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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Week In Vegas-Day 1-part 1

group glassofwine 2017-12-12

During a lull in conversation, caused by the fact that Gretchen had leaned over and started kissing Sam, a full on the mouth tongue down his throat hand on his inner thigh, way up on his inner thigh kiss, with the rest of the guys looking on, their mouths open and their pants becoming quite tight in the crotch department, and me looking on, slightly smiling and fully knowing that she just got their attention and cleared up any misgivings with one kiss, she stood up. By this time Gretchen was like a limp doll, sitting on Elijah cock and allowing Sam to first gently and then with increasing vigor face fuck her.

Erotic Comic Orgy Series - Chapter IV

group Victor2K 2017-12-12

Janine couldn’t resist that offer and went to join Elvira into the oral pleasing of their lover, but soon the Countess had other ideas, leaving the brunette French to get his ‘stick’ by herself and eying to please her gal pal. Janine enjoyed having Vic’s cock at her mouth, but quickly he withdrew of her delightful moves and went to the other side of the coin, where Countess orally pleased the brunette. Elvira, now pleasing herself while playing with Janine’s nipples, patiently paid attention to Vic’s penetration inside his lover, seeing her partner’s reactions while her boss swiftly used his dick to give pleasing moments for the brunette, having previously done the same with the Countess.

GangBang Fantasy Cums True

group master3105 2017-12-12

Finally after what seemed like an eternity James stopped me again but this time he announced to the crowd that "I was there for them, I was their complete slut for the rest of the night, and they could do anything to me, ANYTHING, they wanted to." With that said, James removed the leash and pushed me into the knot of men that had crowded around, my pussy gushed again. I was surrounded by a crowd of naked men, kneeling over one man with his cock pumping my pussy, another behind me with his cock in my ass, and sucking on a third cock, and this aroused me much more than I had ever been, even in my fantasy.

We Go Christmas Caroling

group Boxlicker101 2017-12-12

"When I start to cum", she told him, "hold onto my hips to keep me from falling off and keep fucking your great big cock into me, and don't stop until you cum." Steve nodded and kept fucking upward to meet the strokes of June's pussy. Like Melissa and me, Susan likes to lick her way down her partner's body, and she did so quickly until she reached Frank's stiff and ready cock. Frank knew what the lubricant was meant for, of course, and also wanted to use it later, but for the time being, he kept his hands on her thighs and slowly plunged his cock in and out of Susan's pussy.


Melanie and Team Vasquez Pt. 03

group SoftBrie 2017-12-12

When the time felt right, with no more hard dicks available, I finger scraped my face and other spots that had cum. All the while, I took additional direct cum shots in the face and mouth, fresh from men who had been stroking as they watched. For the finale, I lay on my back on the big couch, with my pussy and ass stuffed with an oversize dildo and a butt plug while I sucked my men off one by one, holding the cum in my mouth. We continued to have evenings at the motel, where a steady supply of guys were available for the cumslut treatment I wanted and the arousal of my four Team Vasquez men.


Cool down tent

group k9master50 2017-12-12

Most rules seemed pretty straight forward, and ended with the guest will be asked to leave. All new female guest are expected to spend two hours a day based on the schedule to work in the cool down tent. I asked what is the cool down tent? He said It is the club policy that males of any age can not be in the pool common area with an erection. for years, we asked males of any age that were aroused to ,jump in the pool and cool off. Your wife he said is in the tent at three. She walked her little white , slightly reddening skin around the pool and entered the tent flap door.

Road Trip

group SweetsPickle 2017-12-12

Pulling down his underwear, she let lose his throbbing cock and began to stroke it in rhythm with the fingers inside her. Laura felt the anticipation of having his hot cock in her mouth building inside her and couldn't resist any longer. Feeling naughty, Laura smiled seductively at the driver and lowered her mouth on Jim's cock. Jim began looking for an exit while she settled back in her seat and reached into her own panties. Pushing her jeans and panties down her hips, she pulled his head down behind her legs. Shocked, she began to rise up but felt Jim's strong hands on her shoulders pushing her back down.

He Brought Her Home

group sexdiamond 2017-12-12

As my lips reached his nuts, I felt her soft hands on my inner thighs, and then I could feel her warm breath hovering above my clit. Maybe it was her silky tongue on my clit, and pussy lips, or maybe it was the fact that Matt and I had talked about this fantasy a number of times, either way I was having cum number one of the day. I continued to lick Jade's clit, and slid a finger into her sopping wet pussy. Jade moved to my breasts, and Matt slid his throbbing cock deep into my pussy. The sensual feel of her tongue on my clit again, along with Matt's hard strokes in my pussy were driving me wild.


group lostindavoid 2017-12-12

Harriet was more of what he thought an Asian girl should look like, petite, cute and slim figured. He looked at the front of the class and his eyes fell on the student assistant sitting to the left of professor Lang's desk clicking away at her laptop. "The lower ranking males are always at the alpha female's beck and call," Lang said drawing Kent back into the lecture. Again he said, "What the fuck?" Harriett, in her lab coat and jeans stood looking at him intently just inside the open door. The Alpha male knows that the alpha female desires his genes over all others and she will do what ever it takes to get them." Lang looked at Kent and said, "Sit down Mr. Orlando."


Pledging The SUK Sorority Ch. 03

group P_V 2017-12-12

"That's right – the football team, the rowing team, gymnastics team, chess team, administrators, the dean......" Amy grinned at Laura. Amy interrupted her, "Here's an example – this fall – right before homecoming game – the football team wasn't looking too good. Laura turned again to look at the awards as she digested what Amy had told her. She started for the door, "Let's just say that our members love sucking cock, but rather than just 'Bobby' in the back seat of his beater Chevy, we take our talent and avocation and use it to advance ourselves and our sisters." She gestured around the room. Laura looked a bit shocked, not that Amy loved to suck cock, but rather that she's say it so openly.

The Anniversary

group fossie123 2017-12-12

Bobs head went back and he stood on his tip toes, he let out a yell and cum started leaking out the corner of Wendy's mouth. George dropped to the couch and Wendy put an arm around my leg while she used her other hand to wipe the cum off her tit. The next thing I knew they were both in her pussy, Wendy had a look of pure lust on her face and started pushing back as they fucked her. When we woke up the sun was up, George and Bob were gone but they left us a note on the table that said; had a great time, if you ever want to do it again call us.

Summer Camp Ch. 02

group moonstormer 2017-12-12

I invited Katie to play with Sarah's breasts, toying with the nipples as I kissed my way down my small lover's body. When I looked up, I saw Katie kissing her deeply, their tongues probing each other as Katie continued to play with Sarah's soft globes. Soon Katie was breathing more heavily, and Sarah slowly began to lick her way down Katie's stomach, playfully sticking her tongue in the indentation of the belly button, before continuing down to between her legs. Unlike Sarah, she kept kissing me deeply and her hand actually wandered from my left breast, down my body. She had a strange look on her face, which I would not understand for a long time, but soon she shook it away, leaning over me instead of kiss me deeply.

Hubby's Friends Feel at Home

group platinumpink2000 2017-12-12

My moans of pleasure were muffled by Jimmy's dick as Jesse licked my pussy and fingered my asshole at the same time. Jesse continued licking my pussy and sucking my clit, making me moan around the dick in my mouth. Justin pulled me on top of him as he continued to fuck my sopping pussy and I licked and sucked Robert's hard cock. I felt two large hands pulling at my breasts and looked down to see Jesse sucking both of my nipples into his mouth as Dean stood watching, stroking his huge, hard cock. Then I took each cock all the way into my mouth and sucked it until I felt the hot liquid shooting down my throat and heard the men moan in ecstasy.


From Romania With Love Ch. 2

group St_Julian 2017-12-12

As soon as Chevy went through the door into the living room, Yvette's eyes slowly opened. Turning to Yvette, Chevy said, "Well, I'm overdue for a good hot shower." He kissed her cheek and went to the bathroom. Her hairless pubic mound was set high and protruding so that, even though she stood with her shapely legs modestly pressed together, the soft ample lips of her vagina parted just the slightest bit at their upper joining, to allow a small glimpse of the little pink bud of her clit, which Chevy could see was moist at that moment, like a pearl just plucked from the water! Her body started to shiver, her pussy spasmed, and she came with a downpour of steamy hot juices that spilled out over Chevy almost like she was pissing.


Meeting My Penpal Couple

group patuk54 2017-12-12

My hair was bedraggled, and my face was a mess, but he pushed me down on my bed and l watched his cock grow as he stood above me and looked at me, l have always a fantasy of fingering myself in the company of a man, but this time I wasn't allowed to as Les laid down on top of me, not crushing me or anything he asked where that spot was that Maggie used to nestle in, l told him there was no need for that this time, l was ready and willing to take him..

Ally's Place

group jim313 2017-12-12

Her labia were shaped like the petals of a flower and were open wide revealing her moist, pink cunt flesh and as soon as she brushed my lips with them, I took them in my mouth and gently sucked them as I ran the tip of my tongue between them into her wet hole and tasted her delicious juices. I never felt such pleasure before and before I knew what was happening my orgasm was upon me and my penis began pumping hot cum in one spurt after another, Ally covered my mouth with hers and slipped her tongue inside as I sprayed my juices into Maria.


Harried Dicks Ch. 2

group belab 2017-12-12

"On Your Knees you hairy slut” Peter said as he pushed his cock towards my face. I started to lick his member then took the head in my mouth It stretched my mouth as it went in but as I got his head in he thrust forward and he hit the back of my throat and I gagged he with drew and pushed it in again harder and I could feel him slip down a bit further out and in each time deeper into me I gulped air each time he pulled out and soon he was in me all the way and I was powerless to do anything about it his thrust became faster and faster then on a hard thrust he shot his cum deep down inside my throat and I began to choke I heard him shout "Swallow my cum you hairy bitch” and I did what he instructed it was very hard as his dick was all the way inside me but somehow I managed it then he pulled out pushing me to the floor.

Another Caribbean vacation A friendly story

group kinzon27 2017-12-12

So come on, Missy, don’t try to hold it back, let it go.” His long finger was thrusting into her, curling up against her pubic bone, and she couldn’t stop her orgasm from coming. I can’t stop them.” (Not that I’d want to.) I paused as she looked at me, then said; “It’s ok if you cum, Baby. That big black cock is too much for you, isn’t it?” That was all it took; Anne was screaming as her orgasm swept over her body. “Oh no, you don’t.” Anne said, all the while turning her back to him, dropping down on her elbows and presenting her creamy, swollen pussy to his view. Go on, tell me that you don’t want Pete’s big, black cock fucking your pussy.”

Professor Explores The Limits Ch. 02

group Learningfast 2017-12-12

He continued pumping and she began to feel totally filled and slightly stretched, so that her bladder felt full and her rectum began to pulse, as if to empty. The first she knew was an increase in the pressure inside, and a greater force between his penis and her vagina wall as it was pushed against him by the inflated object. He pumped on the bulb again, more than two or three times, and she began to feel that her whole body was filled with the inflated object. The additional fluid inside her was too much and she felt that now she must burst wide open but, even as she was thinking the thought, he left her and reduced that part of the pressure.

Orgy at the Chateau Ch. 01

group shambles 2017-12-12

I felt like a gigolo must feel, standing back while Linda went through the formality of checking in. Your navel with a jewel in it, your thighs, spread wide apart and inviting me to rape you, and by this time your pussy should be displaying herself with her outer lips open and her inner lips pouting out ready to be sucked. "Andy--- darling---you're--- really--- raping me---don't stop---don't stop---I love it I love it I love it ." And then all the jism that had been building up in my testicals for a week , and clamoring to get out since the so-called confessions had started, gushed out of my cock into the depths of Linda's vagina.

Crystal Clear Ch. 32

group Romantic1 2017-12-12

We'd have to see what Crystal was like when she got to the house; maybe she wouldn't want any physical contact with us. The chauffeur stepped back away from us with a surprised look on his face as our sobs broke out; he went and busied himself with a suitcase from the trunk of his car, and the few items Crystal had left on the back seat – her purse and a magazine. Ellen gave me a tearful look and whispered to me as I turned and walked past her to go back outside; she hugged me and sobbed into my shoulder, "Don't lose her, Jim. I started to want ecstasy every time it looked as though I'd be having sex – with them, with you, with anybody.


A Tale of the Technician Ch. 07

group FinalStand 2017-12-12

Barney, Betsy, and I are in one corner of the living room doing our history thing while Jesse and his boyfriend Derrick have the other. Mark and Jamie are playing with the X-box, Gina is at work, and Emily and Amber are studying in the kitchen when the doorbell rings. Betsy is smart enough to call me to come bail him out; I bring Jamie along to take my car and would have brought her in but she decides Barney was humiliated enough. I guess I have to be satisfied with the hope that this time the real Barney will shine through and impress Betsy with the good guy I know him to be. "Barney, Betsy called and she wants you to call her when you got in," Jamie says nonchalantly.


Wagner Park Ch. 07: Rest Areas

group charlessmythe 2017-12-12

I love the feel of another guy's cock in my mouth and his cum exploding across my tongue and down my throat. We were park with the driver's door towards the street and they couldn't see anything but he freaked anyway and pulled his cock out of my mouth. I told Austin next time don't pull out, the way I'd parked the driver of the car couldn't see what we were doing. I felt his cock head swelling and his dick growing thicker in my mouth as I sucked. I put my hand in his pants as best I could and started massaging his balls while my mouth worked on his cock.

"How It All Started..."

group d4david 2017-12-12

AS we talked and laughed, Daryl's face turned ashen as he asked '...Do you remember Daniel and his cousins...' I looked at him and corrected him by saying ' mean Daniel, Charlie and his cousin Bruce?...' '...Wait a minute, why are you telling me this, I wasn't there...'Daryl looked at me and smiled slyly saying '...yeah, you was there, it was you they had decided to run after, I saw you as you darted across the street and go up between the two brick houses before I went into the store...' If you let them take your stuff than, that's on you, not me...' Daryl smiled and stood removing his clothes saying '...I know you were there and they took your pussy too, you see Bruce likes to take pictures...'