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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Matter of Principle

group Sarishepard 2017-12-16

Fifteen feet away from Gavin's spying eyes, Deidre turned her angular profile to face Lydia. Aloysius stepped behind his wife, placing his hands on her shoulders as she touched her fingers to Lydia's cheek and asked, "Do you ever watch your husband work?" Gavin's balls tingled as he watched Lydia's palm grasp the base of Aloysius' proud staff. Gavin's gaze shifted to his right as Deidre's dark mane dunked over Vincent's lap and shook. Gavin panted in shallow breaths, watching over Lydia's slim backside as Vincent stepped behind her buttocks and pushed his Deidre-coated staff into place. With a hardy grunt, Vincent rocked his hips forward and froze, pulling Lydia's hips to press her buttocks to his pelvis.


Our First Time Dogging Pt. 03

group HANDYMANATHOME 2017-12-16

But soon I wanted more and my hips started to slowly fuck her mouth, I was really enjoying myself, when Sandra took me by surprise and plunged her mouth onto my cock, grunting out loud as I hit the back of her mouth. "I just hope that after Jim's fucked you, and George has stretched your slut pussy that you'll still want my cock, I mean I can't compete with the size of their cocks." As I said this, Sandra started to scream. Sandra moaned out loud as his long tongue started to slide between the folds of her wet pussy, her hands held onto his head as she suddenly gasped.


A night to remember!

group 2017-12-16

A friend and I go too a guys house hand cuff him put a blind fold on him . Take him down a dirt road push him over the truck start slow by sticking one finger in his ass going in and out at a reasonable pace then two and three till i get the whole hand in ! then i want him to fuck me while she fucks him and after she takes the dildo out i want too watch him suck the dildo clean i want him too nut in my ass and eat it all out !!

Vice Versa

group Abelard7 2017-12-16

I found that if I hung around Hotel bars on weekday evenings, (Which was mostly when my nights off fell.) there was often a woman, away from home on business, looking for 'entertainment'. "Are you aware that women sometimes feel that way, that they might just want a good fucking with no strings?" "A woman on her own doesn't stay that way for long, there is usually someone like me to give her what she wants." "The client comes to my premises selects her companion, pays up front and is shown to the massage room. I thought that his hard looks made him almost ugly, but Karen had told me that he was very popular with her ladies.


My nude encounter in the woods

group 2017-12-16

He sat beside me on a chair by my hips, and asked my to open my legs, which I did, I was extremely wet as he spread my labia and pushed his fingers inside me, 'How does this feel Mariel', he spoke in soft tones as he gently masturbated me, going in and out, as my hips moved with him, I looked down the length of my body and was surprised to see how hard my nipples were, they stuck right out, and as if he sensed my awareness of those two pink stiff edifices, he lent across and took one in his mouth, chewing on the soft sensitive tissue, until I exploded on the couch.

Mrs W. Arrives Home (Altar Boy)

group Choirboy2 2017-12-16

As she was running her tongue around and flicking the nipple, Darlene dropped her robe to the floor and pulled Sandy’s head closer, whispering, “Suck them Sandy, suck them.” Sandy was squeezing Darlene’s tits, running her tongue over the nipples that stood straight out, giving attention to both tits. Darlene glanced over to the mirror and saw Sandy wearing thong panties, the front was soaking wet so she dropped to her knees and began kissing her stomach, moving down to her belly while still kneading Sandy’s tits. Darlene’s pussy was dripping and every time Sandy sucked her clit she yelled out, “Suck me, Suck me, please eat my pussy.” Sandy enjoyed the idea she was turning this woman on and while eating pussy, reached down to her own pussy and began finger fucking and rubbing her own clit.


group allennine 2017-12-16

Darlene had a big meaty clit nestled between two very fat pussy lips. Geraldines big mini dick was clearly inside Cheryl's pussy and they were engaged in a deep french kiss. Suddenly I just sucked her entire fully erect clit into my mouth and swirled my tongue around and around her clithead. By now Brenda was sucking my dick like it was an all day lollipop and Geraldine was eating her pussy while she was deep clit fucking Cheryl. I eased up on the suction on Darlene's clit and began tracing the outline of her pussy lips with my tongue. Round and round, up and down my tongue explored every fold of her meaty pussy lips, occasionally stopping to lap at her big minidick.

Spanish Holiday

group passion_fruit 2017-12-16

There was a football in the pool and we started throwing it around, the boys making a point of throwing it high so Sarah and I would have to reach up out of the water letting them see our tits, catcalling every time they got a glimpse of nipple. I kissed Sarah, feeling her magnificent tits rubbing against mine, sliding my hand down her back to cup her gorgeous arse, hearing her moan. The boys were barely holding on now and as soon as I was lying down Mark pulled his cock from her mouth and they came together, spraying our tits with hot cum as we lay next to each other.

Returning Home to Hedo Ch. 02

group mrgump 2017-12-16

Dropping the sponge I begin caressing your ass with one hand as my fingers slide across your slit, gently brushing your clit as I stroke up and down. Opening her eyes she slowly looks across her spectators as her fingers dance across her clit and slip back inside her pussy. Wanting to get the most out of my two minutes I start to fuck you harder, pausing as the tip of my cock leaves your hole, then slamming it back into your waiting pussy. Then suddenly Anna calls time as I fuck your pussy one last time, leaving my cock deep inside you. Taking off the blindfold you look back to see your first lover, Rob slowly pushing his cock in and out of your pussy.


A Birthday Present

group nvioxos 2017-12-16

She oiled her hands and played with my cock and balls all the time while Alex kneeling right above my head was almost touching my face with his crotch. With Linda's mouth hugging my cock, I licked the guy's balls, sucked them gently one at a time, then tried to take them both in my mouth; it was impossible, they were too full, too big. Then I felt pressure on my nose, I saw Alex's dick entering her soaked cunt, his balls sliding on my face and covering my nose with his thrust. I kept sticking out my tongue licking Linda's cum from her open cunt, his dick, his balls, whatever drop I could taste was delicious, "good to the last drop".

Just an Average Group Ch. 03

group mntnman64 2017-12-16

The thought came to both of them , that they might start to make love; but frankly...they both sensed that they were still pretty tender and a bit sore from the sex last night....and so, Carol told him with a perky grin.." I need a shower, I feel dried cum all over my body." She got up and padded off to the adjoining bathroom. The next night after supper, Carol looked at Ron and said, " I have a surprise for you!" Then she stood up from the table, came around to stand in front of her now curious hubby; and pulled down her sweatpants and panties.....There before her wide-eyed spouse and staring him in the eye was her new, trimmed, nicely smelling LANDING_STRIP!!


Pharoah's Queen

group gumbynj 2017-12-16

And it was at this time of year, the annual pilgrimage down the Nile to the Temple of Youth that the Queen suffered the most. Heavy foreskins were stretched back over swollen glans and the hands moved quicker until, fully hard, the men stood sweating and straining in front of them. The royal bath was filled with asses milk and the Queen entered it, surrounded by priests and the Temple maidens. The Queen moved closer, hands were rhythmically pumping the dicks and the foreskins were a blur until one after the other they came, filling the bath with seed. When all the men had cum, she was helped from the bath and moved into the Temple where a reed mattress was on the floor.

Teacher's Movie Theatre Gangbang

group Friskee_cpl 2017-12-16

More bodies came down around us and when I looked next to me at Sandra she was riding the other man in the reverse cowboy position as she sucked the cock of some other bloke. I looked at the young man, who was mauling my boobs to my left, and said "Rub my pussy, get it nice and wet because you're going to fuck it next." I looked over to Sandra who now had two dicks to suck.I held youngies cock and squatted above him. After the man in my arse moved away I let go of Middle Eastern and slid down to youngies still firm cock.


punishment u parents in law chapter 2

group lippy100 2017-12-16

"Kym," Ben spoke softly but firmly while looking me directly in the eye, "We want you to go into the lounge, undress so that you are totally naked, and stand in the corner you are now familiar with until we are ready to administer your punishment." Quickly I reopened the blind and walked to the corner of the room where I had stood naked for my Mother in Law after receiving a severe spanking. I briefly thought of informing my Mother in Law that I had plans for Saturday night and could we arrange another time, but I think I was wise to keep silent on the matter and instead reschedule my commitments.

Late Night Coffee Ch. 03

group Estcher 2017-12-16

Amber and Breeg jumped into the elevator, pushed the button for the right floor, and the doors closed silently. Breeg sat on the bed and looked first at Amber and then to Ethan. Breeg and Ethan stared at each other, turned red and then started laughing. Ethan was completely focused on the fact that a naked woman was standing directly in front of his cock on her knees and another was leaning in from his left sitting on his bed staring at his cock with rapt attention. With that, Amber took Ethan into her mouth and started to softly suck on the head. Amber leaned down and kissed Breeg and transferred a sizeable amount of cum into her mouth.


Hot Wife: Mexican Vacation Ch. 03

group hotorangecouple 2017-12-16

I am going to fuck this hot little MILF of yours." As he smiled at Diane. During the alone times, I told Diane the story of the two girls rubbing themselves, then each other, then Lainy telling Kerry to suck me, then fucking them. We're all still talking and Mike says he needs to go pee, so do Kerry and Lainy, so our girls go too. I saw that Lainy's look hadn't changed, but Kerry was beside herself with the size of Carlos' cock. About that time, the girl on Mike's face said it was her turn to "ride the monster" and scooted on the bed over to Carlos and almost touched the ceiling with her toes; she held her legs so high.


Stacey & Emma

group Naughtybutnice 2017-12-16

He looked from one girl's face to the other, remembering the way that Stacey had run her finger over the dick in the picture and how Emma had had her hand shoved down her panties. Stacey however found that she couldn't release her grip on her teacher's dick and Mr. Gray had to pull her hand away. Mr Gray turned and looked at Emma, "I think she enjoyed that, don't you?" He had certainly enjoyed pleasuring Stacey, but his throbbing dick was beginning to ache. Once sure that it was in place, he motioned for Emma to come over, he wanted her to watch his dick invade her friend's fanny, the same way that it had done with hers earlier.


Lost Wife in Poker Game

group MrsCanyon 2017-12-16

Man this lady knew how to suck cock I could have come on the spot as she bobbed her head up and down my hard shaft. She stopped sucking looking up at me with a filthy grin on her face and said, "Your cock is beautiful," and then continued giving me one of the best blowjobs I've ever had. She stopped playing with her pussy grabbing her own breasts with both hands mauling them and pinching her nipples as I rammed my cock into her as hard as I could really pounding her. "Fuck my ass your bastard give me your big cock," she was having trouble breathing as she panted away below me.

Party with the Geeks

group Gamina 2017-12-16

Her dress was being pulled over her head and for a second, she tried to hold onto it, and not let the boys pull it off her, but then she felt the cold vodka hit her clit and she moaned as Abel pushed his lips against her pussy and sucked the alcohol into his mouth. Grinning at him, Bella felt a new mouth on her pussy, making her moan in pleasure as she licked her lips at Mark, moving them closer to his cock but not touching his cockhead, before answering him. This time, it wasn't the men who blew early, but the feeling of being completely filled and used sent Bella over the edge, the two cocks thrusting hard and deep into her pussy and ass drove her to a body wracking orgasm.

One Special Night

group Sexiebatman 2017-12-16

Back out in the living room, as soon as the girls had left, Ian leaned over and kissed Niko. She grabbed Ian's thighs and pounded his ass as hard and fast as she could, fucking her own ass with Niko's cock at the same time. Ian reached down and grabbed Niko's hips, pushing him away and pulling him close. Roxi felt herself getting wet again, so she threw Maddie on the bed next to Ian and shoved her strap on in her ass. Alongside her boyfriend, they pounded away at their guests asses, Ian cumming all over his stomach and face while Niko came in the man's abused asshole. After he pulled out, Niko and Maddie took turns licking cum off of Ian's chest and sharing it with a kiss.

The Stag Night

group taurents 2017-12-16

It was odd thought John that given the informality they were attaching to the actual ceremony that Vikki had insisted on him having a stag night , not only had she insisted she had decided who would be invited and together with his best man had organised a function room and catering for the evening . Suddenly she was on her feet leaving Colin with his cock still hard and eager and she walked to Johns brother Tony , again she kissed him passionately before kneeling at his feet too and sucking his hardness into her obviously eager mouth . A different position for each Vikki took each one of the guys deep inside her body as John watched , his own cock aching for release .

1st time at a sex club

group selenatv 2017-12-16

The 'sex' day arrived and I prepared very carefully with an enema to ensure I was clean during penetration, did my make up really carefully and struggled into my pvc corset, g-string, stockings, boots and long pvc gloves, slipped on my leather coat and drove to the 'club' In the bedroom the young guy dropped his pants and I swooned - At least 8 inches long and thick with a big 'head'. I was on my hands and knees on the bed as young guy slipped on a condom and moved behind me. Young guy took 3 oir 4 attempts to penetrate me but when he was inside it flt like i was going to split open.

Theater Trip

group myfantaz9 2017-12-16

She is mesmerized at the screen, can't break the focus, needs her clit sucked in the worse way, so she rubs as she watches, fingers herself deeper, harder, she knows how she likes it until she cums wave after wave, saturating herself, the floor and anyone around her, she can't stop, she keeps smacking that clit and inserting those fingers, there she got the third one in, fuck that cunt and make it cream, she can feel it building, feel the big one, and someone whispers in her ear she needs a fist and with that she erupts once again with every muscle in her body tightening up, fingers are cinched deep in her and she spasms uncontrollably.


group Runyon 2017-12-16

Tom came home and wanted to see the dress I said not till Saturday I was afraid he wouldn't let me wear it, if he saw it first. about 9:00pm Tom said to get ready as it was time, I took a big tequila up to our room and stripped down and pulled the sheath over my body. Julia got me aside while Tom was watching the group sex and asked if we might like to go to her place? Tom got his coat from the girl and I told him we were going to Julia's. as our happy group got to the car Julia said that her and I should ride in the back like Tom was a chauffeur.