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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Gym

group jim313 2017-12-16

I loved the flavor of his precum and looked forward to drinking his cum so I started working my mouth around his organ when he suddenly asked if we could stop for a moment so we could continue naked and in bed rather than standing in the living room. The moment she came back to reality and felt our organs inside her, she started to move around on them and we were off on another beautiful high until Carol suggested that John fuck her while I fuck him because she loves to look into his eyes when he's got a nice cock inside him.


Shauna's Heaven

group Wet 2017-12-16

As she leaned over to point out another fact in a file she heard John's quick intake of breath and she knew he was aware of James' finger exploration. James got bolder as he saw the others starting to caress Shauna's body and he slowly slid a finger into her. As her hips started to move with James and Mike's hands she moaned louder. Mike rub faster and much harder, the juices from her pussy dripping onto her clit and his hand making the area slick for his movements. James, Mike and John continued to fill, caress and rub her until her orgasm started to subside and she lay on the table panting, trying to regain her breath.

My Fantasies Ch. 02

group ukwriter 2017-12-16

Your friend leans over and starts to suck upon your nipples. She leans forward and her tongue starts to lick the end of my cock. You are now sucking your friends cunt as she leans down and tongues yours. You and her start to kiss and suck each others nipples as to use my cock and tongue to your pleasure. The combination of having my cock up inside you and your friends tongue probing your mouth and nipples quickly brings you to orgasm. Your friend cums equally as quickly as my tongue in her hole and you sucking her nipples drives her mad. You both suck and lick me until I start to pump my warm, white spunk across both your lips and tongues.

Sara's Surprise

group chezrobeir 2017-12-16

She closed her wet lips over it and took it in with a satisfying "Mmmmm." Still unable to see, Sara felt the other man's cock rub her cheek, and she turned her head to take it in. Then Sara kissed her small belly and groin and finally reached her red mound of hair and she shoved her mouth on her clit and began sucking and licking as Chris arched backward until she was lying flat on her back with her legs pulled up and open so Sara could lick and suck her pussy clean. It only took a few minutes of the incredible sensation of fucking Sara, being licked by Chris, and sucking Sean—plus the sounds and smells of hot sex permeating the room—for Jeff to reach his limit for tolerance.

The Generation Gap Has Been Filled

group Alex Finch 2017-12-16

I suppose there were a dozen small quibbles, a thousand niggling doubts, all of them revealing themselves and flipping me the proverbial bird as I read her note, which casually and with great candor explained why she was not at home, and was in fact in a different, unspecified nation with a 25-year old boy, her new paramour. On certain days, there’d be remarkably little to do at work, and she’d drift into my office door, and we’d chat away about anything, up to and including the weather and the state of disrepair the elevator was in, and other vital debates. She turned to face the door, and unbuttoned her blouse, then spun around and tossed it off her shoulders, revealing a lacy blue bra and panties, hugging her body perfectly.


Cottage Weekend Pt. 02

group tantricjim 2017-12-16

But our minds were filled with the expectation of sex and we soon paired off, Elizabeth slipping her naked body into my arms, pressing her breasts against my chest while her lips brushed mine. Angela was just as quickly in Gordon's embrace, his hand full of her ample tit while her arm reached under the water seeking to grasp his massive cock. My cock was between Elizabeth's legs, her breasts squashed to my chest as we exchanged tongues, I clutched her ass cheeks in my hands as our bodies formed one entity, one thought only in our minds. Gordon said, "Let's move up to more heat and give them the lower bench to acclimatize." As we settled in higher up, Rod topped our champagne glasses off with more cold wine.


Somewhere South of Eden

group lindiana 2017-12-16

Rather, I turned my face back into the divine pussy before me as Jorge grabbed hold of my rounded hips and began to fuck me with exquisite intensity, moving in and out of me with sustained movements, making me feel delightfully filled just as I needed to be. I felt completely outside of the loop at this point but with Jorge's cock barreling into my long empty cunt and my tongue swirling over Shalimar's delightful pussy, I was more than occupied and let my thoughts wander, forgetting about Analise for now. Jorge was continuing to pump away into my cunt while Jarrod, as I later discovered was his name, was fucking Analise' mouth, not once pausing as I ate out Shalimar.

Woman Roller Skates Naked at the Beach

group 2017-12-16

As I make my way slowly through the crowd a few guys on skates have caught up with me and they give me compliments about how beautiful I look naked. After a couple of minutes I look back over my shoulder and see more than a dozen shirtless muscular young men skating behind me taking pictures of my naked white ass cheeks! After a few minutes, I push their hands away from me and announce, "Who here is man enough to whip out his cock and start masturbating while looking at my naked body? After a couple of minutes the guy grabs my head with both of his big black hands and starts ramming his cock into me faster and faster!

Oh Hell Yes

group Will da Six Deuce 2017-12-16

She said "Thanks, Will, by the way I invited Kali and Amira." That statement made his cornrows and 10 inch dick stand on end. Amira was a mixed girl (black and puerto rican) bout 5'6 with not much of an ass or titties but she had a face that made Will's thug mentality melt like butter on a Popeye's biscut. For all yall that are ebonic-illiterate, twurking is when a girl shakes her ass up against a guy's dick area. He beckoned Kali to come over to him and she got on the bed and moved her mouth to Amira's pussy. He told Kali he was gonna blow but Amira beat her to his dick and opened her mouth as he blew his load all over her face and tits.

Bi The Lake

group desirea69er 2017-12-16

Jody sucking away on her breasts, Jessie reached down to take one of Jody’s ample breasts in her hands, pulls back the bathing suit top revealing the most luscious brown erect nipples she ever saw. Jody now making her way down to Jessie’s hot wet pussy, slowly she circles her clit. Jessie lays back on the couch and Jody kneels beside bending to allow her tongue to gently flicker on Jessie’s wet pussy. Jody sensing this, increases her strokes and sucks on her hard clit, faster, faster she goes, bringing Jessie to an amazing grinding climax. Jody reaches over and grabs the double dildo sitting on the table, licks one end and slowly inserts it into her wet pussy.

The Couple Next Door

group RakenHoe 2017-12-16

Walt pushed me up with the hand that was on my breast and he pulled his fingers from my cunt at the same time. Walt lifted his hand to his mouth and sucked on his fingers. Walt now had my chin in his hand and kissed me on the mouth He was very strong and he was holding my head so I could not look down and see what Julie was doing. Something made me pull my legs up and hold them wider apart so Julie could get her mouth tight against my cunt. I cried out that I was going to cum and that is when I felt Julie ram two fingers into my cunt as she sucked on my clitoris.

Chrissie and JuLee Ch. 03

group JuLee 2017-12-16

He laid on the bed with his mouth on Chrissie's pussy and began licking her cunt as Dave continued sucking her nipples. I, not wanting to be left out, stood on the bed, with my ass in Kens face, as I leaned against the headboard he immediately began licking my ass and pussy as Chrissie sucked his cock. "Don't take it out, I want your cum in me," Chrissie said as she as she released the firm hold her mouth had on Ken's cock and locked her legs around Daves ass. I adjusted my body so my pussy was at Chrissie's mouth and she immediately began sucking and licking me as Ken fucked me from behind.


A massage with 4 hands

group ChaosLev 2017-12-16

Mark told me that he had lived in the Far East and learned many massage techniques there, and that he’d been working as a professional masseur for 6 years now. Mark massaged my breast with one hand and operated the warm vibrating device with his other hand. I told Ed: “I want to come too!” and Mark told Ed to get that nice arm vibrating device and hold it against my pussy. I was a but sceptic about it, but Mark said: “You’ll see how quickly you’ll come with this thing!” I sucked Mark’s dick vigorously while indeed it did not take me long until I was so horny that I was very close to an orgasm.

The Whore of the Anime Club

group BuffyZelous 2017-12-16

John showed up shortly after I got ready and welcomed me with open arms and then the next thing I knew he was rushing me off to their little club meeting room. "If you boys want a real show you better get me a desk." I yelled; my pussy was soaking wet and screaming for attention. Mark stopped thrusting as his dick unloaded it's cum into my mouth, John however kept going harder and Louis began to grab my tits harder. "Oh, you fucking slut!" John yelled; I could feel his dick beginning to pulsate. Several of the boy's in the room came up and took pictures of my pussy leaking cum, and some of them even grabbed my ass but sadly I was done and wouldn't be able to service them.

The Circle Ch. 15

group SteveWallace 2017-12-16

Elsewhere on the patio, Jim stripped his clothing away, and slid into the pool to join Amy and Alice who were kissing one another. On the other hand, Jim, Bob, Matt, Alex, and Nathan continued to function like the amazing fuck machines they had groomed themselves to be with the help of the females in The Circle. Amy was so sensitive after the fisting Jim gave her that she came every couple of minutes, looking more like a sparkler of emotions than a dour aunt. When Jim slid down her body, and started to suck on her pussy and finger her vagina, she came like a Saturn rocket on the way to the space station.


Roommates Pt. 01

group Stories4Her 2017-12-16

So I tell her that we met at the pool and that this guy has the most amazing hands and tongue I've ever experienced and that I'm assuming his cock is just as amazing and wouldn't it be fun for both of us to experience it together. My roommate's hands wander down your arms, across your chest, massaging your shoulders and neck. We tell you that all that massage is making us incredibly horny and would you mind if we played with each other for awhile while you watch. Getting so incredibly worked up and I know that what's going to feel so good is when I get to have cock inside of me.

My Beautiful Slut Amy Gets Used Ch. 02

group dannymike 2017-12-16

Amy said she wasn't sure how long Linda would be here, but would know by the time I got home. I reached over and unbuttoned another button on both of their blouses, told them they looked like two sexy sluts and to be sure to sit one on either side of me when we got into the theater. I looked at the girls, smiled and told Amy and Linda to take their tops off. The rest of the guys watched in disbelief as Amy unzipped him, took his hard cock in hand, and started to suck. He started to slam into her when another guy took Amy over to the same truck and bent her over right beside of where Linda was getting nailed.

A Weekend At Chateau Strafe

group cream pie boy 2017-12-16

A half-smile paused on her lips, and, at her feet was a young woman kneeling naked with a spiked collar and lease which the Frau grasped, and what looked like cum peppering her hair and dripping down her cheeks. In the pool, a naked man squatted beneath her, cuffed and collared, and caught her outpouring in his open mouth while a woman kneeled beneath the standing man, her arms bound behind her, with his stream splashing her upturned face. The Frau grabbed my face and said, "Eric says you have a tight ass, and I am pleased" She gave my cheek an affectionate pat. Frau Scheide and Hilda stepped behind me and pushed my head between Susan's breasts, rubbing my face into the cum.

A First Step

group ericahope 2017-12-16

If Sam and Carey were the epitome of "the average neighbor", John and Olivia were definitely a "head turning" couple. As I lay on the edge of the bed, my legs spread wide, Chris standing on the floor pounding into my sex with his hard cock, I fantasized about Carey, or perhaps Olivia, looking on and joining in some way. "This is going to be a whole new experience on many levels," said Olivia grinning as she looked from Carey to me. The pressure got turned up a little when Olivia drew a card asking her to tell the group who, other than her spouse, she'd most like to make out with in the group.


Miss Gushy

group Lustykitten 2017-12-16

I felt myself cum again and again and wanted more and more, a couple came to join us, my guy went over to the girl to get his hard cock sucked as I got fucked by a guy who turned me over to fuck me from behind, he pumped his cock into my pussy again and again, oozing juices over his balls making him cum. Before long we had some watchers who I knew wanted to play, I took my pick saying 'no not you, YOU', they fingered me watching me squirt, my guy turned me around and fucked me with my legs around his neck and oozed juices all over him, I gushed all over his face as he lapped up the juices while I sucked the guys cock.

Kay and Brad Ch. 03

group cwr2000 2017-12-16

And looking down she saw her completely shaved pussy that she knew was the reason, and just started laughing as she laid back and started masturbating again remembering how magnificent Brad's cock was up close and how she was going to tell Lynn about her sudden realization about Brad, and what it was going to do to their relationship. The three of them stayed in the shower for so long that the hot water ran out, and when they all got a large dose of cold water they knew it was time to dry off and hit the bed again to let Brad finally fuck them together, as well as watch the girls have each other.


Just for a read

group 2017-12-16

Since I feel that I have a good few minutes until she arrives I reach under the table and put my hand under your skirt, slipping two fingers into you and pumping them back and forth lightly while rubbing the clit with my thumb. she can clearly see what you are doing and since we are sitting in a booth in the back where it is very difficult to see from anywhere else in the restaurant(which you chose the seat for this very reason) you give the waitress a little wink and bend down in the booth and take my cock in your mouth sucking lightly. When Monique lets my cock out of her mouth, you take it into yours sucking it hard.

A Second Life Ch. 08

group Mang0nel 2017-12-16

Zach could tell that Melanie was excited about the idea of a honeymoon weekend from the way her fingers slowly drifted across his hip and settled on his semi-soft penis even though she faced away from him, looking at Julie as she spoke. She looked across to Melanie and saw that she had slid down the lounger and had crouched between Zach's outstretched legs, and was busily sucking on his hard cock, while at the same time rubbing her own wet vagina with one hand, her fingers alternating between rubbing her clit and sliding deep inside herself. As soon Melanie had sucked the last drop of Zach's cum from the end of his cock, she knelt across his middle and offered her mouth to Julie for a deep tongue-searching kiss so that they could share his intimate juices between them.


A Third Valentine

group A_Little_Show 2017-12-16

Jack and Diane met up with Kari several times during the university's holiday break. Jack returned attention to Kari's neck and worked his way up until his fingers combed her hair and caressed her scalp. "Jack, tell Kari what you told me," Diane said. "What you said in the bathroom last Sunday - about Kari." Diane waited, and when her husband didn't respond, she added, "Jack thinks you're attractive, and I should be too jealous to let him touch you." "Kari," Diane said, "I want you to seduce Jack. "Come here, Kari," Diane said with a little less authority than she applied when commanding her husband. Diane lifted the sweater over Kari's head, and Jack pulled it the rest of the way off her arms.