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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Helping a Couple Out

group slapnuts69 2017-12-14

I was getting some really good shots, and I moved all around them, when I got back around by her face she seemed to mime that she wanted to suck my cock. So Lori got on her knees in front of Jim and began giving him head, but he was so worked up about the whole cum shot thing that he couldn't even get hard. Jim was pissed and wanted out quick, but Lori got me over to the side and asked me what time I was leaving the next day. She had the video camera in hand and said that Jim had left for work and she wanted some more hot fucking.

We both used spit to clean his cum.

group 2017-12-14

I studied Brits face as we waited for him to move, a mixture of trepidation and wondrous curiosity, she was a virgin in everything, even basic hand-jobs, and today, within minutes she would be in a small cubical giving one to an old man. The imagery of him in her ass thrilled me and I slid my hand inside my zipper and felt my own wet pussy, and as the train thundered over the tracks, I masturbated to the sounds of my friend Britney being ass fucked for the first time, not to mention how easy it was to earn fifty quid, while she learned the trade, ten of which I would give her for the thrill she was giving him.

Temporary Girlfriend: Christmas Holidays Ch. 02

group Romantic1 2017-12-14

Josh reached and picked up a package for me; he read the label, "To Megan, with all the love in the world, Me!" I shuffled over next to him and kissed him tenderly as I took the package. Further packages contained two cock rings, some pink fluffy handcuffs, ankle cuffs, leather belts, a lash, mask, a fluffy boa, oral sex dice -- for men and for women, a remotely operated butterfly, and lastly two DVDs -- one being 'Debbie Does Dallas' and the other a title I'd never heard of but from the cover one that clearly involved many people fucking and doing other interesting things to each other. Back at Eagle Pines, I made some cookies while Josh looked through the erotic photography album I'd made for him and read a couple of chapters of 'Men-Mars-Women-Venus.'


Double Trouble

group tadgh64 2017-12-14

You feel the first man squeeze your inner thigh before running his fingers along your jeans, ever higher, until he presses firmly against your pussy. Then you feel him slide his wet finger between your lips and slowly into you. You feel it push slowly forward, parting the sensitive skin of your anus, as it slides around the head of his lubricated cock. Then he slowly continues pushing, watching his cock disappear into your bum, until you feel his balls pressed against your cheeks. The the man under you lifts his hips into you, lifting your body, causing the cock in your ass to slide outward. First one and then the other grunt, and you feel their spasms, as their cock spew cum deep into you ass and pussy.

All the Perks

group RejectReality 2017-12-14

A wide smile decorated Jessica's face as she looked out the window of her hotel room, drinking in the sight of the ocean, and the beach. "Feel good?" She asked as the second bulbous head popped free of her lips, looking up into the men's eyes and rasping her hands over their turgid flesh. When she returned to Neil for the third time, his grunts, the throbbing of his cock, and his fingers twining into her hair let her know that he was close. Her other bedmate never let either nipple feel left out, switching often, and using a free hand to tease whichever one he wasn't sucking. The blond took over where his friend had left off as well, sucking her nipples in and out like a little cock.


Sexual Roulette Ch. 08

group Azuldrgon 2017-12-14

After her lunch date with Antonio, Missy began thinking about George. Frank's eyes saw Missy taking Antonio into her mouth and wondered to himself if it was appropriate for what he was thinking. Missy was so entranced by Antonio in her mouth that she didn't notice Frank leave her pussy to grab a condom. Missy's pussy was then stretched out by Frank's hands as he slowly slid the head of his cock between her folds. Antonio reached down and slid a hand on Missy's right breast and slowly pinched the nipple between his fingers. She took the spurting tool and shoved it back into her mouth to swallow some of Antonio's seed as Frank slowly pulled out and ripped off the condom to climax on her stomach.


Older Neighbors Win The Bet

group wildp 2017-12-14

As Sarah kissed me Kim begin to lick my cock. I continued to kiss Sarah as Kim took my cock into her mouth. As Sarah moved I looked down and saw Kim was now naked too. As Kim looked at me smiling she lowered her fat pussy down on my hard cock. Then Sarah climbed on top of me and just as my cock got fully hard again, she lowered her pussy down on to it. I licked Kim's pussy just as I had Sarah's. Sarah rode my cock just like Kim had. Again we all got off almost together as Kim's pussy drenched my face and I filled Sarah's pussy just as she came.

Back to Campus Early

group lovethembigger 2017-12-14

It was about 12:30 when I got back to the dorm and I saw there were no lights on except for the Resident Director room and I figured Darla and Diane were still up from a hard moving day. She was rubbing her nipples when Darla started to play with her pussy and Diane took off her bra and panties and let them fall to the floor. I looked down and Darla was sucking like a pro and Diane started to French kiss me and I played with her tits and pussy. Darla went back to sucking my cock and Diane got behind me and played with my ass and squished her tits on my back.

The Chess Club part 2

group taylorsam 2017-12-14

I didn’t want Tony to feel bad, but I couldn’t wait to get Jim’s cock inside me. I looked up at Jim whose big cock was inches from my mouth, “That’s it Tony, push it all the way in. MMM, now start moving it in and out.” I kissed Jim’s cock while Tony was grinding his dick into my pussy. Jim smiled at me then pushed his cock head through my pussy lips. “Keep fucking me and when you’re ready I want you to fill my pussy with your cum.” No sooner had I said that, he grunted pushing his dick in me as far as he could. “Oh fuck, that was great.” Jim said pulling his dick out my sloppy pussy.

The Sorority House Ch. 01

group bluedragonauthor 2017-12-14

His head reared back and he stopped thrusting, pulling himself out at the last second and sending his cum arcing over Daphne's writhing body where it first splattered on her face and heaving breasts, then her stomach and pussy area as he lost steam and his jets lost power. Staring those gorgeous eyes at me again and looking at me the whole time, Lisa propped a pillow against Daphne's headboard, and sitting upright leaned back against it with her legs spread wide open. Daphne placed another pillow beneath her hips, and leaning on her hands and knees, dipped her head down to give Lisa's pussy a little girl-expert tongue loving.

A Big Problem For Pam

group English Bob 2017-12-14

His wife's friend Pam was going through a nasty separation from her husband, and although Harry liked her, she seemed to be spending a huge amount of time at his house these days; his own wife, Hanna's shoulder constantly wet from her crying on it. He had always liked Pam, but to see her like this, legs spread and with Hanna's face crushed to her open pussy and her fingers deep in her ass, was simply sensational. Not giving Pam or Harry time to argue, Hanna pulled her friend down on to the cool floor and immediately straddled her head so that she was facing her feet.

Michelle Comes to England

group skip.69 2017-12-14

Tricia, drink in hand, looked deliberately at her with a huge grin on her face as she said, "Michelle, I think Mel is able to see your knickers!" Then, as he stared almost open-mouthed, he glanced quickly at Tricia who was still pretending to be unaware and who was still looking elsewhere, then back to watch as Michelle unfastened the skirt completely, dropping it onto the floor, and following this by doing the same with her light sweater to stand barefacedly naked, her firm breasts reacting as she tweaked at her nipples. But Tricia, continuing the pretence, told me that she had just met Ben, too, and that he seemed a very nice boy for our niece to know, and then proposed we had a light salad together and then go out for a drink so as perhaps to get to know him a little better.


Erotic Adventures of Brandon & Cheryl Ch. 03

group timewarp69 2017-12-14

"Now, on your knees and don't say a word." Cheryl done as told and felt the stranger's, who we'll call Shem for now, hands playing with her hair. Cheryl sucked "Mmmmmm." She then felt the finger come out of her mouth as a large, veiny cock rested it's head at the tips of her lips. After a few minutes of this slow, sensual blowjob, Shem stopped Cheryl again and said "Now, we're going to pick up the pace a bit, honey." With that, she started humping Cheryl's face like a piston. Shem then pulled a vibrator from somewhere and slipped it into Cheryl's mouth, muffling her moans as she sucked hard. Cheryl done as told happily, and then felt something small, hot, and metal-like burn her ass.

The Encounter

group mrwizard67 2017-12-14

Smiling slightly, the woman strode up to him, kissed him lightly, sank slowly to her knees, gently took his hard cock in her dainty hand, and looking at the maid, explained, "Now this, my pet, is how you suck a cock." Her tongue flicked out, and licked all around the blood-engorged head of the young man's cock. "You've just had a mouthful of hard cock, now cum get a mouthful of hot pussy you little suck slut." The maid had her head between her mistress's creamy thighs almost before the woman stopped speaking. Her mistress was sucking the maid's snatch for all she was worth, and at the same time, had wrapped her legs around the man and was pulling his cock as deeply as she could into her spasming cunt.


first time on a train

group ihavthikmilk 2017-12-14

We are fucking fast and furious when my cousin Black enters the room and says"hurry up man you taking too long, you in here making love and shit." He walks over to the bed and lies across it and starts kissing Snowy in the mouth while I am thrusting my dick in her as fast and as hard as possible. I pull out of her warm, hairy love box and moan loudly as my dick pumps its hot cum load all over her soft red haired pussy. He puts it her pussy while my cum is still dripping all over box and starts pounding away as hard as he can moaning and screaming "yeah bitch, take this dick, your pussy belongs to us!

Katie's New Job

group BigMeanie 2017-12-14

Katie was thinking about a new car and wondering what Cynthia meant by "a little humiliating." After remaining silent for several seconds, she asked if she could ask a few questions first. You really have to torment them to get them to look good." Cynthia demonstrated by pinching, pulling and twisting her nipples until they stood up like Katie's. Once everything was packed, Cynthia handed the keys to Katie and told her it was time to drive to Castlemaine. Acting like a couple of horny college girls, they exchanged gropes and pinches before Cynthia kneeled, spread Katie's pussy lips and started licking up and down the juice soaked slit, pausing to probe deeper with her tongue and then massaging her clit with a circling motion.


The Cabin of Dreams

group Hot_Lips_0129 2017-12-14

I continue to stroke and suck and lick Hannah and feel her juices running all over my fingers and hand, I don't stop I feel her so tight around my fingers, my tongue and lips working her clitoris. Her hands caressing her breast, giving them a light squeeze and then pinching her erect nipples, she lets out a moan as she feels Mike's tongue slipping between her lips and her thighs. Hannah sucks in her breath at Mike stops and licks her pearl softly, seeing his hand move I know he is slipping a finger or two inside of her, stroking delicately.

California Swinging

group LadyFrederika 2017-12-14

For the second straight year, I'd been invited by German fetish photographer Ute Freiberg to participate in a shoot for her annual coffee table book published by Taschen, "Latex and Leather: A Celebration." I'd picked up a copy at a San Francisco sex toy shop called Babes in Toyland back in 2007, and eventually Googled Ute. We exchanged explicit photos and she eventually invited me to come to Los Angeles. Minutes later, I was down on my hands and knees on the lawn, getting fucked hard from behind by Aaron while Ariella lay on the grass underneath me and lapped eagerly at my soaked cunt. "You want to show your little wifey how good it feels to fuck a real woman's cunt? I want Ariella to eat your come right out of my cunt."

Girlfriend's Birthday

group masturbatingindc 2017-12-14

We agreed that Steven would suck my cock, likely to the point of orgasm, while Julia watched. The sight of Julia's body, the warm blowjob from Steven, and the fact that I was still simultaneously making out with my hot girlfriend and feeling her pussy drip onto my leg, all became too much to bear. Between watching her friend suck off her boyfriend, the sight of two naked men in decent physique, and the two fingers I was inserting into her vagina, I could tell Julia enjoyed this, as I felt her pussy contract on my fingers and her wetness began to increase dramatically as she watched her friend swallow my cum.

Our First Swap

group sumanraman 2017-12-14

After some deep kissing with Peter, I looked over at Raman who was rubbing and lightly squeezing Julie's breasts while she held his hard cock in her hand. After a very short time, their excitement was too much for them and they both came with Julia moaning and clutching Raman and him shooting his cum deep in her pussy. Since Raman is so good with his mouth on my breasts, I told him it would be hot to watch him suck and lick Julia's nipples. Julia asked Peter to guide Raman's cock into her pussy. When Raman took out his cock, Julia wanted Peter to lick her pussy and suck all the juices.


Another of Tracy's Gangbang's

group MrsCanyon 2017-12-14

I grabbed her head and closed my mouth around hers in a passionate kiss to try to muffle her moans as she continued to lift up to almost pull off of my cock and the drive down hard again. Her moaning around the cock in her mouth was having an effect on the first guy and he quickly rammed his whole cock deep down her throat and started to cum. The black man in her ass now turned around and sat down on the seat leaving Tracy sitting on his cock with her legs spread wide and her pussy exposed and dripping with her juice. The man in her pussy was fucking her hard enough to lift her up and down on the cock buried in her ass.

Lingerie Party

group Clohi 2017-12-14

Jeremy stood there and watched in the mirror as Sharon leaned me over and gently brought the leather whip down across my ass. Sharon reached down and I moaned as I felt her hand rub the cool lotion into my pussy. She told Heather to come try and I watched as my roommate, who had never even hugged me with any sexual overtones, settled between my spread legs and flicked her tongue across my pussy. Sharon took the lid off the box and Jeremy watched from the mirror as she slowly pulled a string of beads out of the box. I closed my eyes briefly and then looked over my shoulder as Heather slowly guided the head of this massive cock into my pussy.

Want To Play Chikan?

group bluueboy 2017-12-14

So I came to Japan with a plan, I packed a little sailor school girl outfit that I bought at a costume store with heels and special stockings. One guy on the side of me came on my thigh/hip from just rubbing against me and the man in front of me grabbed on to my blouse and was pulling me onto his cock as he directed into me with his other hand. Sounded like some of the others were angry with him but I soon felt cocks being pushed into my hair and someone trying to lift my hips up - my legs left the floor and I was soon being fucked wheel-barrow style.

Culture School Ch. 02

group Birds__Eye 2017-12-14

Mistress Anna then said, "Well, we haven't seen the gymnasium or the equestrian arena and stables, but only a half hour remains before dinner; so I'll leave you here to watch the fowl come in to feed and you can discuss matters about Jenny's entrance to the school. The entire student body broke out in quiet approach and in unison said "Welcome Claire and Jenny." Mistress Whipple continued, "Jenny and Claire will be rushing to get prepared for classes during the next two weeks, so give them your help and we can make your life choices come to full bloom here at our school.