her tits hanging down and her arse in the air, started slowly licking up and down on Stacey's quivering pussy.

Long Time Coming

group KayPS 2017-12-19

Many a night would be dominated by James and Amanda good naturedly taking stripes out of each other down by the river as the sun slipped behind the hills, while Becky and Tom, Chris, Duncan or whoever it was this time could barely get a word in. Duncan looked like all his Christmases had come at once and almost howled with pleasure as Becky wrapped her large breasts around his shaft and as, moments later, he came hard all over them, squirting sticky hot semen everywhere. Becky's first thought was that right now, she could think of nothing better than kissing Amanda while James watched. Amanda looked down along Becky's body and the delicate curve of her back to where James was fucking her deep.


The Hotel Threesome

group Naughty_Penpal 2017-12-19

Eventually Sienna moved her mouth close to Kelly's pussy, her tongue and lips gently caressing the skin in the crease at the top of her thigh, gently biting and nibbling the soft sensitive skin on the inside of Kelly's thighs, teasing and tantalising her lover, not quite touching the soft moistness where Kelly longed for attention. Sienna paused, lifting her head to look at her lover's face – Kelly was lying there with her arm covering her eyes, and as Sienna gently worked two fingers into her lover's pussy her hips gyrated more forcefully and the quiet gasps began to turn into moans of pleasure. With her head to one side, Kelly opened her mouth to accept Pat's hard cock, and he gently fucked his wife'smouth with his cock, while Sienna fucked her pussy with her hand.

A Wild Night With Kelly

group corky319 2017-12-19

When Kelly reached out and started touching Lynn's breasts Larry's cock hardened quickly. Kelly whispered into Lynn's ear, "Oh doesn't that look yummy, it makes me so fucking hot thinking about how that would feel inside of me. Kelly wanted to free Larry's cock from his swim trunks so she could lick it with her tongue, and take him into her mouth and suck him. Lynn started to climax and moan loudly shortly after watching Kelly devour Larry's cock and swallow his load. Lynn had laid down of the other chaise and now had two fingers buried deep inside her pussy as she watched Kelly humping Larry.