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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sherry's Adventures as a Slut Ch. 05

group BadBuzzard 2017-12-15

As she handed the tokens to Sherry, she said, "There's lots of cock in the booths today and one really nice black couple. Maybe I'll come back and join you when my relief shows up." She handed Sherry a small pillow she kept behind the counter for special repeat women customers that they could place it on the floor and kneel on it while they sucked cock. There was her wimpy husband on his knees licking cum off his lips after sucking god knows how many cocks through that damn hole. She heard a little giggle as the woman guided the big black cock through the hole and into Sherry's waiting mouth.


Second Room on the Left

group ChasFowler 2017-12-15

After a minute or two of this, I pulled her head up and said "I need to fuck you now." So we walked over to one of the beds in the room that wasn't occupied. They had been to this party twice: the first time they watched in disbelief, sneaking off to a private room by themselves; the second time "we got a little more comfortable with it," Jen said, but they still stuck to themselves. We chatted for a few minutes and then Jen said, "Would you guys like to go somewhere a little more private?" Em and I looked at each other and it was instantly clear what the answer would be.


Karachi Kinks

group Caribbeanwoman 2017-12-15

I could feel her sweet ass gripping and releasing my fingers as her hips gyrated and my cock was pulsing with the pre-come, knowing that before the night was over it would have its share of sweet pussies, tight ass and hot mouths. Her sweet brown breasts with darker tipped, small but hard nipples looked so fucking sexy as Saima sucked them, and I could feel her jerks each time they were firmly bitten. "Suck that clit and make her pussy weep for joy." "Damn, I can't wait to fuck you sexy bitches, I want to empty my seed right down her fucking tiny throat!" "I want to feel that tight cunt gripping my cock!"

Alpha Male

group fluidmingle 2017-12-15

I'm sitting on his cock and he starts to thrust, his gigantic arms coming up, his gorgeous warm fingers peeling off my top and bra then rolling my nipples and squeezing them, sending ripples of pleasure through my entire body. He rubs it on my crotch and tries to enter me but I tense up my cunt so he can't penetrate it and I grab his shaft and and start rubbing his little hard glans against my clitty and labia, making sure to cover it in plenty of Tony's wonderful load. Christie and I make him lay on the bed and lick and suck him, taking turns at licking his balls and swallowing as much of his wonderful hard cock as we can get into our slutty little mouths.

I Won Pt. 01

group nkdoldman 2017-12-15

I surprised them by suggesting that maybe someone might enjoy it anyway, even if they didn't want to 'plug his butt', after all, if Sonya lifted her leg, before he slid it in, the voyeurs would get to see his hard cock. I twisted my head, without letting Doug's cock slip out of my mouth, and saw that Sonya had kept her left foot on the floor. When Sonya began gasping as she watched my head bob back and forth, and heard Doug say "I'm cumming", I knew it was time for me to slide my lips all the down his hard shaft. Since Doug had leaned back up to caress my balls, Sonya turned her head and started kissing all over my face again, like she had before.

Twice as Nice

group TxRad 2017-12-15

As we started across the parking lot toward my truck, she hung back a little and I heard her say, "Hmmm, not a bad ass either, for an older guy that is." I chuckled and kept walking. Trudy laughed and replied, "I've seen you dance, and I know where it can lead, so don't "No Mom" me." She glanced over at me and continued, "Yes, you can use the room, just don't turn on any more lights than the stage spots. When I turned to go toward the back, Trudy said softly, "For an older guy, your ass ain't bad either." I grinned at her over my shoulder and winked.


Pleasure Cruise Ch. 02

group Many Feathers 2017-12-15

I couldn't blame him in the least, now enjoying the feel of my own cock in hand, watching Mattie as she just then allowed her tongue to snake out, finding the sweet little pea of pleasure between my wife's legs. Even Mattie had been forced to come up to her knees, her hands suddenly running beneath my wife's ass, helping to hold her there as she pulled deeply on Darlene's clit, sucking it for all she was worth, just as Beverly was now doing to her right breast, her other hand pinching quite fiercely her mouth neglected nipple. She took over for him then, jacking his cock, her tongue still furiously working Beverly's pussy as Darlene's hands now began molding, fondling, and hotly caressing each of Beverly's sweet tender looking breasts.


Wife Swap II

group Mrbigdick2014 2017-12-15

“Do you think,” Danny began, looking at me and again flicking her hair over her shoulder, “you could handle Betty and me at the same time?” Betty spread out her towel on one of the patio chase lounges and I watched as she wiggled out of her shorts and readjusted her bikini bottoms. She reached out and put a hand on Danny’s left boob and gently massaged it.“Oh wow,” Betty exclaimed. “Oh yeah,” Danny whispered, “I love that.” “Can I suck on it?” Betty asked. Danny slipped her luscious lips over the end of my cock as Betty held it in place and cupped my balls. Betty tossed her head back and pushed her hands on to my chest as Danny held on to her shoulders.

A Visit from Brock

group tk5555 2017-12-15

He is a good looking guy, but he seems pretty shy." Fiona said, thinking of the times she had met Brock. Fiona bent at the waist, putting her hands on Brock's thighs, pushing her ass back towards Frank. As Fiona bounced up on Brock's dick she took more of Frank into her mouth. As she slid back down onto Brock, she let Frank slide out of her mouth, until only the tip was pressed against her lips. Fiona knew she should be exhausted, she wasn't even sure if she would feel Frank after what Brock had done with his huge cock. " Call me crazy," Fiona said, sitting up," but I want more." She leaned over and put her hand on Brock's penis.


The Birthday Disaster

group Jake Lost 2017-12-15

As my husband continued to lick my neck, Jill started to slowly lick his cock. As I sat on my husbands face, Jill was taking his cock deep down her throat. He grabbed my waist and pulled me to his chest as I couldn't help but watch as Jill gave my husband head. I watched them kiss as Jill spread her legs and allowed for her sweet cunt to rest on my husbands recovering cock. She moaned as his thick long cock slowly split her sweet hot pussy and slid into her wet love cave. She looked up and pushed into him as I could see tears of joy run down her face as her sweet pussy wanted my husbands thick long cock.


Meeting my wife for the first time

group merdockmoe 2017-12-15

After the second guy unloaded inside of her, I took a seat closer to the action. Number three grunted and let loose inside of her and pulled out, that’s when Sean took his turn. While she was getting rammed by Sean, she looked around the table at the guys waiting their turn and our eyes met. When pencil-dick pulled out, I pulled my shirt off, kicked off my shoes, stood up, let my pants fall to the ground and stepped out of them as I made my way around the table. As I felt my balls start to quiver I grunted out a “Oh God yeah!” Laura moaned softly as I came inside of her and I held her there until I finished.

Turning the Tables on a Friend

group TaylorBig 2017-12-15

I slid down his body and began licking his thin little head. Thomas and his wife quickly retreated to bed, leaving me quite disappointed. As I headed to the bathroom, I heard definite sex noises coming from the master. My thick cock began pressing hard against my boxer briefs. Suddenly, Thomas' wife stopped yanking him and got up to straddle him. Thomas gently began licking her pussy and moaning. As the wife sped up her movements on Thomas' face, her moaning intensified. Thomas' wife tilted her head and I saw her eyes look scared at first as she saw me in the door. Without taking her eyes off my cock, she got off and a huge smile spread across her face.

Pranks Gone Wrong, Halloween Lineup

group BenderRodrigez 2017-12-15

Around 10 we had both had more than a little to drink, so before I got any drunker and forgot what I was doing, I signaled my first friend, Mark, and I told my girlfriend I was going to the bathroom. One hand on either side of her head holding him up he started up a steady rhythm, stroking in and out of an obviously wet pussy and causing Kathy to cry out with every thrust. The real life Kathy unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock, and started to slowly jerk me off while we watched her get fucked on the screen. Mark fucked her throat, producing wet gagging sounds the whole time, while Greg went to town on her ass.


The Many Misadventures of Young Adults pt. 8

group FrankSinner 2017-12-15

"I usually do," said Hermione with a smirk as Ginny let in Harry, Ron and an uncertain looking Cho. Hermione, now completely naked, came over after helping her partners disrobe. Then she touched it to her vagina and said, "Dildum superior!" Harry's eyes, which had been closed in enjoyment snapped open to see the wand not merely growing and expanding into a dildo form as he'd seen both her and Hermione do before, but moulding itself to Ginny's crotch and melding with her very flesh, giving her the ultimate in strap-ons. The two new girls were still at work proving themselves worthy of membership, Cho massaging Hermione's feet with both hands and tongue and Parvati's head bobbing up and down Ron's cock.

Loren's Run Ch. 05

group charliewilder 2017-12-15

"You were right about how sexual she is I think that sex is the source of her powers." She looked back at Chloe, now on her hands and knees. Loren reached around and began to massage a small area just below Chloe's throat. As soon as Chloe had stopped moving, Loren started to kiss all over her body. Loren positioned herself between Chloe's thighs and began to kiss lightly around her swollen labia. Chloe's hips began to gyrate slowly as Loren kissed closer and closer to the heart of her pussy. Chloe began to move her own hips faster as I saw Loren's tongue dart in and out. Chloe groaned and began to attack Loren with long lollipop licks.

Under the Table

group laffalot 2017-12-15

As much as she didn’t want to admit it, the smell was kind of intoxicating and Jess noticed a familiar tingle in her own pussy that she hadn’t felt when she sucked the penis. For a moment, Jess tried to stay with her as she didn’t want to stop sucking and licking, but then she realized what was happening and she slid down to the now very wet pussy that was still locked in spasms. As if realizing that she was having trouble, the woman wiggled her large ass forward to the edge of the seat and using one hand, she pulled up her belly, giving Jess the room she needed.

Island Fever Ch. 04

group Jeremydcp 2017-12-15

Telling someone (or blatantly insinuating, as Devon had) that you love them just a day or two after meeting for the first time probably would not be the smartest thing to do. I certainly had feelings for Amy two nights ago, when she showed up at my door in her little blouse and miniskirt, and those awesome high-heels, and proceeded to tease me into bed like no woman ever had before. She left them in her and Amy's room, then snuck into the room I share with Camille and tried to get some sleep." Devon snickered again and added, "Pamela claimed that the sounds and screams each of them made kept her awake for more than an hour.


A Night Of Going Cock Crazy and A Suprise

group swat412 2017-12-15

I relaxed as much as I could, let some air (I hoped it was only that) and cum blow past his cock…my orgasm built fast and then went off like a bomb…I covered my mouth with both hands and screamed into them long and loud then, fought for my breath…he buried himself in my ass deeper than ever (another lung-emptying scream) and filled me with cum…I had a second gut-wrenching orgasm…he slammed even harder and kept cumming…he grabbed my hair, twisted my head around and back then kissed me (that hurt like hell)…gave one last and very hard thrust then pulled out…I came again.

Awakening Ch. 08: Haberdasher

group shakenmartini55 2017-12-15

Lenore looked at Emma, "There's one more thing I need to look at." She turned back to me, "Spread your legs and bend over and pull your ass cheeks apart." Her reply was so low I almost didn't make it out, "Definitely some of Lenore's special lingerie and she definitely needs a leather hood of her own." Her voice got louder, "She was wearing one of mine last night when Derek fucked her virgin ass." Emma was gaining steam, "You should have seen the little slut squirm when I blindfolded her. Derek rewarded her with a nice slow fuck and finished by creaming her tight ass with cum." Lenore and Victor smiled and shook their heads knowingly.


CvsN 29: So Long, Sisters

group Tx Tall Tales 2017-12-15

We started out all business and got through the new work stuff, but discussing our trip report was a little shakier. Robin had cleaned up her face for dinner, and took the opportunity to tell us a little more about her work with emptying the warehouse, mostly consisting of setting prices, advertising, and making herself available to show stuff whenever she received a call. I opened the drawer and pulled out the bottle, pouring a little of the sweet almond oil into my hands and warming it up. And I'm not all that good at communicating things like this." I started working my way back up her body. No abuse tonight." I kissed her lips lightly then moved down her body, opening her legs so I could continue a more intimate massage.


Truth or dare with my wife and her b*****r

group Erocus 2017-12-15

We got back and asked if she wanted to play some cards of course her b*****r pipes in with "I could sure play." So we all started to play your basic 5 card draw, now i'm now World series poker champ but I am pretty good and started winning left and right (we were playing for pennies at this time) Well about an hour into playing and half way through the drinks Amanda and her b*****r (we will call him "D") were kinda soused and it was getting boreing so i said "Hey let's make this a little funner, how about some truth or dare poker"

Punish Me

group Bad_Mazza 2017-12-15

I do not want to hear a word from you, unless you decide to leave, in which case, feel free to tell me to stop at any time." As he said this, he pulled the band from her hair and stood back as her blonde locks fell to her shoulders. He bent his knees a little, opening his legs and she took the hint and began to stroke and fondle his balls with one hand, allowing the fingers of the other to grip his shaft quite tightly and move up and down as her mouth moved down and up. She gasped and closed her eyes as she felt two fat fingers plunge into her cunt, in and out as Simon began to finger fuck her hard and fast and then his mouth was on her clit, his rough hairy chin against her pussy lips.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 35

group SteveWallace 2017-12-15

After we got our wine, Sean said, "I told Pam about your evening at the Wet Pussy Lounge. Yes. I was so horny when we got back from the Wet Pussy Lounge that night, I still wanted to do something sexy, and so I involved Sean. We went in as two groups: Sean, Pam, and me, and then Jana and Tree who took another table near us. When Belle got near us, I gave Pam a fist full of five-dollar bills from my take the night before, and told her to use them. In the meanwhile, Pam was giving the table of guys she'd asked little flashes of her tits, but still holding the blouse up as an demure girl might.


Threesome fiction

group 2017-12-15

She’s like wow that’s such a big hard cock it must feel amazing, and you say oh it does and start moaning louder. She starts to rub your clitoris again and you tense up and have an intense orgasm, and then tell me you’re so exhausted, and that I’ve got to stop for a second. Everyone is bucking and y’all orgasm and then you lay down, and ask me to start fucking you again and tell her you wanna eat her out. I keep at it and she leans in and y’all start making out while playing with each other’s breast and it’s so amazing to watch and fucking you feels so amazing I lose it and unload deeply inside of you.