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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Lap Dance Ch. 02

group alwaysupforu2004 2017-12-11

She watched closely as Terri pulled my hardness back inside her mouth, her tongue licking the underside of my cock as she sucked the head in. Jenna's hand came off of my shaft and began to caress Terri's breasts again, squeezing and pinching her nipples, wet from the frothy water of the tub. Terri was moaning, licking and sucking the head of my cock and enjoying Jenna's probing hands. With my hand working my shaft back and forth quickly, my cock began to release a load onto Terri's pretty face, a spurt of cum landing on her cheek, mouth, and then another one on her chest between her tits. Jenna's hand continued to work under the water, Terri's head leaning back against the edge of the tub, enjoying the sensations that covered her body.


Sex School Ch. 06

group Skibum 2017-12-11

Sara comforted Janet while Jim went to deal with Mike. She wanted to make her point very clear, to make sure that Janet and Mike would have every chance to make their marriage work. She had already acted out her fantasy with two of the Institute’s male coaches, but Janet didn’t need that information right now. He knew that he had to let Mike come to his own conclusion about Janet, but he could certainly lead him in the right direction. There was always a danger that the fantasy exercise would unravel a fragile relationship, but he was sure that Mike really loved Janet and would listen to reason.

Jessie's First Threesome

group jessiejoy117 2017-12-11

He and Jason were the only truly trustworthy guys I had met to that point in my life, and after having been taken advantage of a couple of times by less noble men, I was ready for a more committed relationship. I spread my legs just enough so Leo could get in there and begin to fuck me with his finger while I went right to work sucking on Jason's cock. I gave Jason one more drawn-out lick up the entire length of his cock, looking him in the eyes the whole way, before pulling away while Leo was still fingering me at the other end.


Twelve Months Ch. 01

group bifantasyuk 2017-12-11

As always when close to orgasm, I started to picture the scene like an outsider - the 3 of us engaged in this act, this man stroking and kissing me while his wife slammed herself over and over into my lap, the lack of a condom that an outsider wouldn't be able to see but which I felt clearly, and the knowledge that any time now - for the first time - I'd be emptying my balls deep inside her. I felt movement at my side and saw Carly stand and place the camera on the furthest bedside table before she first knelt alongside her husband and kissed him, then lowered herself so she could do the same to me.


After Dinner Delights Ch. 01

group greygotskills 2017-12-11

If Jen says she's okay then leave it at that." Tyrone was clearly horny as hell and wanted to pound the shit out of his girl at this very moment and was ready to have little Jen be on her way. Follow me and let's get you settled in while we leave Tyrone on the couch to pout." Dawn took Jen by the hand and led her into the bedroom. Pound my pussy!" Hearing her good friends talking filthy to each other as they fucked caused Jen's sex drive to go through the roof. Tyrone kissed Dawn good night and headed off to the couch to rest up from his one on one session with his girl.


After Work Delight

group FishersKat 2017-12-11

Crossing my hands at the waist, I savor the look of rapture on your face, your eyes captivated with my slowly exposed body as my shirt finally raises over my head and drops to the floor as I step in front of you. My body shudders involuntarily as your left hand glides down to cup my freshly shaved mound, the right hand venturing up between my breasts to the base of my neck, turning my face to you as you suddenly slip a finger inside me. Heart beats slowing, breathing returning to normal as your hands guide me in turning to face you, our lips meet again, this time a kiss filled with tenderness and love.


Fire Island Ch. 02

group cherrygrove 2017-12-11

Susan was wrapped around John and Fran had turned her back to lie on her side, her naked butt exposed to the world and to me, and what a sight it was. With me eating her pussy and John sucking her tits, Susan was in sex heaven. I came up with my hard cock and shoved it into Susan's drenched pussy. She was naked and saw me fucking Susan's pussy and Susan sucking John's cock. When she came up behind me, I pulled out of Susan and brought Fran down to suck on me. John came over and he deep kissed Fran and ran his hands over her boobies, always a turn on.

Bittersweet Memories Ch. 03

group apathykiss 2017-12-11

"Very good, vixen." He dipped his head and whispered in my ear, "Now cum for your master," before pulling my hair to whip my head back and plundering my mouth with a demanding kiss at the same time Cane took my clit between his teeth and sucked hard like a piece of candy. I met Abel's eyes as best I could from my position and he looked at Cane, smirking before he took himself in hand and guided his cock between my lips. As I felt the first taste of a man that was slowly taking charge of my mind, Cane thrust his cock inside my pussy so hard that my body jerked on the desk, forcing more of Abel inside the warm wet cavern of my mouth.


Busty Jessica's Amazing Weekend Ch. 02

group Dragonlipz 2017-12-11

Eva kissed her some more and said: "Dorita, I want Jessica to be my "TOY' tonight, ok?" A TOY is not a PET but it also belongs to its MASTER and its MISTRESS." Her fingers continued their assault on Jessica's clit and Eva's ass. The combination of Dorita's fingering and Eva's orgasmic display fanned Jessica's passion like a gasoline fire. Dorita pulled her finger from Eva's mouth and put it into her's to quickly suck the saliva and cunt from it. "Yes, MISTRESS Dorita." Eva turned Jessica to face her and began rearranging her skirt and blouse. After a long satisfying kiss Dorita broke the embrace and pulled Jessica close, stroking her hair.

A Visit to Their Club Ch. 02

group Indianafuncouple 2017-12-11

But this young man" — she took a moment and kissed the head of Tom's dick — "looks like he's ready o give me a good fucking, and I want to take advantage of it." After some male-on-female oral sex, Aaron and Brent laid down on the bed and the women began to suck their dicks. "Hi, I'm Tonya," the dark-haired woman from the other bed said as she put one hand on Aaron's balls and touched Nancy's nipples with the other. Moments later, the final connections were made — Aaron and Mary, Brent and Tonya, Tom and Renee, and Ron and Nancy. So the women went to work; while Aaron fucked Mary and Ron fucked Nancy, Renee and Tonya licked the couples and, sure enough, cum flowed.

Vengeful Fuck 2 pt2

group d4david 2017-12-11

Josh pushed his huge cock head into my stretched open anal cavity and josh slipped his fingers out. James f***ed a huge "O" ring into my mouth 'too bad we could not find one large enough so we could fuck that mouth while it's open,' said Blake. Josh slowly stroked his massive cock into my butt, pulling back till his penile cock ring was just at my anal sphincter muscle than pushing forward just enough to get me to moan. Blake begin to jack off in my face and ordered me 'lick this cock head bitch, just like you love it. Straining I licked the palm of Josh hand, he released the ring form my mouth and stuck his flaccid cock in to replace it.

Cheating Led Us To Swinging Gangbang

group Mrbigdick2014 2017-12-11

She could tell I was getting turned on and she ramped up her flirting with Jim. When she went to the little girl's room I lied to Jim that we were swingers and that I would mind if he wanted to come back to the motel at night's end for the both of us to fuck my wife. My wife was fucking and sucking like any gutter whore, of course she hadn't climaxed like Judy had yet but still the way she was begging you knew you could use her to cum inside any of her holes. Rick was pounding my wife's cunt at the same time and he rocked her body back and forth underneath the doggie fucking that Tom was giving Judy which made for a pretty awesome scene.


group vixendaughter 2017-12-11

There was a yummy looking Indian guy sitting alone at the adjacent table and Tara was giving him the eye. I leaned over to help him and gave him a look at my swinging breasts. Tara stroked his hand and he reacted with the bulge in his trousers pulling the fabric very tight. From here on it was a pulling and pushing and moaning and clutching, until she turned again and mounted his upstanding cock. I took my top off and rolled his limp cock between my breasts. I took my breast away from him and rubbed my hard nipple over his cock. He realized what I wanted and gently pushed against my muscles with his wet cock until he was able to push in.


Pool Boy Ch. 45

group BigZeke13 2017-12-11

The woman felt Alexis' head touch her thighs and she pulled off the guy's cock to look down between her tits. My own orgasm was building to a crescendo and just as I was preparing to slam my cock up into Martha's pussy to launch the first shot, there was a surge of water behind me and Alexis' hand came off my balls. I could see her head rolling when I pulled my cock out of Alexis and looked down at Julia's beautiful face. I said, "Let's go dancing." She looked at me like I was crazy but then she grinned and grabbed her long dress off the chair and pulled it on.


Weekend Sexcation in Mexico Ch. 01

group alexander1037 2017-12-11

She was straddled on top of me in reverse cowgirl position, with the head of my dick stroking her g-spot while vibrating form the toy in my ass and was having her clit licked and pussy eaten by a very talented woman all at the same time. Elysia pulled me from her friend and slowly took my cock into her mouth, tasting the mixture of my cum and Chantel's. There we three laid, Elysia with her perfect ass taunting me, almost begging for a cock to invade it or her pussy, Chantel completely exhausted, worn out from the effort, my cum slowly dripping from her pussy, and me wondering if I would wake up and this all be a dream...

Honoring Reader Requests 06

group walterio 2017-12-11

Sandy led Joy into a room where she handed her a towel and told her to remove the robe and make her self comfortable on the table. As he gently massaged her tiny breasts, her nipples rose until they stood out like pencil erasers and pushed through the towel covering her body. Aaron then turned his attention to Dana's legs and with a mixture of strong probing at her larger muscles and gentle stroking of the sensitive areas of her skin he gave her a truly memorable massage. Slowly Aaron ran his hands along the sensitive inner skin of Dana's legs to the top of her thighs and then with the thumb and one finger of each hand he began to massage her outer labia.


Never Enough Ch. 13

group Sweetcheekss 2017-12-11

I didn't want Melissa to know we were going to shoot adult videos at the house. I walked slowly through the house making sure everything was ready for the next day's shooting session. I stood in the hallway with Rick, Diane and Chris going over the scene one more time. I hoped he wasn't getting too far ahead of Chris and Diane. Chris slowly worked his huge cock inside Diane. Chris turned Diane over and got her in the doggie-style position, immediately penetrating her pussy. Chris plunged his cock slowly in and out of Diane till he was ready to cum. I waited till Chris left before replaying each camera's video. "Start" I spoke and Darcy worked her pussy down over Carson's huge cock.


An Elevator Story Ch. 2

group BigMan 2017-12-11

That was enough to set my balls boiling, and I warned the girl who was riding me that I was gonna blow, and she leaned forward and began riding me harder, slamming her clit against my pubes as she sucked me in. She leaned back into me and whispered "I want you in my ass" My dick jumped inside her, and I pulled out, and put two fingers in her wet pussy and got them gooey and then began to lube her asshole. I pushed in all the way and sat a sec, wanting to prolong the feeling, when all of a sudden I felt the tongue at my ass again.

Snowed In at the Diner

group Deadly Joker 2017-12-11

Lucy, sitting beside Richard in the booth, quickly grabbed the bottle, grinned and gave him a whole-body nudge, "Let's drink some more before he comes back!" Her face was already flushed red from the drink, while Michelle, sitting across from her, leaned back against the padded seat with half-hooded eyes. Kneeling down on the floor in between Richard's spread legs, she closed her eyes and opened her mouth, and let Lucy guide the hard and wet dick between her lips. Look at this little blonde slut suckin' down cock like she was born to do it!" Lucy moved her head beside Michelle's on Richard's shaft, tonguing the cock and also licking and kissing Michelle's lips and cheek.


Vey Wet Cunts - A Friend's Birthday

group greystardust 2017-12-11

I am aware that Irish girl is sucking Carrie' nipples, I move lower with my hand, I reach down, I feel her belly, I feel the frill of her panties, I slip in, I feel her hair, her mound, I let one finger slip further down, she is wet, and then I slip it in her pussy. Without thinking too much, I pulled back the covers, and placed my very wet finger over Irish girl's lips, saying quite firmly "Shhhh, the flat mates!" I picked up the finger-fuck pace and felt Irish girl begin to lap at Carrie' vulvae and clit, moving furiously over and around my digit.

Suzi at the Auto Show

group Jackson Blacke 2017-12-11

By the time they arrived at the Dual Exhaust display area, her nipples were so stiff that they lifted the teensy triangles of her bikini top completely away from the surrounding flesh, making them look like tiny, slutty umbrellas. "Lance, my man, I think we need to find out if this girl's telling you the truth," suggested William, turning to lick a small circle around her areola, then spiraling inward to her nipple. As Suzi's eyes closed and the throaty sounds of her growing sensual thrill became louder, William took her nipple between his lips and sucked delicately. Lance's big cock was in her lovely face as soon as she pulled off William, and in her mouth a deep breath later.


Cockometer Ch. 03

group voucher776 2017-12-11

I curled my fingers over her shoulders, she wrapped her legs tighter around my ass and we fucked like rabbits, fast and barely in control, each wanting it to last, but lusting for the fireworks of a climax, our mouths meeting, devouring each other's tongues, breaking free and gasping, our glistening, slippery bodies slamming against each other, hearts pounding as we played off each other's eager hunger until, panting, brushing against the naked bodies of our spouses as we rolling around on the bed, we both came, holding onto each other so tightly I could hardly breathe. Sheri pressed her body into my back as I turned on my side, her breasts brushing against me; both of us captured by the sight of Lori's legs entwined with Ben's, her head was deep in the pillows, neck arched, her mouth open, little moans puffing out of her as they made love, her breasts flowing beneath his chest as he thrust his dick into my panting wife.


Fertilitas Gelamen Ch. 01

group jaynej 2017-12-11

I thought I was going to meet someone and have a chat, but we just sat in the coffee shop for like three hours, chatting about stuff. They made my feet look amazing and gave my legs such poise and shape, but they did lift the hem of the skirt dangerously high, I was going to need to be careful with my movements, crossed legs whilst sitting would be a must. Which I had to get each time obviously, meaning having to deal with all the leering old men, as I got up and suggestively wiggled my way over to the counter as Debs had instructed.

Coupling: Movie Night

group quickfoot 2017-12-11

"Don't get mad, you can tell me to butt out of if you want" Rachel replied, buying time by sipping her water, looking at her friends face, wishing for a moment she hadn't spoke so fast, perhaps she was imagining things, but she was already committed. As Kayla passed Rachel she felt her eyes involuntarily dance over her, she wearing a pinkish flutter sleeve top, cut low reveal a hint of what had to be delicious C breasts, and the soft lines of a collar DAMNIT now she was checking her friend out, it was going to be a long movie.