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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sunset Social Club

group Heironymous 2017-12-11

A woman of about 35 with short blonde hair and very fair skin had the top of her gown pulled down, exposing her small, pert breasts, and was sitting on the leg of a muscular black man seated on the couch with his pants down around his ankles. I heard Greta mumble under breath, "oh, my god!", and we stood hand in hand as the woman picked up her tempo, beginning to really grind her cunt on the black man's leg. As I looked back to the woman on the couch, the small man stopped for a moment, picked a face from the many watching him perform his erotic slow-motion tongue-ballet, and said to the man, "Would you like to join us?"


Jake Cums at Home

group mooremike 2017-12-11

"Ok mom." He said but Jake was suddenly aware that thinking about his sexy neighbor had made his cock get hard again Jake watched as his mom sucked his cock his older s****r started kiss and suck his nuts. She looked at him and moaned as she opened her mouth and started to pump the cock covered with both mother and son cum juice. "She fucking loves that!" Mom said again as Jake smiled as he face fucked Candy Jake pulled his dick out and grabbed his mom's head and pushed the cock down her throat. "Well do you still like white cock as good as black?" Jake asked as Candy looked stunned at her mom

Old Memories and New Experiences

group Seamus007 2017-12-11

As Cleo watched his hard cock get harder she began to fuck herself harder. The next day they got into their car and Cleo said she would drive, she made Seamus put on a blindfold and began driving. He felt what he was still sure to be his wife change positions and slide her pussy down his amply hard cock. He felt the cunt on his cock start to tighten and heard a moan then his wife squirted in his face. The two women took the position of scissoring and began to rub their hungry cunts against each other and Seamus just watched as he stroked his cock. He got behind his wife and stuck his hard cock into her pussy.

Mr. Alberto's Party Ch. 04

group elleann 2017-12-11

Daddy and Uncle Jack were like the oldest ones there but I was kind of proud of them because they looked pretty good for such old guys. When it was Daddy's turn to do his tights competition, his hardon was still pretty soft and it sort of dangled as he walked and as he went slowly by the judges' table, Bette and Lucy made little snickers. His cock grew longer and bigger all over and very much harder and pretty soon it was sticking straight out just like it was supposed to, and when Daddy looked down at himself I could see he felt a lot better about the situation.

Seven in the Steam

group YvonneMars 2017-12-11

Four men now clustered around her body, one slowly fucking her breasts, one between her legs absently stroking his own length while he explored her interior with questing fingers, one set to work caressing her thighs with his hands, and one at her head, directing her eager mouth to his twitching cock. One man leaned in behind her on his knees, two men crouched in front of her, two more sat watching and stroking their eager members, and the seventh man slowly recovered on the bench as the combined effects of the stimulant in the air and the orgy in front of him re-energized his sated cock.

A Night at the Club

group Beachguy 2017-12-11

The man is ready to come and pulls out, grabbing the blond by the hair and forcing his cock into her mouth as he explodes in orgasm. “Would you even let me?” Knowing I’m not horny for the blond per se, but turned on by the performance of the young couple and wishing Diane would do that to me- getting me ready and helping me fuck another woman. Diane is out of control “fuck me hard, please come inside me- flood me with your hot come ohhh fuck yesss ohhh yesss!” The guy stiffens and screams as his orgasm hits, pumping shot after shot of come deep into my wife.


group IDMR 2017-12-11

She started to tell me how she wanted me to fuck her while Carrie watched. Carrie looked at me very seriously and said, "I loved it." She put her hand on my knee under the table. Carrie sat down at the far end while Karen, gloriously naked, stood in the spray and let the water surge over her shoulders and down her chest while she stroked me. "Are you ready for me to fuck your man, Carrie?" She said, staring into my eyes and smiling. Then she got up on the coffee table, good thing it was sturdy, and lay on her back, pulling her knees back to her chest so that Karen could film her crotch for a while.


Mom's Roadtrip

group alex_g 2017-12-11

With a smile, when they saw I had the worse hand, I started to reach behind me, but I stopped, looked at Matt, and asked "You want the honors?" Matt inhaled, saying "They're nice." He reached a hand to them, and I playfully swatted it away, saying "The game isn't over, boys." I took a peek at they’re crotches, and the sight gave me a reason to smile. Aaron was having a hard time keeping his lips o my tits, what with my hips bucking and all, as I said "Boys, we don't, ugh, have much, ugh..." I screamed out, this orgasm just like the big ones from last night, my whole body shaking.

A New Summer's Course

group James Cody 2017-12-11

They stood out like beacons of sexuality and their beautiful eyes were riveted on me and I was suddenly very self-conscious about the way I looked: I'd shaved that morning but stubble already shaded my cheeks and chin; my hair was basically cut in an old fashioned buzz cut, but it did complement my wide face and square jaw (so I'd been told); I wore silver rimmed glasses that highlighted my blue eyes (that was how they were sold to me); I wore khaki colored shorts and a white linen shirt -- I knew my calves and forearms were bare and I was proud of their pronounced musculature.


Raised Glasses

group HnyscklRose4 2017-12-11

We continued to kiss while his hands began to massage and work on my breasts, pinching my nipples, twisting them, then smoothing them out. I finished my drink and reached into the water, discreetly pulling the bottom of my bathing suit to the side and letting his hard, hot dick ease into my wet pussy. Pete let his fingers slowly move to her tits and I watched as he started working on them, pinching and rolling them in his hands. Pete and Jake both stood back stroking their hard dicks, and I began to massage my breasts and pinch my nipples. Jake came over and began sucking my tits, working his tongue around my fingers until I let him have my nipples.

Fun with a Mature Couple Ch. 01

group Scorpio08 2017-12-11

Our friends are enjoying their older years, with the same zest as when they were younger." Steph looked at me and said, "I would be embarrassed and humiliated, if my backside was any kind of deal breaker." When she said, "OK, No one knows me here." Tom left the table and headed for the check-in desk. Standing outside the door, Steph pulled her blouse out of her skirt, took it off, and handed to me, she entered the room first, I followed. My dick began twitching and I was afraid I was going to cum before I had opportunity to enjoy Tom's wife. Between sighs, Steph said, "Tommy, can you hear how wet I am?

Sharing a Room Ch. 04

group pjhale121 2017-12-11

Her hand gripped the base hard, damming up the impending rush, and she smoothly sucked her way off my cock, simultaneously pointing the inflamed head directly at Terri's wide-open mouth. Watching my wife's gorgeous body – the swaying of her breasts, the way her cheeks bulged out when engulfing Ron's cock, the delight in her eyes as her tongue extended out to tickle his hairy sack – was almost as much fun as watching Terri's lithe body – her flat, rippled abs, taut legs and oh-so-beautiful ass. As Lisa positioned herself to be a cum target, Terri drove Ron to the very brink by bobbing rapidly on his hard shaft, her tiny mouth stretched wide around his raging cock.


Beach Getaway

group baldman4u 2017-12-11

This is YOUR weekend and all about you so your friend and I lay you on the bed and proceed to ravage you with our lips, tongues and hands. Now you begin to feel fingers inside your ass from lady friend who is getting another toy to pleasure your ass with. You decide you need a pause and some water so you stagger off to the kitchen on wobbly legs as lady friend climbs on my cock and rides herself into the bliss zone again and again. When you return you lay on the bed and watch and feel the urgent desire for my cock to be back inside you once again but lady friend and I have other plans.

Tales of Sin Ch. 01

group KingCherry 2017-12-11

"Hey Jake." Said Head Cheerleader, Brittany a.k.a. Jake's girl. "We're going the coach's victory party." Jake told Brittany. Jake and Brittany realize this isn't just a team party. Jake takes the microphone: " Thanks guys, but I wouldn't of made those goals if it wasn't the team spoon feeding me the ball. Get up here baby." Brittany climbs the stage to her known spot right between jakes are and his chest. "Hey turn around let me suck you to." Brittany turn around so her plump red pussy was right over Jake's face. Jake, know going into ecstasy land, is so fucked up right now he starting to tongue Brittany's inner thigh. Brittany, now getting tired of not being able to fuck Jake's cock right up her twat, goes into overdrive on Jake.


Paying Guest

group kvijaya508 2017-12-10

"Why are you irritating the good boy...?" Vijaya directed her question looking at Murali's exposed and semi-erect cock. I started to kiss her abdomen, caress her thighs; the sensitive areas of my wife's body I knew in our married life. After 15 years of marriage I still love my wife, but I started to enjoy the sight as the young boy was digging her. My wife's legs were wide apart while two erect cocks filled up her two holes and she now started moaning, letting out little screams of ecstasy. My wife kissed and advised Murali to take care matured married couple like us who people are having lack of spark in sex life!

Leslie and I

group LegsattheLake 2017-12-10

There was my wife laying on the stage, her skirt bunched up around her waist, her blouse laying on the stage in a pile with a dancer's panties, and two loads of cum running out of her pussy. I began fucking Martina harder, and the dancer that was laying on her and kissing her now got up and turned her attention to Martina's clit and my cock. I came so hard that when my orgasm finished, I stumbled back into a chair, and watched Martina slowly get up, and lower her dripping pussy onto my wife's waiting mouth. My wife, the bouncers, the manager, the bartender, and about six other dancers all watched while Cindy and I fucked each other as hard and as wild as we could.

Dallas Adventure

group PAUL C 2017-12-10

The second policeman was talking into the microphone of his radio set as I sat up and, putting my arm around Jenny pulled her close. "Well, I suppose I am old." Jenny said, reaching across and giving her hand a squeeze. I quickly explained what had happened and asked him to ring the Gym and tell them Jenny wouldn't be coming this morning. We agreed to meet again the following morning and to take a look around a local Gym before Jenny and I we headed on for Carole and Howie's wedding anniversary in Washington before returning to England. "You look like you could do with a coffee and a shower." She said, taking my hand.


Room Mates

group tedsgirl 2017-12-10

Patti is loving the feel of Danny's cock in her mouth as she moans around his cock, she is so hot and horny she needs to get fucked. "Do it baby girl...suck the cum out of his cock..." Ted says watching Danny's hard cock sliding in and out of her hot mouth. "Oh yes...thank you honey I really needed that." Patti said as she watches Danny sucking Ted's cock in and out of his mouth. "Do it baby fuck his mouth...ram your hard cock in his mouth." Patti says as she reaches down and fingers her still wet pussy, she brings her wet fingers to her mouth and sucks her juices from her fingers.


Gamma Gets Bred

group Filledfille 2017-12-10

The Alphas clustered around her commenting on her well-trained fuckhole, saying things like, "Wow, what a cunt" and "Damn, I wanna fill this bitch." Several pulled out their cocks and started to milk themselves. Being filled by the Alphas felt so good, being fucked like a bitch felt so right. One of his gang passed him an empty glad bottle and he shoved it into her full, gaping cunt, saying, "Don't you dare pull that out until you're home, Gamma whore." He turned to the crowd. The crowd closed in on her and carried her home, where she pulled out the bottle and let all the Beta and Gamma men there fuck her too.

Three's Company

group Jake68 2017-12-10

Vonn turned Ashley towards her, wrapping her long arms around the petite body of her lover. Ashley pressed her hips against her hand, sliding down, kissing Vonn's breasts, then down to her flat tummy. "I love that corset, Ash," Vonn said, sliding her hand along Ashley's side. Ashley smiled at her friend, her hand resting on Vonn's hip, "Yes, I still want to. When the song ended, Ashley excused herself to go to the restroom, while Geoff went back to the table where Vonn was sitting, her eyes glaring at him as he sat down. Geoff agreed, "No expectations, no pressure." He jumped when Vonn slid her hand down his back, grabbing his ass.


A Perfect Rose

group Pop-O 2017-12-10

Jim had sat on the couch, next to Rose, but Dave moved her to her hands and knees and he got behind her and let his cock head slide along her pussy. Dave wanted to do it better, so he slid off the couch and knelt between Jim’s legs and while looking at Rose, he licked Jim’s cock, from the base to the tip and then slowly took him fully into his mouth. With Dave fucking Rose as he was, it was hard for Jim to go as slow as he wanted to, so he pushed forward at each chance until his cock was buried deep in Dave’s ass.


A real friend...

group ukvoyeur3 2017-12-10

After several more minutes of hard fucking, I was about to come so I pulled out and fingered her a little, I could see my buddy looking up at me so I mouthed, "I’m not ready to cum!!" He smiled and went back to eating her out. After a couple minutes of settling down, I went back to our previous position and was going back to fucking her when he grabbed my cock and took it into his mouth, cleaning off her pussy juices and licking up my precum.She flipped around and kneeled down between his thighs and began to suck on him once again, the whole time watching her husband suck on my cock....I think she gets off on watching that!!

The Little Red Dress

group yurato 2017-12-10

As they danced like this a small crowd of men gathered round them, still dancing, watching another hot white wife looking for some black cock. My cock was like iron as I watched my wife get fucked on the dance floor of a seedy club, my heart was hammering in my chest and I felt nauseous and angry, but at the same time I was so turned on by it all. I turned back to the dance floor just in time to see my wife being led away by several big guys, her dress loosely hanging off her sweating body. As I was led away I heard the old man laughing again, "You'll get your pretty little wife back white boy but she won't be the same, she's a black cock whore now."

Teacher's Pet Ch. 03

group primetime73 2017-12-10

I mean you got your way with two girls, apparently Dalton and his side show and her room mate like to get it on and I starting thinking, what about my turn?" Her eyes locked with mine as she boldly stated, "Everyone seems to be getting a three way and I want to try one on my terms. I remained by the door as he and Taylor faced the mirror while his hands moved from her hips up her stomach and cupping her tits from behind he continued, "The way I see it any woman who texts me to meet her at a motel at midnight so I can double team her with her boyfriend probably isn't going to play hard to get.