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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Tag Team

group buffbody 2017-12-18

Lisa's soft skin was hot to touch, and Jay and Jorge caressed her breasts, seeking the erect nipples and finding them. Jorge started from below, and Jay from above, licking their way across Lisa's hot, juicy cunt. Grabbing their hard cocks by the shaft, Lisa pulled away from her double blow job and instead moved the heads along the sides of her tongue. "No, I'm okay, it just felt so damn good!" Jay pushed further in, feeling the head of his hot cock sliding against Jorge's shaft and Lisa's cunt. Getting out of pace with each other, Jay and Jorge forgot all about the girl who was enjoying their motions and their muscular bodies and started humping each other inside Lisa's hot, slippery cunt.

Fun Fantasy If All Are Okay With It

group billstew 2017-12-18

In the past, when I was both on the pill and in a long term trusting relationship with a lover, in some cases I would eventually allow some of them to stop wearing condoms and cum inside of me. I have won, I have turned him on to the point where he wants to give me his cum and I will gladly receive it deep inside of me. He is so vulnerable, giving himself to me, wanting to satisfy me first, and holding off as long as possible, but then finally giving in to my constant requests for his cum, unable to hold back any longer, knowing that he will be cumming inside of another man's wife, a place where he shouldn't be at all.

A Birthday Lesson

group cassiya80 2017-12-18

"Get out of here, you little punk, and don't come back!" My Uncle Benny said as he threw Tom out of the bathroom with his dick still sticking out of his pants. Uncle Benny grunted loudly, his hands fisting in my air and slammed roughly into my mouth, letting loose with a steaming hot barrage of cum that overflowed out of my mouth and down my chin. He then looked back up at me and grinned, then began rubbing the head of his dick across my slit slowly, swirling his precum with my pussy juices. Don continued to fuck up into my pussy while kissing me on the mouth, and I forgot his painful grip on my hair, until I felt Benny place the head of his 7 inch cock against my anus.

Cheerleader Chronicle Ch. 06

group tk5555 2017-12-18

Rick watched as Chance's hand pushed Nancy's head down until she deep throated him. Nancy wrapped her lips around the engorged head of Rick's penis and started with a very sloppy, wet blowjob. By the time Rick and Chance made it to the bedroom Nancy was already laying in the middle of the bed. Rick noticed Chance had put his hand between her legs with his fingers lying on top of her neatly trimmed pubic hair. Even with Chance's cock filling her mouth and throat Rick could hear her moaning. Rick watched as Nancy straddled him, and Chance moved behind her. Rick lay perfectly still, watching her face as Chance's cock penetrated her.

Our Favourite Pub

group julesteve 2017-12-18

Barry took his place but instead of his tongue he pressed the tips of his index and middle finger to my labia rubbing them back and forth as he applied his lips to my nipples, alternating between them sucking and nibbling while he increased the pressure on my pussy until both of his fingers were sunk deep inside, caressing slowly through my lips, then frigging them in and out making damp sounds as the speed picked up, juices ran over his hand and coated my thighs, trickling down until the crack of my ass was slick and wet.



group hulosayla 2017-12-18

Barb was leaning over the rail as she had a few nights ago and she explained to Tim that she had been fucked by five different men in just this very position and asked if he would like to be number six. It was one of those fucks she hoped would never end - much like many of her episodes with her Al nowadays and even though she didn’t experience a huge orgasmic surge and need to verbalise her feelings, she did nevertheless enjoy a continuing emotional high with her cunt full of a nice mans cock. Since this was new to Dianne and Tim, Barb took control and simply suggested everybody relax and work slowly into some good sex.

Justice Cum Queen

group LonelyFenrir 2017-12-18

As a small crowd forms, Justice Queen's scream turns into a low moan, the vibrators kindling the warmth inside her into an ember. He walks up to Justice Queen, looking down at the red headed Super Slut who is on her knees in front of him, one hand on her breast and the other furiously rubbing her clit, looking up into his eyes with extreme lust. The crowd takes a moment, noticing how the electric field has not been activated yet, how the young man was able to blast his cum all over Justice Queen with out any negative repercussions. As she steps away, the man getting a hand job instantly moves and shoves his cock down her throat, not taking to long before he fills her throat with his own cum.


Princess of the Party

group QueenPersephone 2017-12-18

"Princess is going to get fucked hard," she said, spreading my labia and vulva wide for Michael, who grabbed my ass in both hands, swinging my helpless body towards him and skewering me onto his cock. With a groan, Michael came, pumping hard and he staggered away, leaving Nat there to lick my swollen hot pussy, eating his cum and running her tongue around my aching cunt. I opened my eyes, seeing Brad looking down at me, his face hot with ecstasy and then I jerked my head across to look at Nat, who was sitting on the edge of the bed, still fully dressed, with her panties pulled aside and her long fingers playing with her bare waxed pussy.

My First Day At Party School

group B.J. Woody 2017-12-18

For a moment I thought it was a scream of pain but she soon began to moan again in pleasure. Across the room on the other bed Jen was riding the other guys cock like a rodeo star. Jen, with jizz still covering her face, immediately rolled off of the bed and crossed the room. Apparently she hadn't reached her orgasm at the same time as the guy because she quickly began moving her pussy over my mouth. Jen was moving so fast and hard, and her breasts were so big, that they actually began slapping against her face. At one point they shared turns sucking my dick and I finally blew the largest load of my young adult life all over their pretty little faces.

Kings and Queens Ch. 01

group westmeath1980 2017-12-18

Karen drew next drawing an ace she crawled over to me unbuttoning my pants in lightning speed taking my cock in her hand she slowly started stroking it up and down rubbing the precum that was oozing out over the tip then to my annoyance stopped whispering we don't want him spent yet the night is still young, then eventually it was my turn, I prayed for the King that would let me near Lauryn's pussy but drew a Queen, as soon as she saw it Karen immediately pulled her shorts and thong in one swift movement opening her legs for me to crawl into I kissed at her pussy lips parting them then with my tongue licking up to her clit which I knew she loved having sucked so I didn't want to disappoint her, as soon as my mouth went round her clit she immediately let out a big groan and arched her back pushing her cunt up into my mouth, after a minute I heard a soft moan coming from the other side of the room.

Candy Kisses

group KarennaC 2017-12-18

"You missed your woman asking for jelly beans," Max said. If it wasn't for Tyler, Tanya would have been more than happy to kiss Max the way he wanted. Max had asked for a long kiss, and that was what Tanya gave him, pressing her lips more forcefully against his, then tickling his lips with her tongue. "And let me make you feel good." Max was so close to Tanya's ear that his breath tickled her. Tanya sucked the head of Tyler's cock until he moaned, then plunged her mouth down as far as she could. "Maybe a sugar rush will help her." Max took the bag of jelly beans out of his pocket and held it out to Tanya.

Why 18 year old Kendra liked double fucking...

group lion9655 2017-12-18

Kendra told Carly how we were going to meet the following weekend, and how she was gunna get her virgin pussy fucked for the first time. Kendra let out a little cough, and Carly said "I know you're there sweetie, just come out...and join us?" Both guys and Carly were already naked, so Kendra took off her shorts and tee shirt too..then reluctantly slipped off her panties as well....they were soaked with pussy cum from watching. One of the guys tried to fuck Kendra's little virgin pussy while she ate Carly, but Kendra WAS saving herself for me. She moved aside and let him fuck Carly's pussy...the other guy was left for Kendra to continue to suck off.

Killer B Ch. 04

group loveto69u 2017-12-18

"Ask away," Beryl and Scott replied, almost in unison. So it just felt natural to help each other out, if you know what I mean," Beryl said with a dazzling smile. Beryl turned her face toward mine with a smile, then feverishly began kissing me, sharing Scott's load. I could feel the aftershocks of her orgasm ripple through her body and felt the clenching and unclenching of her pussy as her limp body lay in my lap, her head resting back on my shoulder, her eyes closed as soft moans came with every breath, eventually trailing off to just the sound of her breathing. "Yeah," Beryl replied, "better to stay with the dirty old man we know than chance it," she laughed.

Her 21st Birthday Ch. 1

group nugget 2017-12-18

Kevin was here with 2 of his friends, Mike and Rob. Melanie told Rachael and Lisa that she was getting very horny and she was going over to talk with Kevin and if she wasn't back in an hour to come looking for her. She looked around at the men's hard cocks and told Mike to fuck her pussy while she sucked Kevin's cock. As Mike started sliding the head of his cock into Melanie's wet pussy she gasped, it had been 6 months since the last time she had been laid. Melanie slammed her pussy back onto his cock and started sucking Kevin like there was no tomorrow.

A Day with You

group lovebobby 2017-12-18

She pulls my cock and balls out of her mouth and exclaims to me, "OH YES LICK MY PUSSY, FUCK MY HOLES; MAKE ME CUM ALL OVER YOUR FACE!" I proceed to ram the dildos in and out of her pussy and ass continuously rubbing my tongue back and forth across her clit. We're all moaning and squirming while we fuck, all of a sudden I groan and exclaim "I'm cumming oh yes I'm cumming", the cum is oozing out of my cock and out of the edges of Denise's ass, at the same time Denise's feels the cum gushing into her ass and starts to cum her self all over Christina's face, which in turn drive Christina over the edge and she starts cumming, both girls simultaneously grab the dildos with their hands and continue to fuck each other licking up all the cum the other is releasing.



group Poisynangel 2017-12-18

His long lashed friend with the delicious caramel colored skin kneeled in front of him sliding herself between his legs and up his body to slip her tongue inside his mouth. Before disappointment could set in her body slid down his and the plump bubble gum mouth of the mistress with the midnight eyes and fiery red hair settled into the crook of his neck and began to suckle gently. Turning his head he found the siren kneeling next to him, her legs spread while the fingers of both women plied the wet lips eliciting subtle moans from her juicy mouth as it nibbled on his neck.

Home Sweet Home Ch. 04

group jt123 2017-12-18

Jim, Dana, and Doug decided to join Jill and Bob in the hot tub while the others started showering and changing. The remaining pairings would be Nic and Mark, Bob and Lynn, Dana and Rhonda, and Jim and Julie. He continued to rub Julie's neck and shoulders and she his thigh as they watched Jill and Doug and Rhonda and Dana as they started stripping each other's clothes off. Jim moved his hand to her ass and started to caress her ass as they fucked and as she continued teasing and pulling her nipples for him. Jim held his finger still until he thought she was ready and then began fucking her ass with his finger as his cock slipped easily in and out of her wet pussy.


Chelle's Turn

group jake1969 2017-12-18

After a couple of minutes Chelle pulled up off of him and turned to Lance asking if he wanted to try. With that Chelle's hand was on Lance's cock again, and it wasn't long before it was in her mouth. Eric lifted Chelle's skirt to reveal her tiny ass which was pointed into the air as she leaned over Lance. Lance's hand was on the back of Chelle's head and Eric could see that he was throughly enjoying her mouth. "Eric, I want to see you fuck Lance," Chelle said. Chelle ran her hand down Lance's ass and squeeze it while she waited for Eric to get situated. Eric placed the head of his cock at the entrance to Lance's ass.


Jeff's Boy Ch. 02

group DLove 2017-12-18

Jeff beat his dick as I took long laps from his balls, over his asshole, and up to his lower back, pushing my tongue and face hard into his asshole each time I passed it. With my tongue deep inside her ass, and my nose buried in her pussy, I looked up over her taut stomach, her firm, round breasts, up the curve of her throat, to her cherry lips, and found them wrapped around Jeff’s cock. Jeff’s pretty puckered hole winked at me as he fucked his girlfriend’s face, and Jess gagged around his cock as I lapped at her cunt and ass, sucking in her flavors, and rubbing my face all over her stinky, sweaty, salty-sweet crotch.

Sharing & Caring

group the dreamseeker 2017-12-18

Lucy went into the bathroom to dry off and get changed, and Joe took from the fridge a bottle of Brandy. "Yes, please," moaned Lucy, "Let me suck your cock, Joe." "Fuck me Carl, I want to feel your cock inside me too," said Lucy, looking up at me. Watching Joe's huge cock slide in between her welcoming lips turned me on some more, so I quickly grabbed her cheeks in my hands and thrust roughly inside her. It was all such a turn on, watching my Lucy being fucked this way that soon I was hard again and my rampant cock was sliding in and out of her mouth.

The beach

group 2017-12-18

I sucked the entire shaft, licked the head and balls and rubbed his dick as good as I had ever done it and by the moans and all the pre cum that runs down my mouth and throat I can tell he liked it too. Your cock is still hard and you lead it into my mouth again, I simply love how it feels inside me.The man places himself between my legs and you ask him how long it was since he last tasted a pussy. You pull out your dick before cumming and you tell the man that it is time to fuck my pussy. Then you tell the man if he feels like it he can come inside my pussy.

Sensory Deprivation Massage

group bb1212 2017-12-18

"Good," Sally said, "All lady tap three time then massage over." And with that she left the room. After some time of this treatment the actions changed again, and the ladies returned to wide sweeping strokes with their hands, sometimes finishing at my cock where they would grasp it at the base and move it around a bit. The hands returned and, as my cock was being wiped clean again, the firm massage strokes on my body and legs resumed and they assisted in my cool down, carefully kneading and soothing my tensed-up muscles and returning me back to state of blissful well being that I had been in before the intense sex session.


The Real Estate Agent

group English Bob 2017-12-18

Actually, Coral’s husband David and I got on very well and eight-thirty that evening found the three of us sitting in comfortable chairs out on the terrace and sipping a nicely chilled white wine. David laughed and clicked off another couple of photographs as his wife turned and walked towards us holding her hand out for the camera. I watched, feeling a little like a spare part, as Coral crawled in between her husbands’ thighs and took the head of his cock between her painted lips. “Don’t worry, Martin,” Coral picked up where her husband had left off, “as David said, you were one of the best.

Partying with the Office Divorcee

group Chuck Wood 2017-12-18

Cindy had a very tight short skirt on which showed her ample round ass to perfection. I think she thought I was going to fuck her in the ass because she looked around and said "No! Do not fuck my ass!!" I told her not to worry and rammed the head of my cock at the top of her stretched fuck hole. Cindy was still orgasming and gasping "FUCK ME, FUCK ME as hard as you can!" The guy below started grunting and I knew he was about to go over the edge. When we withdrew, Cindy's hole stayed open and the cum ran out and onto the guy below. I could not help wondering what he would think if he knew Cindy had been recently gang fucked and double dipped.