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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Island Of Pleasures

group Darrel1000 2018-11-04

Over her shoulders, I could see my wife and Robert still locked in their deep tongue kiss while Jill sucked vigorously on her husband's cock. She was becoming extreming vocal as I fucked her. I could see my wife now down on her knees vigorously sucking Robert's cock, while he and Jill tongue kissed. Sometimes she would lean down and kiss me, thrusting her tongue into my mouth to explore and tangle with mine, then throw her head back, and I could see the intense look of ecstasy on her face, her mouth wide opened, her arms flailing back and her long red hair thrasting. I then rolled on top of Jill and started fucking her missionary style, while Robert mounted Susan and begin ramming her pussy with his cock.


Pretty Mary Ann

group sahebji 2018-11-04

I looked at Mary Ann and the desire to fuck her again came to my mind and my cock raised its head in my pants. I said, 'Mary Ann let us make sure that they don't come back' and kissed her tenderly at first and then more passionately. She held my cock tightly and moved the foreskin up and down and said under her breath, 'Oh it is very large.' Softly I whispered in her ear, 'Darling spend the night here and go in the morning.' She kept quiet. She jumped up and said, 'I must thank this big boy also for the pleasure it has given me' and took my limp cock in her hand and kissed it lovingly.


The School. Part Four.

group 1941aaa 2018-11-04

Peter fixed me a fresh drink and one for Ann. Will I, I had asked, casting my eyes round the bar, be permitted to kiss her here without breaking the rules? He said that the rules say no sex, and he didn’t think that kissing came under that particular rule and gave me a wink as he started to close down the bar. Things were becoming predictable and I was not surprised to see Carol and Kathy come into the gym a few minutes after me, except that I didn’t get an erection this time when those breasts came into view. I was still suffering this attention at breakfast and I deliberately sat down and in between the other men, and when asked, said that I didn’t know what the hell was going on with the girls.

A Quiet Weekend

group CuriousGal0608 2018-11-04

“She’s too caught-up with her fight with Al she won’t even wonder if we took our time coming back,” Tommy said and this time when he pushed I felt the head of his cock enter my now soaking wet pussy. Tommy was in pussy heaven that night; he had his cock buried in one of the sweetest pussies I’ve ever tasted while his face was buried on mine, making Shannie and I cum at the same time before he pulled out of Shannie’s pussy and showered us with his sperm.

Special Delivery From Down Under

group AbigailThornton 2018-11-04

Lynton clearly saw my sex juices… and my heart skipped and my pussy clenched as he licked his dry lips while trying to work out how best to shake Charlotte’s hand with two pizza boxes in his hands. “Want to share?” As Lynton handed the pizza boxes to me, I saw that Charlotte had undone Lynton’s jeans and extracted his cock. When Sarah handed the spit-shiny cock back to Charlotte, she looked up at me and said, “I’m still hungry.” She reached up under my skirt and pulled my knickers down my legs. Having let Lynton back out into the world, I headed into the living room to find Charlotte and Sarah had favoured scoffing the pizzas over getting dressed.

One Lust Filled Night-Part9

group gubica 2018-11-04

Becky's hand was under the pillow playing with my breasts and pinching my nipples. I felt what I thought was Becky's hand as it went beneath the pillow to cup my right breast. I tried to pull my mouth away from Becky's, but, she held on to my head. While Becky was driving me wild with her mouth on mine, David reached up and again took hold of my breast. As David sucked on my nipple, Becky played with the other one. When she took her lips from mine, in one swift movement, she took my nipple in her mouth and sucked just as David was doing. My emotions were on overload and I tried to take a deep breath as I felt them alternate between biting and sucking.

Horny Pakistani wife enjoy sex

group bava12 2018-11-04

My breasts were getting pretty much vibration which was little embarrassing as I knew the guys were looking at my shaking breasts and thighs.. But Amir reached at my tummy, placed his hand there and said in an articulate English, “madam, would you please honour us by giving us a time we’ll always remember?” and before I could reply, he said, “and we ensure you that nothing bad will happen to you. I was stroking their Lun as Amir kissed me and fondled my breasts, and the driving guy fingered my pussy. The driving guy thrust hard into me from behind, and grabbed my hanging breasts, as I bobbed my head up and down on other guy’s penis.

A fantasy shared..

group kayeleff 2018-11-04

As Michael slid down my body to bury his face in my aching pussy, Chris began kissing me, massaging my breasts and rolling my stiff pink nipples between his fingers. Stroking Chris’s smooth balls I sucked on his cock like I was starving, he was fucking my mouth as his friend was tongue fucking my pussy. I could feel the orgasm building inside me and as Chris pounded my hungry mouth and Michael sucked on my pulsing bud I started to cum. Lifting myself higher to allow Michael breathing space I was aware that he was probably sucking Chris’s balls and licking his cock as it pumped in and out of my aching cunt.


My Wife

group mranonymous7 2018-11-04

As we got into the room Ashley pushed me towards the bed, undid my pants and proceeded to suck my cock until I came in her mouth. Ashley was in a nasty mood so I put a finger at her tight ass-hole and worked it in as far as it would go; at the same time I put my thumb into her wanting pussy. Kevin said, “I’m going to leave,” and told Harlan, “You can sleep in my extra bed,” and then they left. I got a twenty dollar bill and started handing it to him and then I said, “Do you want this twenty, or would you rather fuck her?" pointing at Ashley.

82% orgy

The washing machine repair men!!!!

group Roxanne 2018-11-04

My name is Roxanne, I am a 30 year old brunette with 38DD and a good figure if I do say so myself. I went to the door and two chaps were there. One an older man called Bob he was about 60 but good looking and had looked after himself. He was Bradley his 17 year old apprentice. I had not expected them so early and had not got dressed, I was wearing my short silky dressing gown. I have to say I felt very wet and was aware some of my juices were running onto my thigh. I asked him what I owed him and he said he would have to wait for the machine to complete the wash cycle. I then felt him tense and then bang.

The Second School. PartOne

group 1941aaa 2018-11-04

I gave a quick look to Ann and Peter and saw that he was now steady in his rhythm as he fucked Ann. What the hell, he’d had her before but not as many times as I had had Penny, so I turned my attention to give her a good reaming and she soon cried out as she came for the first time. ‘Give a good account of yourself,’ Ann whispered to me as we went in and I gave her hand a squeeze before I made my way over to the futon where Lucy was sitting down waiting for me.

Bridgit On Heat

group DarkSide 2018-11-04

"Go on Bridgit, feel yourself, I have his cock in my hands and I know he wants to fuck you with it," Angela told her. "Yeah fuck my pussy with your fingers Angela, I am so going to cum for you both, I really am." She told us both. "You should see the size of John's cock, it's so fucking hard Bridgit," Angela told her while looking at me from the front seat. "You have been asking for this all night, what with your pretty please attitude at the pub, and your butter wouldn't melt smile on your pretty fucking face, well now I have the cock and you’re getting it," she matter-of-factly told Bridgit.

Kevin, Randy and I

group MikeKnight 2018-11-04

Soon I was fucking her doggy style while Kevin sat up at the head of the bed and she basically made love to his huge cock. She talked real dirty, saying how much she loved cock and how she great it was going to feel when I'd blast deep into her pussy and Kevin into her mouth. Randy really did love oral and liked guys to cum all in her mouth. Kevin and I laid there on opposite sides of the bed, under the covers, and just talked and joked a little about how it wasn't nearly as awkward as we'd thought it would be and how many times we thought we could go.

Arab Femdom in Ontario

group Samuelx 2018-11-04

Watching my boyfriend Salim Abdelhamid's dick sliding into Benzekri Khaled's asshole, I fingered my pussy. I just love watching guys fucking guys, especially when it involves sexy Muslim studs like Salim and Benzekri. Benzekri groans as Salim's eight-inch, dark brown dick slid into his asshole. Man, watching Salim's cock sliding in and out of Benzekri's asshole sure brought back some memories. My usually shy and reserved Somalian boyfriend was all power and full force ahead as he slammed his dick into Benzekri's sexy ass. Two sexy men, a Black stud and an Arab guy, fucking like sex was going out of style. This time, Salim's thick cock fills my pussy while Benzekri's awesome rod of power enters my well-lubricated asshole.


Lost Virginity Ch. 02

group AGreyFoxxx 2018-11-04

As we got to the table, she said, "I need to go to the ladies room." and turning to my wife, asked, "You want to come along?" Looking back, the seating arrangement would have changed very little, but at the time, I was shocked to see Jane lean over and kiss Candi, full on the mouth. Jane almost ripped Candi's blouse off, lowering her head to my wife's chest, freeing her ample bosom from the bra before sucking her nipple into her mouth. Jane's hand encircled my stiffened cock, stroking it gently while Candi rose, splaying the lips of her pussy and settling slowly onto my face. My moans were muffled by my wife's cunt as Jane moved her face to my dark pink helmet, flicking her tongue up and down the slit.

Party Girl, Chapter 2

group Master_Jonathan 2018-11-04

As Bailee sucked Billy's cock, was fucked by Tom, and was fondling and playing with Phil and Jim, Angel took out her cell phone again. Jim pumped his cock in and out of Bailee's throat, going deep and holding it until she almost panicked and then pulling out only long enough for the girl to suck in a desperate breath before blocking her air again. With a mighty groan he suddenly pulled out of Bailee's ass and shot his hot ropes of come across Bailee's body, landing on her breasts, belly and pussy with a bit of it even reaching Christy and spattering on her abdomen.

Threesome: Me and Two Hot Men

group justdance 2018-11-04

I whispered into his ear, "I know how badly you want this because I do too." Jack just sat there, staring at us as I began to kiss and grind on Kyle. I was going wild, grinding my pussy into Kyle's face and sucking Jack's fat cock. Kyle sat up, and I altered my position so that Jack could stick his fat cock into my ass. Jack began thrusting in and out of me along with Kyle moving ever so slightly in and out of my pussy. My pussy began to convulse, squeezing and milking Kyle's cock. I felt myself come and I arched my back, feeling Kyle and Jack's hot cum shoot into my ass and pussy.


group trixiejo 2018-11-03

I stared at my fingers tightly gripping the glass in my hand with a little grin on my face, thinking about how I would caress and squeeze her ass. Quickly he runs his hands over my breasts and then, not wasting any time, pulls up my skirt, trails his fingers over my pussy lips, spreading them slightly and dipping his middle finger in. My hands tightly grip his ass as he pushes his cock further and further in my mouth until I can feel him deep in my throat. I want nothing more than to feel his hot cum fill my mouth, but as I look over at the bed and watch her play with her pussy, I know that there are still so many other things that we all want to do.

Prelude to sharing wife #1

group watchinghubby714 2018-11-03

He climbed on top and started sliding his cock in her pussy, his face brushed hers and she felt a beard, which her fuck buddy didn’t have. She then told me that after she got in bed, her husband rolled over and start fondling her and she knew he wanted to fuck. In the weeks and months following, our sex sessions started to include her telling me stories of her past escapades and it really got us revved up and seem to be a turn on for her as well. After a few sessions of her story telling and great fucks, I remembered the reason it all this started, she had told me in the beginning that she did three guys at once.


A Change of Ideas Pt 2

group sylvie34100 2018-11-03

Once settled in Lucy said she had something to attend to, and the glint in her eye gave me the strong impression Darren figured somewhere in that something. Not totally compus mentis, I opened it without realising I was still naked, to be greeted by a smiling Lucy and an even broader grinning Darren. I dropped onto the bed smiling, having won that one easily, quickly joined by Lucy, her gorgeous curves highlighted in the soft lighting, those wonderfully big nipples proud and prominent, her sex and inner thighs glistening with the proof of her arousal. My ankles pinned her shoulders as my hands held her thighs, my arse up in the air wiggling as I glanced at Darren, smiling as I saw him taking the hint.

Bosom Buddies - Epilogue

group KennethPierce 2018-11-03

Feeling like I was getting distracted (though who could blame me?), I made a conscious decision to re-focus all my attention on pleasuring Amy. I tuned out the rest of the room as best I could, kissing and tonguing her hot, delicious pussy. Behind me, I heard Liz whisper, “Let’s get on the sofa, I want Ian to see.” Talia let her fingers slip out of my wife’s pussy, and the two of them hurriedly repositioned themselves on the couch, right smack dab in the middle of my field of vision. “Although,” Corrine said, reluctantly pulling Liz’s vibrating hand out from between her legs, “It does look like you’re in need of another blindfold.”

Bisexual Black Power

group Samuelx 2018-11-03

I liked Andrew, mostly for his looks but personality-wise, he was even more amazing. At the time we met, Andrew was dating a young woman named Claire Barcelona. I was a Black male who worked as a District Attorney and had fallen in love with a Criminal Justice student who was himself in a relationship with a female Police Officer. " There is usually very little sleeping done in our beds," she said, looking at Andrew. I went home with Andrew and Claire, and we ended up having the night of our lives. I wanted to watch Andrew and Claire go at it. Claire responded by smiling and moaning, and she returned the favor by kissing and licking nearly every inch of Andrew's fine-looking, masculine form.

Wives Go Wild At The Cottage

group stockingsandgarters 2018-11-03

Jake was immediately on his feet heading down the steps and up behind Mel. When in position he gave his cock a couple of stiffening strokes with his hand then slid it home in my wife's welcoming pussy, taking her by the hips and driving it deep. She pushed me back with her ass so that she could rest her hands on the very end of the picnic table, lowered her head so that it was actually below the level of the table, spread her legs even wider and started rotating her hips as fast as she could while simultaneously bouncing up and down on my cock with a series of short, hard downward thrusts of her pussy and ass.

The Orchard of Infinite Delight - Conclusion

group pandsal 2018-11-03

We discussed swapping with another couple but didn’t fancy getting into that scene.” He looked at me, and said, “Until Evie asked me about you and Trevor.” “Now,” said Evelyn, “if Alec and Jenny take the top half of the bed crossways, Trevor can have his wicked way with me on the other half. Eventually, I felt a firm hand on my head, a signal that Alec was getting closer than he wanted to be at this early stage. Beside us, Evelyn was giving Trevor no less satisfactory a time, and the noises she was making told me that having her underneath him was an experience I hoped he would want to try again another time.