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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group 2017-12-17

c***d-Lovin was a wrong thing to where all fam neiborhood orgies came to be a deviled act and defloration of pubscent girls.there be new morally sights due to the ****d torn skins of the defensless boys and girls of the fallen angels well as the giant neilfielium to restrain their fathers and mothers thus now do you see bring back their rights to choose if the adolecents be as they are and all as first borne to see custom right love be free and no abolishing their ages to a law of consent cause hey your daughter and son are fucking at home, don't forget c***dren FUCK and enjoy it .

The Little Witch Comes To Town - Part Two

group stockingsandgarters 2017-12-17

Melanie laughed at something Sue said, then told Tina, “Sue said to tell you that she is really looking forward to meeting your husband.” As Melanie knelt in front of Jim she said to Sue, “I never thought I would be saying these words to you, twink, but maybe your mouth is just not big enough.” When Sue was satisfied that she had the monster cock as solid as concrete, she rolled onto her back, pussy towards her audience, spread her legs wide, high-heels flat on the floor, knees up, and said to Jim, “Now do me, hard.” Ten minutes or so in, Sue broke off her kiss for long enough to say, “Okay, Jimbo, do me hard now,” then went back to smooching Tina as he complied.

Earning the Grade...

group Savage Kitten 2017-12-17

Mr. Jack groaned softly, his free hand caressing Kara's hair. Leaning on the side of the pool, I watched intently as Kara's tongue snaked over Mr. Jack's cock. Mr. Jack's long lean body sunk into the plush downy towel that covered the lounge chair as Kara knelt between his legs. Imaging my fingers were Mr. Jack's thick cock, I sunk them into my pussy each time he thrusted into Kara's mouth. That's it baby." I heard Mr. Jack moan, his thick cream spraying Kara's face and chest. Kara was holding my head tightly against her gushing pussy when I felt Mr. Jack press his prick into the entrance of my tight hole.

London Calling

group adam applebiter 2017-12-17

"Yah?" Sabine, sitting across the table from him, puts down the Sunday Times and leans forward, craning her neck to see which picture he's stopped clicking on. " Her pussy contracts around his twitching, squirting cock as she starts to climax, her fingers a blur over her clit as the spasms in her abdomen milk Daniel dry and wring out her glands, soaking their conjoined crotches. With a final wail of primordial ecstasy, Sabine collapses forward onto Daniel's chest again, her hand still presses protectively over her crotch. They lie together breathing heavily, kissing gently and saying nothing while Daniel's cock softens and finally slips out of Sabine. We got a press release last Thursday." Daniel peruses Sabine's naked body and wonders if it's worth getting out of bed to fetch his camera.


A Baby - Family and His Brother Ch. 08

group Nicole48606 2017-12-17

I grabbed her hand across the table, looked her in the eye, said “Hun, I didn’t know you went to bed with women, you never sent those kind of signals”. Jan just smiled; I looked at her, said, “I love you”, grabbed her and started to kiss her, our tongues met, and my hand started to massage her breast. I lean over started to kiss him, our tongues intertwined as Jan got in between our legs and started to lick Nick’s shaft as it came out of my pussy, then my ass, then she slowly inserted her finger in to my ass and worked some lotion into it.


A Weekend with 'k' Ch. 07

group Hubee 2017-12-17

All you can hear is a buzz of whispered conversation which makes you hunch up in the chair, until you feel my hands on your shoulders and my voice whispering in your ear. This opens up your cunt for closer examination and you can see the students all craning their heads to get a better look. Dave Arnold's smile widens as he goes on, 'In which case I am sure she won't mind if we treat her a little bit unprofessionally now.' He looks at me and I nod my continued approval of our pre-agreed plan. 'Do you like fucking my whorish cunt when it is still full of other men's sperm?' You giggle when you feel the doctor's cock twitch inside you.



group PlayfulAuthor 2017-12-17

She realized that if she kept it up, she probably wasn't going to get to hear what 'kinky' thing Kai was considering. "Well, he's great looking." Kai enjoyed the compliment on her man, but knew that Ava would have said that to be polite regardless of how true it was. "So, you'll come to our place tomorrow night and he'll take you out somewhere from there." Kai noticed Ava nearly drop her own drink to the table, "Dress your best and look hotter than the sun sweetie. You know, Kai obviously wanted to surprise me with this treat, I was certainly not expecting some beautiful girl such as yourself to show up and suddenly ask me out on a date.


They Come in Threes

group jg00069 2017-12-17

Heather said nothing but moved closer looking into Alison's eyes, then leaned in and kissed her soft lips. Heather's fingers continued their discovery lightly across Alison's abdomen to her well manicured patch of blond hair. Slowly she traced her fingers down Alison's leg as far as she could reach before coming back towards her wet pussy. Heather took one of Alison's tits in her mouth and began rolling her tongue over its nipple while she continued to rhythmically finger Alison's pussy. Heather continued to manipulate her with her hand between her legs occasionally stopping to lick her fingers and taste Alison's juice.


youngins in the canyon

group bihubby55 2017-12-17

i knew i had to be gentle and easy on this virgin cock so i could save his first cum for in her hot pussy so i just gave him some gentle sucking and licking....mmmmmmmmmmmmm sweet cock billy came over to me, he knew what i wanted, he presented his young, cum and pussy juice covered cock to me i licked it, wow what a taste her pussy luice and his hot, young cum. joe pulled out i gave his cock a quick cleaning and looked at karen's cum filled pussy. wow, what a scene and what a isn't long before joe and karen and me are all cumming, god i came soooo hard and gave her pussy another load of hot cum.

Best Friend

group romane 2017-12-17

The night of the third day, while we made the love savagely, with my companion, I noticed that the door of our bedroom was open. I finished to fill my glass when I feel hands of my dear and to tend on my buttocks and my thigh. "Yes, I know it very well." tell I by feeling his tender sex against my thigh. In my back, my man licked me the anus and the clitoris with vigor what increased tenfold my pleasure. While my companion told me softnesses to the ear and kissed the neck, Raymond me fuck my ass savagely. My taken man the most normal way while I sucked liqueurs of Raymond.

Hot Tub Party

group teedie 2017-12-17

I looked into the tub to see Brett laying back in the water as my wife Kim, was sucking his cock! I pushed her back onto the couch and pressed my rigid cock into her warm, very wet pussy and started thrusting. Brett then took Kim's legs and hooked them over his shoulders and started to pump and thrust as she lay on her back, moaning and digging nails into his ass cheeks. After a few minutes, Brett let out a load moan, and lay on her for a moment before rolling off of Kim. I could see a trickle of creamy white cum trickle out of her pussy as she lay on the bed, looking very satisfied.

Photo Shoot

group KCWinter 2017-12-17

"What about me?" Blond said as Black-haired bent between Anna's legs. Black-haired touched his tongue to Anna's clit, and she couldn't hear Thomas's reply. Blond was as talented with his fingers as Black-haired was with his mouth, but she didn't want hands or lips. "Oh, hell yes." Black-haired took one of her hands and steadied her while Blond helped her off the rock. Please." She shouldn't have been ready for another fuck so soon, but knowing Thomas's cock was about to be inside her, she wanted nothing else. The pleasure from Thomas's fucking was amplified by the knowledge that both of the younger men were watching, and probably wishing they could have another turn.

The Festival Ch. 02

group deepblue32 2017-12-17

Kate didn't reply, just looked at Amy, as if trying to remember Jeff's party in Leeds. Still looking at Amy, Kate said: "So, who are your friends?" Jen opened her mouth to introduce her boyfriend, but Kate talked over her: "Come on, Amy. This band is crap. She walked off towards the drinks tent, pulling Amy by her hand, glancing back to look me up and down. That's right," said Amy, as she slid a finger delicately into Kate's pussy. When Kate stopped squirting, Amy grabbed me and started kissing me again, tonguing my mouth, trying to taste her friend's cum.


Threeway with My Boss

group sun_shyne 2017-12-17

I pulled away from Tom and asked Doug if he was sure he wanted to go any farther. Tom came up behind me and pulled my shirt off, leaving me standing in my pants and bra. While Doug played with my nipples, Tom undid my pants, pulling them to my ankles. Tom saw the wet spot on my panties as he pulled my pants off. Tom was busy playing with my pussy through my panties, making the wet spot grow larger. I played with Toms balls while I sucked his cock. While I was sucking Tom, I felt Doug slide his cock into my pussy. As I started to cum, I told Doug to fuck me harder.

Richie's Place Ch. 02

group hollywoodjim 2017-12-17

The communal table was fit for all the residents of the house; Kim and Elena were joined by Lucy and Scott, Richie, his girl Linda, Big Mary, and now Jimmy. "Yes, always the good stuff." Kim said slowly to Elena who smiled as she lit 2 joints and passed them over. "You seem pretty awesome too." Elena said to Jimmy "What do you think of Kim?" "I mean..." Elena said as she got hold of her shirt and pulled it upwards "Like this." She said as Jimmy got an up close look at her tits. Kim was still a little nervous but began to melt as Jimmy's hands were on her tits as he kissed her, her breaths became very rapid as he felt her nipples, now fully erect.


A True One-Off

group slimshadi 2017-12-17

I walked to the lobby with the group and Elizabeth; I had had a good night and told her that I enjoyed talking to her. Sophie told us that she needed to go to her room and make a phone call and gave us both a hug and a kiss good night. Elizabeth started to undress Sophie, once Sophie was down to her under wear; she pulled the armchair in the hotel room near to the bed. She then put her pussy on Elizabeth's face and I started to kiss Sophie I came on her Elizabeth's belly and went into the bathroom got a hand towel to clean up. I gently entered her ass, she moaned, looked at me, gave me that mischievous smiled and got back to enjoying Sophie.

Fifteen Minutes Ch. 01

group hal_tee 2017-12-17

There'd been times on the dance floor, or even when Peaches had stayed over at Madison's flat, that they'd shared a cuddle and more than a friendly kiss. As much as Peaches was the sexiest damn girl he'd ever been with, the sight of Madison's fantastic tits bouncing as she rode Nate remained firmly embedded in his mind. "Says he's an actor," the blonde shouted at her friend, grinning at the way Madison was blushing. "You're in Old Oak Street as well?" Peaches asked, staring past Madison at the grinding young man. Nate immediately took Madison's hand and dragged her to the bedroom, while Ethan picked up Peaches and followed them in. "Hey, concentrate on me," Peaches rasped as she saw Ethan's narrowed eyes devour Madison's naked body.


Hurricane Party

group Grey Eagle 286 2017-12-17

He pulled at the door but the wind was against the large door and he only got it open a little ways. Hand me your clothes out the door and I'll see if we have time to wash and dry them before we loose power." I said, "Thanks. "Aunt Mary, I need a hammer and some nails and a board of some kind if you have one, the door up there blew open and it may happen again." I followed her out to the garage and saw a 2x4 against the wall. Jane took my hand and looked in my eyes, "You don't have to do me tonight if you don't feel up to it."


Me for Dessert

group tinkerbell1369 2017-12-17

I felt Ned slide his fingers in the waist band of my panties and slowly sliding them down following them with kisses over my ass and down my legs, This whole time Rick was kissing my and caressing my breasts. Rick and Ned worked their way over my hips and down my legs, including running their lips and tongues up and down the inside of my thighs. Ned and Rick finally both worked their way back up my body and gave me passionate kisses. Soon Ned kissed his way down my body to my other set of lips that were hot and swollen from being so aroused.

Mark Has a Threesome Ch. 02

group AngieGS 2017-12-17

Tina thrusts against his cock with each movement in Leah, the tip of his swollen head pushes against her hole harder with each thrust that she makes and as she comes back with one hard push, he feels his head slip through and into her ass. He watches Tina hesitate slightly, she glances at him, then pulls the dildo from Leah's ass and lowers her head to her sister's pussy to lick the swollen nub. His hand works faster at his cock, he feels it hardening while he watches Tina suck her sister's clit and flick her tongue inside her hungry cunt. Tina instantly moves her head lower and laps up her sister's cum, her tongue flicks back and forth, she pushes her face deeper into her sister's pussy and groans quietly.

Rich Man's Plaything

group tightgstring 2017-12-17

My cunt was throbbing by the time the last one had taken his pleasure and I thought it was over, but then Paul (who had been watching with Ray) walked over and took off his robe and stood over me. Ray stood at my head end and started pulling my tits again. I called out as Paul started thrusting and fingering the rim of my arse with Ray pulling hard on my nipples. One of the men came all over my back, but Paul kept pounding my cunt and Ray kept pulling my nipples. My legs were pulled up and spread wide and the man in front of me stood between them, he bent forwards and pressed his hard cock into my cunt.

Fantasy Turned Into Reality Ch. 01

group DukeDakota 2017-12-17

I spread her lips and see her clit pop into the light, it is big about the size of a raisin and I lightly tap it with my tongue and when she begins to cum, I nibble on it and she screams and grabs the back of my head and pulls me so tight to her pussy that I almost can’t breathe. As she starts to cum from me pounding her asshole, Jeanine pulls on her leash and Beth starts to toss her head right and left, her blonde locks of hair swinging in the air. I attempt to change my view to watch Beth suck my wife but I can’t because the leash is to short for me to move around the bed and pull at the same time.

The Risk of Risque Games

group storytyme 2017-12-17

We decided that Becca had to jump in Kate's parents pool naked, but we told her she had to wait for Kate to finish getting ready so that she could see it as well. I rolled the lowest with a two and Becca challenged me to undress and sit around the girls for five minutes without covering up my penis. As the night turned into morning, Kate, Becca and Destiny decided to go skinny dipping in the pool. Becca and Destiny, who had been best friends for several years, started to playfully kiss each other on the lips. Against Destiny's will, the girls collectively decide that Becca and I have to spend the night naked and please each other sexually, but we are not allowed to give the other person an orgasm.


A Business Trip with a Twist

group patdown 2017-12-17

I slapped Tammy on the ass and she said, "Oh spank me I good, I am so loving this." As I lightly slapped her firm butt she put her arms around my head and buried my face in her tits and threw her head back while she rode my cock. I'm no stranger to jerking off but Carey is so huge that it was a new sensation to have to move my hands so far to stroke the length of his big dick but I must have been doing a good job because Carey was squirming between my legs as I got the hang of pumping his huge dong. Tammy and Chris got into watching us and when Carey started breathing heavy they waited with the head of Carey's cock pointed at their open mouths for him to shoot his wad.