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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

i needed to pee

group manfed 2017-12-12

There were 6-8 guys in the restroom in various stages of undress, sucking, rimming, and fucking each other. I was fucking one guy while sucking another HUGE dick when I felt a blast of warm, salty wetness hit my face. The guy I was fucking whipped around and started sucking the rest of my cum out of my cock, and then snowballed it back to me. I thought it couldn't get any better, then she said "You like piss?" I mumbled "Yes" without taking my mouth off her pussy. All around us fucking, sucking, rimming, pissing and cumming were occurring. So to recap: from expecting to get a blow job, I got my first piss play, snowballing, felching and fisting (top) experiences.

Pro Bono Ch. 3

group Bob Peale 2017-12-12

"I asked if you wanted to make me HAPPY, Mr. Linn," Judge Evers demanded, slapping Tony's ass several more times. Judge Evers slapped him mercilessly until Tony's ass was bright red and throbbing." Judge Evers' thrusts got deeper, more urgent, while the suction on Tony's cock head felt almost suffocating, and the sensations from having his piss slit licked and teased made him break out it a sweat. When both men finally stopped coming Judge Evers pulled his softening cock out of Tony's ass and Angela got from under them. Sitting in the big leather chair, the judge made Tony clean his cock with his tongue while he sucked on Angela's tits and fingered her until she came again.

Bad Influence Ch. 2

group LiquidLisa 2017-12-12

I slowly began humping his dick, listening to the two guys behind me snicker and laugh at me fucking Leon. Then I felt him begin to squirt his cum deep inside of my pussy as I slowly humped his dick. I moved motioned for Paul to get behind me and he did as I laid down on my side and began to give Joe head while Paul slid his dick back inside my hot pussy. I guess seeing me cum made Leon get off because once again he began to moan and suddenly he came once again inside my pussy. Leon stepped back and sat on the couch, watching Joe fuck his cousin, while he stroked is wet and sticky cock, fresh from my pussy.

The Girls Social & Sex Club

group Sirdar 2017-12-12

By we, I mean a number of like minded married women who are looking for a bit of discreet extra marital sex. ‘You will only use this bed room for sex, is that understood?’ I told her that it was and then turning, Sandra said to me, quite out of the blue, as she threw her coat on the bed, and kicked off her high heel shoes. "Let's get to work." One by one the girls lay down by me, facing the Polaroid Camera produced by Sandra, and each of them in turn fondled my erection, then they took me in their mouths as the photographs were taken one by one.


His Annual Visit

group TinyBeth 2017-12-12

Tasha and her boyfriend of many years Evan had just broken up with their first serious girlfriend in devastating manner and ended up commiserating with Rick and his now ex -wife Dora in their favorite bar. It wasn't long before Rick and Tasha were in a dark corner of the bar kissing while Evan and Dora had slipped off somewhere of their own. How long has it been 25, 30 years?" Struck by the ridiculous image of Evan and this new man as little boys in kerchiefs and badge adorned sashes, and the bizarreness of the long-delayed reunion happening so out of the blue, Tasha nearly fell over right into Rick. With a tiny yelp, Tasha pulled herself off of Rick in an instant and looked up into the eyes of the man she loved.


The Wilde Side Ch. 02

group StiffClit 2017-12-12

You pick out what you want and I'll do my best to completely turn you on," Eve said as she pulled herself together following Dallas out of the cubicle. It feels just like you're fucking my ass with your tongue," Dallas barked hoarsely, his hands covering each of her breasts and pulling on her already erect nipples. "If you two are agreeable, I have a little something for each of us to swallow with our next sip?" Wade asked with raised eyebrows as looked intently at both Dallas and Eve. With that, he handed them each a small pill and raised his glass once more, "To our journey together.


Meet a Dancer and Take Her Home

group papafrogger 2017-12-12

Bending down she said in his ear load enough for me to hear, "Sorry stud, but only my husband and maybe tonight another girl have been allowed to touch it, sorry!" turning to me she pulled his hand from under her skirt, "Hey baby, my new friend wanted to touch the goods." I could hear Shirley breath her scent deeply then her chin slid forward, her mouth opened and by the way Jean gasped I was pretty sure she got the full long thick tongue of my wife slid in between her pussy lips. Jean dropped lower until she was on her knees; I felt her warm wet mouth engulf my cock licking and sucking the head then the wonderful sensation as she slid me deeper across her tongue and down her throat almost made me cum right then.


We're All Friends Here, Right? Ch. 01

group GreyGoose 2017-12-12

Ever since Julie had started telling me about these conversations, sex had become for us like a grand performance—each weekend, we would dream up new and exciting ways to pleasure each other, knowing that come Monday the curtain would be lifted, and Lily would become the adoring audience of our latest revue. She was shorter than Julie, and compared with Julie's tall, voluptuous body that could hold its own in the bedroom, I imagined Lily must have enjoyed the way her past boyfriends could toss her around the bed like a little toy. The waitress was a cute blonde—maybe a college student—and I couldn't help but drop my eyes to notice her nice, round ass in this little skirt as she walked away from the table.


A Fantasy Come True

group EroticFlower 2017-12-12

I couldn’t wait to see what it felt like to hold his hard cock in my hand, or taste him in my mouth. Sticking out my tongue, Mark rubbed the tip of his cock back and forth and I could taste his pre cum in my mouth. But, of course, you always do.” Dave reached out and gave me hug, letting his hand travel down to give my ass a good squeeze. “ I’d be happy to oblige.” He got behind Linda and worked a few fingers inside her before taking the head of his cock in her cunt. “ Mmm, fuck my face, Lindy.” I began rubbing my wet pussy back and forth on his mouth and nose.

Puncture Repair Reward

group IT1250 2017-12-12

"Look, there are road works signs ahead," said Trish and in the distance were the familiar yellow and black signs we normally hate as it means having to stop and wait for the construction vehicles to finish what they are doing before they let us pass. "They must have a construction camp somewhere close by, maybe we can pull in there and put a patch on the tyre," I said, relieved at finding a bit of a safe haven. "Thanks guys," replied Trish "maybe I can cook up something special for you guys in return for helping patch the tyre?" In 10 minutes, three freshly showered, shaved and very clean looking young men came back to the tables around the camp kitchen area.


A Present for Daddy

group DaisiesInWinter 2017-12-12

As Daddy brought his cock up to his mouth, he tried to shy away, but she leaned in close to his ear, gripped the back of his hair and said "open your mouth, suck it like I've been teaching you". Daddy leaned forward and got a handful of Seth's hair, pulling his head back as he pushed deep into his ass. She got on her back and slid under Seth, taking him back into her mouth, she didn't even have to move, each time Daddy thrust into his ass, it drove Seth's cock into her throat. Seth's moans turned to whimpers and she felt him start to cum in her mouth, she sucked hard and then heard Daddy's low growl that meant he was starting to cum, too.

Fun in the Backyard Sun

group LeslieEmerson 2017-12-12

"So," Holly said, "I see you've got a cooler there with more beer than you could ever hope to drink." As David headed inside, Roger turned to us and said, "You ladies can find your way around, I assume. Roger was telling me a story about his job in a business firm when I slid my hand around his neck and pulled him in for a kiss. David sat back, unable to take his eyes off Holly as she worked his dick. Holly and I lay down on our towels a few feet from each other while Roger and David arranged themselves. A sly, 'I-told-you-so' smile flashed across Roger's face, and David shot him a rueful look.


Mother daughter fucked so badly by blacks

group Alkacuckold 2017-12-12

Expressing their lusty, horny desires in low monotones, taking about how they were going to really enjoy shoving their huge, young black cocks deep inside these sexy, beautiful white women and to fill them with their hot black seed. My wife knew what this meant and despite her not wanting to she began to respond more to what she knew was going to happen, her sexy white hips moving up closer to him, her white married legs wrapping tightly around his hard black ass pulling him tighter and deeper against her. My beautiful 17 year old daughter, her initial discomfort and pain gone felt erotic stirrings in her young white body as the black man roughly fucked her no long virgin blond pussy.

Golf-India-Romeo-Lima Ch. 07

group AC_Pandorra 2017-12-12

And as much as I knew about evenings in which Sasha and I took part, it was quite probable we would end up with less clothing than we started. I was thinking about the faces of Sasha and Manuel, when they would see it the first time. Otherwise I would have paced circles around my flat, like a lion in its cage, while waiting for Sasha and Manuel to pick me up. Sasha almost clapped her hands out of excitement while Manuel's reaction was more according to the nobility of this place: "You make me very happy, Chris. Sasha was noticeably touched too: "This almost looks like an engagement ring, for heaven's sake."


Teach That Slut A Lesson! Ch. 05 Pt. 02

group SXY_Hot_Mamma 2017-12-12

Betty reached over to the plate and picked up a melon ball, and I watched with my jaw opened wide and my hand pumping my cock faster as she started to insert the small ball into Terri's pussy. She did so and watched with me as Betty fed another ball into Terri's pussy and then pulled her hand away, closing the lips to her open and stuffed cunt. Betty moaned and gasped as she pressed the girl's pussy open wider and then licked Terri's ass hole, bringing her closer to an orgasm. Terri let out a moan as she was pulled away from my cock and then turned to the plate with the melon balls that just came from her pussy.


Swingers Hotel Ch. 02

group duckandbunny79 2017-12-12

Lis untied my arms from the chair, but rather than letting me jump all over her (and my god I so wanted to fuck her silly) she asked if we could just talk for a moment. "Come on honey?" Lis said, "Off with the shorts, no one is going to bat an eyelid with the amount of nudity and fucking that goes on around here." To add to the problem, I was still creating pre-cum and the sight of my wife completely naked walking through the hotel and other men making no issue of hiding the fact they were checking her out like a piece of meat in the shop window, just added to my sexual frustrations.


The Partnership

group teller72 2017-12-12

I grinned at him, "So you got any specific plans?" I could felt my dick hardening at the thought of double-fucking some cutie over the weekend and glancing at the mound forming in Paul's pants, my High School Principal was feeling the same. Inspiration hit within seconds; I gave a small shrug, "Don't know, Mrs Goodall, he just ranted for a bit and I let him." I gave a quick roguish smile that was sure to make her wet for me tonight, a bit of devil may care that would be all round the staff-room and do my reputation for being the man no harm amongst the female teachers. Paul grinned and pulled out, holding up his hand for me to slap, "Fuck her face, Mike."


More Fun for Three

group HanShotFirst 2017-12-12

Lisa is a little flustered which surprises me, but I know she felt awkward about seeing Michael again, and I have to admit, it's pretty weird. I stand up, between his legs and turn around, letting Lisa watch me sit down on his cock. Each thrust brings me closer to the edge, reaching down between my legs I can squeeze his sac and rub myself and the sensation reminds me of the last time, when Lisa licked me as Michael did me from behind. Of course, I know what he wants and I can't really blame him, so I move onto the couch next to Lisa, "Do it," I tell him.

moms new year gang bang

group valleychrish 2017-12-12

About an half an hour later as I laid in bed naked stoking my dick and getting really horny I heard a noise from my moms room I got up and snuck up to her door and peaked in and saw my mom and Eileen playng with each other. By this time my mom was having another orgasm and she grabbed Eileen's head and pushed it down on her pussy her hips were pumping up and down as she let out in an incredible scream. she started to orgasm and I heard a moan behind me I looked over and saw my mom in the hallway watching us with her robe open and fingering her pussy.

Kuwait 2009

group andrea0817 2017-12-12

So here we are at Max's and I know I was way too d***k because as these men were milling about stumbling over what to do next, I went into the bathroom and disrobed. Guess it's no surprise that Max was the first guy to step out of his slacks. I walk over to Max, place my hand under his sack and in no time he's erect. Next thing I had announced Ivan the winner and ran off to the bedroom with 3 guys following. I came to a true orgasm at the same time Max had a powerful climax as deep as he could muster. It was a good while later when Ivan was spend that Max reentered me.

When It Rains, It Pours

group urbanslut 2017-12-12

"Yes sure." Mansoor said as he started opening the scooter's casing. In what must have been just a second, but felt like an eternity, the bolt slid back completely and the folding doors opened with a bang. I stood there motionless with my hands holding the towel to my hair, as Zahid and Mansoor stared at me dumbfounded. The normal demure Mukta who had struggled a few minutes back to cover herself up and close the door had seemingly been carried away by the gust of winds with the clothes. Then I turned around, and walked towards Mansoor, swaying my hips exaggeratedly, giving Zahid a great look at my butt.


Kath Goes to London Ch. 02

group andrewxx 2017-12-12

Her treatment had been thrilling to say the least, and she remembered vividly how she had orgasmed so strongly under the ministrations of her consultant Andrew Maxim and his nurse, Jayne. With two fingers of one hand plunging deeply inside her throbbing liquid sex, and her forefinger and thumb of the other hand tweaking her hard clitoris, Jayne bit her lip to mask the cries of joy as she came, visualising Kath as her new lover. The treatment starts with about a week's worth of preparation involving massage and ointments, then we use an electronic muscle pulse device to exercise the tiny muscles around the clitoral hood to gently pull it back and at the same time reduce its mass." The room fell silent as Kath tried to take in the information.

Swinging Motel

group sex4u4647 2017-12-12

The snack bar and store needed only a good cleaning and Sherri took care of that after upgrading a few things. Returning from a needed piss, he found Sherri watching as Ruth sucked on a hard black cock. Ruth removed her hand allowing Sherri to engulf this new cock completely. Jack, hard again from seeing Sherri sucking on Mike's black cock. They accepted, paid, then went to park Jack had given them the cabin closest to the main building to keep them away from the swap group that will be staying at the other end. Ruth entered Jacks office to find him at the window holding his bare, stiff cock in his hand.


Opening Pandora's Box Ch. 01

group Kitten2009 2017-12-11

I was in the midst of my review when I began to realize I hadn't heard a word Micaela had said. Micaela leaned towards me giving me a clear view down her dress, "Why don't we go to the bar and get another drink?" I stood up and she pulled me by my tie over to the bar. "I'm going home with Mark and I promised you'd come," she said almost pleading with her eyes. She reach between my legs and began to tease my clit, sliding her finger inside me as she kissed my neck. She crawled between my legs to return the favor while Mark thrusted his hard cock deep inside her pussy.