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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Ethereal Muff

group goldenpalomino 2017-12-18

Georgian Bay is a short distance by trail from our cottage on Gillies Lake, yet it feels like a world away. Jennifer, a slim brunette with beautiful blue eyes, a face like Elizabeth Hurley, a small, five foot four inch, narrow and girlish frame, and average sized yet ample breasts, is attractive at 32 years old. It is like Jennifer and I are stuck looking out our apartment window at the attractive blond strutting by with her bubble ass and fancy clothes. As the argument dies down, I reveal to Tanya and Owen that Jennifer and I are taking the trail to Georgian Bay tomorrow morning.


Harem Jewel

group Pigtail_Queen 2017-12-18

"My loves, you are like a garden of the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen." He takes a deep breath and smiles rather cheekily, "And no other garden in the world smells as intoxicating." I blush as I remember the words of my companion. As he takes a last lick from both mouths, he knees before me and kisses my soft pussy lips, pulling them apart to peer at my spread hole. His cock paints my lips with what is left and he bends down to kiss me as my body is furiously fucked by both Mal and Bale. I feel Bale bite into my shoulder and Mal into my breast as my clenching pussy walls milk the hot cum from their cocks.


Among Friends

group Axteuffel 2017-12-18

It was a hot summer day and Tom was spending it drinking mojitos with his wife Esther and their best friends, Mark and Susan, around the pool in the backyard. "So, if Mark gives you his blessing, you have no problem going topless?" asked Esther, while, in the mean time, her right hand was slowly entering her husband's shorts. As Susan was busy sucking her husband's cock and was enjoying Esther's caresses on her boobs, she noticed that both Mark's hands were on her head. "Kiss her sweet mouth," said Tom, who was watching intensely the hot scene, while slowly stroking his cock and when he saw Mark's puppy eyes he smiled at him with approval.


Quad Party

group quietmischief 2017-12-18

The girl on the bullhorn again starts talking, "Now guys, we need you to have a seat on the stools in front of the lovely ladies!" I quickly move to the seat right in front of you, which seems to put you a little bit at ease. The girl standing over you starts to pour a little bit of the liquor from the bottle on your left shoulder, and the new guy starts to lick and suck it off. Not to be outdone at this point, you lift your head a little bit, and let the liquor run down his chest and stomach, to the base of his cock, and start to lick around it, then up the sides, until you put it completely in your mouth.

Share and Share Alike Ch. 02

group joetgm 2017-12-18

I suddenly felt your body next to mine as you crawled into join me; I pulled Josh's cock out of my mouth and kissed you hard, sharing the salty saliva that had been on his swollen shaft. I let you slide off me and watched as you moved behind Josh and began kissing his neck and up to his lips before reaching down and pulling his cock out of Jenny's pussy before lowering your head to behind her. I pushed my cock into Jenny's pussy and watched as Josh entered you again and we all began to fuck each other whilst kissing and using our hands to stimulate.

Fun with Dick and Jane Ch. 05

group DesperateHousewhores 2017-12-18

"Dick, I think we should go for a boat cruise," Jane said, curling up to him in bed, slowly sliding her hand down and over his taut stomach and into his shorts. Susan rolled started at Jane's stomach, rubbing the sun cream in a circular motion, inching her way up towards Jane's breasts. Jane moaned in response and grabbed Susan's head, firmly keeping it in place while she rolled her tongue up her pussy and back down, darting it in and out between the labia. Moving back and forwards, the girl's animal instincts took over and they started to thrust towards each other, grabbing each other's hands, while the other guided the now vibrating dildo in and out of their sopping pussies.

A Blind Date with a Difference

group adele.darkstar 2017-12-18

Phillip actually watching her rubbing her clit and pussy lips whilst he worked on her very sensitive feet....He whispered, "I want to watch you do yourself. Rachel gently stroked the front of her knickers with two fingers, feeling the silk being pushed onto her lips and the dampness behind. She felt her orgasm begin to rise inside her, her fingers started working overtime on her lips as her free hand pressed down hard against her clit. Phillip looked down at the sight of his cock only just penetrating her pussy lips, Rachel was so wet that it was already starting to stream out from her and coat his incredibly hard cock.


The Bus Ride and the Bath

group IndieScoundrel 2017-12-18

This continued for a few minutes before it was John's turn to enjoy licking and kissing Stacey in between her legs, while Jeff stood up and brought his thick, hardened cock up to her luscious lips, which she eagerly received with her own wicked and mischievous smile. Jeff enjoyed looking down at her beautiful eyes as he watched her take his cock into her mouth, licking the head, up and down the shaft, lightly licking and teasing his balls as she slowly rubbed him up and down before taking him as far down into her throat as she could.

Friends in Need

group Jessika_Thorne 2017-12-18

When Jasmine returned, saying that Luke, Chris's best man, was at the door and, with a giggle, was "looking good!" Amanda went to see him, despite being barely dressed. I'm a lucky woman." She smiled at the memory of Chris's smiling face, eyes wet with contained (and surely manly) tears as he said his vows, even as she felt Luke's strong hands on her hips. That night was spent in Chris's arms, and with him inside her, but even days later, the memory of Luke's compliment and his firm hands, squeezing at her hips, would play over in Amanda's mind, bringing a smile to her lips.


A Weekend at the Cottage Ch. 01

group PrincessErin 2017-12-18

Danica and Morgan had only been dating a short time, but they were already living together and talking about getting married. The moment she had done her business in the bathroom and left for her tent, Danica was on top of Morgan kissing him hard. This is your present." Morgan's eyes went wide as he watched Angie suck on Danica's neck. Morgan watched as Angie fondled Danica's breasts. "God you girls look so fucking sexy." Morgan was naked and stroking his cock as he watched. He didn't know who pushed him onto his back, but before he knew it he had Danica's tiny body riding his cock while Angie's pussy was against his lips.


Teen Slut Spreads For Married Men Ch. 04

group NonStopFunGuy 2017-12-18

So the brunette picked up her flirting, smiling warmly at him, "I don't got no place to go, my mom says I can go out with friends until later, but I didn't really make plans." She let the thought linger, then with her hands behind herself, she arched her little body to push her A-cup titties in Roland's direction, tightly wrapped in her skin-tight, red lifeguard's swimsuit. Then the kissing began -- the men passed her face back and forth, taking turns thrusting tongue into her young mouth, while four male hands were fondling her naked boobs and sweaty asscheeks, groping her body as they simultaneously screwed her two holes.

Kiya's 21st Birthday

group joshm10000 2017-12-18

Ashley and Kiya came to the bed and started kissing me. I lay on top off Kiya and slid my hard cock slowly into her tight pussy. As I started moving in and out of her hot wet pussy Kiya was eating Pamela. Pamela: Oh my god Kiya your tongue feels so good in my pussy. As they were lying down next to each other they both grabbed my cock and stroked it till I came on Kiya's face and in Pamela's mouth. She came hard and I was very close to my climax so I pulled out of her pussy and slid my cock in between her amazing 36Ds and splattered my cum all over the breasts.


Beebe and Petey Ch. 05

group Valendon 2017-12-18

"I think Bob and Madge (Chad and Dene's parents) are probably going to be dealing with the same thing-I saw Bob in Personnel as I was leaving this afternoon, but we didn't get a chance to talk." This is just the best thing that's happened to me in a long LONG time." I slid down off of Chad and went to give first Jan and then Tony a hug. "Well, we've both been pretty private about our bods for a long time, Petey," Dene said, "at least around each other." "I think it would be pretty hot to see ol' BeeBe going to town on you, but for some reason the thought of him watching me with you kind of creeps me out."


Bi 3-way

group Mercurious 2017-12-18

Whenever Karen left the room or nodded off, Michael would try to kiss and touch me, whispering that he wanted to suck my cock. As Michael started to slide his hand down the front of my jeans I looked over to see that Karen was fast asleep. As I took my shirt off Michael quickly removed his clothes, revealing a beautiful hairy chest and an amazing set of cock and balls. Michael replaced Karen's mouth with his as I bent down and started tonguing her snatch. Michael explained that he could only get hard by using a cock ring, but everything had happened so fast he didn't have time to get it.

The Amaryllis Party

group voluptuary_manque 2017-12-18

The guests commented on the provisions and complimented their hosts on the choice of food and the quality of the wassail and as time passed, just like Cynthia had promised, Holly found each man more attractive than the last. "Look over there, Holly," Alan continued, "Phillip is raising his cup in a toast to us and Eula is down on her knees unzipping his fly. Holly felt she should have been shocked or possibly put out but the Surrenderone had a four-hour effect and instead she went into the crook of his left arm and rubbing her breasts against his lapel, reached up and slowly ran her tongue up from his collar to the lobe of his ear.


Need advice: Is my friend and his wife hinting at

group wzzzyzk 2017-12-18

I guess over the past little while I’ve been getting a vibe from a friend and his wife, and I’m not entirely sure what it means, if anything. My buddy’s wife had a k**, and afterwards he told me she’d been feeling a little self-conscious about her about her looks. Finally, pretty recently my friend asked me if I ever checked her out, and before I said anything he told me he didn’t care if I did. I told him I’d tried to keep it respectful because it was his wife, but I couldn’t help but notice some things. Another night after she’d been drinking she told us she didn’t know why she had her clothes on, and then promptly went topless.

First real swinger club

group mj8319 2017-12-18

I looked around for a while, but my first attempt getting involved was with a couple who were playing with each other, naked on a bed in the middle of a room full of people. I was really unsure what to do, so I just started watching as she finally had an intense orgasm with the guy, whom she obviously knew from before. Eventually, there were four guys doing various things to this one woman for awhile. Eventually, the guy started kissing the girl, and she kept looking right at him although she knew every guy in the room was waiting for the opportunity to join in.

Cap D'Agde 2

group naturist617 2017-12-18

I worked my pussy muscles to grip his cock I could feel his hardness and think back to the night before and what I had got up to was really turning me on. He told me that he had and it didn't take much effort from me rubbing myself hard against his pubic bone for me to feel his cock begin to spurt cum inside me. I could feel my orgasm grab my body and I pushed my pussy hard against my husbands face. A few also commented on my bald pussy and told me that they thought it looked very good that way.

Last August Ch. 02: The Second Weekend

group Gary_Alexander_2 2017-12-18

When the women came outside ten minutes, Cathy slid into the front seat next to Scott, and Susie sat in the back next to Carl. Carl had seen her naked in bed the previous weekend, and had watched her get dressed; but this was a lot more close up, and he wasn't doing a very good job of pretending not to look. You came pretty damn close to touching my tit in the car." Carl took a quick glance over at Scott and Cathy, but couldn't read their expressions. Scott wasn't crazy about the idea of his naked wife sitting right next to Carl -- but there wasn't much he could say about it because he didn't complain about Cathy watching him and Susie fucking.

Trying New Things

group jessiejoy117 2017-12-18

Occasionally I had to push my long, brown hair out of my face, but other than that, there was little I needed to do, as Leo quarterbacked this play, pumping in and out of my pussy, his balls slapping against my clit as my body rocked back and forth between the boys who penetrated me at either end. Eventually, Jason grabbed my hair and pulled just enough to turn me on but not hurt me, and the boys split-roast me for several more minutes, making me their sexy bitch while my mouth slurped on Jason's cock and my pussy devoured Leo's prick as my friend behind me slapped against my ass over and over again.


CvsN 27: The New Rules

group Tx Tall Tales 2017-12-18

Karen took a few minutes out to put the little ones to bed, which was a bit of a job; they were all worked up like they'd been on a diet of candy and soda all evening. Debbie and Beth got up and started cleaning up a bit, while I begged off, heading for a much needed shower. Let's make tonight a Debbie night." With that she made a decision, jumped up and started gathering candles from about the house, running around buck naked. My ethereal beauty leaned over, pulling my hands away from my face, and leaning forward on her arms, pinning them to the bed beside my head.


She's a Bad Bad Girl

group strewth101 2017-12-18

I’m not the most jealous guy in the world but I’d be daft to settle down with someone who says things like “I love you too babe - but i have to tell you I slept with my lodger last night.” Looking back i don’t know why I didn’t just dump her then. Chris was naked too by this time and when they saw Greg, Susan tried to cover her tits and her pussy with a pillow and Chris stood up looking embarrassed. When he turned his attention to her arse hole Chris turned his head to one side and began tongue fucking her pussy. Greg and Chris looked at each other and Susan gave me a look of mock protest before continuing sucking their cocks.

Anti Valentine's Day

group MissyDemeanors 2017-12-18

Amber and I were laughing the whole time; I knew she was a kindred spirit when she started to pretend along with us that Bridget needed hands-on instructions. "Seriously Bridget, don't scar the innocent girl with details, just try to make it sound less naughty than it was." We both laugh even though Amber looks like she's getting upset. "Yeah, 20's is when you experiment, that's why I'm always going to be 20." I'd have laughed with Bridget as she said this, but Amber looked genuinely stunned. "My husband and I did a lot of BDSM stuff before he left." Amber talks quickly and I drink some more water, wanting to sober up a bit more for this convo.


The Boss Retires

group marriedpervs 2017-12-18

Finally she grabbed Al's hand, jammed it in her bikini bottom and produced a small envelope, before jumping off him, kissing him on the cheek, and disappearing as suddenly as she had appeared and taken all our breath away! I swear I bumped into Cristy Canyon as we pushed through the crowd towards a small stage where they had organised to officially welcome Al. Steve and I stepped back a little, allowing just Tracy and Al to the front as the crowd cheered and welcomed the old bugger to his farewell party. The room went wild, because the woman then took her police baton and started to ease it into her pussy, her fingers working her swollen clit as she fucked herself on Al's lap.