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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sweet Drops Of Wicked Ch. 01-02

group Dark_Destiny 2017-12-15

She does what she does, she is who she is, she loves me completely, she wants me to be happy with myself, and she's exactly what I need right now. That's Cassie, dig into your soul, let you know what's wrong, give you the pep talk from Hell, raise you up like you've never had, then walk away, leaving it all as your choice. "Gotta love Cassie," I said to myself as I leaned back and enjoyed the afternoon, my mind now off of my problems and on to the evening, something to focus on beyond my pity-party. "Wait," I hesitated, pulling back on her hand and wanting to run away, "Why are there three guys?" Cassie shot me a wicked grin and beamed, "Well Shay, you did pick what's behind door number three.


Naked Woman in the Forest

group blackdarth 2017-12-15

High on cocaine, her dopamine levels pushed to the limit, Judy the whore screamed from the high orgasmic pleasures sweeping her body as she submitted to the sexual stimulation of a full fledged "gang-bang." Twenty burly men, all members of a secret fraternity, forced themselves on her willing young body, thrusting their swollen, throbbing cocks into her eager vagina, her rectum and her open mouth all at the same time. As they ejaculated their hot semen into every orifice, sometimes splattering it over her naked body, Judy experienced the powerful rush of one solid orgasm that grew in intensity as each new cock filled her wet, swollen, dripping and abused pussy. She slogged out into deeper muck, and then fell into the stuff, letting her body sink.

Kelsey Brings a Friend

group Midnight_Man 2017-12-15

As she grasped her puffy lips with her mouth Sara squealed with delight and locked her hands on either side of Kelsey's head and held her face tight against her pussy. As I withdrew my finger from her pussy she briefly glanced back my way and gave me one of those "what the fuck looks." But as I stood up and maneuvered myself behind her and pushed my throbbing cock between her legs she mumbled and started grinding her hips. Satisfied that I was a ready to fuck, Sara let go of my cock, pulled off her dress, and leaned over the desk. I walked up behind Sara and pushed my cock into waiting pussy and Kelsey dropped a hand between her own legs and began to touch herself.

Long Time No See Ch. 3

group dutchdelight 2017-12-15

Joss found that so exciting, that he took up his position between the legs of the women again and pushed his hard dick, slick with the rest of his come oozing out of that meaty hose, against the hot hole of Melanie's ass. It took a full five minutes before Melanie cried out, once again smothered by Anne's mouth that engaged her in a deep kiss at the very moment that both her ass and her clit gave her a shattering orgasm. And while Melanie played with Anne’s nipples, sucking and tweaking them, Joss entered here hot, wet love-hole and fucked her, hard and fast, with the intention to pour his built-up load deep in her shaking body.

A Non-Traditional Love Story

group HerLittlePiggy 2017-12-15

My cock was already hard after watching the girls go at it so I rubbed my dick across her wet pussy lips and then slowly sank it inside her. I climbed between Ally's splayed thighs and sank my girl juice glazed cock inside her wet pussy as the blonde straddled her face. I licked my cum from Ally's pussy and then flicked my tongue over her clit until she came again as they brought my 39 year old cock back to life. ''Fuck Lisa again baby,'' Ally said as she climbed beneath the pretty blonde. ''You want to watch his cock sliding in and out of your beautiful girlfriend's pussy don't you?'' she said softly as she continued to rub my cock through my pants.

Team Slut

group 2017-12-15

Of course, sex was a big topic and a short time into the conversation, Tom, Peggy’s husband, stated that he and Peggy had an “open” marriage and often “swapped.” He asked me if Vickie and I had ever swapped and I said “no,” right away. Tom then told me that every guy there had fucked Peggy, at one time or another, and that Vickie and I should consider the possibilities. I knew I was in trouble and I had better not protest or I would be in the dog house for a long time.Vickie danced to the center of the room and I thought my wife had never looked lovelier, sexier, hotter than at that moment.

Let the games begin

group Johnnytames69 2017-12-15

The couple Tom and Lynn were good friends of Page and Page, Linda and Betty were down to their panties, Lynn placed Linda under Betty's spread legs to lick and Spreading Linda's legs, Page had Paul Lick, tongue and cock, Lynn was under her eating her pussy, while Page Betty's ass and pussy were sweet, I licked, tongued, I knew Tom was Cuming, when Betty started jacking him Linda, Page and Paul also shared the pleasure of a Betty was finger fucking Page and Licking her ass, playing with her nipples as Page licked and tongued Betty and Lynn were sharing a deep soul kiss and playing cock into place for Betty and Lynn to suck.

Sex With Friends...3

group d4david 2017-12-15

I lifted my arms allowing my covering to be removed, as soon as my head was free of my shirt, I was confronted with Doug's steel hard cock waving in my face. Doug took hold of my right bicep and lifted me from my kneeling position 'come on bitch, we gonna get comfortable, Brain get some thing to drink and wait till I call you'. Doug pressed my thighs back to the trunk of my body lifting my buttocks up from the mattress, Doug positioned his steel hard cock to my anal canal opening and slowly slid his cock head up and down my butt crack till his rigid cock found my anus.

No Longer A DP Virgin...

group Cyleste 2017-12-15

Nuzzling her neck, he whispered her name, "I've wanted to do this for so long..." She gave a half-hearted attempt to freeing her wrists from his grip before saying through shallow breaths, "What...what have you wanted?" Groaning, he grabbed her right wrist and lowered it slowly to his face, sucking a finger into his mouth before passing it across his chest, and lower still to his jean-clad cock. Breathing heavily, completely lost in the moment, Clarette only briefly considered what was about to happen as she felt the stranger underneath her slide back into her pussy while Tim lined up his cock with her ass, pulsing at her moans as her sphincter spasmed around him when he pushed past her entrance.

The Downfall of Emily Ann Pt. 04

group MaggieSparrow 2017-12-15

Looking into Ryan's face, wanting him to feel the way I was feeling, I turned back to Kyle and kissed him. I didn't look to see where Ryan was, I knew he was still there, I could feel him, as I ground my pussy into Kyle's lap. Kyle looked from Ryan's face to me and he swallowed before he said, "I just...I just..." I lay on the bed, my legs still spread, my pussy open for both of them to see as Kyle gathered his courage and said, "I wanted to touch you. I watched them look at each other and I saw the confusion on Ryan's face as he asked, "What the fuck are you doing Kyle?" Ryan opened his eyes and looked right at Kyle as he said, "That's fucking disgusting."


Aspiring Writer

group Allan_Arbinger 2017-12-15

"What the fuck, let's do it," he said and pushed the thousand dollar pile toward Peace. "They feel like world class breasts but let's see," I said sitting on the corner of the bed and directing her hips to turn her body so that her breasts were at my eye level. Coming up for air I looked at her smiling face and she said, "Do you like the girls?" I want to give you what you came here for, Elliot," Peace said. What was all of that money business with Ronnie and Honey?" I asked. Again, Peace paid out the thousand seed money and eleven hundred and twenty dollars profit to Ronnie and Honey.


The Story of Joe

group jim313 2017-12-15

After their mutual orgasms, Joe got them some drinks and as he placed John's drink on the table next to the bed, John couldn't help but reach out and stroke the magnificent looking erection standing straight out in front of Joe. It was a beautiful penis. While they were relaxing and sipping their drinks, Joe got down between his legs and played with John's semi-hard organ as he told him how much he loves sucking his cock and looking up at him to see the passion reflected in his eyes. As soon as Joe took John's penis in his mouth, Cory went into orgasm and told them how hot they looked and what a turn on it was for her to watch them.


My New Canadian Friends

group jomar 2017-12-15

That if everything felt right that we'd, um, invite you to join us." Liz put her hand on my cheek, looked into my eyes and said in a soft voice, "We're really, really comfortable with you and I know you'll be perfect for us." She kissed me, exchanged a glance with Doug, said, "Wait here, I'll be back in a minute," and skipped away to the bedroom. Still holding Doug's head, feeling him plunge down on me, said "Deeper, baby." Liz wet a finger in her mouth, reached behind me and toyed with my opening. When they closed, Liz looked into my eyes, took me in her mouth for several seconds, pulled away, said, "Oh, baby, that was amazing, you taste so good.

Library Lust Ch. 1

group TattooedLady 2017-12-15

Before she can arrange her features into a suitably provocative countenance, he is behind her, on her – twining his long fingers into her mass of auburn curls, roughly pulling her head back, mashing his lips to hers, snaking his firm tongue into her wet, willing mouth. He continues to slowly slide his cock in and out of her eager mouth, one hand cradling her head, the other stroking and bending his prick to get as much of it as possible between her lips. The teacher busies himself dressing, donning his semi-buttonless shirt; his lover drops her cotton shift over her head, smoothing out the wrinkles with one hand as she reaches for his neck with the other, pulling him close for a last kiss.

my first cuckolding experience !

group Em_Jay 2017-12-15

It didn't take long and I heard her sucking them, i knocked on the door begging to let me in and watch but she yelled "shut up you sissy, i'm enjoying two real dicks now!" .. He walked over, took me by my hair and pushed that big dick right down my throat.. when she said, now watch him fuck my ass you little dicked sissy.. one grabbed her by her hair, rammed his cock up her throat while the other walked over to me, and pushed the head of his cock on my lips, at first i didn't want to, but then he said "open up that mouth you pathetic cockslut" , and it went in, in deep..

Katie's Cinema Morning

group moistmomma 2017-12-15

Katie's head was pressed against his shoulder as she stroked his cock - but she looked up at him and their lips met again in a long kiss, both of them breathinghard through their noses. Don's occasional moans and the slobbering, slurping treatment that Katie was administering, gradually attracted more and more attention and now three guys had moved to the row directly in from of them, and had turned in their seats to watch. Another guy, a powerful black man, dressed like a personal trainer, moved across to the seat next to Don and was leaning down to finger Katie's cunt.


New Neighbors Ch. 02

group WestDenverM 2017-12-15

My right hand fell to my own crotch, and as I squeezed my cock through my shorts, I took his head into my mouth. Keeping my eyes closed, I slid my hand back down his shaft, leaning forward to take even more of his cock into my mouth. Opening my eyes as I slid Frank's cock from my mouth, I was somewhat surprised to see Cindy standing next to me, running her hand over my head and smiling as I gave her husband a blowjob. I leaned forward to plant a kiss on Cindy's lips as I felt Frank's cock rubbing against me from behind. Cindy grabbed my head with both hands and forced her tongue into my mouth, stepping out of her shorts and pressing against my body.

Learning My Way

group TxRad 2017-12-15

Donna groaned again as Ron spanked Connie's ass with his hips, his dick plunging in and out hard and fast. There was a yell from Connie and Donna quickly opened her eyes to see her roommate once again riding Ron's dick facing away from him. "A tongue on my clit and Ron in my ass...." Connie whimpered softly and then groaned as she rocked her hips back and forth even harder and faster than before. Connie shivered at the sight of Donna's naked body and then shivered again as Ron's dick gave a little jerking twitch in her ass. She moved Ron's right hand and then reached out to pull Donna's head toward that breast. Licking her lips, Donna moved Ron's hand off Connie's other breast.


Meeting a Literotica Couple

group CafeExtreme 2017-12-15

I had fantasised about just such an encounter on a number of occasions, and even masturbated myself to climax just that week thinking about being seduced by this couple and feeling Cameron's big cock filling my pussy. Cameron started to whimper then a girly little squeal came from the corner of the room, where Madeline had reclined naked on a beanbag and was toying her pussy with a big pink toy, but her eyes were planted on her husband's cock and my mouth. Without going into all the detail, I toyed myself silly on two occasions; the first when Cameron's more than substantial fist slithered and probed its way into his wife's distended pussy, the second was when that magnificent cock was wedged into his wife's bumhole which was fucked and filled with oozing sperm.


Dinner with Gary Plus 2

group foxysue 2017-12-15

When I got home from work on Monday I had a very lengthy email from Gary telling me all about his Sunday afternoon dinner with Kevin and his wife, Kim. He started out telling me about how he was a little taken aback at first by Kevin's invitation as while they had been together at their apartment on two prior occasions the last time was more than two months ago and he was curious as to why the sudden interest in getting together. Wow, her breasts were beautiful about the same size as mine but high and firm on her chest(I couldn't help thinking that mine were like that too up until about 10 years ago when they started to sag a little), she had silver dollar size aureoles and her hard, erect nipples were probably about an inch long.


Our Anniversary Album

group morris40 2017-12-15

I thought I knew everything about them, but I would have never guessed that Gretchen would suggest we all get naked or that Edgar would be so comfortable letting my husband see his wife that way. Gretchen called out to me, "Come-on Martha, it's not like Edgar and I haven't seen naked women." Steven and I hurried back to our tent as soon as we realized that Gretchen and Edgar were having sex without the least concern that we were watching them. Besides, she said, our friends were not 'that kind of people', as if, 'that kind of people' could not be the trustworthy, generous, responsible and fun-loving couple we had come to know in Edgar and Martha.


Lisa: A Tale

group sparkle8 2017-12-15

James says "Come on Cutler, that was just a perfectly executed romantic gesture, now wasn't it, Lisa?" Robert pulls his sweater off over his head, and James and Cutler unbutton and remove their shirts. James, Cutler and Robert are still standing, so they sit down, remove their shoes, unbutton their jeans, pull them down and off, also toss them aside, and stand up. I climb up on the bed, facing Cutler's head, straddle him, grab his cock, adjust it, and I plunge down on it, all the way. A volcanic eruption rises in me, James and Cutler plunge faster and faster, I suck Robert's cock all the way in and surround it with a licking tongue.


group LustyLee77 2017-12-15

The demanding black girl then unstrapped the dildo, grabbed a fistful of blond hair, and pulled the pretty white face to her smoldering black slit and ordered, "Eat my hot juicy cunt, kiss, lick, and suck it dry baby. Amber found herself sucking on four large breast that were being hand fed to her and loving it when Gina announced, "Myra and I don't eat pussy even though we both adore having a sweet thing like you service us so I invited a neighbor over to the house that lives to eat pussy.


College Classroom Fun

group ozcl 2017-12-14

You then take my absolutely ROCK hard dick into your mouth, and slowly, you hope quietly, start sucking it. So after a little cocksucking, you can feel me slowly building, and before you know it – I start to come in your mouth, deep in your mouth, spurt after spurt of hot cum filling your mouth. You smile and looking deep into my eyes, slowly start sucking my now somewhat limp dick again. Eventually we both come forward, and you start sucking my dick, slowly, deeply, feeling the cum welling up inside me, and then, just before I come, I pull out of your mouth, and cum all over your face and tits, and I mean ALL OVER.