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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Half Time

group janellef 2017-12-17

His hand moves under the hem of my skirt to touch the inner flesh above my knee while the eyes of the Other watch to see if the gap created by the tank tops fabric and my skin is hopefully large enough to allow a glimpse. After hearing the Other return I feel his hand come around to my breast, caressing, definitely not massaging, and turn to protest. "It's ok hun," your voice huskily murmurs in my ear as your hand turns my face back to the TV, "just watch." Your palm curls down on my soaking wet pussy pushing rhythmically as my hips move and move, eyes closed, feeling the sensations given by you and knowing that men want me so badly they are stroking their cocks right beside me.

Bi-Night at Club Fantasy

group bimyselfz 2017-12-17

A couple started playing on one of the beds, and Bob came in and took notice. I made sure Diane could see, and started sucking his cock. All the time we're trying to get Diane to do more than just watch, but she knew what she wanted, and that was to see guys playing. After he finished cumming, I gave his cock a quick suck to get the last little bit, then spit it out into a trash can. I stick my head down near Lucy's pussy again, and Ralph is ready to come from her cock sucking. I'm hoping next month, Al will not only be comfortable letting a guy suck him (he did a little this time), but he may even give it a try himself.

Standing with Fiona

group Jason555 2017-12-17

So I took the hint and let my arm fall around her shoulders, pulled her close to me, and taking a chance let my hand first brush the side of her breast, then brush again, then fondle. Fiona was feeling heavy, but only by lifting her whole weight an inch or two and letting her fall back again could I get some friction on my cock. So there I was, holding a woman, my cock rock hard and close to shooting, and there's a guy watching. He kissed her hard, pulled his clothes off, and revealed a cock ready for action. Freed from the constraints of standing I thrust my hips, planting my cock in her warm, wet, mouth Fiona was well aroused.

The Mystic Adventure Ch. 05

group smugmug 2017-12-17

Kelly pulled Kim back down onto Jerry's mouth and they both licked her snatch and each other's face where it all came together. You don't mind-," Kelly moved her head up to his chest, "if I lick-," she licked up a trail of cum, "this up a little," she licked the underside of his chin to get the stuff that had dripped off of Kim's ass, "do you?" The girls went below and cleaned up, Steve took the dink over to Razor to grab their gear and button her up, and Jerry got on the radio to the charter company to cut short the charter and have them come get the boat since it was rented in his name.


My Demanding Boss

group 2017-12-17

Don't get me wrong, he likes you to suck his clitty, and do a nice job sucking his balls for me, too " She was out of her clothing and in a black nightie herself now. My cock felt like heaven in that spandex, and as I popped Dan's tiny but hard fat guy dick free of his panty material I rubbed the underside of my cock through my panties. That was all Dan could take, and I felt his hips buck as his little hard dick started spraying a giant salty load all over my tongue and down my throat, emptying those bull sized nuts of his for my personal nutrition and enjoyment, and the enjoyment of all those present.

Cabin Fever Parts Ch. 13

group bunny3374 2017-12-17

I want your wife's hot cunt wrapped around my throbbing dick right now, Jake." Jake must have nodded and given Dan permission for that because within seconds, he was pulling me away from Joan's tits and standing me up on my feet, then bending me over the table and ramming his cock into my pussy from behind. He looked at me and smiled and asked, "Would ya like some more, baby?" I nodded and eagerly took his cock into my mouth, sucking hungrily on it, since this was going to be the last time for a couple weeks that Jake and I would see Dan and Joan.


Vacation With Teens - Episode 1 - The Meeting

group TeenParadise 2017-12-17

The girls had noticed Alexandra had entered the room and Ivana let herself slip off Emilia, into the couch. "Well Matthew helped Emilia and Ivana, I helped Joana," he said with a smile "I think Joana was more comfortable with her boyfriend helping her friends, instead of her dad." Alexandra giggled and smiled back at him: "I'm gonna need some help too," she looked over her shoulders: "And it seems like Matthew and the girls are busy." Emilia was indeed still in the pool, Ivana had positioned herself face down next to Joana and Matthew was sitting on Joana's back with his legs to either side of her, giving her a massage."

3some wit aunt

group 2017-12-17

before we start i have been havin sex with my aunt 4 the past six months.we got together at first at a party where we were both hammered and had such a good time we decided to keep it going. i stoke my big cock into her dripping pussy she was so wet then she told brian to get on top of her and fuck her ass. briians cock had made her ass huge.i slid in and so did brian and started to fuck hard again . brian grabbed the back of her head and started to fuck her mouth then he let out a loud moan and came in her mouth then it was my turn.

How we started swinging

group toothmedic 2017-12-17

When it came time to go my wife was having second thoughts wondering what would happen if it worked out. She asked if it would bother me to see my wife fucking anther guy, I said I would love to see it. I tensed a little and the other wife asked if it bothered me to hear her complain about my cock or see her with another man, I said no it made me really horny. I asked the other wife if she liked watching. My wife complained a lot about my small cock and then came harder and harder. It turned me on to hear her complain and to see her cum like I had never seen.

Hey, Who Says I Lost!

group onwardbob 2017-12-17

No doubt about it, this nasty minded girl totally loves the feel of hot hard cock sliding through her lips, filling her mouth, and then plunging on, deep in to her throat! Oh yeah I know Murphy alright; so , I stopped my wicked little performance, before, I figured just before he decided to reach for my head, hold it down, and pump my mouth full of cum. I'm almost embarrassed to admit it, but I really love the way a guy's cock feels when it's jerking deep in my mouth, and just fucking erupting hot cum. I mean it's pretty hot having a lover tell you "Baby you're the world's number one sexiest, most beautifully erotic little bitch," and that he's going to "fuck the brains right out of your head!" Sweet, don't you agree?


Uncle Charlie and Me (Niece) Part 5

group Ashley1991 2017-12-17

4 hot men (Steve, John, Alex and Charlie ) sitting on the poker table with drinks by their sides, I head out with the tray. Alex had 3 fingers into my tight cunt, "Oh baby, Your darn tight" he said stroking his fingers in and out fast and hard "Guys, She loves it rough, Trust me." Uncle charlie tells them Love your nipples" Steve says while john continued to bite and suck my breast as hard as he could. Steve hops onto the table and says "I am going to ass fuck you bad babe, Wild and bad." Nervous.. Uncle charlie keeps the cam on the stand and comes and hands John the gel for my ass, "Lets all fuck her together guys" Uncle charlie says..

Butterfly Lovers

group sirmetro 2017-12-17

You opened your mouth to accept the head of the hard cock over your face, your tongue gently bathing the tip, tasting an almost honey sweetness upon it. Your feet on both sides of his head, he wrapped his arms around your legs as he begin to thrust his hips towards you, shoving his hard cock completely into your tight wet pussy. Each one arched their bodies back and forth, driving their hard throbbing cocks into your mouth and pussy until you could stand it no more. As your blurred vision started to clear, you could see three beautiful monarch butterflies slowly float away upon the soft breeze that drifted across your body.

Davy's On The Road Again Ch. 01

group oldhippie1949 2017-12-17

This is a great way to travel," Billy said as he check it out, "You have everything you need here." Sarah was riveted to the screen as Billy got up to pass her the joint. "Sarah, look at this." The screen had the women in a 69 with close ups of lapping tongues and dripping holes. Billy got off the bed to shed his underwear and Sarah and I took that as a signal to do the same. "You like that cock, don't you, hon...He has a nice cock...I want to see you drink his cum, my cocksucker man..." She began to buck against my face and I was drowning in her twat soup. Billy pulled of as I began to shoot streams of cum into his wide open mouth.

12-14 More webcam shows and group sex

group SidTheSexist 2017-12-17

It wasn’t as fat as mine but length wise it must have been getting on for a foot long “Ten and a quarter inches” said Sammy almost proudly, as she came up for air “But I’ve only got a little mouth and I can’t deep throat so only half of it ever gets sucked” she added almost sadly “You always make me come though babe” interrupted Matty in an attempt to spare her feelings “And we have to be careful when we’re fucking or else he’ll knock hell outta my cervix” continued Sammy “Oh I’ve had a bruised cervix before” said Lisa raising her head from my crotch “Aches for days afterwards” “Enough of the gynaecological details girls” I interrupted “Would I be right in thinking that you’ve offered your deep throat services?” I asked Lisa smiling.

f****y Affair

group 2017-12-17

One Saturday Cindy and Rebekah were going shopping at the mall,Gary told the ladies that he had some errands to run.As soon as they left the house he decided to indulge his fetish,walking downstairs to the basement where the washing machine and dryer were he sifted through the pile of dirty laundry,spotting a pink thong that belonged to Rebekah he picked it up holding the creamy vaginal discharge crusted panties close to his nose he inhaled deeply,savoring the sweet musky scent of his wife's young daughters panties,his erection was nearly instantaneous as the chemical attraction of her youthful pheromones worked their magic on his cock.He flattened his tongue to the crotch area,savoring the tangy crystallized crust still moist with the help of summers heat and humidity...

Just Starting Out

group mrsjanet 2017-12-17

Usually about an hour before we did any filming John would always send me and the guy or guys I was to do the video with into one of the bedrooms with me either wearing only a short robe or completely naked where I would let them play with my tits or a lot of times I let them finger me while I gave them a hand job and some dirty talk to make them cum so we could fuck longer on film. John had started talking to Tom while he was watching one of my videos, of course it had to be the one I did with three guys so he got to see me with a cock in my mouth, ass and pussy all at the same time!

Prions R Us Ch. 01

group wuzgnu 2017-12-17

When Carrie mentioned that she was coming with Joe and Mary Bryan, Don was uncharacteristically blasé about a fifth person at the bridge game. When Nanette opened the door, she saw Joe and Mary who flanked Carrie as she held her apple pie. As the game progressed and most of the players had lost their outer garments, Joe began to talk about apple pie and said that he hoped everybody got naked soon, so they could have dessert. And when you finish, we can just all eat the remains off your dick!" she turned to Nanette and told her that Joe was talking about the pie all night and she was a little tired of it.

The Empire Cinema visit and my Wife well used.

group yorknudeguy 2017-12-17

I was so turned on for the life of me I don’t know why; but I took my hand and slowly slid it up my wife’s thigh pulling her dress up to the point which exposed her dark purple satin G-string panties, the side straps, and the lower portion of her stomach just above her belly button. After he worked a few inches into her pussy, he slid his cock to the hilt into her, I knew it was too late now, my wife was in the process of getting fucked bare-backby a complete stranger who by now was fucking her so hard that his balls were clearly slapping against her tight little bum.

Sally Company Slut - follows Sally

group AndyFrancis1 2017-12-17

Thursday came and I saw Sally off to work – she was dressed in a very business like suit with a pencil skirt (made her bum look great) and a matching ,tailored jacket under which she just wore a semi see through camisole – with the jacket open you could see her black balcony bra with her ripe full DD breasts balanced inside – her boobs wobbled and bounced quite a bit when she walked but she just laughed and said they were safe! Stapleton “ You are doing great Sally” he said kneading her breasts hard with his hands “ keep going Saul we need Sally opened up, isn’t that right, Sally?”

Salocia Chronicles Pt. 01

group drelord2102 2017-12-17

After all Queen Maya was a woman with eight hot blooded husbands. Jake knew his wife's pussy was contracting around Ranos's bare cock buried to the hilt, as she milked him deep inside her. The fact that he had just watched and aided seven hung men ravage Maya's pussy and unload their baby-making cream right inside his woman's hole did not bother him. Two of them held six months' old Prince Jikal and one and half years old Princess Mikisa in position as Maya nursed her babies. The men lay on the massive queenbed, all naked, watching their wife dress, suckle their children and more.

Mattie Lake Pt. 04

group joefelton 2017-12-17

Angela looked her husband in the eye, "I have all night to think about what I'm going to do to you, sweetheart." She walked over to Marcus and gave him a mischievous smile. Maria watched and grinned, as his cock disappeared inside of her girlfriend, and then again sat on Jason's face, pushing her pussy lips down onto his tongue. She opened her eyes and looked at Maria, who had put the base of the dildo into Marcus' mouth, with the main body of the toy buried deep inside of her pussy. She looked at her girlfriend, "Grab his dick with both hands and jack him off." Maria smiled back at her friend and took hold of Jason's cock.


The Blackfly Inn

group sgrspc69er 2017-12-17

My husband Richard had left me to close up our summer cottage for the year. Coming across an old photo album I sat looking at pictures for years gone by, reminiscing of the good times Richard had enjoyed in the early years of our marriage. Slipping on a thong and a low push-up bra a sauntered out into the living room holding two dresses on hangers. Jack had made a good choice; the blue dress was the shortest of my collection, ending just below my almost bare ass cheeks. Sure enough as the next slow ballad begin the young guy came to our table and asked if I would like to dance.

The Prize

group DavidFun 2017-12-17

I bit my wife's milky white shoulder, slipped a second finger inside her and started pumping her cunt and she pulled back from Bryce and started gasping, staring into his eyes. Desperately, Kelly started pushing herself up and down, trying to fit my long cock further down her throat, then trying to drive Bryce's cock further into her cunt. Watching Bryce's cock sliding in and out of my wife's pussy and listening to his balls slap against her arse was better than any porno and I would have cum if Kelly hadn't been getting careless with her teeth as her own orgasm approached. I slid my cock into her sweet, tight arse, Kelly gasped with each thrust and Bryce would slide out of her cunt.

Lindsay Wants Boys And Girls

group EroticaSeanStyle 2017-12-17

Even though I haven't received a full description from Lindsay about Christina, I do know this: she has long blonde hair and rather nice sized tits. Then we'll untie you, lay you on the bed, and while I'm preparing myself for good fuck session, Christina can suck softly on your cock. Then after we cum, I will suck on your cock and get it hard for Christina's pussy, I know she will want you to fuck her good and hard. She's going to be sucking and slurping on my pussy, feeding on all the cum you left inside of me, and her little ass and pussy will be wiggling in front of you.