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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Fresh Maiden for the Sex Cult

group LarsCharles 2017-12-14

Once, after studying at the campus library, Becky had swung into their dorm room only to find Valerie on her knees, happily blowing a complete stranger. The master called two of the women to him, giving instructions for Becky's makeover. The cult members had assembled, but what caught Becky's eye was an odd contraption in the center of the room. Without warning, a huge hardened dick slid into her mouth ('the master,' she thought), a firm hand on the back of her head manipulating it forward and back. Becky felt the master's huge cock ream her dripping pussy once more, thrusting with beastial abandon until her legs were shaking and kicking against the leather restraints. Becky saw the cult members leaving the room.

Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 34

group FinalStand 2017-12-14

"Zane, Rio, this is Fontana Palmer, Valarie's mother," Jill introduced us. "Zane, thank you for being a good friend to Valarie," Fontana began. "Listen, I know a pretty good lawyer if you want someone to have another go at your case -- or I can shove his head down a toilet until he changes his mind." Fontana laughed. She likes the girls she's met -- well, some of them -- and she's happy that so many are heading out our way over the summer," Fontana went on. Rio was supposed to join Valarie and Fontana in my bed but somewhere between 12 and 20 beers (she and Belle were sharing) Rio decided to grab a throw pillow, curl up on the floor and pass out/go to sleep.


Sandra's Boy Toys

group porn4fun 2017-12-14

David smelled good and Evans hands' stroking her leg under the table was making her brain turn into jelly. "Why don't we take a bottle of this wine and go on up to our room?" Sandra turned to look up at Evan's mischievous eyes and grinned. Sandra watched as David put a condom on his own cock, covered it with lube and knelt behind Evan. "You were worried you wouldn't be able to get it up." David grinned and leaned over to suck Evan's cock. Sandra watched for a while and then curious, she leaned over and started sucking David. "Only if you want to David." Sandra smiled and stroked lube on the purple jelly dildo.

Suzanne Comes Again Ch. 03

group yowser 2017-12-14

I usually most enjoy looking at Jim's penis when it is stiff and excited, and I know that good things are just imminent, but that night I was unusually pleased to see it limp and dangling, still a bit wet, knowing that I had been the cause of its satisfied, exhausted condition. Rob's penis hung down and looked a lot thicker than Jim's. Sharon commented that Jim and I looked so handsome when coupling, that we took so much more time than they had. "I think if anyone doesn't like something, or has a little hesitation, that person should speak up, and we should honor that?" Her eyes looked questioning, first at Jim, then me.


My Life as a Sex-Party Boy

group WayneGibbous 2017-12-14

She showed me all manner of men's and women's sexy clothing, cock rings with and without stimulators, lubes that she suggested they could try out on me, more vibrators that I ever thought possible, the catalogs went on and on. Some were just part of the deal to hold a party, some were added-cost extras like my modeling several vibrating cock rings and a taste-test of several flavored lubricants and some chocolate coatings each attendee would put on my cock. Each of the women after Hayley got naked to try the cock ring and stayed that way until Nicole and I packed up and drove off.


It Was Last Thursday

group Orac 2017-12-14

"Jim and Dave gave you a 7" Dee-Dee look a little down at that the smile had gone as quick as it came. She opened her legs wide and said, "look I told you I was randy," you could already see fine drips of cunt juice on the lips of her pussy. With Dave now working on one breast and Jim on the other Dee-Dee's cries and moans where getting louder and louder until she screamed out as her first orgasm passed down every inch of her body, her cunt wall crushing in on my in-cased cock. Jim stopped his work on Dee-Dee's tit and sat on a chair, Sit on this he cried at Dee-Dee holding is cock rigid and up right in his hand.

Poker Night Pt. 02

group lordroxbury 2017-12-14

Tony watched the looks on the faces of each of his fraternity brothers as Heather and her friend Chloe walked in from the other room. Groaning from the skilled pleasure and attention that Chloe was paying to his cock, Tony waved off his cards as Pete dealt the next hand. This hand the cards had not been in her favor and the little slut inside of her was dancing for joy as Heather shed her Capris and then inched her panties down to tease everyone with the sight of her newly trimmed mound. He looked across the table to Heather's friend, Chloe and was not shocked to see that she had Pete and Mike vying for the attentions of her willing mouth even as she was sinking her own eager fingers into her sopping snatch!


Bad Penny Ch. 04

group MVPrimetime 2017-12-14

Up until then in my heart I had fought against it, but as Tara handed me the plug and touched the gel to the tip, and I pulled the vibrator out and simply pressed the plug into my girlfriend's ass-hole, slotting it into her, pushing it deeper than the vibe had been, opening her up just a little more, feeling her sphincter clasp it as the shaft narrowed again past the maximum bulge, and her body pull it into her, then, at that moment, something changed. But that night I popped the butt plug into Penny's ass, pulled the chain of her thong back in place over it, and patted her on the buttocks, saying "Good idea Mistress Tara.


Jennifer's Jizz Fantasy

group 64park 2017-12-14

"Jesus," she thought to herself, "when will I get fucked like that?" Watching the porno movie, as girl after girl was pleasured on the screen and moaned in orgasm, had Davida's own cunt starting to drip in excitement. After a very gooey climax shot all over a girl's face, amid the grunts and moans of some of the male patrons of the theater who had no doubt added to the floor's accumulation of semen, Davida grabbed Jennifer by the arm and whispered, "Let's go!" She was naked, rubbing herself into a frenzy, as three imaginary studs lurked over her nubile young body and masturbated...Jennifer wanted to feel their hot, gooey cum on her face!

The Train

group Horatio_Scot 2017-12-14

I felt like one gigantic sex object as the woman behind me whimpered, nipped, kissed and sucked on the back of my neck and Braid's arm beside me, all the while pumping her fingers in my mouth in time to the rhythmic patter of her hand against my butt, while Braids kissed and licked me aggressively as I gently caressed and fingerfucked her dripping pussy as she stroked and fondled my cock and Businesswoman's cunt, as I kneaded and fondled Businesswoman's small breasts, her hand tangled in my hair, trapping me.


Seducing Coach Ch. 01

group greaterimp 2017-12-14

"You mean weird-weird, or you know, like really awkward weird weird?" she said, looking Dee in the eyes so she'd get her meaning. From the bed Dee looked right at Mr. Evans with her alluring innocence and said, "I bet this bed has seen plenty of action, hasn't it." He sort of smiled, both nervously and expectantly, waiting for the other shoe to drop. Dee's got those tight little shorts on," he said looking at Bobbi. Dee put her hand on her head, stroking her hair gently while Bobbi caught her breath and regained her senses. As Mr. Evans stood up, Dee pulled him over by his belt and said, "It isn't fair, either, that you have all these clothes still on." She undid his jeans and pulled them down along with his underwear, reaching in for his hard cock as she did so.



group HappyOldGuy 2017-12-14

Without being prompted, Veronica lifted one foot, then the other, to free her jeans and panties and leave her totally bare from waist to toes, standing in a public movie theatre - with a total stranger kneeling before her - bare in the same way - pulling her hips toward her and burying her nose in Veronica's folds just as Veronica had done. As the realization of where they were - and how they were dressed - seeped back into their consciousnesses, Veronica began to worry about how to retrieve her clothing, but the couple simply pulled her to her feet, looked her straight in the eye, flanked her and grabbed her hands - and calmly began walking out of the theatre.

Sully Ch. 04

group Paris Waterman 2017-12-14

My tongue was licking the hollow in her neck when she laughed lewdly, and said, "Hey guys, let's see your cocks, eh?" I reached for Velvet and pulled her tight against me, my fingers pushed her dress into her slit as I groped her cunt and kissed her hard. After spending a minute appreciating her wonderful scent, I began to play with her tits, Sammy and I were driving her crazy with fingers, tongue and teeth until she grabbed my cock and began to slowly jerk me off. Her legs were wrapped around Sammy's head, and I saw he had at least one finger probing her ass as he ground his face into her pussy.


Two Plus One Is Thrill

group handsomexotic 2017-12-14

George wrote to me that he would watch her read our emails at the computer, her pink tongue darting out between her lips, her hands firmly between her legs – and thanked me for the great sex that they were already having! Then she began sucking me in earnest, while feeling and caressing George's rock-hard cock as he stood beside her. Holding onto my cock with her hands now, she started licking my balls, swirling her tongue around, popping a ball in her mouth to suck it gently, until I was a morass of pleasurable sensations. George moved over to squat above her face, his flaccid cock slowly stiffening as he intensely watched his lover getting screwed.


Well... Ch. 09

group Pegleg 2017-12-14

Ann had removed the double dong from her and Mary and was now thrusting a massive black dildo in and out of Mary’s quivering pussy, but kneeling on the bed beside Mary put Ann’s perfect backside in prime position and Brian couldn’t resist any longer and placing himself quietly behind her began to push his huge prick against her cunt. Tanya was now shouting at us both to ‘fuck my brains out’, ‘make me come again’ and the like and James, probably because of the tightness of her arse, yelled ‘I’m going to come!’ ‘On my tits, on my tits please’ was Tanya’s reply so we both withdrew and as she threw herself on her back James blasted a fountain of white cum all over her left nipple.


My Wife as a Porn Star Ch. 03

group sivad44 2017-12-14

And when Donna walked in, wearing a tight, short skirt and thin, little halter top with no bra, every guy in the place was looking at her. So it wasn't surprising that guys started hitting on her right away. And when they got there, I was stunned to see that she was accompanied by TWO men, Bobby and another young guy (Dale). Then they took her skirt and panties off and Bobby knelt between her legs and started eating her pussy (another favorite of Donna's). And after a couple of minutes her body started quivering and she came. Dale started fucking her pussy while Bobby fucked her mouth. And since I could tell that Donna was sexually spent, I left her alone that night.


group raiderh 2017-12-14

Either way, time to get busy before someone looked up from their own desk and started asking questions, and meanwhile I hoped no one asked me to retrieve something for them in the next ten minutes, because flight suits don't hide erections very well. Maybe because I'd rather tease you, Captain." She wrinkled her freckled nose at me and turned, walking with a little bounce in her step that immediately drew my eyes to her fabulous ass, clad in tight cloth shorts that extended all of two inches past her buttcheeks. I enjoy flirting with you, making sexy comments and unbuttoning my shirt for you; you're a good-looking guy and fill out that flight suit very nicely...but I've never had a thing for married men." She reached up and traced a finger down my arm, following it with her eyes.


Fantasy Come True

group TeaseU1972 2017-12-14

It only took a moment before Ryan began returning her kiss and running his hands up and down her spine, going lower until he was squeezing her firm ass cheeks. She split my legs, kissing her way down from neck to breast, taking turns at drawing each nipple into her hot mouth, toying at it with her tongue before dipping lower to my navel, her tongue delving inside it. I rolled until she was beneath me and I began kissing down her body like she had done, taking time to pay homage to her firm lovely breasts, down to her navel giving it a loving nip before moving on down.

Pot Luck Dinners

group Softly 2017-12-14

By the time they left, Sally and Tony were so sexually aroused, that when they got home they fucked like rabbits. Frank Johnson, who was dancing with Sally, was surprised that when he rubbed his leg up her twat, that instead of pulling herself away, she thrust her self forward to receive more friction. When he had a moment with Barbara, he whispered, “Give them another half dose, I think Sally can be enjoyed tonight, and tell Susan to take Tony somewhere as soon as he has his next drink in him. Bill, who had the hots for Laurel Peters, and influence by the ecstasy, got so aroused at thinking of someone fucking Sally, that he took Laurel behind the wet bar, raised her dress, slid her panties off and begin to eat her.

Scattered Pages: Katherine

group Rollinbones 2017-12-14

"Whoa lady, I was just being friendly you know, look I got a wife and two little girls, I aint throwin that away for some slut at a servo. I see other people to; a little man in a suit reading a book, a couple of truckies and a table where five tired looking blokes are gathered eating and talking shit - probably miners on their way north. I don't know if they got the order right from the plastic numbers but one after the other they ride me like a train while I pick up chips from roo boys plate and eat them. Standing at my car, sticky legged and feeling like I am inside out the cashier hands me my bag of beer and the now cold spring roll.


Thai, Hawaiian & Chinese Flowers

group lovelense 2017-12-14

My cock went hard when I noticed my trainer pull one of my girlfriends friends on her lap and begin working her magic. Lamai's best friend in the whole pack was a gorgeous Thai beauty who at this moment entered the kitchen asking for lotion. Before us on the floor, the sultry Chinese lass was straddling Lamai's best friend and increasingly, the sight of her pantie clad bottom pressed into the other gals was mesmerizing. My personal trainer was no doubt in a state beyond the arousal we felt in the bathroom, with the combined effects of Lamai's beautiful form sprawled out naked before her, and my hard cock right on the other side.

me and the geeks

group mrsmalls1234 2017-12-14

We walked to our room and I dropped to my knees, Evan was still closing the door and I told him to get his dick out. My heavy round tits out, nipples rock hard, my belly with its stretch marks for them to see, my lite peach fuzz pussy dripping wet from Evans cock being in it not a minute before. Evan paused from licking me and asked Jason, Dude you fucking my girlfriends mouth? Evan jumped up behind me, lifted me thick ass in the air, he and Steve watched as Jason’s dick fell out of my sloppy pussy. That’s so hot, Steve said as he watched in awe, his face within licking distance.

A Foursome to Remember

group pi3p14i 2017-12-14

She rubbed Kelly's ass while Stan fucked her from behind and fondled her breasts as she watched Kelly suck Rob's cock. As she did, she started to jerk off Rob. Jane brought her hand down to Kelly's tits and started rubbing them again as she watched her suck Stan off and then alternate between his cock and Rob's. Soon, she felt the wave of another orgasm ignite in her body, starting at her clit and moving through the rest of her, she cried out with pleasure and held Rob close to her, her hands reaching up and pinching his nipples. Jane stopped fucking him, but didn't pull out, instead kissing and sucking on his neck and watching him suck off Rob who soon started moaning as well.

Taming a Bitch and Beyond Ch. 05

group wetwordmixer 2017-12-14

"Well, I think maybe she's a touch more experienced then Raj, but really she wants both of them to be sex experts, and relish each other after they exchange vows," Katie let me know. "Oh, Jesus honey, what are you doing?" Katie asked, but couldn't help herself as she voluntarily spread her legs wider and pushed her pussy up against my palm. First just one, but then more, ohhh yes, yes babe, fuck my slutty pussy." Katie was starting to gasp and moan loudly so I pulled my hand away. People can walk up, rub your pussy nice and slow like this, finger you or more." I spent a little time doing both, then brought my cock up to her entrance and fucked her for a few strokes.