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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

'O' Hunters

group Irish Moss 2017-12-15

I then unfastened her bra and let it slide down her arms while licking and sucking her hard nipples while she ran her fingers through my hair and smiled over at Amy. While my tongue and lips were at work on her nipples, I unfastened her jeans and started to work them down, dropping to my knees as I did. Assuming that Amy was to receive exactly the same treatment I gave Kris, I let her shirt drop and started to caress her tits through her bra while kissing her neck. It didn't surprise me how much I enjoyed watching my cock sliding in and out of her smooth, freckled pussy but my gaze also wandered up to her bouncing tits and to Kris' ass, which was humping toward Amy's face.


Circus Circus Ch. 02

group Rnsbreeze 2017-12-15

With Steve's expert tongue and mouth working on my cock and Cheri's hot pussy in my mouth, I gained a new life and felt my cock start to rise again. Cheri's body was shaking and tears were running down her cheeks as she was desperately swallowing the cum that was filling her mouth and Steve was buried to the hilt in her ass. It kinda sucks cause I get their first shot of cum, Cheri comes in naked like she did earlier and they pull up their pants and split." I let Steve's cock slide out of my mouth and felt really empty when Cheri pulled the fake cock out of my ass.


My First Road Trip

group babaorielly7167 2017-12-15

I looked up from her perfect tan legs, up her tight stomach, her perky tits, her beautiful face, and her long blonde hair. Kelly started licking my balls, which got my dick back up and at attention. We went up to the front right next to the stage and three girls came up and started dancing for us. He said something to the girl who walked over there, and she came back and said something to Kelley's dad. After the girl on my lap got up and walked away, Kelley's dad got up and motioned to me to follow. Two girls went up to Kelley's dad, and two came up to me. Kelley came up and began to suck my dick.


group JOHNFINASMITH 2017-12-15

We went into the living room and sat down and Donna asked if I would like some iced tea which she and Rick had a glassful and I said yes, please. While getting out of the hot tub Donna commented on the size of my balls, they are quite large and hang down; whereas Rick’s are smaller and are tight. Rick knelt down into position and with his right hand began to guide his thick penis into Danna’s hot wet vagina. I took my right hand as slid it just behind Rick’s balls and felt his PC muscle. Sure enough, the sweet taste began as Rick’s cum gushed out past his penis and the wall of Danna’s vagina.

A Night in Paris

group ronsdirtygirl 2017-12-15

As I bent over to kneel beside Paris, I felt Ron’s hand take some juice from my between my pussy with his fingers. Ron’s hand was again near my pussy, and he fingered me as Paris and I exchanged a Sapphic kiss. “I’m cumming, fuck, I’m cumming,” yelled Ron as he thrust one last time into my pussy. I removed my finger from Paris’ cunt and looked back to see Paris catching the drips of semen that fell from Ron’s penis in her pink mouth. Looking coyly at Ron, Paris asked, “Is there something you’d like to do with that dick?” I knew that Ron’s dick was spewing cum into Paris’ tight pussy, and I could feel my whole body shake with the explosive orgasm I was having.

A Night of Beer Pong

group Phlaht_Baht 2017-12-15

It was John's turn to pull a dare and he said, "You have to make out with someone who is not your boyfriend while we are blindfolded." I, again, went into the bedroom and grabbed three of the scarves that Jason uses to tie me up and handed them out to the ladies. Kayla went into a screaming orgasm and Amanda was a constant stream of "Fuck fuck fuck fuck." We took our time recovering, knowing our guys loved to eat pussy, so they would keep licking us as long as we wanted. She let out a long deep moan and Brett looked up and saw what I was doing and smiled at Jason then went back to Kayla's pussy.


Treating Joe Bevins

group eroslit 2017-12-15

“Sure, I know who you mean,” Alison said when I mentioned Joe. “He’s OK.” “I don’t do this for just any trick or treaters you know,” he said as Alison and I pulled open the tabs on our cans. Poor Alison had to be suffering from listening to the moans coming from Joe and I and watching our mutual attacks on each other’s bodies. When my lips finally engulfed his cock and I felt the warmth in my mouth, Joe motioned for Alison to come to him. My notion of the shy Alison took something of a hit when she lifted her little skirt, pulled off her thong and sat right down on Joe’s face.

Hayden Panettiere's Big Mistake

group 2017-12-15

Hayden was no close to tears, but she fought them back knowing they wouldn’t help and may actually piss them off more. “Time to show us those pretty tits of yours, white meat,” said the ringleader as he brought his knife out again and flicking his wrist cut it off, catching a bit of skin between her tits opening up a small, but relatively bl**dy gash. As the men got up and began to put their pants back on, Hayden thought, “It’s over. Just then the leader turned around and said, “I like you, white meat but since you can ID us, we’re going to take you out.” With that and a “sorry” he drove his knife between her tits causing the gash to go deeper.

The Best Party Ever

group Xerxes82 2017-12-15

You kissed the guy in front of you again, your hands sliding away from your other partner to undo his pants, even while the second guy pulled your jeans down past your knees, crouching down to kiss your wonderful ass, your thighs. As he began to thrust into you, your huge tits bouncing as he drove himself the whole length into you, the second guy took up position by your head, and you turned to him, taking his huge cock into your mouth. Your tits bounced as you got fucked, and the guy you sucked off started playing with them with one hand as he held your hair in the other, your mouth driving him back into shaking climax.


Ride of Her Life

group CheriSM 2017-12-15

Spike told her that she was going to suck him as well, but this time she was to swallow everything he had and make sure nothing came out of her mouth. Spike said that the woman would eat Stacy's pussy and the man would finger fuck Stacy's ass. As the woman worked Stacy's clit, she loosened up, allowing the man to slide his finger into her puckered ass. As the woman dove her tongue deep into Stacy's pussy, the man spread her legs and pulled her ass wider, slipping another finger in. Her ass tightened around the man's fingers as the woman's tongue fucked her pussy. The first man it landed on would fuck her pussy, and the other person would feel the pleasure of her mouth.

Coming In The Closet

group DaisyGreenfield 2017-12-15

"Stay and watch or leave and shut-up about it," Scott said, sucking my breast hard again, still rubbing my clit with his hand. It took timing and cooperation from Scott, but after a couple of strokes, Will caught the rhythm and began to suck my clit as Scott continued to pound my pussy and pinch my now painfully hard nipples. "Shit, Janie, I'm going to come," Scott said close to my ear. "Of course, Janie," Scott said, taking the tube and squirting a healthy dollop on his hard cock. Will was slowly stroking himself to keep himself hard, but watched intently as Scott stood me up facing the wall, spread my cheeks, then slowly pressed his penis into my anus.

wrap around skirt

group 2017-12-15

Being a lovely warm evening, Beth just had a black into the taxi her wraparound skirt opened completely to must have seen her shaved pussy when her skirt opened. of men could see her bare breasts and one guy was breast as the guy who had opened her blouse, bent that the guy who was fingering her pussy had started to access to her pussy and I am sure he was finger-fucking started fingering her pussy as two others sucked on her fucking the slut.' He said as he opened the office door handkerchief from her cunt and watched the cum start to 'Our turn now!' said the black doorman as he got on the The black guy came in her pussy but


group hotRobertXX 2017-12-15


Beyond Boundaries

group BeyondPleasure 2017-12-15

Liz fucked her doggie-style while Carrie continued to suck Danger's cock. Robin began sucking Liz's strap-on as Liz rubbed Danger's cum into her skin and Carrie caught her breath. I guess Robin enjoyed the taste of my wife's juices on that strap-on because she quickly turned her attention to Carrie's nearly dripping wet pussy. I looked down to see that Robin was still feverishly sucking Carrie's clit while Liz had taken up position behind Robin and was preparing to fuck Robin's pussy from behind with the same strap-on. I pushed my cock into Carrie's pussy while Danger held the dildo inside her. It wasn't long before our fucking was in sync, as he would pull out as I pushed my cock into her pussy.

Island Fever 5: Family Ch. 18

group Jeremydcp 2017-12-15

"I am SOOOOO happy that Jackson doesn't have to come back here for another three months," Trish chirped, looking up at me as I held and snuggled our six-week-old son in my arms. "But," I commented to Trish, who was seated beside me in the passenger seat as I drove along Lommedalsveien Highway, en route to our hometown of Sandvika from our trip to Bærums Verk, "Kristanna said the birth of Ariel was nothing like that. "I told Krissy yesterday that we have to take what was given and build new dreams." A single tear streaked down Trish's cheek with those words, but she quickly wiped it away.


Is That You, Sarah?

group SlipLuvver 2017-12-15

He was working with Gary, his other male counterpart one afternoon and was looking in a notebook for the phone number for the main bus depot when he spotted a handwritten entry which read 'Kiosk 291731'. He thought it best not to mention the fact that he worked for the local bus company and could hear Paula quizzing her friend in the background and Sharon filling her in. That's why I was ringing, you see I met this girl called Sarah on the train back from London a few weeks ago and we talked and exchanged phone numbers.


Wrong House

group hunglo567 2017-12-15

"Curtis, quit bein' stupid and do what the man says", the girl spoke up for the first time as she peeled off her sweat jacket and tossed it to the floor at my feet. I tapped him on the head with the barrel of the .44, and then a second time a little harder, "Clean it." The young intruder opened his mouth finally and I guided my still semi hard prick inside. "That's it boy, suck your s****rs juices off of my big white dick." I grabbed his head and began to face fuck the k** as my hard on began to return. I pulled my hard cock from his mouth, "not bad boy, now clean your s****r!" I pushed his head down between her spread thighs and into her well fucked twat.

Cumming at the Beach

group jklqs2003 2017-12-15

I follow your sight and see that our guy's hand has moved lower and is lightly touching the front of his trunks. My eyes are glued to our guy's hand as he strokes himself and though I shouldn't be surprised, I start when the almost purple head of his cock practically jumps out of the top of his suit. We both watch as our guy circles his cock with his fingers barely meeting around its girth. I'm watching his hand, stroking and squeezing his cock and feeling your fingers filling me. I catch the movement of his eyes and just as I realize he's looking into yours, I feel one of your fingers press deeply, insistently into my ass.

In Dream.

group pooja 2017-12-15

Another voice said, "You do it man, I'm fucking her first!" The men started arguing with each other on who was going to go first and I thought that I might be able to escape but I was pushed back into the seat. I felt his hand rubbing the oil on the lips of my pussy and he told me, "This oil should help that pussy hair of yours look real nice and it's gonna help me get this up inside you!" Then he spread the lips of my cunt and eased his prick inside. Suddenly the cock in my stretched mouth was spewing hot streams of cum down my throat and the hands holding my breasts and pinching them.

Hot Tub And Hash Ch. 01

group amateurscribe 2017-12-15

I pulled you with me as I headed back between Judy's smooth thighs and offered you her pussy; carefully but tenderly you allowed your head to move closer to her warm wetness, kissing her creamy thighs, gently reaching out with your tongue and tasting for the first time, another woman's pussy – your body was literally quivering with erotic excitement as she grabbed your head and pulled you into her. I lifted your head up and kissed you, licking Judy's orgasm from around your mouth; I felt you cum as Charles worked his tongue in and along your pussy, and gently but easily slid a finger into your ass.

Divine Intervention Ch. 04

group mpqm1968 2017-12-15

She gave me that 'I've-heard-all-about-you' look, complimented by a demure smile and I thought wickedly that if the daughter wasn't going to play ball tonight, I might just chance my arm with the mother instead. Shannon moaned deliriously, the sound fortuitously drowned out by Natalya's breathy squeals as she took her punishment like a good slut. I glanced back just in time to see Shannon down on her knees between Natalya's legs, supping the pilot's cum from her pussy. Zara issued that 'keep-your-hands-off-my-man' kind of expression girls do well, causing Zoe to grin wickedly. Subtlety clearly wasn't in Zoe's vocabulary for she pressed up tight to me and whispered in my ear: "I want you Richey.


Benefits of a Private Girl's School Ch. 02

group walterio 2017-12-15

As Jack watched the threesome he thought back to last weekend when Allison and Betsy had spent Saturday and Sunday with him. Dora watched as Betsy's hands traveled up the back of the other girl's legs and cupped her buttocks. Dora watched as Allison fingered her roommate's pussy as she sucked on Betsy's clit. Betsy smiled as she was pleased that the pretty teacher was getting off watching her and Allison make love. After her final class, Dora tidied up the classroom and she was packing her things when Betsy and Allison appeared in her room. You looked pretty turned on yourself rubbing your pussy while you watched us," Betsy said pressing Dora. Allison moved to Dora's side and stroked her breasts as she watched Betsy between the teacher's legs.


Jessica & the Comic Shop Gamers

group tommcgee 2017-12-15

Jessica holds on the sides of the box as she begins to thrust her hips back towards Mac, forcing his cock all the way up inside her with each push. holy shit..." repeats the guy still fucking Jessica as he raises his hips to make sure all of his come goes in her pussy. Jessica has finished swallowing all the cum she was working on and looks over her shoulder to watch this new guy fuck her pussy. Looking at the guy at the head of the table, he says, "You put that cock, which she seemed to enjoy so much, in her mouth. Jessica turns her head slightly, allowing for easier access, as the nine inch cock she had fucked and sucked only moments ago finds its way back into her mouth.


Golf Partners Ch. 02b

group pantie_fan 2017-12-15

'Good decision!' or to put it in her own words, Daniela wants "to see and feel Grant's cock in its full glory" while James gets to "check out" my pussy!' Take care. That and my trusty digital camera with its 400mm telephoto objective and 2x converter meant that I was ready for action. After greetings all around, Daniela and James settled into their seats opposite us as the blonde once again asked what we would like to drink. 'Don't look so worried - you'll enjoy it and hopefully it will get us in the mood for later on.' 'Careful what you promise!' These guys have been getting a good show up until now, but there has been nothing for the ladies.