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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Harry Meets Sallie and Boyfriend

group tk5555 2017-12-13

Most of the time he would grab a handful of Sallie's hair and push her mouth down onto his cock, but tonight he wanted to see the entire show. Rather than feeling jealous about the idea of watching Sallie ride Harry's cock Kim found the idea surprisingly arousing, but he wasn't sure he wanted Sallie to think talking about Harry's dick was a turn on. The way Sallie had been stroking his cock during their discussion had Kim close to coming, and feeling her warm breath and the vibrations of her voice inched him even closer. When she felt his cock begin to soften Sallie let his slip out of her mouth, "Do you think Harry will be able to refuse that argument?" she asked.

Very Very Curious!

group 2017-12-13

The stress of worrying about my safety would probably prevent me from having a good time. If we only have one hour I will try to make it feel like an entire night! I want you to feel like you would leave your wife/girlfriend and run away with me!! This does make me sound like a Whore, but if I find more than one good Man I will want to go on a binge! And finally the one thing least likely to happen: You are wealthy and feel this "Love at first Sight" thing so you would take me away and make it possible for me to complete my Transitioning!

Sweet Sue Ch. 01

group Ianthe 2017-12-13

Sue slide into a pair of old denim jeans, a tee shirt, and boots, thanking God the entire time for having accidentally left them in the trunk after visiting her parents a couple weeks ago. it’s defiantly not up to code.” Anxious to get off the unsteady porch she opened the door of the bar and let herself in. Sue brushed out her hair and then ran her shirt and jeans under cold water and then rang them out. He let out a moan, startling Sue. She jumped and turned, still holding her breast, just in time to see six eyes vanish and the door bang closed. She gasped, jammed her breast back into it’s cup and marched to the door swinging it open, standing there in only her flimsy damp underwear.

Down on the Ranch

group lynng 2017-12-13

This was what she wanted as she kissed Lee she felt a hand on her cunt, a rough finger parted her lips and rubbed her clit. Lynn opened her eyes to see Ross above her his cock stretching pussy to it's fullest, Steve was in her hand stroking himself between her hand and Lee was between her lips. Steve moved behind her she felt his wet tongue licking her cunt to her anus, his tongue was also licking Ross's cock as well knowing this made Lynn even hotter. This was not enough for them they needed something more, Steve soon had his cock in Ross ass and Ross then entered Lynn while he sucked Lee's cock.

Good time with the niece

group oldmikes 2017-12-13

"Don't bother to lick my pussy" she said, "just stick your cock in me and start to fuck me". John gently put his big cock in her wide spread pussy and started to fuck it slowly. After a couple of minutes when they had calm downed, she said to me "You can try out my pussy now with your cock" "Take me from behind while John take a rest and reload" She turned around and put her nice firm ass in the air. Suddenly Clara said to me "Please try to cum now over my pussy and his cock" "I want John to push your cum into my pussy with his cock" Great I thought and started to rub my rock hard cock.

The Seduction of Alexa Ch. 03

group AlexaRaynes 2017-12-12

Michael took advantage of being in control and slid his hand off my should and down around my waist finding his way under my dress and down through the top of my pantyhose pulling me far enough away from that delicious marble that he could squeeze my dripping cunt. Shivers went through my body and the heat rose from my pussy to my face as he began to whisper in my ear that he could feel my slippery juices running down his hand and promising me that he was going to put his tongue inside me to taste me.


A Present from Joe

group sxylegs 2017-12-12

When Chris started washing my pussy, I looked over at Joe with a big question in my eyes. I felt Joe and Gary raise my body up a little out of the water. Matt is getting more turned on by the minute, but he looks over at Joe and asks, "If she just came does that mean she is done for the night? The hand kept with the up and down motion till I couldn't stand it anymore and I reached behind me and took the hand and positioned it right at my puckered little hole. I felt Gary's fingers move out of my hole, and then Joe put his hands on my shoulders and slowly was pulling my body to a sitting position.

The Healthclub

group wfm1969 2017-12-12

"Why don't we..." I hesitated for a second, "that is, if you have a minute, maybe we can grab that cup of coffee we've been talking about." I felt clumsy, like a teenage boy asking a crush to a movie. Lisa ran both her hands under my shirt as she bit hard on my neck. She slid a hand briefly into her panties to massage her clit, closing her eyes and drawing a breath with her touch. Lisa's hand, still at the base of his long cock, felt his throbbing, signaling that he was reaching that point of no return. I finally pulled free of my shirt and wrapped my arms around Lisa. Lisa announced her orgasm with a quiet high pitched squeal; it went on for several seconds "uh....uh....uh....uh....uh" holding my lip in her teeth the entire time.

The Seduction of Stacey and Tyler

group HerLittlePiggy 2017-12-12

Stacy grabbed her red rum punch and a beer for her boyfriend Tyler and walked back to her seat with Jax in tow like an eager puppy. Her face was strikingly beautiful and her body was thick yet toned with full curvy hips, a narrow waist and what looked like the nicest natural tits Jax had ever seen. Stacey's eyes followed Jax's big hands and her bottom lip curled into her mouth. Stacey stood naked beside the railing and looked down towards the pool deck, making eye contact with Jax. She finished rubbing Tyler's cream into her skin as she held Jax's gaze from below. She felt Jax touching her bare skin and she deliberately ignored it as she looked up into his warm, pretty eyes.


A Close Shave

group Pokerman 2017-12-12

As Natalie and I kissed, Amy's hands moved down to my hard cock, rubbing and squeezing it through my pants. I pulled my hand out of her cunt, as Natalie got off of the couch and gently pushed Amy aside. Amy leaned next to me, watching her friend suck my cock, as I pushed two fingers inside her wet cunt. Natalie opened her mouth and sucked on her finger, savoring Amy's taste. I pushed my fingers into her pussy, getting them nice and coated, and offered them to Amy. She licked them clean, and then to both of our surprise, pulled Natalie to her and started licking her pussy! Natalie threw her head back and pushed her pussy towards her friend's mouth, but Amy pulled away after a few seconds.


Hottub Foursome

group speedodave 2017-12-12

4 gay guys (Kip and I consider ourselves bi), pretty much unlimited speedo supply, a little bit of booze and a hottub - what could possibly happen? None of the places in Breck are all that gay but Kip and the Denver boys were tearing upt he dance floor and I ended up talking to a few different girls at the bar. I had to stop the Denver boys from working on my cock and balls because I wanted this to last and with the long day and drinking I wasn't sure I'd be able to cum twice (I later found out that cumming twice was no problem at all). My orgasm was not as loud as Kip's but it was pretty loud and my arse clenched down on the Denver boys cock that was in my arse.

Campfire Boys

group Kerali 2017-12-12

Bret took advantage of the position change to turn her toward Evan, while he moved in behind her, then put his hands on either side of her waist and began running his hands up her rib cage inside her shirt, and around to her breasts. The sensation of Bret's firm chest against her back and his hands on her breasts from behind as Evan grabbed her ass with one hand and pressed between her legs with the other was overwhelmingly hot, and she could feel herself getting wet inside the lace thong she wore under her jeans. Soon after Mitch came, Bret pushed one last time deep into her ass and exploded, just as Evan finally let himself go and came hard inside her and then pulled out and shot the remainder of his come all over her breasts as Kelly continued to quiver and shake.

wife and the old men

group 2017-12-12

pub area and it seemed like most of the old guys in the pub had moved over to the tables near the dance floor I got over to Beth on the dance floor and most of the guys moved away so I could dance with her, she seemed We danced for another few minutes but Beth was clearly Beth, she looked amazing tonight. 'Gave us a real good show when she was dancing round his old dick into my sweet Beth's pussy. down and saw his old gnarled cock fucking my sweet this stranger, an old man fucking my sweet Beth was the Beth playing with her lovely tits. cumming inside Beth's pussy. the guy sucking her tits straightened up and in a


group dinosaurdragon 2017-12-12

the heat of the moment forcing me to raise my arms in a half-conscious state, and my husband getting rid of my tee before throwing it away disdainfully. The pelting water washed away the glistening saliva I left over his massive erection, as a result of the diligent licking and sucking, and he soon exploded in my mouth, which I was expecting as a result of the deep growls and groans under his breath. Archana's guy hit the gym every day, the toned body and muscular arms bore testimony to the fact that he didn't just go there to pass time or ogle at girls.


Wife IS the Party!

group yurato 2017-12-12

He took her to a room at the back of the house and sat her on a bed and unzipped his pants and pulled out his nicely sized cock and rubbed it on her lips telling her he needed her help. One by one the guys each asked her to dance, they played slow songs and rubbed up against her and she let them and one by one they were led to the back and they got sucked off. So I start eating her and the older black guy Roy walks in unzips his pants and sticks his cock in her pussy while I was licking her. The door is open and all the guys are all watching Roy, as he fucks my mouth till he is hard and then pulls out and put it in my wife's wet pussy.

The best s****r ever part 4

group horndogs 2017-12-12

Over time he let us fuck him anal and he enjoyed it as much as I did and we started to do something called "naked hour" which happened every friday evening, where our mom works until 11pm if she comes home early. The next friday mom had booked a day off from work to relax and me and my s****r went upstairs and dad said he had a surprise for her but to wait downstairs. What was actually going on was me and my s****r lay down in our parents room and did a 69 on the bed while dad started to fist me and then he called down "darling could you give me a hand here".

The Circle Ch. 25

group SteveWallace 2017-12-12

Just about the time he mentioned special incentives that typically helped the men make it through the day, Marlene and Sheila came into the construction part of the house addition wearing their sexy high heels and nothing else except a sash around their waist. The four men of the regular crew could see that they would finish in time for their Friday deadline, so they bid goodbye to the temporary help at the end of Thursday, obviously saving the best incentives for themselves. The men wanted those incentives and so they were working seven days a week, often putting in twelve-hour days of hard labor. Increasingly, the work crew joined the group around the Friday dinner hour, sharing more about themselves and learning more and more about each person in The Circle, both men and women.


Adventures of John and Holly Ep. 02

group JohnMorrison 2017-12-12

"Vanessa, I don't think this is working out," I stood up, holding the folder and started to walk out of the room, which took me past her sitting in her seat. I walked into the interview room, going to get the paperwork I left behind, to fill in a few new developments, but I found another girl sitting and waiting. Lindsey continued her licking, which now included the shaft of my cock as it penetrated Holly hot wet dripping pussy. "That's nice," she said, which caught my attention, because asking me that, she seemed to be coming on to me, and with the response, she seemed to be pulling back.


My First Threesome

group cdleesa 2017-12-12

I looked up to see if Clare was enjoying the enthusiastic attention I was putting into her pussy, but Rob was balls deep in her throat. Rob pulled his big cock out of her mouth and Clare gasped for breath before grabbing the sides of my head to pull me up to her. I looked up at Clare's face and she was grinning like a Cheshire Cat. I could see both her hands pulling my head into her pussy, but I could still feel the warm sloppy sensation on my cock. I tried to ignore the salty taste of his cum and keep licking Clare's pussy when I felt Rob's mouth on my cock again.

Going Home - East for the Holidays

group carrteun 2017-12-12

Gwen reached between Mike's legs and ran her hand along my cock. I felt my cock get pushed away from its nesting place when Gwen moved her hand inside Mike's panties. Gwen's hand had been continuously moving back and forth between Mike's legs. Mike broke the kiss when her head came back as Gwen's finger entered her. I released one of Mike's breasts and reached behind Gwen's head to pull her into a kiss. I felt the bed move as Gwen lifted her hips into Mike's face. Mike moved up alongside us and wrapped an arm around Gwen's neck, holding her close while we fucked. Mike pivoted and pushed her head and neck under Gwen's bent leg.


Once in a Lifetime Seminar

group silky_satin_thighs 2017-12-12

The intense one steps up close to my other side; his hand boldly cups my breast....thumb on my nipple, teasing it, brushing over the fabric of my dress. Standing between them, Sweetness fondles my ass now, while Intense slips his hand inside my neckline....a snap come undone, exposing more breast. The heat increases and Intense steps up to fondle my breasts and fingers my ass again, while Sweetness sucks my pussy. Sweetness pulls his fingers out and I feel him guide his cock to my pussy. I am on my knees on the end of the bed....Intense moves up behind me, grabbing my hips and holding me steady as he guides his cock into my pussy.

Desert Heat - Part 27

group jdwhitings 2017-12-12

After the first few groups of people floated by, the girls began saying how turned on they were getting knowing that anyone could look over and see them completely naked. We sat there for another 20 minutes and watched a few more people float past before a group of about a dozen teenagers floated closer to our side of the river and one of the guys spotted up and began hollering to the others and pointing. I looked at Jerry and starting talking about the many girls that flashed us their breasts and began rating them on size, shape and firmness. She told Rosemary it was her turn to sit on my face and Ginger would ride Jerry while Pepper rode me.


group Gofore 2017-12-12

I felt small in every way as she said all this, “And I want to feel him take me like I’m just a toy for him to play with, and he holds me and smothers my lips and ears and neck with his sucking licking kisses, making me feel so desired, yet used.” I was so hard listening to her nasty fantasy that so obviously didn’t include me, “Then I’d feel him push my legs apart wedging his body between my thighs, and as he continued to explore my mouth with his probing tongue I’d feel the fat head of his huge hard cock first opening the lips of my cunt and spreading his slippery pre-cum through them, then I would feel it open my pussy and begin to slide into my vagina stretching me and filling me.

Fucking Twins

group slapnuts69 2017-12-12

As time went by I got to know them both pretty well, working with Linda in math helped my grades and I ate with Jo every day and gave her the scoop on all of the things one needed to be accepted in sch00l culture. Linda grabbed my notebook and paged through it and found a detailed drawing of a cock erupting cum all over a girls face. After a few minutes of this I hear a moan, but it didn't sound close enough to be Jo. I look over her shoulders and there is Linda, hand in her panties watching me fuck her s****r. Linda said "I know, but it sounded so hot and I didn't get to ride his cock."