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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Compensating for What Happened

group Scorpio44a 2017-12-11

Kelli said, "It'll look like your tied there, but you aren't." When I knelt to shoot pictures of April's pussy I asked Kelli, "I know you have one, but have you ever seen one as beautiful as April's?" Kelli looked up at her sister's face and said, "What do I do?" I leaned close to Kelli's ear and whispered, "Gently lick her, right where you touched her." The instant it touched April groaned again and said, "Suck me, Kelli, suck me! "Spread her lips, April." She touched her sister with one finger and said, "She's hot!" After a few moments watching I leaned next to April's ear and asked, "Would you like to be eaten, too?"


My First Group Scene Part I

group 2017-12-11

I had also never been with a guy with an uncut cock beofre, so even the limited experience I had with giving head didn't help. It was a total turn on to be pinned like this as the same guy worked my hole with fingers. I could feel the balls of the men on my legs move a little as they were stroking themselves. No one said anything, but there must have been a sign because the guy on my left leg moved off it, only to be replaced with some one else almost immediately. He picked his cock up and moved it into my mouth without giving me time to respond (not that I would have said anything but 'okay'!).

Lesbian Cock Tease

group 2017-12-11

Trying to be professional in the work place I kept out of it and just kept to myself.A few weeks went by and one of the gay guys told me that Lucy mentioned she had a girlfriend.I would never have guessed and my interest was renewed in this elegant looking woman.That Friday was our monthly staff outing to the pub and Lucy and I ended chatting for a bit and then Lisa, her girlfriend turned up to collect Lucy before they got the train to Brighton.I did not like Lisa who had an enormous chip on her shoulder,she wasn't attractive,had a poor attitude and was certainly punching above her weight in terms of her girlfriend.

Poker Her Run

group odlum 2017-12-11

As the camera focused in on the bobbing head of the brunette, Katie's hips bucked involuntarily to the beat of the music and her hand rubbed her pussy. Its bittersweet taste excited Katie and she released her essence over the man's tongue, face, and her own thighs. The nude pony-tailed biker met Katie in the middle of the bed, embraced her, and gently began to kiss her earlobes and the nape of her neck. Katie slowed her movements, bent forward, kissed the bristly cheek, and whispered in his ear, "My ass is yours...are you up for it?" Ole Bill could only grunt a reply. Startled, Katie looked down to see the head of her favorite vibrator poking through the bed covers.

First Group Experience

group Johnsexlife 2017-12-11

My wife Amy and I always read Literotica stories usually Group Sex stories every night as she strokes my cock while inserting her vibrator in her cunt. But, Amy had had a long history of sexual escapades and decided, 'What the heck," grabbed the vibrator from Pam, pulled off her own panties and kicked them into the corner with her bare foot. After that orgasm, Pam grabbed the vibrators and Amy's hand and they snuck into the bedroom. Brian grabbed some lube from the nightstand, told Amy to roll over sideways, and shoved his cock into her ass while Pam kept licking and Amy kept sucking me. Brian put his half-hard cock into Pam's mouth and within two minutes we three had a sweaty, wicked simultaneous orgasm.

Erotic Adventures of Brandon & Cheryl Ch. 10

group timewarp69 2017-12-11

As she felt up and down Brandon's entire backside, he could barely stop from letting his animal instincts kick in and grabbing her as he pounded her ruthlessly like some crazed beast. He licked down trailing to her perky full breasts, tasting every inch of her oil covered, shiny body as he slowly took her right nipple into his warm mouth circling and licking with his tongue. "Hold on baby, I've got a little something special for you too." So he reached under the bed and pulled out two pairs of large anal beads. "Just have a seat, baby." Brandon told Cheryl. "Fu-ucck, that was awesome baby!" Brandon said as he helped Cheryl out of the chair.


Jennifer Ch. 14

group Mark Singer 2017-12-11

When he sighed and stepped back, the girl simply turned her face to the next boy, letting him slide his hard cock into her mouth. The girl was sitting, reverse-cowboy style, on her boyfriend's size-able cock, and Jennifer sighed as she watched the boy slide in and out of her pussy, pulling out until just his head was between her lips, then slowly fucking his entire length inside her, making her groan. She smiled down at the blonde and began to stroke the two cocks faster, needing to make them come as quickly as she could so she could continue her search for Dan. And she was pleased when she felt the cock in her left hand begin to swell.


Making a Whore Pt. 03

group dna27fog 2017-12-11

They kind of took turns, and there was oe time when she was sucking one guys cock while getting fucked, but that was the closest to a gangbang she had ever been. Jim was the first with his cock in her mouth and one of the black guys took his position at her pussy while the other guys made their way to her hands. She took my hard cock in her mouth and started to suck it as I continued to take her picture and everyone else watched as they were getting dressed and talking about how great she was and how far they had to drive to get here and how it was worth it even after a heard day at work.

First Time With A Couple

group cindy_4u 2017-12-11

His name was Jerry and Linda showed multiple naked pictures of him and asked me if I wanted to come with her and fuck her hubby? Then I felt my legs being opened and my panty slid to the side as Jerry started to play with my pussy. Jerry told me he was going to cum in my pussy as he fucked me like this. Linda was on her knees playing with his balls, face close to my pussy watching it being fucked hard by her hubby. Linda immediately got between my legs, spread it open and started to taste his cum out of my pussy. I got up, got down on my knees between Jerry's leg and started to clean his semi hard wet cock.


The Elevator

group HotScribe2 2017-12-11

She firmly rubbed both cocks back and forth, watching Ken's cockhead seem to enlarge from her fist, and Paul's revealing itself from its hiding place within his foreskin. Then Paul suddenly gasped and she turned back to him, opening her mouth just in time, for his body jerked quite forcefully as his cock fired its hot load--several long white streams jetting into her mouth, smearing her nose and cheeks and lips. Paul licked back and forth, then Tabitha felt feathery touches on her anus, stabbing it lightly but firmly, then Paul's finger slowly pushing into her, then thrusting in and out in time to Ken's cock, then alternating in rhythm---finger in, cock out, finger out, cock in---until she suddenly felt that rush of blissful ecstasy blossom within her and she groaned in delight as she came.

Wifes Surprise Gift. Part 3 (FANTASY THAT WILL BEC

group TheScarletPimpernel 2017-12-11

Here was my beautiful sexy wife, standing on her heels with her tight red dress hitched up to her waist, her gorgeous big tits and pierced nipples exposed and stroking her pussy against a strangers mouth while sits blindfolded and naked on the floor which a hard cock.... She took a deep breath, holding it as she thrust her pussy down on to this lucky strangers tongue, then let out a long passion filled moan as her legs began to tremble and she orgasmed in to his mouth and over his face.... So with that little tilt, the head of this strangers cock was sitting just between the glistening wet lips of my wife's pussy.

Between Miss Benjamin's Thighs

group deepemerald 2017-12-11

Carla could feel her cunt juices acting like a waterfall as she held on to Mr Barton's shoulders just in case her legs gave way. Her cunt could remember the delicious feeling of that fat cock filling her and fucking her so hard. Carla dropped to her knees and ran her tongue along the thick 7 inches of Mr Schuchter's hard cock. With a knee on either side of his head she leaned forward again, her tits landing on his shirt as she sucked his cock back into her mouth and cupped his balls with her hands. "Is there any hole for me?" Without waiting he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out, stroking it as he watched Mr Schuchter fucking Carla.


Two Sisters and the Monte Vista

group erettophallus 2017-12-11

I pulled my head back from Jo Ellen's neck to see Cindy with a handful of my cock. Kissing Jo Ellen, and massaging her spectacular tits, I felt Cindy standing up from my great cock massage she was giving me. I felt Jo Ellen's hand replace her sister's on my cock, and started kissing my neck, as I undressed her sister. While I took Cindy's top off, I felt Jo Ellen's hand slid into my underwear and wrap her fingers around my cock. Cindy took my cock into her mouth while it was still her sister hand, mean while, Jo Ellen started to slowly stroke my shaft back and forth.


The Mountain Home Ch. 02

group demaizefield 2017-12-11

She kissed me like a woman possessed, moaning into my mouth as I pulled her tighter against me and pressed my hard cock between her legs. We broke our kiss, and she pressed her head into my neck, when she felt my cockhead brush against her moist pussy lips. I looked over at Jenny and watched as she shimmied out of her boy shorts and pulled her t-shirt off to expose her sexy body to my eyes. I now moaned loudly as Shelly took my thick cock between her lips and began licking my cockhead as she explored my taut flesh. I clamped my lips around Jenny's stiff little clit and then moaned deeply as I felt Shelly engulf my hard cock with her tight, wet pussy in one single stroke.


An Interesting Life Ch. 04

group mildhot 2017-12-11

Stroking his cock he imagined him walking up to them and Linda taking his cock into her mouth while Mandy was eating her pussy. At the stop close to his home he saw his wife turn in front of him. He saw her car driving into a garage at an unfamiliar house. " Damn she looked hot!" he thought and only realizing then that he had his hard cock in his hand stroking it waiting for this stranger to fuck his wife. Thinking this he saw stranger take a breast in his hand and roughly brought her nipple to his mouth. Grant almost laughed as he saw him licking and sucking while he heard his wife going quiet almost losing interest.

Graduation Party

group WiccanKemi 2017-12-11

Soon Jody had her legs wrapped around him as well as her arms and could feel Jason's cock growing and press up against her pussy. Greg approached me with a shy smile and said, "I hear you're waiting for me, sorry I took so long." He slipped his arms around my waist and pulled me into his chest and planted his lips on mine. Greg's hands cupped my ass and as he lifted me my legs wrapped around his waist, dropping my pussy right on his long, hard cock. "That was fucking awesome you guys," said Jody, now sitting with Jim and Janet was again with Jason. "Looks like it's going to be a wild weekend, guys," said Greg with a wide smile.


Sarah's 21st Birthday Surprise

group Develish 2017-12-11

I slowly backed off and took a seat in the corner with my cock in my hand, ready to watch my girlfriend get totally fucked by big hard black men. The fifth guy began to widen Sarah's legs and bring himself closer to her, with his big black cock in one hand, he leaned forward and pulled Sarah's little white thong to the side. After a good screwing in this position, the black guy began to tense and I watched the expression on both of their faces as he began shooting his load deep inside her pussy. Being screwed by these big black guys was something new for Sarah, but having a big cock fucking her and a cock in her mouth at the same time was an even more exciting experience.

A Twist of Words

group B.B. Monroe 2017-12-11

The girl on the bed griped the sheets and her body shuddered with an orgasm and I nearly blew my load right there. My roommate stopped right at the tip of my cock and then slammed down so tight and quick that my whole body was shaking from the tension. The girl on my face moved over to the side of me and sat down on the bed to recover from her orgasm and I sat up, cradling my roommate. I realized my roommate was about to orgasm and I looked down to see the other girl's fingers rubbing around and around on her clit. Her friend sitting on her knees and looking as innocent as any girl could if she was naked with her hands in her lap.

My Neighbor Megan’s Coworker

group Irish Moss 2017-12-11

I slurped up her juices while she humped against my face then slipped a finger into her hot, wet pussy, pumping it in and out a few times before starting to lick her clit. Once she'd apparently finished riding out a long and intense orgasm, she moved off of me so I slipped the finger that had been inside her pussy into my mouth while reaching up for Shelly's bouncing tits with my free hand. She brushed Shelly's hair aside and started to kiss her neck while one hand went to the tit I wasn't already fondling and the other went down to caress her clit. As I guided my still rigid cock into Megan's hot, slippery pussy, my attention went from Megan's ass up to Shelly's tits.


Promises Kept

group HankReardon 2017-12-11

As he replayed the night in his mind, he realized that he hadn't actually gotten his wish -- for Sue to lick Lynn's pussy in front of him. Lynn was their very good friend, and Steve could see that even though Sue was "strictly dickly" as she put it, she had some experience in playing with the fairer sex. Their plan was to surprise Steve, by arranging a night out with Sue, and Lynn would show up at the door, wearing nothing but a smile and a raincoat. Sue drizzled a bit more oil down the crack of Lynn's ass, and began to gently stroke, lower and lower, until she reached the top of Lynn's pussy lips.

A Birthday Greeting For Him

group sweet_lusciousdesire 2017-12-11

You feel my wet mouth taking in your nice hard cock. I start playing with your balls while smothering your big cock is wet, french, kisses. Trixie slides off of you and joins me in sucking your beautiful cock. You get on top of me, kiss me wildly and then you slide your gorgeous cock deep into my very, wet, pussy. I watch as you take your wet cock and slide it inside the Trixie's tight pussy from behind. I watch the skillful and kind way you enter between Trixie's sexy cheeks making sure you don't hurt her. You start to feel your cock getting hard again and wonder where the boys will take you next.

Welcome to the Resort Ch. 06

group Argonaut_1975 2017-12-11

John continued, "I'm afraid my wife has taken a liking to Anna here," the half Japanese girl darted a smile at Sophia, "so you might have difficulty getting a hold of her," chuckling, "however if you are that lucky I have to say that she is pint sized dynamite. "Josie, Isabelle and Anna all made green today, Monica and Lisa are still amber, but I plan to change that very soon." The five girls squirmed involuntarily at the reference to the large stainless plugs that were currently lodged between their buttocks; the twins exchanged glances, smiling at John's inference.


First time at club

group little_devil 2017-12-11

My wife and I had talked for some time about going to a club, thou not really open first, we decided to try and got ready for it. As it was our first visit, we had to register and took a tour of the club, we were showed all the different rooms but 1 area, the dungeon. She unbuttoned my pants, and I did start to fuck her like i never did before, we were so excited by the sounds, the smell and some of the touching, that we both came pretty quickly. We left the room some time after, smiling both of us, so happy with our experience and decided to come back another day.

A fun night with my Mom and her Friend

group faddy02 2017-12-11

She got up and I asked "where are you going?" she said "lets get out and you can fuck me" So we got out dried each other off and went into the bedroom. I was wearing some flannel pants and a t-shirt, I got on there bed and looked at her friend, who had a bald pussy with half of a double dildo in her and huge 36DD tits. My mom gave a few quick strokes of the dildo then took it out and got into position and they started pussy riding each other. Her friend took my dick out of my mom's pussy and put it right at her ass, my cock went in without a problem and it was very tight.