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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Elevator Shafting

group frolicsomekitty 2017-12-13

A series of thoughts went through my mind as he parked that perfect, round and firm yet squeezable bottom on the seat directly in front of me, the thought of me on my knees between his legs, running my tongue up and down the hard shaft with little droplets of my saliva making spots on his trousers, and last but not least the thought of him licking my quivering pussy and then bending me over the seat and cramming that muscle deep into the very center of me while everyone is watching! I turned around on my hands and knees to give the guy I’d been sucking perfect access to my pussy as I took his friends cock in my mouth.

Lovers Surprised

group regnglad 2017-12-13

"I've got a nice idea..." She says, biting her lower lip and looking with wonderfully horny eyes at me. Close friends." My old lover says, giving my new lover a look which would be best described as tender as she leans over me. "Sometimes we even play together.." My new lover says, giving my old lover a wink as she breaks into a naughty smile. "Would you mind terribly if this old friend of us both joined our little game?" My new lover asks me. "I know she wants you to." I rub my sensitive member along her labia, letting it glide over her lover lips. "Yeah, put it in there." My new lover says, doing so as she briefly takes a break from licking.


A Cure For Depression

group Trialbasis 2017-12-13

I would wear a pair from my hoard and sniff Ann's panties while jacking my hard cock until I came. Ann smiled, reached out to retrieve her panties and returned to Simon's room. Simon got up to fetch a couple of beers and Ann excused herself leaving the room. Ann came up to me and ran her hand over the front of the panties, cupping my balls and giving my cock a squeeze. Simon knew that I was about to explode and he held my cock to share the load with Ann. I looked down at the two of them as my cock released its sticky seed. Ann caressed my head and took Simon's cock into her mouth to drain him of any remaining baby juice.

The High School Chronicles Ch. 3

group HSWriter 2017-12-13

I began to massage her large breasts with both hands, lightly pinching them as Lauren worked on my cock. As I fingered Adrienne, Lauren took my whole 11 inch cock into her mouth. I began to suck harder on Adrienne's tits as I felt my balls tighten and the cum rush into my cock. Adrienne positioned herself on the bed and began to kiss Lauren's legs, working her way up from her calves to her inner thighs. I spread Lauren's pussy lips, and Adrienne thrust her tongue between my fingers. When her ass was ready, I stood back up and began to push the head of my cock into her tight little whole. I felt Adrienne's tongue on my balls as she licked her sister's sweet pussy.

Sightseeing in London

group joy_forever 2017-12-13

Ella's fingers were plunging furiously into Joanna's tight little pussy, and she now started sucking her clit...Joanna's hips bucked powerfully, her back arching as she was taken over by a fantastic orgasm. Ivan dove straight in, his tongue flicking along her clit, his fingers buried in her hot, wet pussy. Ella's head was thrown back, her moans growing louder as Ivan grabbed her ass to pull her hard and fast onto his cock. Joanna groaned louder, hanging her head, but Ivan grabbed her hair, forcing it up and back as he started reaming her tight ass. The three of them slowly collapsed onto the bed, completely sated, Ella lazily licking the last traces of semen from Ivan's cock as he gently kissed Joanna's neck.

Vicky Ch. 06

group TimRailing 2017-12-13

Like a dutiful twin, and not to be out done, Henry followed Eddie's lead.

"Ohhhhhh my goodd!!!!!!" I moaned, feeling the boys smile against my tits. Finding my hands free, I grabbed Henry by the neck and pulled his lips to mine, plunging my tongue deep into his mouth.

"Mmmm, mmm, mmmmmm" I started moaning and humping, writhing like crazy, knowing I was going to cum. Eddie was not to be bucked off and kept his mouth hidden, buried in my cunt, nose rubbing and teasing against my clit, even as I began to buck wildly.

"He's good at eating pussy huh Vick?" Henry said. Both stood in the light with hard cocks bobbing, balls hanging, staring at my sweat soaked, cum filled body.

"She's about as good a fuck as it gets," Henry said.

"Looked good.


Angels & Beckys FUN Placer Mining - Day 1 of 7

group bigjohn469 2017-12-13

& Becky had to ride with a boys cock buried IN their cunts for the whole trip. Carl had made Becky do the same thing & 2 boys stayed with her too, but she did other 4 boys wanted seconds so the 2 that had been with Becky fucked Angel & Carl, George, Eric & me proceeded to show the boys how to run the dredge & the After both Angel & Becky had each been fucked this way 7 times we Beckys cunt of beans & cum while we still held Angels legs up so that she me, George, Eric, Angel & Becky used the tent & the boys slept on the deck in Carl, George & Becky used 1 & me, Eric & Angel

Relief is Just a Phone Call Away

group kandie 2017-12-13

John knew I would say yes because I was always talking about having sex with Dwayne again with him present and joining in on the fun. John walked into the living room and told me he'd called Dwayne and had a bit of news to tell me. I know John's urge to watch me have sex with another man was stronger than his desire to be laid right now. After a few moments, John stopped so I could twist a little to suck Dwayne's cock. John sat up to get a better look and exclaimed, "God, I love watching you with another man! My hips pushed against John's hand in fucking motions as my mouth continued to ravish Dwayne's cock.

Busty Jessica's Pool Party

group Boxlicker101 2017-12-13

If asked to name her favorite sex act, unless her mouth happened to be happily busy with a cock or pussy or licking someone's ass, she would say it was whatever fun thing she was doing or whatever was being done to her at the time. Busty Jessica and her friends and George all believe that, when you are putting on a sex orgy, the more horny, naked people there are in attendance, the better it is for everybody. Another person George called was Candace, a very attractive young black woman, whose most favorite thing is sucking cocks, and she also loves to have a man's face between her thighs.


Nude Day on the Lake

group NorthCoaster 2017-12-13

On the horizon I could see a familiar sail, a jib with the Corona beer logo on it and knew that our friends Craig and Tami were headed our way. "You know my face probably needs more lotion, can you help me sweetie?" Christy asked with a grin. My hard cock was being sucked by this gorgeous blonde as I watched my wife slobber on Craig's cock like there was no tomorrow. As I finished, Tami turned and began licking her husband's cum from my wife's face. Soon the two of them were kissing deeply and Christy's fingers were deep into Tami's pussy. Tami's hips began to buck and I realized that Christy must be as good at eating pussy as she is at sucking cock.

Dennis, April, & Lorraine Ch. 02

group SEVERUSMAX 2017-12-13

Finally, after several more seconds of a throbbing hard-on, Dennis Peck shot his load down Jake's eager throat. Dennis started to pull his pants up again, when April and Lorraine opened the apartment door and saw his shrinking cock. While Jake found his cock being ridden by April, Dennis continued to pound Lorraine relentlessly. Dennis immediately placed his sore dick between April's buns and started rubbing it there. Lorraine and Jake both watched their roommates engage in anal sex and found that it excited them as much as usual, even if they couldn't act on their arousal. For now, though, let's have some actual food," April shot back, as the four of them got dressed and headed for Dennis's car.

surprise gang bang

group Freeman1268 2017-12-13

then another guy says in my ear that "us 4 are gonna fuck your faggot ass and throat very hard and deep!!!"right then i feel a cock on my lips, he says get alittle taste as he says it another hard smack on my ass!! finally he pulled his cock out and said get readdy faggot its going back and then he shoved it back down my throat and started to fuck my mouth agian until he was close to cumming! he then said "i am going to nut down your throat so get ready" then after a few more strokes he shoved it all the way to his balls and started to cum, and he came alot, then he pulled out some and started to fuck my throat again telling me to milk his cock dry!!

Christy Ch. 02

group zaaz 2017-12-13

"Oh, in so many ways!" Christy said swinging her legs off the arm of the chair and turning to look straight at Tina. "I like flirting with guys at dance clubs," Tina said smiling. As we went in, Liz turned to me and said, ‘you can just watch if you want, but I’m going to play.’’ From where I was sitting, I could even see Liz sucking one of her guys and getting fucked by the other." Doc said that most of the people who come to the club are into being seen, so the couples room is often empty." "Well," Christy said, "I was freaked, but Doc was nice and kind of sexy.

The Adventure

group EmilyandGeorge 2017-12-13

So it goes without saying that between checking out the two American girls, and looking down to see that again, Emily was eyeing this guy with her distractedly curious expression, I was feeling pretty turned on. I was lost in the experience with them as Cali ran one hand up the back of Emily's leg, fingers wrapped round to the inside of her thigh, and pushed her skirt higher to reveal a captivating glimpse of her ass; bent over with her legs apart. Emily tried to address the balance of Cali's access to her body by shifting onto one arm and bringing the other hand up to grasp at her chest, rubbing her boobs in a deep massage that echoed the pace of their intense kiss.



group Simon_Magus 2017-12-13

Later that night I did as she asked and showed up at her house, I had left the pajamas in my car, not knowing what it mattered having them. After a few minutes of relaxing on the couch Angel came and sat next to me, I was sitting in the middle of the couch. "Come now sister," Sabrina said, "let me have my fun." And having said that she pulled out a deck of cards. Angel came and sat at my feet, awaiting my next command. Sabrina came and sat beside me on the leather couch and grabbed the bottom of her shirt. "Angel, suck Sabrina's tits," I commanded. Angel was having a hard time keeping her mouth on Sabrina's tits. Angel stopped sucking her sister's tit and turned to my cock.

Date Night

group zimabean 2017-12-13

The other two guys got naked and went straight to Sue, one licked her pussy and the other worked his dick into her mouth. Bess got on the bed and laid back and pulled her guy onto her and they started fucking, his cock slid easily into her wet cunt. He pulled out and another guy jumped in, he banged away for a couple of minutes and then filled her with his hot cock sauce. About that time Bess got snatch filled with young hot jizz. Pete walked over and said that now it was our turn and mounted Sue and started to pump her hard and quickly dump a good sized load deep in her.

A Fantasy Comes True

group Sami78 2017-12-13

The game started out slowly and innocent when I flashed my supple breasts at them and Mick playfully pinched my nipple, sending shivers down my spine and causing both my nipples to harden immediately; as it always does when he pinches them. Just then Mick whispered in my ear, “Is this okay?” I nodded, and knew immediately it that it was Ross who was panting near my wet, throbbing cunt. While Mick fucked my pussy into multiple orgasms I sucked Ross’ huge cock like there was no tomorrow. The harder Mick fucked me, the harder I sucked Ross’ cock and the harder and harder I moaned, as my body rippled with orgasmic pleasure.

Colorado River Ch. 5

group Bettybod10 2017-12-13

Katie brought her soapy hands to my face and looking into my eyes she kissed me sneaking her tongue into my mouth. Christina introduced us to her friend Kelli at the last bar and we all sat on the docks talking and giggling like idiots. Christina’s hands were instantly on my hips and I felt her wet tongue glide along my slit and ass. I lifted myself from Kelli and positioned myself between Christina’s open thighs, her pussy was bright pink with a tiny heart of plush red hair just above her clit. Behind us Lisa was guiding a thick blue double dildo into the pistoning pussies of Katie and Kelli.

Faye Fellatio Ch. 05-06

group brian358 2017-12-13

Faye continued a slow pumping action on Jenkins' cock with her hand, just enough to keep him on the boil, and turned to Samuel. Faye counted down in her head as she let Samuel's cock out of her mouth, pointed both cocks at her face, and began to pump her hands quickly and tightly up and down them both together... The 'panicking' Faye moved her still-pumping hands just enough to ensure the two still-heavily spurting cocks gave the top a really good cum-soaking, and by the time she finished draining their balls it was literally wringing wet. She knew a guy from college who worked Saturdays at the dry cleaners, and one quick blowjob would be all it took to have the top looking like new.


Davy's On The Road Again Ch. 08

group oldhippie1949 2017-12-13

Amy went into their room to check out Carla's booty. Amy and Carla came back into the room. Holding Callie's chin, she whispered, "I promise you that tomorrow night, our last night here, we will be back and we can do whatever you desire...but tonight, you pretty thing, you have to let me recover, okay." Amy kissed her again. Let me feel your head..." She pulled Amy's head down and pressed her lips softly on her forehead. I mean, yes, we've been having great sex and this place is like a Disney park for fuckers but that's not where it's at for me tonight." I can feel my eyes roll up, I swear...But it's also this thing inside me that wants you so much...I like being beside you."


Slutty Sue and the Roofers Ch. 02

group raidernation25 2017-12-13

I went back to sucking Juan's cock as Donovan slowly penetrated me with his BBC. Juan pulled his cock out of my mouth and he looked at his co-worker and Donovan positioned himself so Juan could fuck me in the ass. I was stroking Greg's cock and Donovan screamed and I felt him explode filling my cunt full of his warm seed. "I'm gonna fuck you," Dan stated as he rubbed my pussy to get me lubed for his cock. Dan replaced his fingers with his erect cock and I could still hear hammering as the other two were still working as Donovan and Dan took turns with me. "I wanna fuck your tits," Donovan said as he pulled out of my mouth.


Three's Company

group JBSDownUnder 2017-12-13

Under his touch, the man expertly led her from one climax to the next, his fingers dancing across her skin as her whole body spasmed with pleasure. Through immense willpower she managed to open her eyes and see the man kneel between her legs, gently stroking himself as he drank in her half-lidded gaze and uncontrollably bucking hips. A rush of love filled her as she saw the look on his face, and before the man behind had even entered her she had already wrapped her mouth around her partner. When their eyes met he gripped her hair and thrust into her mouth eagerly, sliding over her tongue to touch the back of her throat.

Anthology of a Slut Shanti Ch. 10

group shanti2010 2017-12-13

"Here's that ass you like so much," he called to Ajay."Come on and try it!" He pulled her cheeks widely apart with his hands, revealing her stretched pussy-lips wrapped tightly around his cock and her dark, wrinkled asshole flexing invitingly. She pushed her ass up at a higher angle, still holding Kamesh's cock deep inside her, making her white cheeks stretch even wider Ajay finally removed the last of his clothes and moved in a trance-like state toward the bed. Running his fingers again over her dripping pussy, he soaked up some of the juice that eased out from between the shaft of Kamesh's big cock and the surrounding flesh of Shanti's cunt-lips.


A Day's Frustration

group scdug 2017-12-13

Once the drinks arrived Julie proposed a toast "To Fuck With Men!" she said and downed her first shot of Jack, following immediately pouring half of a glass of beer down her throat. "C'mon Mandy, let's get this party started." Julie said, grabbing Mandy's hand and taking her to the dance floor. As they started to dance Mandy noticed that Doug, (Julie's partner) seemed to know his way around the floor very well. Mandy saw Julie's hand reach under the table and noticed the look of surprise as Doug straightened up slightly in his chair. Mark quickly took off his shirt and pants as Mandy grabbed his cock in her hands, leaned over and started to suck him.