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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Something To Do on Valentine's Day

group trappedinside 2017-12-13

You'll get your turn soon enough." The woman went back to letting her tongue find the girl's clit, flick it a few times and then make that long slow stroke up the entire length of the vaginal lips and ending at her anus where she would let her tongue make circles around her tight ring. The woman raised her head and gathering a large amount of saliva in her mouth, placed her lips onto the girls anus and let the spit flow down her ass crack. The woman swung her right hand and slapped the man across the face snapping his head back and making a sound so loud as to cause the young girl to raise up to see what was happening.


Girlfriend Finally Cuckolds Pt. 06

group writemarksmith 2017-12-13

After dinner I was getting us all more drinks, when she told me Steve wanted to come over. I couldn't hear anything but when I was talking with my friends, I imagined she had his cock in her mouth, or perhaps was already getting fucked by him. When my friends finally left, Steve immediately had Val strip down for him. He kissed Val passionately then told me that since I was so good about having him come over unexpectedly, Val could suck my cock while he fucked her. He had me go fetch one of his condoms, and when I got back Val was already naked, bent over the arm of an arm chair, offering herself to Steve.

Coming Home to a Loving Wife

group NDW76 2017-12-13

Imagining the huge cock that was fucking her throat being thrust into her pussy, all the while she was enjoying the expert attention Norm was paying to her clit, Jacinta let out a moan and came for the first time that night. After swirling his tongue around John's cock head a few times Norm took the plunge and tried to get John's cock as deep into his mouth as he could "Oh, god yes." Jacinta moaned. Norm assumed that this gasp of pleasure was caused by seeing him sucking a cock, but what he couldn't see was that Eric had moved into position behind Jacinta and had begun to fuck her well used pussy.


Gemma's supermarket gang bang part 4

group madmackem61 2017-12-13

A little awkwardly on his knees Josh started to fuck her and as he did, with a little help, she held the cock of two others that had moved close to her head in each hand and tried to toss them off. As Josh pumped in and out of her as fast as he could she dropped a hand so she could play with her clit at the same time and was starting to groan really loudly now and telling the room that she was being fucked hard. Ade, another of the workers she flirted with a lot in her store visits, asked if she needed more cock and she let out a dirty laugh and said she fucking did.

Sexual Frustration Act 1768 - Punishment of a Kink

group tim1936 2017-12-13

The Judge told her she was to endure the split pear in her cunt, she wasn’t quite sure what this meant but it sounded painful and a tremor of fear ran up from her cunt to her brain, a sweat broke out all over her body, and, try as she might, she could not control the fear induced stream of piss that ran from her pee hole through her skimpy knickers and down her left leg. The rubber plug felt like a red hot poker going into her, to get the dumbbell end in took a lot of pushing, but finally the little hole closed tight about the thin part of the dumbbell: to the relief of her cunt lips, her knickers were pulled back in place and she settled down to the new pain throbbing in her pee hole.

What an Office Job!

group ladda 2017-12-13

Bunny reached into the bowl and read that her boyfriend, Mike, had to remove Cher's blouse. Mike was getting jealous, seeing Robert feeling Bunny's chest. I thought, Mike probably wanted to get back at Robert for the liberties he took removing his girlfriend's blouse, and get back at Bunny, who made him jealous by enjoying it so much. Cher and Bunny had their bras exposed, but I would soon to be showing my bra, panties, garters, nylons standing in high heels. Mike wasn't saying anything, seeing how excited Bunny was acting this time too. Bunny was doing things to me like never felt before, as Mike's cock was filling my mouth, I was doing my part, giving the best blow job I knew how to do.


Long Time No See

group dutchdelight 2017-12-13

Liz gasped and let go of his cock and balls, but Joss kept coming and shot a second and third load that landed on her dress. I love a piece if hot prick in my cunt.' After a couple of minutes she stopped and got up, but only to turn around and again straddle Joss and impale his throbbing cock, but now she had her back towards him. That was all Melanie needed to get into the final steps towards a well deserved orgasm, that rocked her body and caused heavy contractions of her powerful cunt muscles that were enveloping Joss' penis. Anne was still naked and smiled at them, nodding in a content way when she saw that Joss' member was finally hanging down limply between his legs.


Her Bizarre Craving

group steveking 2017-12-13

So if you wanted to fuck me, I would love to feel this big thing inside me." Stacy gave my cock a squeeze and continued rubbing me through my pants. Stacy was obviously inviting me to reach into her bra and fondle her tits, and I wanted to very badly, but there was something wonderfully enticing about just holding my hand there where she had placed it, so close to her breast. I want you so bad, Stacy." I was squeezing her soft breast as I spoke, and her nipple was hard in the palm of my hand. It was amazing to be driving down the road with Stacy's head in my lap, feeling her hands groping my cock, her face rubbing against it.


Unexpected Threesome

group BiSapphyr 2017-12-13

I felt myself getting horny as I walked down the sidewalk to the parking lot (of course I had to park far from the building), and I got even hotter thinking of one particular man who I'd met at work. After teasing my neck, he slid my low-cut shirt and bra aside and I felt his hot tongue explore my breasts. I felt my pussy throb with desire, from both the site of her touching herself while her breasts nearly spilled out of her top and from his hardness he was now rubbing against me furiously. She turned around, kissed him, and said to me, "This man is fucking incredible." Then she gave us both a wink and walked back upstairs.

90% True Ch. 07

group rhev 2017-12-13

Ann smacked my shoulder, "The rest of this part of the story I mean." I rolled my eyes, but she continued, "So you and Jen were in the back seat of your SUV, Nina was driving, and the new girl Heather was watching you from the front seat. I looked up and saw that Heather, the redheaded girl from Jen and Nina's school was watching us very intently. Heather came over and said, "Let me show you the rest, not that there's a lot to see." She led me through the door that Nina had dashed through and there was a bedroom that took up a third of the back half of the house.


Mutual Masturbation: Pt. Seven "Triple Frott

group Theo35 2017-12-13

What an amazing feeling it was, the head of my dick covered in a thick layer of a slippery spit, pressing and rubbing against John and Jeffs dicks. One of the things I enjoyed most was running my slick head up and down Jeff and Johns shafts, occasionally using it to tickle their balls. I watched as 5 more spurts oozed out of his head and ran down onto me, some slowly running directly over the tip of my dick and some down the sides of my shaft. I took hold of my cock and started stroking, the sensation of using Jeff and Johns cum as lube was absolutely amazing. We watched as the puddles of cum run down the front of my stomach, over my penis and balls and started dripping onto the floor.

House Hunting Ch. 02

group macuser60 2017-12-13

While Linda was still sucking on his cock, she could feel Kris licking Paul's thighs and working her way to his balls. He could feel Linda sucking his cock deep down her throat, and now felt kissing and licking around his balls. As Kris watched, she ran her hand down to her pussy and began to stroke herself, Linda felt lips encircle her left nipple and realized Kris was teasing it very well. While Paul continued his thrusting inside Linda, he reached forward and took her nipples in his fingers, pulling them and twisting them slightly. Each time he twisted Linda's nipple, he could feel her pussy squeeze his cock ,raising her hips off of the bed with his thrusts.

Coupling Coworkers Ch. 01

group thick7in1972 2017-12-13

Being exposed, except for my underwear, seemed to weigh on my nerves even more, because, while I knew Christy was into this and wanting to fuck me, I still could not get a read on her husband, and we were getting closer to the time where he may not handle the situation well. By this time, Kevin had his cock hard again and got in front of his wife for her to suck him off while I fucked her from behind. She said Kevin insisted on the condom, and she obliged because she wanted to have two cocks at the same time, but that she hated the feel of latex compared to the real thing, especially since the pregnancy thing was avoided by the pill.


The Bachelor Party

group Naomeri 2017-12-13

I expected to be ordered to straddle the kid's lap and the thought of that huge cock getting stuffed into my hot, slippery cunt made pussy juice start running down the inside of my thighs. Then he stuffed my sopping cunt with his huge cock and fucked me until he came, just as the next guy started knocking on the door. The next guy brought in a long, thick dildo that I thought would go into one of my holes, but instead it went into his bisexual ass while I pounded myself up and down on his cock. The groom walked in a few minutes later carrying a bag like the best man's and I cringed inwardly because I didn't think I could handle another fuck like the one I'd just finished.

Bi Curious

group lyn_hornygirl 2017-12-13

It wouldn't come out, but helpful Harry, bless him, with his vested interest and his erect penis, opened the robe and freed up those gorgeous big boobies for us both to play with. Whilst keeping a close eye on my pleasuring of his wife's bottom, Harry took his cock off to be sucked by Jane. He said afterwards it was her little mmf noises felt as vibrations in his cock that had helped him get hard one last time, and the fact that said noises were being caused by a bit of lesbian fibro arse-fucking , if indeed there is such a term. Entertained by his beloved wife licking my shaved little snatch, Harry finally boiled over and shot his load deep inside Jane's arse, collapsing with the effort.

Sorority Rule Ch. 03

group oraldave39 2017-12-13

"I love you two girls, but I think it would be a good idea if you and your friends would stay at Mindy's this weekend." Mr. Davis said. Upon seeing Mr. Davis leave, Jill and Denise now both fully dressed went back up to Katie's room. "Katie, Jill and I really thought you knew that was your dad today." Denise said apologetically. "It looked like your dad came when you were on him." Jill said to Katie "Well when you get time I would like to talk to you and Katie alone." Mindy's mom said. "Yes it was, but remember, Katie and Mindy must never know about this." Denise said.

An Eye For Detail

group Simba X 2017-12-13

Her thoughts were broken by David's tongue leaving her earlobe and his right hand moving up her chest, his fingers on her chin, turning her lips to his, kissing her deeply. David felt his orgasm cumming, whispering into her ear, "Babe I'm going to cum deep inside your cunt, filling you with my spunk." Jessica felt him tense and thrust hard as the first load of cum exploded from his cock like a canon filling her pussy. Jessica smelled the musky scent of Kristy's cunt inches away from her waiting lips and knew David was becoming more aroused as he was diving deeper and harder inside her hole, his balls slapping against her.


Wife's Adventures

group AmadeusIII 2017-12-13

"Slut wife" on a bench also was gagged and blindfolded, but you could not see her face because camera was mounted from her back and little bit right angle, on the video player there was second camera option but it was showing you only close-up view of her open fuck holes. My wife was totally naked, tied to fuck bench, her ass was roughly toyed and fucked, her pussy was fucked, her mouth was used like fuck hole and she swallowed some strange guys sperm. I closed my eyes but in my head I had memories of how my wife was tied to a fuck bench, how dripping wet her pussy was and in my mistaken opinion about her anal virginity how big was gaping hole in her ass.

A Day at the Beach

group bigbear212 2017-12-13

He was quite satisfied to stay there and let her take his cock down her throat and gently stroke his balls, yet he was feeling the unmistakable burning deep in his groin and knew he was about to cum in her fabulous mouth. With one big thrust he dumped what seemed like a gallon of hot cum into her mouth, grabbing her head and pushing deep into her(like she was going anywhere anyway) feeling her swallow all of his spunk. They screamed out which inspired me so much so that I came harder that I think I ever had, with no one touching me, just the glorious feeling of having my ass fucked, that big cock cumming in me, and the sound of those two woman screaming in unison.


group wet_pants 2017-12-13

"And then I shall go back to your lovely legs," I went on, "and start where I left off, at your knees, licking and kissing your thighs, first one and then the other, getting higher and higher, going under the shirt so I can reach the very tops of your soft, warm, fragrant thighs, tasting your delicious skin and feeling the warmth---" "And you really think you're going to find a girl who'll agree to all this?" I wanted to ask about the other wet and dirty pleasures that Tanya and I so often enjoy together but I thought I'd wait a bit for that.


Hot Tub Trio Ch. 07

group Turbidus 2017-12-13

"Hhm, your cock likes my pussy." Saying this she slide half his length into her cunt. She moved up his body again, this time grinding on his left nipple before returning to bury his cock in her cunt. She lifted herself off his cock and walked on her knees up his body as she pulled his hands down so that his arms lay closer to his sides. He worked one hand under her ass and slipped two fingers in her pussy then pulled them free. He sucked harder on her clit until her hands found his head and she pulled herself out of his mouth as she gasped.


A Ride in the Country Ch. 01

group susan12346 2017-12-13

I pulled back only to see the butler’s cock shooting spurts of thick cum directly into Xenia’s face, splashing all over her nose and cheeks and lips, which she was keeping closed. I closed my lips over the nipple, licking and sucking at it, drawing it into my mouth, pulling away and then releasing it, watching her breast shake and quiver each time I did that. So I contented myself with sliding my lips back and forth over this lovely cock while my hands moved under his bottom, cupping the cheeks and pulling his groin nearer to my face. She wrapped her hands around his bottom, cupping the cheeks and then started to push and pull his hips so that his cock was thrusting in to her mouth.


A Very Satisfactory Conference

group forsakeninn 2017-12-13

Once she was on our side of the desk Allie stood where she had a good view of my cock sliding in and out of Maria's mouth. Now kneel on the table between her legs." At this point I came up behind Maria and reached round to hold a breast in each hand. "If you want me to fuck you, you need to do this." She leaned forward and put her hands either side of Allie's body, then she bent her head to one of Allie's breasts and took a nipple into her mouth. As my thrusts started to slow, Allie reached up, grabbed Maria's head in her hands and kissed her deeply.

Night at the Oil Party - Part 7

group 2017-12-13

“Go suck on his cock for me honey,” said Shelly, and with that we watched Janet get up and walk over to Marcus who stood up off the bed at the foot and held Janet’s hands and gave her a deep kiss. “I’m all in buddy,” responded Ray as he moved up to give Shelly a deep kiss and then began to work his way down from her breasts to her stomach, stopping to kiss and lick along the way until he found his way in between Shelly’s legs and started working on her pussy. “This is going to be a treat,” said Claudia and with that Janet took Marcus’ cock and began to lick it up and down, and slowly started moving it deeper and deeper into her mouth.