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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Say, Have You Met Lucy?

group doug rush 2017-12-16

All concerns about being naked in front of my mate disappeared as Lucy sat up and reached out with both hands and grabbed our throbbing erections, stroking both of us before taking each of us into her mouth in turn and working her lips over our cocks. In the mean time my mate had been rubbing himself and was hard again, and somehow had managed to slide around and shove his cock into her pussy. She pushed my cock from her mouth and said she wanted to ride my mate. She then twisted around and reached for my cock pulling it back into her mouth and started to suck furiously while she fucked herself on my mates cock.

A Journal of Truth Ch. 02

group Dlicious_49 2017-12-16

Lifting my head slightly, I stretched my mouth around his cock, taking it as deeply as I could, sucking him slowly, deliberately...but there would be no way I would be able to deep-throat this dick, no way in hell. This cock was smaller; no matter, I closed my eyes and took it completely into my mouth, my hand finding, and cupping, the balls that hung below this unknown dick. Touching my hand, Princess slipped me a piece of paper, saying, "That's my me sometime and let's do lunch at my place when you have a couple of hours to spare." Before I could answer, she cupped and fondled my pussy through my toga and with a final squeeze of her hand, floated away into the, now crowded, main room.

My Evil stepmother part 7.

group 2017-12-16

So I went straight for Melinda's office door and stepped in, I then came to a complete stop as I stared at Elea lying on the conference table with her skirt raised up to her waist and her pale white slim legs wide apart with Melinda knelt between them licking her neatly trimmed red pussy. We were both moaning loudly as this young office junior continued to lap away, then I pulled my cock out of Melinda's cunt and Elea opened her little sweet mouth wide so I could stuff it down her throat. Melinda then climbed onto the table and positioned herself in front of Elea, opening her legs wide Elea started to lick my stepmothers pussy as I continued to fuck her.

The Massage

group Jack_Russell 2017-12-16

Barry then began to tongue lash my breasts, while Katie and I enjoyed our making out. He then stopped, and said, "I need to taste your pussy." He pulled out and replaced his glorious cock with his mouth, if I thought that he was a god with his hands on my body, what his tongue could do to my clit. She did so facing me, and while I was pumping up and down on Barry's shaft, Katie was suckling at my breasts, alternating between each stiff nipple until I could take it no longer. Katie and I collapsed onto the King sized bed on either side of Barry, making his face the middle of a breast sandwich.

A Kitten's Tail Ch. 26

group wolfdragon76 2017-12-16

When we got home from the hospital after Sonia had her baby, I told him all about the deal I had made with Alonso, and asked if he would be fine with Marian or Sonia dominating him on occasion. "After dinner, when you are ready to start playing, open it and hand what is inside to Master," She said quietly before going back to kneel next to Alonso. "Your husband needs a proper collar if he is going to be our pet," Marian said as she set a second box on the table and opened it. "I will have kitten come in when we are ready for bed," Alonso told her as he patted Sonia's ass and sent her into the Master bedroom.


The Entertainer Ch. 01

group dr_luvs_shaving 2017-12-16

Joyce thought, "If he wants open minded, maybe this is the one that I should send." In all this time Joyce could feel Bill's cold blue eyes looking over her body or perhaps just undressing her. As she unbuttoned her skirt and slid the zipper down Joyce thought, "What am I doing?" The skirt loosened, she pushed it over her hips and let it drop to the floor. In rapid fire order Joyce thought he's going to touch my body, what am I getting myself into, am I prostituting myself, should I continue, something about the way he instructs is turning me on, and I really need the money.


A Journey of Discovery Ch. 02

group Ivonificood 2017-12-16

She rolled over and got on her knees between my legs and started to use just her tongue, licking my shaft from my balls up to the tip of my cock, then engulfing it until it was deep in her mouth and quickly back off again as I thrust my hips and moaned in ecstasy. James looked at me, silently asking if it was ok for him to join in the party, and when I nodded at him, smiling, he got on his knees in front of her and took advantage of the other two guys holding her legs open and buried his face in her snatch.


Als Sklave bei einem schwulen Paar

group Bi_79 2017-12-16

Auch ich wurde immer geiler, und allein die Situation, dass ich eine Nutte war, und von meinem Freier gefickt wurde, trieb mich fast in den Wahnsinn. Ich stand ebenfalls kurz vor der Explosion, und als mein Meister von einer Belohnung sprach, kam ich mir vor, wie eine läufige Hündin…Ich durfte Sex mit dem anderen Sklaven hab, inklusive Abspritzen…. Es dauerte nicht lange, da entlud sich unter meinen Wichsbewegungen der Schwanz des Partner Sklaven auf meinen Bauch, fast gleichzeitig bekam ich die volle Ladung Sperma meines Meisters in den Mund, und mein geiler Saft spritzen in die nasse schmatzende Arschfotze. Endlich zog er ihn raus, gab mir zum Abschied noch einen gewaltigen Schlag mit seiner flachen Hand auf den Arsch, dass e den Piss uns Spermasaft aus meinem Loch drückte.

86% mein

Moslima Love

group roygbef 2017-12-16

I slipped my dick out of Nelly's cunt, let her legs down gently, gave her cheek a quick lick (which she laughed at) and got off the bed to look out of the bedroom window, opened low. Nel stood up, stripped off her Minnie Mouse, took Naïma by the hand and led her to our double bed. Naïma's eyes closed and she started lashing out at Nel's cunt with her tongue. Naïma even wrapped her hands around Nelly's thighs, like she'd been licking cunt for years. Naïma looked up at me like I was going to pull teeth. I was wetting my dick with my tongue and hand and placing it at the star of Naïma's asshole.

The Demon Within

group jenna147 2017-12-16

They spent a quiet evening together, and as the eleven o clock news began, Jim turned off the television and looked at Gina with a smile. Jim's hands traveled slowly down her body, coming to rest on Gina's crotch. Why don't you try to get some sleep?" Jim kissed Gina lightly and rubbing his shoulder and shaking his head, walked out of the room. Without opening her eyes the woman reached up and with one hand guided his cock into her mouth. Smiling, the woman pulled her shirt off, exposing ample breasts barely contained within a sheer red bra. The woman smiled as she reached for Gina's hand, maintaining eye contact as she licked each of Gina's fingers deeply.

My Best Friend's Girl

group cpd82385 2017-12-16

I felt myself getting hard as I pulled him to me and took his young, warm cock into my mouth and sucked for all I was worth. Dustin made his way over to the bed, pulling his sister across it so that her head was on the edge of his side, and shoves his hard cock into her mouth. I sat back on the bed and she began sucking our fluids from my semi-hard cock as Dustin moved around the bed so that he was behind her. Dustin started slowly thrusting in and out of his sister's ass, his hand moving around her waist and to her pussy, massaging her clit gently.

Sweet Revenge

group Slipstream265 2017-12-16

Lucy's breathing become harder as she automatically opened her legs wider to accommodate the fingers, which then moved lower and pushed the fabric between her flaps and into the entrance of her wet vagina. Without wasting any time, Lucy straddled the guy on the toilet with her back towards him, reached between her legs and held his cock with one hand, positioned the tip at the entrance of her vagina and slowly lowered herself onto the guy. The guy's cock was embedded deep inside her vagina and she could feel his knob rubbing against her g-spot with each thrust. The thought of two cocks coming inside her at the same time and filling both of her entrances with delicious, white cum was so erotic that Lucy had another explosive orgasm.

Great Loop Ch. 03

group Creekman 2017-12-16

We got a lot of interesting looks all day from people trying to figure out Amy, Julie's and my relationship. The redhead came over to me and started stroking my cock as the brunette went to Amy and Julie and started fingering their pussies. Julie said, "Hey old man, got anything left in the tank for a couple of hot 22 year old girls?" We spent the night together and Julie wanted to try a variety of different positions, so I fucked her missionary, legs over my shoulders, on all fours, on her side with leg in the air, cow girl, reverse cow girl and finished with my cum splattered across her face and tits.

78% trip

Hitching a Ride Ch. 05

group gimmie_your_load 2017-12-16

Pulling off Jim's cock for a moment, I looked back to find Jon on his knees behind me, face buried in my fragrant womanhood. Jim held me in place maintaining eye contact as I heard his brother's pants drop to the floor, then felt his hands grip me firmly by the hips. I held his gaze and sucked in an involuntary breath as I felt the tip of Jon's head press against my pussy lips. I moaned as Jim wrapped his hands over mine, and pressing my breasts hard together around his cock, started to briskly fuck my tits. "I hope you're ready for the most cum you've had in your life." Jon said, panting as he stroked himself while I bobbed my head on his brother's throbbing member.


Ranch Roundup

group xavan 2017-12-16

Loudly interrupted by the most forceful man-scream you ever heard, Andre's arms pull to his side, his fist clench, his chins rises and he lets out a bellowing war cry during the volcanic eruption that fills your mouth, your lips, your cheeks, your hair and all over your face, the impact even knocks your head back a bit as a second wave of insane orgasms has you screaming so loud every muscle in your body tenses up so much it actually forces the other two cocks right out of you, followed by the splashing sounds of pussy juice squirting hard on the floor.


Namaste Yoga Pt. 09

group ElRoylk 2017-12-16

"And?" Charlie let up a little, but kept her finger moving along the image's outline, first away and then close to Emmy's swollen lips. "Noooo, please...nooo." She barely whispered it, looking away and down, trying to ignore the images in her head: stripping, watching as Julie pressed her lips to her...pussy, getting caught as Greg came home...knowing they would force her to take him while Julie watched. Julie slipped her tongue between Emmy's lips and gently stroked her back, letting her know it was all right before she pulled away, a look of pure pleasure mixed with surprise. As Julie pulled her underwear down her legs, the pad stayed stuck to Emmy's vagina, the smell of her arousal thick.


The Seduction of Kerrie

group ptlovesit 2017-12-16

I assured him it wouldn't, and added, "Who knows maybe we will start a new tradition." He looked at me with a wry grin and said, "Here we go again." I just smiled, but my wheels were turning and my desire for Kerrie was manifesting. I thought I detected a little panic in Kerrie's eyes as she laid down her pair of sixes said, "uh, this is not good." We laughed and then I spread my cards out. Kerrie hesitated and then threw her cards into the middle of the pile, "It's me," She pulled the tee shirt over her head and I got my second look at her beautiful tits with the nipples now rock hard as well.


Body Corporate 14

group northstar44 2017-12-16

The challenge was for the men to fuck Cindi in the ass, as they were being towed behind the boat. It didn’t take Cindi and the first contestant long to begin the challenge as the surf board rode very smooth behind the boat. They knew that it didn’t matter if they were both laying down, on their knees or standing up, the fuck had to be completed inside Cindi to get the maximum points. Rest was going to have to wait a little longer as only the guest was pulled into the boat Cindi was left to swim to shore. One had his cock in her cunt and the other in her ass, which Cindi didn’t complain about as these two body heaters were warming her up.

Swinging on the Fourth of July Ch. 02

group WuLiMaster 2017-12-16

Being nude for the entire weekend was old hat for Sally, Chuck, Alice and Don but Fran and Ron were getting used to it as well. I know you want Alice to lick you all over, but the person winning the first roll gets to receive some good things too." Ron ran his hands over Sally's breasts, weighing them in his palms and fingering the nipples while Fran and Alice counted off the seconds. As Chuck walked towards him, the sight of his large testicles dangling behind a thick heavily wrinkled bulbous headed penis mesmerized Ron. He looked at his own member and was surprised that it had not completely retracted. Chuck reached out his tongue and gently licked the head of Ron's penis, rolling his tongue all around the head and pushing on the opening.

Honeymoon Hotel

group sex4u4647 2017-12-15

The first time Rob met Sue was on a double date with his best friend Jim, they were at the drive in theater, both boys making out, the girls with tits bare & the boys hot hands roaming over their sweet young bodies. Totaly naked Rob rose to his knees and looked ardently at Sue, "I LOVE YOU, my darling wife." he said, and lowered his mouth to her pussy,spreading her legs, he licked the outer lips of her pussy, then tongued her hot hole until she squirmed and moaned. Rob was laying on the bed with his cock hard, Sue climbed over him and spreading the lips of her cunt, lowered herself on his waiting shaft.


Josh and Lesley Surprise Each Other

group duddle146 2017-12-15

"Come on, tell the truth...," Lesley went on - in that soft teasing little voice of hers, "You know you can hardly wait to sleep with me again." Josh," Lesley said quietly, a tone of longing seeming to creep into her soft voice, "No one has ever made me feel quite as wonderful as you made me feel last Friday night. I start getting aroused anytime I allowed my mind to think of Lesley's beautiful calves; remembering how my hungry mouth had kissed it's way up her soft rounded thighs, up to that wonderful feminine oasis with it's delightful spring, that gave of its magical moistness so willingly. "Okay...Come Sophie, join us..., I did promise to share Josh with you...but just for this one night." Lesley teased her little friend.



group NaughtyLove 2017-12-15

Touching my large breasts, huge areolas of light pink with nipples standing firmly up, through the flimsy dress covering the curves of body, she makes a point to grab the large cheeks of flesh known as my ass, as well as lightly rubbing between the lips of my pussy. One hand rubbing the clit sparking pleasant waves of feeling in my stomach and cunt, I push the other through the space between Brandon’s legs, quickly reaching my goal–his balls. With juices covering the area of my face, I burry it deep as I lick and suck the pink skin of her cunt, lapping with the rhythm of the cock banging roughly in and out of me.

Our Sexual Awakening

group nighttimestories 2017-12-15

The combination of flirting with Brenda, the scent of her perfume and watching Jane flash her panty-covered pussy at me had me ready to fuck. I knew that with the short dress that Jane had on Rod had gotten a similar view of my wife's panty covered pussy. As I have said my wife has on helluva body and as she pulled her thong panties down she did so like Brenda did but her ass was facing Rod. I could see movement on the other side of the hot tub and looked over Brenda to see Rod getting in front of Jane. "OOOOOOOOO FUCK!" Jane moaned as she grabbed Rod's head and pushed it into her pussy.


BBC Gangbang

group Tharrell 2017-12-15

She raised her head upward to reach it with her mouth and started sucking it while the first bull was increasing the depth of his cock in her vagina. Meanwhile, the bull in her pussy had started to long stroke her vagina almost pulling out each time but instead just pulled it to the edge and returned his massive cock to her womb. After a brief rest, they turned her over and one of the bulls puts his cock on her sphincter and starts rubbing it around getting some of the cum from her vagina on his knob and rubbing it into her hole. The bull started pumping my wife's ass and soon enough he was dumping his load into her which made her writhe with pleasure.