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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Round of Four Pt. 01

group RiteofSpring 2017-12-10

The deal was that I would quit the company and not cause more trouble for my boss if these four selected female co-workers would submit to be my sex slaves in New York for the weekend. She works in the office next door to mine, and every time I went by her door, I imagined the squelching sound I wanted to hear my cock making in her wet cunt. I explain to their dismay that I want my own libidinous souvenir of my dirty weekend in Manhattan. They love fresh cunt and want to put my bevy of ladies at center stage in the club's theatre of exotic sex shows.

Hot for Teacher Ch. 06

group MissA5 2017-12-10

Michael cleared his throat and looked from James to Abi. He held her hand tightly. "So, what we've decided: we are all allowed to touch each other; no reservations besides pain." Michael looked from James to Abi and they both nodded. It strained against his slacks, and Abi couldn't wait to see what it would look like strained around Michael's cock. When Michael had removed his underwear and thrown them forcefully out of the way with his other clothes, he felt James kiss the tip of his cock, dipping his lips into the precome that beaded there. Michael continued to kiss James as he undid his belt and slacks, and he kissed his way down the music professor's body as he knelt.


Another Late Night

group jclancy3 2017-12-10

Her nipples looked like they were about an inch and a half long above her large areolas, and for the first time Rick noticed that they were just a little off-center, pointing out to either side of her body. While massaging Maria's relatively tiny breast, Rick reached to his left and grabbed Emily's hanging free tit. "OK, that looks pretty good, Maria," said Rick, as she grabbed his prick and gently slid it into Emily's hole as she stretched it open. Maria reached down and started to kiss Emily on the mouth as if to help relieve the shock as Rick pounded his fuselage into her ass. Emily finished milking Rick's cock and immediately leaned over to slurp up the mess on Maria's chest and face before she rubbed it all in.

Sweet and Spicy Horny Toads Ch. 16

group TxRad 2017-12-10

He leaned closer to me and asked quietly, "Did you notice how Kim was watching Karen and Sue get reamed in the rear last night?" "Speaking of new things, Kim, I couldn't help noticing your fascination at Karen's and Sue's anal activity this morning. Karen licked her lips and slowly looked from me to Matt and back again. Matt rubbed the head of his hard shaft against Karen's lips. As her ass moved forward, she jerked the plastic out of Kim's hand. I removed the vibrator from her ass as Kim moved forward a little and went to her knees. As I moved away and off the bed, I saw Kim between Matt's legs. Matt saw Kim moving up and down on the shaft as I held it.


On A Mission Ch. 03

group eroslit 2017-12-10

Katie felt David's hands on her waist, then the first touch of his hard cock against her ass. In a single athletic move, Kristen lifted herself onto the edge of the pool, facing Katie and David the whole time. Katie was almost overwhelmed by the dual sensations of David's rock hard cock stabbing her from behind and her own mouth finding Kristen's pussy. The older woman shouted out with pleasure when Katie began sucking and licking as if she wanted to remove the clit from Kristen's body. Luckily, David's cock remained rigid enough just long enough for her to cum a couple times in succession with the aid of Kristen kneading her breasts.

CUM lover for real

group kurtnvee 2017-12-10

at the same time my hubby was making me swallow his cum I felt the guy who was fucking me thrust deep into me and started pumping his seed deep into my pussy.that was the night we both knew.I am truly a submissive cum me or on me...I love that thick slimy slick mess.MrsVee and Kurt

A Fantasy Realized Ch. 02

group RedHairedandFriendly 2017-12-10

Giving into the need, Cher moved her hands to Diane's hips and started to move her friend's cunt up and down her sex. As Jim fucked his wife's ass, he watched Cher turn and face Diane. His hands went to her hips and he turned her around, his lips covered hers and their tongues tasted the juices of her body as well as the nectar from Cher's. "Shit, yes!" Diane balked, as she felt Cher's fingers, and Jim's tongue work her pussy. She pushed her friend's pussy to her mouth as Jim pushed his cock deep inside Cher's slick hole. As she soaked her sex-spent body, she heard the slow tender loving of Diane and Jim. Her hand moved to her own pussy, and she stroked it with a slow rhythm.

My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 18

group Freddyj881 2017-12-10

All the while telling me if I didn't help him," Sheila began to turn red in the face either from embarrassment or rage, "by stroking, sucking, or fucking him; he'd tell the hospital or tell my husband." The buxom manager pointed at the phone, "He's taken this to a new level with this threat of a lawsuit." The sexy buxom manager smiled as she heard and obvious approval from Fred, "Okay I'll tell her I can, I'll see you later tonight." The hot wife clicked the phone off and tossed it to her. Her husband had told her how sexy she looked but the hot wife explained that she was trying to impress Sheila that maybe a job would be in the works.


Countdown To Consent Ch. 1

group Stardog Champion 2017-12-10

Despite the appearance that it was a normal weekend night at Russ's, the unmistakable sight of a young woman hanging upside down on the far rear wall of Russ's back room, with her hands and bare feet each tightly secured in restraints caused the 50 or so locals left inside of the bar to buzz with a keen sense of anticipation. Making it a point to keep the birthday festivities a secret except for those on the inside, Melvin hatched a plan for Jamison, Steph's boyfriend, to get his Policeman Uncle to pull over Jessie Conroy's car at some point during the day leading up to Stephanie's special night.


The Houseboat Show Ch. 2

group Lee Stam 2017-12-10

As Lee and Lilly continued their attention to Sheila’s body, Kevin’s fingers pulsed a steady rhythm in her wetness. He and Lilly kissed, hovering over Sheila’s body, which was arching as a result of Kevin’s expert tongue. As they kissed, Lilly continued to massage Sheila’s breast in rhythm with the fingering that she was receiving. Lee ringed the nipple of Sheila’s other breast with the head of his swollen cock. Sheila’s screams and contractions brought her mouth up against Lee’s balls as his cock slid deeper and deeper into Lilly’s wetness. Lee and Lilly leaned back and laid on the floor together so Kevin could lay over Sheila and embrace as their bodies sorted themselves out.

Birthday Party

group missbliss101 2017-12-10

She sat down on the bed and Nathan, Rob and Jamie stood near her as Cindy waited to see what would happen next. Rob lay down in front of Cindy and kissed her, placing his cock inside her pussy. Nathan rolled off and Rob climbed onto Cindy and pushed his bursting erection into her bum, pumping her arsehole as Cindy came again and again. Wrapping her lips around his head and looking into his eyes, Cindy gripped his prick and massaged it, tugging at his ball-sac until he orgasmed strongly, cumming in her mouth. Cindy told me to come over and she took my cock and wanked me slowly, asking me if I had enjoyed watching her with her boyfriends.

Yacht Crew

group travelenman 2017-12-10

Looking at the other two guys, and her legs wide apart, Dave pulled her panties to one side to show the guys her wet wanton pussy. Karen stood up taking Dave by the hand, and told us she was going to take the skipper and fuck him first, and for the other two guys to wait just there, as she wanted them as well. As we watched Steve and Pete asked how I felt with Karen in the front cabin fucking another guy. With one hand on her clit and the other at the end of the bottle, Karen fucked herself, her pussy stretching more open with every thrust.

Visiting 67201

group absoluteid 2017-12-10

Erica's hand falls between your thighs and spreads your pussy wide, her fingers rubbing your clit. I pull my cock from your mouth and kiss your neck and lips before I step down from the couch and replace Erica between your legs. I fuck you softly just until you are used to the size of my eight inches, and then start pounding you hard and fast, slapping your ass for a few moments, and leaning down and kissing your breast and your neck again. I pull my cock out of your pussy and Erica grabs your hand with hers, both of you stroking my erection for a few more seconds before cum bursts from the head, shooting over your breasts and belly.


group bitsieblue 2017-12-10

Alex and Ted started working on getting a fire going, while Pam and Ann split up the bedrooms and unpacked the food in the compact kitchen area. Pam ducked back a little as Ann's head came back down, her eyes wide as she watched Ted sucking slowly at her most private spots. The sight of Ted and Ann making love, and Alex's forceful reaction to her arousal, had somehow flicked a switch and turned her into a sexual inferno. Ted squeezed a little harder and made a small noise of assent, mind reeling with delight that Ann had managed to fuck Alex so easily.


Girl's Night Out Ch. 01

group bunny3374 2017-12-10

Calli and her 4 girl friends - brown-haired Carol, the elementary school teacher; black-haired Meg, the lawyer; Penny, the redheaded waitress and Brenda, the blonde veterinarian - all met one Friday evening for dinner at Jasper's Restaurant. They would eat dinner, then meet their boyfriends, Tony the personal trainer, Mark the truck driver, Walt the mailman, Ramone the construction worker and Pete the high school science teacher, at one of the local bars for drinks and dancing afterward. The other guys kissed and hugged their girlfriends also - Mark and Carol; Ramone and Penny; Walt and Meg; and Pete and Brenda. They all went out on the floor except for Ramone and Penny, who were content to stay in the booth talking, kissing and touching each other beneath the table.

Car(d) Games

group m_storyman_x 2017-12-10

Each week I managed to find a way to dance with Diane and each week my wife somehow ended up with Jack as a partner. What was a surprise was that on the way home from the fourth nights lesson my wife told me that Jack and Diane, like us, were big NASCAR fans and she invited them over for bar-b-que and to watch Daytona on that Sunday. I know you want to see her naked...but if she doesn't want to we're not going to make her!" Diane said to her husband as she walked over and took the sheer outfit from him. I think she's pretty damn good looking, and her boobs, I mean, damn." Jack said as he pulled one of the recliners around to face the kitchen and then dropped into it.


Erica's Erotic Vacation

group oldeman 2017-12-10

Eagerly, Larry and Greg agreed and the three began to stroll down the beach, getting to know each other, as well as people watching. Larry and Greg saw the next hot scene, and steered Erica to the people crowded around what turned out to be three absolutely gorgeous girls participating in a three-way cumfest. She turned to Larry and kissed him passionately, while Greg eased up behind her and rubbed his Speedo-covered dick against her ass. Feeling her juices beginning to flow again, Erica told the guys, "Look, I have a special request and getting all hot and bothered again will only get in the way of our pleasure.


A Night to Remember

group Loveshotsex 2017-12-10

Chris starts to move faster in me, as I take Jack deep into my mouth sucking and licking on him, then I feel Bill push a finger into my ass, letting it slide in slowly stretching me till he gets two fingers into me. Jack is stroking himself and as I look over at Bill I can see him getting hard again, I motion for him to come over to me and I get him to lie on his back, I straddle his face pushing my pussy down onto his mouth, as I lean forward and take his cock in my mouth, licking and sucking all around him, taking him deep.

The Surprise

group SkarlitKarson 2017-12-10

Mark realizes this and pulls her off the wall and cups her in his hands, supporting her ass with one hand and grabbing her wrists with the other as he continues to fuck her. As she shivers, Mark kneels on the bed and gently lifts Lilith's head, moving his cock to her mouth again. Adam finally pulls his fingers out of her, but keeps sucking her clit and pins her legs to the bed as her body rocks from the aftershock of the orgasms. She feels Adam pull her heels off her feet, and turns her over so she's nestled along Mark's front as he slides up behind her, spooning her back.

The Strip Club Ch. 1

group Fritz 2017-12-10

"But it looks like the girls CAN touch the guys?" Debbie asked. We downed our drinks and watched a few more strippers, when Debbie asked, "So do you two guys get lap dances when you come here?" Well, I think one of you should get a lap dance, so we can see what it looks like close up," said Barb. "So you guys brought your lovely little wives tonight," said Candy looking sweetly at Debbie. Barb had watched the Candy and Debbie show intently, until her eyes shifted again to the guys next to us. Rudy looked away from Candy lunching on Debbie long enough to see some of his sister's show.

Are You Sure?

group Adrianaloves2doit 2017-12-10

We have a couple hours before it gets dark, let's pick out my outfit." We went through my closet and Dave picked my red satin dress that clung to my body like a glove. He was to sit and watch as guys hit on me and I flirted with a few, danced a slow song with several guys, then he'd come ask me to dance and we'd really get hot on the dance floor, eventually leaving together to our car in the parking lot where he'd fuck me in the back seat. "We don't want things to get out of hand, and my rules for the evening are all to be obeyed, including Dave's being tied up until we are all through, then releasing him to masturbate on the bed for all of us to watch.


Bro Code: License to Kill

group DoctorOh 2017-12-10

Somehow Lauren hadn't quite followed the introductions, or had been confused by the fact that Cyn had ignored me at the hot tub and sat with Bob instead. "Oh really," said Cyn, her eyes flashing back and forth between Lauren and me. "Oh fuck yeah," said Lauren. "Fuck yeah," said Cyn. I heard sloshing noises and saw that she was playing with her soaked pussy. "I'm fucking his BIG HARD COCK," shouted Cyn. I realized she wanted them to hear. The sight of my cock entering Cyn's ass pushed her over the edge into an orgasm that even Bob hadn't been able to pull out of her. "James Bond is a fucking pussy," said Bob.


Bangkok in 2001 satisfies Stuart big time

group stuartmahoney 2017-12-10

Sumalee took hold of his erection gently in her small hands, caressing up and down concentrating on the engorged helmet, and then she started lightly licking her tongue up and down his length until the little drops of pre-cum appeared out of the slit at the end of his penis. Stuart's tongue went as deep inside her dripping vaginal opening as he could reach and he started licking her as quickly as possible until Sumalee exploded with a tremendous scream as her orgasm overwhelmed her. Stuart withdrew from Karnchana and dropped quickly between Mayuree's thighs and finger fucked her until she was dripping with her fluids then he pushed his penis deep inside her spreading her opening wide with the size of his erection.

Real Life Fantasy Ch. 05

group LittleBea 2017-12-10

Not only had I Stephen to worry about, but now Tom. I didn't want him at my house tonight. I doubt he would purposefully come knowing Stephen was on his way, and I no longer wanted him here. I was more then a bit stressed with your call about Tom. I know I said I was fine, but I really wasn't. "I know ya had sex with Tom. I didn't want to believe it, but...I knew. Tom was nothing compared to Stephen...and it made me feel worse, to think that I'd thought such a thing would help me. Botherin' my wife while I was gone." He joked, but I knew at that moment he wanted to kill Tom. I don't know how he didn't...years of practice I suppose.