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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 32

group SteveWallace 2017-12-14

She'd told Sean a little about our Mexico trip, and then revealed some about her urban survival and weapons training. Wan Suh liked Lucas' ideas and immediately started to include the new moves and ways of thinking into our training. Tell her you think she's the sexiest thing you've ever seen too." I pushed Sean to a standing position, and gave him a shove towards the stage. About ten minutes after the maid finished her strip, she appeared at our table the way she had ended her gig -- naked except for garter belt, sexy socks, and shoes. The maid, whose name turned out to be Belle, sat in Sean's lap and started a lap dance in sync with the loud music.


Welcome Surprises Ch. 2

group bigpapa 2017-12-14

He quickly pictured himself with his face buried in Sheryl's sweet wet pussy and ass while his cum was being sucked from his heavy balls through his throbbing dick wrapped in Stephanie's beautiful mouth and down her insatiable throat. Sheryl was enjoying the feeling of Darryl's dick in her hot mouth and even though she wanted to make him cum again she instinctively knew that her best friend wanted this cock in her hot pussy and there was no way she would be denied. Sheryl could hear her best friends ass smack against Darryl's stomach as Stephanie tried to force more of his dick deep into her hot wet cunt.

Made to Turn Bi

group Jcagle 2017-12-14

When the guys finished cumming, Cynthia was thrown on her back again, then Suzy was eating her pussy again. It was the first time Cynthia had ever had cum eaten out of her pussy, and Suzy was such an expert that Cynthia could not help but start to get horny AGAIN. Chris was held down just like Cynthia had been, then Suzy started sucking Chris`s cock. Just as Chris felt himself start to cum, he was yanked up and thrown onto his belly, in such a manner that Suzy was able to continue sucking his hard cock. About the same time that Suzy started sucking again, Chris felt a hard cock being rammed in his ass, and another one down his throat.


group HiddenRisk 2017-12-14

I put my hand on your knee, and slowly slide it up your leg and I start going under your swimming trunks. Amanda breaks the kiss and licks a line down my throat and starts sucking on my breast. "If you're going to laugh at me," she says in indignation, barely holding in her laugh as well, "then I guess I'll have to make you come first!" She leans down over my breast and starts sucking hungrily, nibbling and pulling. I flick the head back and forth quickly with my tongue, and you groan as precum starts coming out. This causes her to moan, and then she starts breathlessly saying "David, god, make me come.


group litlover07 2017-12-14

Jessica took her seat next to me (Dee) across from Mike and I have to admit that I was feeling nervous, exited, and anxious all at the same time. Once inside the elevator, Mike got the chance to give Jessica his first kiss... I invited Jessica to dance with me to a very slow sensual song as Mike took in the view of us rubbing our hands over each other's bodies. We took turns kissing each other while both Mike and I undressed Jessica who was finally only wearing her sexy bra. He tossed both of our bras aside as we continued to kiss and lead us both to the inviting bed. As Mike reached for a bit more oil, I leaned over to Jessica and kissed her very passionately.

It Was A Nice Party Ch. 04

group Teachgirl_Menderman 2017-12-14

Her fingertip was on my clit less than five seconds when my body let go and started to orgasm; my back arched, my ass lifted and pressed hard against her finger which slid down pushing the gusset tight and deep into my pussy. I tugged at my breasts, pulling the hot heaving flesh out of the cups of the Basque so I could maul and tug at my erect nipples as Elaine started to run her long tongue around the inside of my pussy. As I hugged her tightly on the chaise long I watched Richard run his fingers through the hostess's hair as she gently licked the head of his cock clean of the last traces of the spunk that had filled her mouth and throat.



group steveholt 2017-12-14


The Geek's Sex Games Ch. 01

group SexyGeek 2017-12-14

Spread along the couch were the other three girls: little Kia, a tiny Asian who hardly looked old enough for college, but as a senior she was 21 and the oldest among us; Faleesha, coffee-with-cream color and Jamaal's ex-girlfriend, although they had parted on friendly terms and she regarded Anna Marie benignly; and finally Sara, a fiery Hispanic girl with long black hair, long black eyelashes, and flashing black eyes. She turned once, her bare back above the pink panties tantalizing toward the guys, but Anna Marie called out, "Hands in the air, babe!" Kia raised her hands high, and turned slowly, so that her pert little breasts revealed themselves to us as half round, then as a mound with a pointing nipple, and finally as she turned fully toward to us, in their beautiful small but perfect roundness.

She Spends Weekend with Them Ch. 03

group metacarpal 2017-12-14

Bev turned onto her back and Karen began to explore, kissing and touching, licking and sucking. Whatever inhibitions she may have had quickly melted as Karen was soon lying between Bev's legs exploring her pussy with her mouth and fingers with an unhurried, sensuous and appreciative touch. Karen especially enjoyed Dale quietly sneaking fleeting moments of sex with her, secretly slipping his cock into her from behind, ever so gently easing in and softly fucking her just a bit. Bev coaxed and encouraged her, all the way sucking him fully in to her mouth and swirling her tongue on that special sweet spot until he began to climax. Bev stroked Karen's hair as Dale's cock slowly melted in her mouth.

Taming the Asshole Ch. 1

group P. B. Walker 2017-12-14

I opened my eyes again, not wanting to miss a second of her sucking my cock, and was shocked to see a man and woman standing behind Lynn, watching her suck me. The Wench pushed her head back into the soft pillows, thrusting her hips up into his probing fingers, obviously wanting him to penetrate even deeper into her ravenous cunt. Her hand and mouth quickly merged into a rhythm of up and down movements making the Viking groan and pull her hair harder, forcing her up and down faster. She growled deep in her throat as the Viking gripped her hair in his big fist and began madly pushing her sucking mouth down on his prick.


Taking Turns with My Cock

group MLPatricks 2017-12-14

"This sexy talk is making me really want to get fucked..." Britney said, "The things I would do with a nice juicy cock." "If I had a nice cock like that to play with, I'll bet I could make him scream and shoot buckets of cum..." Britney said, half-jokingly. Britney began quickly gyrating her hips, massing my cock with her tight pussy. She didn't waste any more time; she lifted up her ass, scooted forward, and sat down on my cock, taking me deep inside her. "Fuck!" I screamed, and then I pumped a massive load of cum deep inside her tight pussy. Then I heard Jessica said to Britney, "No. That is how you service a cock."


group qudduse 2017-12-14

Lynx, we need you to impregnate us to start a new generation of true-sighted humans, and us.” Becca said, trying to sound unemotional, but Lynx could tell she was making a great effort to remain in control. But I guess time flies when you’re having fun.” He grinned, “but as much I really don’t want to get up, I need to go check on Becca and Gracy. “Hey baby, or babies, I guess.” Lynx laughed as he walked in the door one day to find Lucy, Becca, and Gracy in the living room. They shared what little of Lynx’s seed Becca had saved, knowing Lucy would kiss her once she finished with Lynx.

Four Play

group brethard 2017-12-14

His bedroom walls were dark red, and as she looked at his king-size bed, she imagined Jack thrusting himself into Wendy and Maura the weekend before. Jack kissed Wendy, then Maura, then Teresa. Jack, Wendy, Maura and Teresa climbed on to the bed, and the black boss quickly went to work, using his tongue, fingers and cock to please all three sexy white ladies. Teresa and Wendy loved watching Jack's muscular black ass bouncing up and down between Maura's ivory legs in manic lust. When she came to, she looked over at Jack, Wendy and Maura, their naked bodies pressed together, beautiful, masculine dark skin running against lovely, feminine pale flesh.

The Poker Game Pt. 01

group Sharky_R 2017-12-14

Jake has been having a pretty good night, and looks at Dave, he takes almost a minute before saying "Looks like you have about $25 bucks left buddy & it's just you & me... Like I said, I knew he was only kidding about the "loan", but still driving home I kept replaying the entire night in my head, including the way that it had ended. Please ask him to meet me at 'Louis' after work, you might also wanna tell him I'm buying, just to make sure he shows up." Of course I knew he would show up, 'Louis' is actually named Le Chateau Versailles, and it is the best steakhouse in town.


The Pet Chronicles Ch. 01

group Alex_Mahler 2017-12-14

Every glance heats her, she's melting by microwaves. As she walks, her leg flashes through the slit in the dress like some ghastly secret. "Jews," Des thinks, looking around the limousine, "We're like Jews on the train to Dachau. Gentlemen in suits, women in gowns, a kaleidoscope of styles and colors, trickle by, glancing. "Jimenez." She says it with a Latin flourish she almost never employs. "Ah, Desdemona Jimenez. Women and men. I'm tryin' to act civilized." Many boys have told her more elaborate lies, and with an equal poise. "Right. "I told you I'm not hittin' on you. Nevertheless, I shall be the chastest of gentlemen when in your presence." "Short for Desdemona." I can give you a tour right now."


My Master calls

group zxew111 2017-12-13

I was told to eat one of the women and went over and did so, cleaning out her gooey, cum soaked pussy and then sucking her asshole clean of cum, all the while taking, according to William, my 23rd cock of the night in my ass. I was called over by William, his huge cock cover in ass juice and cum and told to clean him. I laid there, moaning in pain when he took his foot and rubbed his toes up and down my asshole and got them slick with cum and ass juice and jammed it in my mouth to clean off.

My first MMF: why I keep on cruising

group NBRay84 2017-12-13

When I stopped there was a car, parked ahead.., brake lights flashed on off in tell tale fashion I turned the interior lights on and off in my van and soon this guy came back to my vehicle to join me Because it is a rather busy and open highway I wasnt really too comfortable there but fuck he was Hot there is this ball park not too far, a mile or so, in November the lights are off, the park is dark, and pretty secluded Mmmmmm fuck clean, hot... I opened the side door of my van she got in the back seat... She was the hotest tightest tastiest little cunt I have ever tasted

Panty Odyssey Ch. 01

group coldfire69 2017-12-13

"Do you, or do you not, wanna fucking eat me?" Melanie had been sitting on his chest, but now climbed higher, shoving her stained, faded blue, double string panties up onto his beardless chin. As William slid off her faded blue bikini, he could see her panties were destroyed with stains, girl cum and nut juice from who knew how many guys. She wasn't nearly as tight as the older Tara, but William could tell that it wouldn't be long before he'd be jizzing inside her cute little fuck machine of a body. "I just about fucking came right there -- if he wasn't already shoving his dick inside me I would have slammed him against the wall and climbed up onto his cock!"

Teaching Beth a Lesson

group Archer2050 2017-12-13

But Beth wasn't ready to suck dick, and even though Kevin went down on her, she only barely put his erection in her mouth when he came. Beth wanted Penny to suck off Kevin, and when the time came for cum, Beth opened her mouth and took it. Since Penny never mentioned her boyfriend Gavin, Beth assumed Penny hadn't gotten any for a long time, and so she invited Sam to fuck Penny while Penny sucked off Kevin again. Penny then looked at Kevin, wondering why a cute, young guy like him would be with a manipulative sneak like Beth. Beth knew exactly what Penny wanted, and so she abided, letting Sam's dick slide further into her mouth, filling her completely.


Crystal Clear Ch. 12

group Romantic1 2017-12-13

Synopsis of This Story Up to This Point: After a motorcycle road trip laced with grief, love, incest, and sex, Jim moved in with country singer Crystal Lee and her sister Ellen in Nashville. She continued, "After one fraternity party -- really an orgy where a bunch of us girls were fair game for every cock in the place, my friend Marge asked whether I wanted to make some extra money -- a lot of it. Crystal added to the question, "All that, plus we just had a little orgy that would have made a great porn film -- Oh, did that bother you?" I could sense genuine concern in her voice about Claire's well being.


Look But Don't Touch?

group HabsFan33 2017-12-13

Amy immediately made her way to the elevator and upstairs to Jack's office, where she handed the package back to Jack's assistant Kelly. Kelly returned to her desk and tried to focus on work, but she couldn't get Sara's scent or the thought that a hot woman like Sara was walking around the office without her panties on. The elevator doors opened and Amy saw Kelly quickly walking away from her desk. As if reading her mind, "Sara asked that I come up and speak with you about some files from Jack, so, when I saw you walking away from your desk, I just followed you." Spoke Amy.


The Hot Seat

group ofloveandlust 2017-12-13

She moaned loudly as she was fucked but it was when Tammy took to cleaning her sweet little pussy that she actually squealed. She moved to the bed beside me as Emily began to suck Robert's dick. When he began to fuck her she let go of Robert, gripped the handles pulling her self up out of the strips. I listened to the squirting slappy sounds of her being fucked and as Tammy sucked my cock hard I relaxed enough to recover. Tammy chased away the cock that had come looking to get sucked by sitting herself over Em's head. It wasn't more than a month ago when Emily was planning her bondage, swinging, gangbang fantasy that she had asked Tammy what she would do.

Fondest Wish Ch. 03

group velvetpie 2017-12-13

Kara pressed her tongue into Amalie's sweet slit and caressed her hairless pussy the way she'd want to be licked, delighted to feel the honest response and humming in happiness over the delicious taste of her pussy juice. Donovan's agile tongue did dancing of its own, delicately rimming Kara's pink ring, then roughly thrusting into her tight hole, opening her up to him. It wasn't long before the actions of his hands and mouth produced Kara's second orgasm and her ass muscles clamped down on his sawing tongue while his fingers were held captive in her pulsing cunt. Amalie exploded again, her hands clutching the sheets even tighter as Kara burrowed into her pussy, her nose rubbing her clit and sending her skyward a third time.


Getting fucked at adult theater without husband kn

group 2017-12-13

I talked just loud enough so the guy in the other booth could here me and I started telling my husband that I wanted him to go into the other booth stick his cock through the hole and let me suck him until he came all over my big titties! As I was sucking my husband's cock I started to open my eyes to see the strange man and at the same time he was sticking two fingers deep into my soaking wet pussy. Here I was in a adult video booth naked on my knees sucking my husband's cock through a glory hole while a stranger with a huge cock was behind me fucking me and another guy sitting on a bench with his little dick out jacking and groping my tits.