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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Twist of Fate, Part 1

group aerowfn 2018-11-04

"I mean, we should stop by Jessi's dorm and please her the right way; I've always wanted to try a girl." Julie spoke softly. "Well, it might just be all the alcohol talking, but yeah, I want to give it a shot!" Julie exclaimed excitedly, tugging on my pants playfully, making my cock tingle even more. Julie had finally convinced Jessi to let us up, and as she hung up, she grabbed my cock still sticking out of my pants... It didn't take long before Julie grabbed Jessi and threw her down on to the bed beside me, licking her pussy relentlessly. Jessi began moaning as I got up and moved behind Julie, teasing her sweet mound until it was wet, slippery and more than ready for my cock.

My Wife and I do it with our Babysitter

group kornslayer1 2018-11-04

"Shh, we don't wanna wake up Jessica, or Jenny," Kelly let me know. After they were done hugging, Kelly looked down at Jenny's right hand. Then they made out for about thirty seconds, and in the process Kelly took off Jenny's bra. I got right on top of Jenny and slowly inserted my cock into her very tight pussy. I began thrusting my cock in and out of her pussy, and Kelly came right up to my ear. "So, you think you can take my husband's cock now, Jenny?" Kelly wondered. Kelly guided my cock into Jenny's pussy and then she began to ride me. Jenny put her right hand right onto Kelly's pussy, so I licked her fingers too.

The School Trip

group hotgirluk26 2018-11-04

I still think that the prosecution describing a group of seventeen year old girls as, “a danger to civilization not seen since the hordes of Genghis Khan,” is going a little far. Hardy.” So when Julia lay on the plaque which is bolted to the deck, and said those words, it was only natural, and somewhat humorous, for Celia Hardy to comply with the request. Yes, Your Honour, Gloria and Jilly, the two young ladies who were interviewed by yourself in your chambers just before the trial began this morning. Yes, I believe they did have some photographs taken on their mobiles, you know what these young girls are like for taking photos.

...And Me Makes Three

group Jessie89 2018-11-04

Sarah struggled up and got on top of me, kissing me hard and pushing her tits down onto mine, pulling back just far enough for Jamie to see our tongues exploring each other’s mouths. As I began sliding back and forth, taking him balls-deep into my smooth shaved pussy, Sarah knelt with one leg either side of his head and leant forward to kiss me, rubbing my nipples at the same time. Sarah whispered in my ear, "Time to cum for me, you hot little girl." She reached down and placed her just-licked fingers into my cunt as I started to stroke my tits, drawing slow circles around my nipples, for my pleasure and theirs.

Big Black Woman's Guide to Anal

group Samuelx 2018-11-04

Sylvia's plump and thick body shook under the force of the black studs thrusting their cocks in and out of her mouth, pussy and asshole. There was this rich, skinny Irishwoman named Moira O'Shea who came all the way from Dublin to visit Nevada's Big House Brothel because she wanted to experience the raw passion of a large black woman with dominatrix tendencies. She felt as though the big black woman was trying to tear her asshole apart by shoving the huge dildo deep inside. Her screams of protest seemed only to encourage Stephanie, who pounded into her like anal fucking with strap on dildos was going out of style.

Marriage gift - My pussy

group cindy_4u 2018-11-04

After a long time giving head, I got up and asked Aaron to fuck me in front of Julie as their marriage gift. I got on the sofa in doggy position, Aaron came behind, pulled his cock close to my pussy and shoved it in. Julie sat next to me with her legs open touching herself and asking Aaron if he was enjoying fucking her friend. I then walked over and sat down on Aaron's lap with my back to his chest, my pussy and ass on his limp cock, his hands grabbing and playing with my tits as I asked Julie to show Aaron how Cooper will fuck her.


group UnXpected 2018-11-04

There is a number of couples that stay out on the floor, slow grinding to the music, but I was shocked to see Felicia out there, dancing, alone sensually to the beat. She rolls her eyes, smiling, then turns her back to the bar, scanning the dance floor, as if looking for someone. I try covering my hand over her mouth, but she moves her from head side to side, and I don’t want to hurt her. Felicia grabs my chin in her hand, and forcefully turns my head back in her direction, pulling me back into her kiss. Although curious, I go back to bare back, fucking Felicia, until I feel the other woman’s hands on my lower back and ass.

The Midnight Walk

group LadyX 2018-11-04

As I briefly locked eyes with this man, gripping his lover by both ass cheeks, directing her gyrating hips with his cock fully buried within, I saw a fire burning deep inside, conveyed in the deep thrusting each time she lowered herself into his lap. The burning was intense and I cocked my hips upward for a better angle, drooling on the merchant’s dark chest as Delroy ass-fucked me, his hands steadying me at the waist as he aimed his dick down and in. We kissed deeply while I gyrated my hips atop him, holding his shaft inside and fucking him with the tight walls of my pussy, just like I’d seen in that chance moment of discovery down the beach.

Crying shame

group candytales 2018-11-04

We all giggled and Ebony got up to open a fresh bottle of wine saying on her return, "Matt, have a full glass this time, relax and enjoy." Happy as we were in the lounge, we felt it was time to move into our pleasure room, which left Matt open-mouthed as he scanned the mirror clad walls and ceiling as well as the giant king size bed with various sex toys scattered around. I tore away an area of Ebony’s body net so that I could suck her nipple and I felt her hand stroking me between my legs before she plunged her long slender finger through the netting and deep into my moist vagina.

Initiation by the Dozen

group carmen_has36 2018-11-04

Over the next few weeks she got invited to a few of their parties and had some wild sex; which led to her being invited to stay at this black rap star's mansion. Each of the twelve guys would fuck her pussy and had to cum inside and then he wanted her to try and hold it in until all were done. The first guy gave her pussy and ass a couple good squirts of KY, then one by one the twelve long hard black cocks punished her pussy hard and fast, thrusting deep when they came. Several of the guys got turned on and took turns fucking her in the ass doggy-style, sometimes one guy in front of her while she sucked him and shot cum in her mouth which she was told to swallow.

Our Fantasy

group PAMtnMan 2018-11-04

Susan , on the other hand seemed to enjoy each session of practice more and more, trying new things with her new toy and also with my cock, asking each time, what I thought of her technique and if I liked it. I want you fully loaded when our fantasy takes place," she said smiling, while squeezing my cock. She saw the somewhat shocked look on my face and said to me, I think I have to let him do that so he will know that I am sincere in asking him to join us. I noticed he stared at her pussy and I know he was thinking how wonderful it would be to slide his cock between those soft moist lips that he had felt earlier.

Big Women Porn

group Samuelx 2018-11-04

A five-foot-ten, average-faced, thick-bodied, wide-hipped, big-bottomed and bow-legged black woman from Chicago. This five-foot-eight, bronze-skinned, round-faced, shifty-eyed, large-breasted, wide-hipped and big-bottomed Mexican woman found her sexual talents in demand in this new country. Master Ebony was a tall, good-looking black man. One of the most sought-after bachelors in America, a professional football stud who had women throwing themselves at him had to pay for sex because he feared what people would say if they discovered he liked large women. Michael Lamont, the handsome Frenchman looked at Kali, the gorgeous large black woman. It's always good to see a man who likes large women. Michael lay on the bed and gently stroked that fine hair of hers as Kali began sucking on his erect manhood.

Doing It for Real

group videxpert3 2018-11-04

“Yeah, Ron always leaves them happy,” Pat remarked to Marsha, “he really knows how to pleasure a cock. With Marsha riding up and down on Vid’s cock and Pat riding Vid’s pussy-experienced tongue, the sounds of moans and groans soon filled the room. Pat took Ron’s swollen cock and slowly feed it into Marsha’s pussy. Ron picked up the pace and Vid rubbed Marsha’s clit with his fingers and pumped Ron’s cock as it made its upstroke. Marsha’s crescendoing moans made Vid excited and he was amazed how comfortable he felt watching another man have sex with his girlfriend.

Gaping Asshole Syndrome

group Samuelx 2018-11-04

I told them about a big black woman named Mary, who was being seduced by Paul, one of the macho and good-looking studs of Samuel's stories. He's fond of creating attractive and super confident men with heavenly bodies and gargantuan cocks who go after tall, large-breasted, thick-bodied, wide-hipped and big-bottomed women. This self-assured bisexual stud and self-styled men's rights activist wrote stories about big women getting their asses filled with cock and these so-called empowered women liked it? I read them a chapter about a big black woman named Louisa, and her two lovers, a tall and muscular Latin stud named Jorge and James, a tall and sexy black man.


Charcoal Pinstripes

group Metilda 2018-11-04

Suit material slicked together each time he moved and the leather of his belt whipped through the loops with swift pulls of his hands. I touched a finger to my bottom lip, as if the shoes needed deep thought and serious hours of tense contemplation. Off Ruben went to do things like be measured by the tailor and I sat on a plush leather bench. Ru didn’t return my texts, so eventually I made my way back to bed, coffee in hand, feeling like total and utter crap. The sound of my wetness on needful fingers was amazing to hear, as was the ragged, tense breathing of both Ruben and the well-dressed salesmen.

I Will Remember You

group Samuelx 2018-11-04

Our pal, eighteen-year-old wild babe Nikki went to Saint Helen, the nearby all-woman prep school. Nikki was a tall, skinny Asian Goth with short black hair, bone-white skin and pale green eyes. His hard cock went into my asshole, and he began to ram his cock up my butt like a man possessed. A skinny Asian woman standing naked in the doorway, looking at a Black man fucking a white man. I watched as Tyrone began to ram his cock into Nikki's butt hole. The Asian woman screamed as eight inches of hard black dick went into her tight anus. I loved watching the young Black man's cock going up the woman's ass.


My Girlfriend's Roommate Chapter 3 - Surprise, Surprise

group sprhr2 2018-11-04

Lisa continued to tease me all night, making a sexy pose when Shannon wasn’t watching, blowing kisses, licking or biting her lips. The scene was setting new levels of sexiness for me, like the whole night had, watching my wife take my cock while she grabbed her breasts and squeezed hard, reaching down and grabbing her lover’s hair, pulling her closer as Lisa ate her out. I want to hear my slutty little roommate scream again.” Lisa looked up without stopping her licking and she and Shannon made eye contact, smiling wickedly at one another. After Lisa and Shannon licked and worked the tip several times, I grabbed Shannon’s head and like earlier pushed my cock down her throat.

Sexploration Ch. 1

group Troglodite45 2018-11-04

They laughed at his joke then Jack began retelling the story Frank had told him. Since Frank never wore shorts his hands quickly moved to cover his nakedness between his legs. All the time, Frank had told Jack, he watched as her breasts wiggled and moved as did she. Heather told him that even though she had never seen or been with a naked man she knew what was happening to him from more books they had read. In the mean time Frank told him the story and begged him to find the women and bring them safely back down. What I relate to you was told to me by Roger in his later years and I couldn't possibly change what he, Jack and Frank experienced.

The Ice Queen Cometh (Or How Roy And I Got Back On Track)

group Mazza 2018-11-04

It smelled much like my own and I felt my pussy pulse as I slid my hand inside her panties, feeling her soft downy hair as my fingers began to slip between her lips which were slick with her viscose arousal. I nodded and watched for a moment, surprised that I was happy with this, another woman attending to my boyfriend and suddenly found that I had an overwhelming desire to be kissing her again so I leaned forward to do it, my hands automatically finding their way to her breasts and my thumbs, circling her nipples and making them become erect as our mouths met and our tongues began slip against each other once more.

My Roommates Ch.1

group ToXiCFuN84 2018-11-04

As he walked over to the edge of my bed I scooted to meet him there taking his dick in hand for leverage, he moaned a bit and I began to lick him from base to tip cleaning the sticky sweet mess he made watching me and with that I plunged my hot wet mouth down his length deep throating him as best I could, then slowly taking his length back and forth, Mark screamed "FUCK" as he grabbed my long hair and began to ram my head back and forth over his hard rod.

The Substitute

group peachesncream5670 2018-11-04

I began to suck, Tina’s wet pussy, and fuck her hole with my tongue, savoring every drop of her sweet nectar. I grabbed Laura’s head, again, forcing her face harder onto my pussy, as I came, and squirted my juices, into her waiting mouth. He pulled his cock out of my pussy and shoved it in my mouth, and told me to suck every last drop, which I eagerly did, as his hot sticky cum, exploded deep into my throat. That sent me into the biggest orgasm ever, as I blew the biggest load of cum in my life, into Tina’s waiting mouth, as she sucked vigorously on my pussy.

Watching Anna Ch2

group danielzack 2018-11-04

Ryan then grabbed my wife and started dancing with her as Connor sat beside me on the sofa. We sat there saying nothing to each other as we drank our drinks and watched Connor feeling up my wife's arse as he took his turn dancing with her. As I held Anna close to me I turned her back to the guys and slowly pulled her dress up revealing her arse cheeks to them. As I watched my beautiful wife drop to her knees both guys dropped their shorts and boxers revealing very hard cocks. Anna groaned in pleasure as Ryan set about fucking her hard, and at one point she had to take Connors cock from her mouth as she gasped for air.


Play Date

group sweetpsweetp29 2018-11-04

I asked Lacy to put on the first movie so we could get things started but she wanted to eat first, so we ordered pizza and sat around laughing at Justins date. "Okay David I dare you to go over to Justin and kiss him in the mouth for 20 seconds," I told him with an evil smile on my face. Lacy had a big ass smile on her face and told Justin "Let David Fuck you in the ass," the room got quite. We couldn't take it no more I seen Lacy walk over to where they were fucking, bend down and open David ass and started licking it, he turn around without stopping looked at her and smiled.

Black Folks Orgy Ch. 02

group Samuelx 2018-11-04

Rachel was a good-looking Englishwoman with a somewhat plump yet sexy body, and a fine booty at that. Rachel's husband, Jim Williams was a tall, lean and athletic man with long red hair and pale gray eyes. Jim unzipped Adder's pants, and held the black man's dick in his hands. Rachel watched as her hunky husband got fucked in the ass by a sexy black man. Black Adder continued to pump his cock into Jim's ass. Jim thrust his cock into his wife's pussy as the Black Adder's thick cock fucked him in the ass. A little while later, the Black Adder took his leave from the Williams household and thanked the man of the house and his lady for their kindness and hospitality.