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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Crystal Clear Ch. 01

group Romantic1 2017-12-18

Second, I'd met and fallen in love with Crystal Lee -- America's country music sweetheart, and fortunately, the feeling was mutual. As I got sucked into the country music industry, I quickly adopted Terry Ross, Crystal's agent, and Ellen as my own. Wet with Ellen's juices, I slipped back into Crystal's warm cunt, this time starting as oscillation of my hips that started with small imperceptible movements and grew until each of my oscillations consisted of near extraction from her pussy followed by rapid deep penetration, and then extraction again. Crystal said with a chuckle, "Maybe it's about time somebody spices up the country music scene by showing a whole lot of skin." She thought for a moment and asked, "What do you think I should do?"


The Broussard Sisters Ch. 07

group JimBob44 2017-12-18

"Yep, leave you all alone in that big old house, me and Pam'll stay over here," Cindy said and stuck her tongue out at Candy. "Fine, I'll just get Paul to come over," Candy said and sat up so that Cindy could get out of the bed. "Oh ain't you the cutest pirate," Miss Brown laughed as she looked at Elaine. "Go get ready for work, I got it," Miss Brown said and began pulling out the pot for a big pot of grits. "Yeah, long line of guys wanting a girl with an eye patch," Elaine said bitterly. "Honey, it going to hurt; you got to get used to it," Miss Brown said.


Unexpected Guest

group tedsgirl 2017-12-18

Ted could feel her pussy tightening around his fingers, he bent down and took her right nipple back into his mouth and he sucked it, biting her. "Damn, that was a great night." she said as she went over and sat next to Ted. Reaching over she rubbed his cock through his jeans. "Mm-mm, yeah, you're more than welcome to join in Adam." Patti told him as she felt Ted gently bite down on her nipple. "Oh yes very sure, we swap and play with other people all of the time." Ted explained as Patti took Adam by the hand and pulled him to his feet. She is my own personal Wife-Shut." Ted said as he reached for Adam's hard cock.


Bi Wedding Party

group jwc10010 2017-12-17

When we came together, it wasn't through the separation of clothing, but the warmth of flesh on flesh; the soft press of her breasts against my body; the smooth curve of her hips; the touch of her fingers as they ran feather light over my sex. I felt his tongue on my nipples as his hands were removed and her mouth continued its caressing of my sex. I felt him move and tighten and shift as my mouth continued past him, holding him with my fingers, giving to him the pleasure I so enjoyed on myself. I rolled onto my back, my own hand moving to caress his balls as he took over the pace, pushing his wet member into my mouth, pulling it back again.

When I look back, this evening was very different

group Zipper69 2017-12-17

Steff and Tom swapped positions with Steff sitting directly on Nadia’s face, forcing Nadia to tongue her pussy and arse. Tom continued to kneel between my wife’s legs and proceeded to enter her … Nadia moaned loudly as Tom slipped the full length of his rock hard cock inside Nadia’s oozing pussy. What happened nest shocked me; Tom took his hard dripping cock out of my wife’s pussy and told me to clean it with my mouth. I could hear Steff orgasming as Nadia continued to bury her face in her bald pussy, Tom withdrew his cock from my mouth and continued to slip it into Nadia’s arse.

Amy's Art

group riverboy 2017-12-17

"Thanks for all the help you guys," Amy said as the last of her friends got in their cars and drove off down the long gravel driveway, leaving her alone for the first time in her new surroundings. He showed up that evening and she set up a pose, with artificial lights this time, Josh sitting in a tall-back upholstered chair with an open satin robe, deeply shadowed, like something out of a film noir movie. "So you're a senior in the drama department, right Josh?" Amy asked as she started to paint the fresh canvas. "It wasn't supposed to be," Josh said, "We were just supposed to simulate it, but...the girl kinda got into it friend running the camera just let us go.


Island Fever 5: Family Ch. 14

group Jeremydcp 2017-12-17

After everything that happened to Kristanna over the past 11 days - from having to go through an induced birth only to then watch our premature, infant daughter be ripped away from us and spend the first 72 hours of her life in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) of the hospital, and the horrible, constant fear of knowing Ariel had been diagnosed with a breathing abnormality that could strike at any given moment, my wife had made amazing strides this week in getting back to her normal, everyday self.


Red Polka Dots - Sequel

group PaulSandarac 2017-12-17

Sarah gave him a coy look, and then said in a suggestive way, clearly pretending to be Leanne, "Oh golly, Mr. Davies, could you please help me, I'm having some problems with this ..." "Should I take these off, Mr. Davies?" Sarah suggested sweetly to Matt, batting her eyes at him, and then nodding downwards, apparently all innocence, while ignoring Janet, "so you can get a better look?" Sarah, Janet knew, had only ever been with two boys, Roman of course; and his friend Sean, just once, that incredible night they played "RED POLKA DOTS" at Janet's house. The stunned look on Ron's face, as he beheld the feminine visions that were Janet and Sarah, almost made Matt laugh.


Me, my mom and my friends

group amaspat 2017-12-17

Mom seemed to notice the silence and asked leaning against her bedroom door, “And what is that you came here for?” Tanveer suddenly spoke up saying “We actually thought you would have brought some Scotch from there and wanted to taste it.” I kind of knew where they were trying to take it but didn’t think mom would even get her foot in that path. I’m not sure I can control myself if you guys stay here longer.” Prashy went close to her face and asked “What wont you be able to control Mrs. C?” Tanveer put his hand out on display for everyone and said, “Mrs. C is probably talking about this flood that building up down here!” and gave a wicked smile looking at her.

Off to College Ch. 1

group grouch-o 2017-12-17

But that was only the first week, by the first weekend Jenny was out on the prowl looking for a guy to fuck her soaking pussy. Jenny and Dana both quickly became turned on and began to grind their pussies on the guys hands. The guy was a little surprised that Jenny had a dildo in her pussy and even more surprised that she wanted him to fuck her with it, but he didn't mind at all, actually it kind of turned him on more. "Keep fucking me with that dildo because I am about to cum!" and with that she let out another moan and her pussy started to spasm as she orgasmed with 'groucho' still stuffed inside of her.

A Neighbor Ch. 03

group Tool_guy 2017-12-17

I am starting to feel silly and a little nervous standing there stark naked for all to see while Rachel is sitting in the hot tub and is at least a little hidden from view. She looks up at me and says, "you know you have to do whatever I say, right?" And now I know that she is going to hold this over me for as long as she wants! Rachel is already moaning and I now feel her hand reaching for me. Faster and now the water in the tub is splashing and Rachel's tits are bouncing and we're going to make it. I quickly jump into the shower and am drying off as I hear the cellar door open and my wife calls; "honey, are you down there?" Yes, I manage to get out.


Contrary To Your Morals

group byronNME 2017-12-17

Every man who deep down doubted his stolid superiority looked and beheld a woman contrary to his conscious standards of taste and female desirability. Contrary would never waste a smile on a man who did not in some way desire her bodily. Without holding the flesh of the coquette in your hand, without feeling the beat of her heart while caressing her thigh, how can a man truly say he has had a woman, let alone has known one? She searched for the source of the color and her eyes suddenly fell upon the form of a man, dressed in a dull brown coat but adorned with a bright, almost ruby red woolen hat.

punishment from parent in law chapter 3

group lippy100 2017-12-17

I quickly dressed, tried to think of parting words to say to my Parents in Law, but ended up just giving them an embarrassed glance as I beat a hasty retreat to the front door. I tried not to think of my Parents in Law deliberately humiliating me, making me strip naked, and having to display my shaved pubic area to them. As the day wore on I found myself reflecting more on my upcoming dinner engagement that night with my Parents in Law. Jane had made it clear I would be punished for being late. I walked closer to my Parents in Law, then closer again as Ben was continuing to beckon with his finger.

The Greatest Summer pt2

group zimabean 2017-12-17

I got to thinking about my cousin, Jennifer, she was coming for a visit this weekend with my Uncle Bill and Aunt Karin. Mom reached over and touched my cock and said "you see, our f****y is very close and we keep alot inside the f****y and we share alot with the f****y and your s****r was to find out if you and Ross were ready to learn more about the f****y." Mom then pulled her shirt off and stradled me and lowered her tight cunt down onto my rock hard cock. "So this weekend you will get fuck not only me and Connie, but also your aunt and cousin, granny may even stop by along with with my best friend.

Drama queen part three

group hottvcarole 2017-12-17

Alice knelt down in front of us Amy was in the middle she leant forward and gently took hold of Amy’s penis, then opening her mouth she licked the tip before sliding her lips all the way down. Alice took my penis from her mouth and said “Oh I’m cumming again” as she quivered with another orgasm. Amy, Cindy and I got up and sat on the sofa, I was still rampant as I had not had an orgasm since Thursday morning with Alice. With that being said Alice slipped her hand up my skirt t once again gently grasp my penis and lovingly stroke it I spun round and laid on my side with my head resting on the inside of Alice’s thigh.

girls night out husband missed out

group funnforyou 2017-12-17

Tyrone then told me to get dressed he's taking me home so i pulled my pantys over my cum filled pussy one more time and he took me home i walked up to the door feeling like a total slut my throat and jaw was sore all i could taste was cum and my pussy juice in my mouth i could smell a strong stench of cum on my face and my pussy was so sore i was walking funny no k**ding i couldnt even walk right my thighs and pussy felt sticky and nasty but yet i was happy and felt good the thought of what i had just done with to black strangers that i would never do with my husband was a real turn on to me.

My Sexual Adventure Ch. 05

group PhoenixLord 2017-12-17

Mom smiled as Adam pulled out of her mouth, "It's always been Alison, though it felt good to hear the name 'Smutty Libby' again." she said, as she got to her feet and walked over to Annette. After the girls came, Amber, Linda and Kelly grabbed one of the male attendants and started kissing them, as they took their cocks in hand and guided them to their pussies. After a while, Zoe and I started getting aroused again, and our vitality soon returned, so we got up and joined the two groups, I went over and presented my cock to the male flight attendants, who had switched from a circle jerk to a spooning daisy chain, and plunged my hard-on into the dark haired one, who by now was fucking Anthony.


Jen's Exhibition Leads to New Adventures

group ziminmn 2017-12-17

I took hold of Dan's cock and looking at my husband I said, "Are you sure you want me to do this"? After a minute or so I realized he wasn't going to stop anything so I licked and kissed my way up Dan's shaft again but this time I stroked his cock head with my lips a few times before I slid his cock as deep into my mouth as I could take him and just held him there for a second. My husband then sat back in his seat and said, "I’m sure Jen won’t mind you having another feel of her tits, that ok babe?"

My First 3some

group tedBare28 2017-12-17

On the way home my friend was getting head in the back seat of my car while I had a sore cock from trying to push it through my pants and Michelle's to get to her hot little muff. So finally they gave up and me and Natalie started talking and she told me that Michelle's lust mark came from a girl named Michelle, not from a guy named Mike. after she got used to being filled with hard cock and not hard plastic, Natalie started pulling my hips in and out of Michelle's over stuffed pussy. She grabbed hold of my hips and started pushing them harder and faster into Natalie's dripping pussy.

A Day in the Office

group Durbang 2017-12-17

As I positioned my dick at her waiting pussy lips, Sam moaned, "If you fuck her, then you fuck me too." Without answering, I thrust into Donna's tight hole, flashing Sam an agreeing smile and started to fuck Donna slowly. Sam got off the couch and lay on the floor, Donna kept me busy but stroking my dick, waiting for the right moment. We all got cleaned up and as the girls were exiting, Donna said, "We may have to come check that printer next week, it may need another service." She winked as she left with Sam in tow, looking a little weak at the knees.

My Pregnant Girlfriends Request

group 2017-12-17

We all knew we had what it took for a piece of tail on a night out in Stockholm's night clubs, or an overnight cruise on the Birka Lines boat to Åland, with cabin hopping and cock sucking, as part of a girls oral education. As she sat trying to explain everything that had just transpired, I realised that my invitation was not just for a girls chat but in fact, as she explained, he had suggested my overnight stay, as he had always regarded me as a prime fuck. I could feel the climax approaching and the frequency increased and I jerked on that cocks full length, then at one point it slipped out and I instinctively reached back to put it in and in doing so realised I was awake and her husband was fucking me.

The Office Team-Building Day Ch. 04

group thewhitestripe 2017-12-17

Our heads spun as Carmen walked onto the patio carrying a glass and a bottle of what looked like sun oil. She approached Carmen, then before taking the towel, turned fully towards me and pulled her hair back and over her shoulder, squeezing the water over her tits. I could see from the thin film of her white cotton dress that she was not wearing any panties, and I relished the full view of her buxom body, her boobs bulging to the sides, her nipples hard, the dark patch of hair above her pussy like the dot of an exclamation point. "I don't know how you feel about cock, Carmen, but I've seen the way you look at Nat and Sarah in the office.



group 2017-12-17

“I’m always ready for it,” he said and I felt is cock between my legs from the back. “You know it does you dirty little fucker,” I said and they laughed and pulled me backwards over to the kitchen table. Slowly at first, Paul began thrusting and I felt his balls slap against me while John came to the other end of the table. It was why they loved me this way, When I lay on it, my head hung backwards over they end at a perfect height for a good stiff cock could slide into my open mouth. John was giving short little jabs into my mouth and I felt a shudder from Paul.

My Wife, Cuckold and Friends

group tobyttt 2017-12-17

As I slackened, Jenny picked up the chain, and holding my penis in her cool hands, she slipped the larger of the two rings over the tip of my flaccid penis and down the length of my cock, nestling it snugly against my balls. Giving the chain a few rhythmic tugs, she turned, slipped on her stilettos, and led me, naked, gently by the cock, down the stairs and into our hall, wiggling her gorgeous, tight bum in front of me. Sliding her hand up my cock, she gave it a little rub, running the key up and down the chain, then up towards the padlock that held me.